Anxiety with an ovarian cyst

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Hi everyone,

So the story of my ovarian cyst pain goes back about 4 months. All of a sudden one day I just began having aching in the left side of my abdomen. Of course I have anxiety and freak out worrying I have colon cancer ( not probable, I'm 25) went to the dr and she said I probably had gastritis. Took meds and nothing worked. Had my period and the pain went away for about 2-3 weeks. Yay!

Well the pain came back and now in addition to the abdominal pain I had lower back and groin pain. Held off going to the dr until one day I realized I had blood when wiping after I had a #2. A panic attack and a dr. Visit later I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids. Lovely. Still had the pain but just stuck it out.

Finally went back in and my dr decided to do an ultrasound because of the terrible pain I would have when sitting. Couldn't sit on the couch or anywhere. Laying flat was my only option.

After my ultrasound I finally found out I have a simple cyst on my left ovary! At least I had a diagnosis. My only concern is I worry when the pain radiates into the middle and upper part of my left side.

I check my feces whenever I go because of worries of there being a colon problem and not just the cyst. So long story short.....

Has anyone else gone crazy worrying their pain is something else?!?

I feel like a crazy person!

Any comments are greatly appreciated smile

Health and healing

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    Yep, had a simple cyst diagnosed last year, had to have a prolapse repair this year, so asked if that could be removed while I was asleep, I had ultrasound to make sure it was still there, and it had grown.

    So Long story short, had ovary with cyst removed and prolapse repair done, all ok.

    The prolapse which was a posterior one was causing problems with b m's, a lot of bleeding and fissure, which are gradually getting a bit better.

    So yes all these things together do have you thinking all sorts of things.

    The cyst can cause dragging pains, it's likely to be that, and piles can cause bleeding. .x.

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      Thanks for your response! I'm going back in to get another ultrasound to see what's going on and if it has changed size. I'm not going to keep living in discomfort, so this time I'm going to tell them I need some action not just "wait and see". Did your pain ever seem to get better and then get worse again? I had also never thought about it affecting bm and now I'm just paranoid and my boyfriend keeps telling me to just relax. Easier said than done right!

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    Of course, most people go down the dark tunnel a bit when there is pain/blood. Good that you saw the Dr. right away. Did he/she tell you how large it is? Will it go away on it's own. Cysts are common and can go away on their own. But one that makes you have to lay down to be comfortable sounds like it needs further treatment. Did they tell you just to deal with the pain?

    My cysts did not cause pain or symptoms other than monthly bloating, but got so large they caused severe constipation. The cysts were caused by severe endometriosis which did not cause pain either.

    In addition, I too was diagnosed with hemorrhoids after some rectal bleeding, at age 21. I too paniced initially but learned that the very occassional bleeding was nothing to worry about. In my case, it is very infrequent and minimal. It has never been as bad as the first incident which was quite startling.

    I suggest getting a second opinion. Months of pain with no treatment plan is not satisfactory. Debilitating pain as you described is unacceptable. I saw 3 Internists for the constipation, who sent me home to "let nature take it's course". Not even suggesting laxatives. They all took x-rays they never looked at! Finally, at my annual gyno visit my Dr. found huge cysts that had suddenly developed since my last visit. He incorrectly diagnosed ovarian cancer, which turned out to be endometriosis. I never had the pain that normally is experienced. But I did need surgery to remove 10 lbs. of cysts! In hind sight my 'minor' symptoms of heavy bleeding, bloating all made sense, but many times Drs. make light of 'female' problems. You need a Dr. you trust who is your health management partner.

    When my surgeon asked me to bring the x-rays to my initial visit I was relieved and shocked. He discounted cancer with a 98% confidence level just from the x-rays. Even I could see the cysts when he put them up to the light. The other 3 Drs. I had seen didn't look at them. I've had several friends who have been religious about their health care who have had to push to get further treatment for nagging symptoms their Drs. have dismissed. They all sought 2nd opinions and were found to have serious but treatable issues.

    So, be your own advocate. Fight for your health. Get a second opinion, find relief. Do not be afraid, be relentless until you have a treatment plan you trust.

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      Oh the dark tunnel, long dark tunnel lol. I can't remember how large she said it was ( I know terrible of me). She said she wants to take the "wait and see" method but I'm in discomfort so i want some answers or something.

      When I was having this pain I didn't even think it could be a cysts because I was on birth control, which evidently its not normal to get them when you are on it.

      I'm just getting frustrated and would like some further answers so we will see how the next ultrasound goes. I'm just worried they are blaming it on the cyst when that's not the only thing. But I'm trying to stay positive about it!

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      Thanks for the inquiry!

      I was put on different birth control and have to wait 3-4 months until I go back in. I'm now on about 2 1/2 months and the pain seems to be coming and going. I will be fine for weeks at a time and then around my period it gets worse again. The pain is still only on the left side. Hopefully it's a sign things will get better?!? I just find it odd the pain comes and goes. Just praying things stay on the good side.

      My dr. Also took me off bc for a month before switching to a new one. The pain I felt made me think it's most definitely ovarian related and not colon....Especially with it being worse around my menstrual cycle.

      Hope all is well smile

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      The cyst is irritating the ovary and the ovary gets irritated when you ovulate. Mark the pain level on your calendar. You can document for the Dr. Use the 1-10 to mark level of pain. That will give definite link. Also show your Dr. you are monitoring well.

      Hope you're scheduled for a scan when you go back to check size of cyst as well.

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