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I was hoping someone might give advice or have had this problems before.

I am a 38 yr old male, I have been self catherterising for nearly 3 years, I had major spinal surgery and they damaged the secral nerve, so I have a atomic bladder where it feels up but doesn't empty. Also around the same time I had a mini turp for prostititus, the surgeons also said this was down to damaged nerves and the prostate kept swelling and after a number of prosthetic massages they decided I needed the turp.

Anyway for about 3 weeks now I have had blood in my urine, it's very painful on pushing the catherter in to the bladder, when I am retracting it's even more painful and I am now getting sharp pain in my testicals.

Any thoughts?? My GP has done 3 urine dips and sent last one for checks of infection but only shows blood. She's also referred me back to urology for a camera to check. But it's the pain on my testicals makes me feel awful and so painful.

Thanks for any advice.


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    Hello my young friend.  I am sorry that your going through this at your age.  You still have a form of prostatitis you will always have it.  My urologist told me that all men have a form of prostatitis and even if you remove the prostate it is still in the nerves.  I wish urologist would think different.  If they can't find what is wrong they assume that it is the prostate and want to start cutting it out.  Did you get a second opioion before you had the mini turp.  With the mini turp do you get retro.  If your still doing CIC the mini turp was not necessary.  Your bladder should have been the main concern. Your going to have to find a doctor that will find a pill that will help the pain.  I have a friend that is 32 he has had prostatitis from the time he was 17 He told me the pain in his 20's were very painfull.  He never throught of having his prostate cut on.  His doctor worked with him to find the right meds to work for him.  Right know he is doing prostate milking to relieve the pressure in the prostate.  If your urologist will not work with you find another doctor that will.  I would never have a women doctor they don't know what a men is going through.  All they know is what they learned in a book  Take care and I hope you get better soon  Ken 

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      Hi Ken

      Thanks for your reply.

      Sadly I didn't seek a second opinion as in the UK my Urologist is meant to be a leader in his field and I have read one of the best in the world, I also knew him from 2007 when I had to have my left kidney removed. I woke one morning, my wife and newly born child had been home 2 days when I woke about 0400 and said to my wife I was feeling unwell, I went down stairs and as it was summer I first thought was dehydration, so I drank 2 Ltrs of water, about 20 mins later I was pouring with sweat, being sick and had immense pain in my left side, I eventually called for an ambulance about 07:00, I got rushed to hospital and remembered what had happened, luckily the consultant urologist was in A&E and was seen quickly, I had an X-ray with contrast and my left kidney had become very swollen, they rushed me in to surgery within about 90 mins of arriving. I had a congenital stricture of the left ureater basically the ureater from kidney to bladder blocked but the damage was done and kidney was removed.

      So you say even now I might still have prostititus, that interesting as that's never been said. I also had anouther problem when I had my spinal fusion, it took nearly 11hrs, they placed a catherter in while I was under, however I got back to the ward and after about 90 mins or so I asked for a senior nurse to come. I said that I had a lot of pain down there but strangely I was arroused and it couldn't go down, the sister examined me and said she thought I had a paraphomosis, anyway we agreed to leave if for the night and use ice packs to bring swelling down, urology came in the morning and confirmed what the nurse had said and I had 2 female and a male nurse trying to get the forskin back in place, I needed a circumcision so had it that PM, by Morning my wound had started oozing puss and I had to go back for a second one and have the infection flushed. I ended up in ICU as I became septic.

      I saw my urologist 8 months ago and he examined my circumcision and we discussed the bladder issue, he said he can't do anything re bladder I have to self catherterise for life, he then said I need a 3rd circumcision, he advised that I had lots of scar tissue which is why I wasn't getting aroused as it was so tight over the glands, he said he can try a 3rd but as the scar tissue is on major artery it's a 50/50 it will work or could end up being amputated worse case.

      This amongst other things has had a massive strain on my relationship with my wife as I no longer get aroused and I'm told of it was done right I will have retongrade ejaculation, but I have not had the opertunity, these and other pressures have also had a massive effect on our family.

      Now with the new pain, I wonder if it's something more.

      Anyway thanks for your advice I might have to look at this later in


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      I can't believe you have all this problem.  The circumcision was done wrong. Other men when they get older have them done and it come out fine.   There should have been no problem They schrewed up your nerves in your penis.  If I was you I would talk with a lawyer they did a job on you my friend.  Talk later

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      Hi Ken

      Yes they totally screwed up my spinal surgery and my urology side and as I said I'm now 38 so I have been like this along time. The only good thing is that I have my kids already. But not being able to go to the loo, get aroused, cum, or have sex with my wife. That totally sucks big time.

      I am wondering if the pain in my testicles is possible referred pain from what's causing it to be painful and blood in urine when i retract the catherter.

      I have considered looking at legal side, but on my spinal consent it says possible nerve damage, paralysed, fusion not fusing.

      On the circumcision one, it says risk of infection, and scaring and scabs on healing.

      The bladder problems caused by secral nerve damage as it was damaged when having the fusion have they covered themselves by saying nerve damage.?

      And the prostititus it says retro grade ejaculation, nothing about not being unable to get aroused but the urologist has said he feels that is psychological because of pain.

      Seems they have covered all angles?

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