Any advice on fibromyalgia would be greatly appreciated x

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about 4 years ago i started to notice that i was not so energetic as i was i got headaches, backache neck pain feel hot.

if i do something one day the next i am on bed i'm exhausted yet not done much!

i was misdiagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis as my knees crunch crack i fall they give way. i have now been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

aIm 41 and am in pain every day with my back or knees or bad headaches that can last day.

I have found it dictates my days and if my depression and anxiety is bad i feel 10 times worse!!

has anyone who's got this ? what could help any advice would help me greatly i'm lost as i don't know how to help myself.

i was diagnosed last October. i have Duloxotine for nerve pain also meds for depression, Naproxen also.

Thank you if you can help


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    You can optimise your diet by knowing your allergies via an allergy test also the two diets I'd recommend would be:

    1# Carnivore Utilise animal meats and fats, the diet works by eliminating all inflammotory plants and grains, also meats/organ meats fish contain nutrient density.

    2#Mediterranean Diet, Lots of salad plus fish very anti inflammotory and use things like olive oil.

    Im testing out different protocols at the moment but won't tell people until i feel a complete reversal, things like ewot and guiafenesin diets but yeah these things need to be tested.

    Infra red mats have helped people with fibro in the past, but its not just one thing, need effort in diet, exercise and ways to relax the muscles.

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      Thank you Cris,

      my diet is poor i will certainly eat more fruit and exercise more! well exercise!!l

      its just getting used to this knowing how to help myself so thank you.

      i will also look into ant allergies.


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    I find Gabapentin helps with nerve pain. It suppose to coat over the nerve endings. I have to take co-codamol 30/500 as well. Nothing cures it but helps a bit. I have Naproxen as well. If I do a grocery shop one day I'm messed up for two or three days. It's a terrible thiby to have and no cure. Just have to live with it I'm afraid. Sorry got no better news. Big hugs and keep strong. From Josephine. ❤💕👄💖

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      hi there,

      thank you for your reply i will be calling my dr tomorrow to discuss meds.

      like you if i do just a little task i have to rest for a couple days.

      it came on quickly when i was at breaking point in my life then all these symptoms! i thought i was going nuts and was diagnosed after test to rule out other things.

      i am on naproxen and trying Duluxatine at present. also alot of other meds but not for this.

      its alot to cope with i was very active up until 4 years ago.

      Thank you again very kind x

      vicky x

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    Hi I have GCA, PMR, an Fibromalgia to get me threw the day I take Targin 10/5mg one morning one night helps In am currently on 9mg pred. I know a lot will disagree taking this drug but If I get addicted to it I will deal with it cause it is helping me know. Yes my Knees ache back my legs mainly down from knee to foot I get so annoyed I can not do anything really I want to do exspecially ride my horses they get a lot of ground work they probably like that. Every day is different I can not really plan anything cause each is different.

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      thank you,

      all advice is great fully received by myself

      like you the pain goes from knee to ankle my knees i am getting injections in them the cold weather is worse i find.

      like you said what ever helps i may have to speak to my dr again about other possible meds.

      yes every day is different thats for sure!!l

      thank you for taking the time to reply to me, as i said its new to me and hard to get my head round.

      vicky x

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    So sorry that you have joined our ranks! Fibro is not something anyone would want. Unfortunately it is often brought on by periods of immense stress, and then it never goes away.

    I have recently changed from Amytriptyline, which really didn't help much onto Gabapentin, which is helping a lot! From most of my reading it appears Gabapentin is the painkiller of choice for Fibro and is prescribed a lot for this. You do have to build up the dose slowly, so I had about 3 or 4 weeks of bad pain until I got to the dose that seemed to work. I was taken off the Amytriptyline with immediate effect as my new Doctor said it was the cause of my weight gain and also could cause Diabetes if taken long term (Had been on it over three years - yeah - thanks old Doctor - not!!), so I had a period with very little painkiller in my system.) I also take regular paracetomol and occasionally some coedine if things are really bad. Possibly ask your Doctor about Gabapentin? (I started at 100mg a day and am now taking 400mg 3 times a day, so 1200 in total.)

    I also use either Diclofenac gel or Ibuprofen gel directly on particular areas that are really giving me gip, especially at night if I'm having trouble getting to sleep.

    After years of being frustrated because I didn't have the energy to do the things I wanted to do, I have found that now the Gabapentin is controlling the overwhelming pain, I can do a bit more. I am over the moon about this and am just learning to pace myself as of course, it doesn't 'cure' you as such, but the less effort your body spends in fighting pain, the more energy you have left for other things.

    One other thing that has helped me (mentally) cope with it, is to replace hobbies that were tiring with gentle things I can do from the sofa, that way I can still feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day which boosts my mood.

    Best of luck with all this, its not an easy thing to live with but you need to keep going and persevere.

    Regards, Lesley

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      thank you

      wow so much to take on board !!

      i do get very tired when i've done something small its shocking!

      i'm going drs so i will discuss the tablets with her..

      i just want to know how my days are going to be ,but it dictates every day always something the pains bad and the headaches can last a couple days!

      i feel so happy when ive done some jobs then pay for it after ifeel drained.

      thank you for your kind reply it means a lot and any advice for this is great fully appreciated


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    Hi Vicky

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS two years ago, and one thing I have learnt from all the advice and help given to me, is that you have to find your own coping mechanisms. We are all different and these types of conditions affect us differently, meaning we all have to try and cope and find our own methods of making our conditions easier to deal with.

    I tried all sorts of diet changes and exercise plans and none seemed to really help, in the end I have found that heat and rest seem to be the best remedies to make the effects of my conditions easier to cope with. I do take pain killers if the pain is too much to bear, but only if I really need them, and only then Paracetomol, I'll never touch Naproxen again after it messed up my digestive system badly, I swear it gave me a stomach ulcer that I needed to be prescribed Omeprazole for, and now have to deal with endless bloating, churning and nausea, which could also be a by-product of my conditions.

    It is unfortunately a matter of trial and error Vicky, I'm not saying other peoples suggestions won't work, it's definitely worth trying them as part of your personal trial and error process and you could well find your ideal coping mechanisms, I do hope so cause I know only too well how debilitating and life affecting conditions such as ours can be.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

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    thanks Paul,

    very kind of of you to answer

    so its a case of what works best for me what works for one may not for others.

    pain relief helps my neck and back, also i have osteoprosis in my knees ankles and wrists. so that does not help!!

    i am trying to get into a routine but thats even hard! every days different but always something.

    my mental health is bad so everything seems soooo much worse.

    i will take all the advice i can get and try to get some sort of routine in my life.

    i have found im either really hot my whole body burns??

    or im very cold

    Thank you so much

    vicky x

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