Any advice on prolapse symptoms?

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I have had a mild bladder prolapse for a few years now, and have been able to mostly keep it under control. I believe that muscles in the pelvic area can weaken in menopause due to lack of oestrogen and collagen - this is what I have read.  Recently I've experienced some quite bad lumbar back pain, and am getting worried that the prolapse may be getting worse. I get quite bloated sometimes even though I dont eat much, and my diet is very healthy - I'm very strict on that.

I am in menopause now. I was on HRT but came of it as I didnt like some of the side effects, but maybe its a better idea to be on it if lowered oestrogen levels are a problem.

I am seeing the Dr for an examination next week. I did have a check for ovarian cancer just over a year ago, and everything was fine. I was feeling better off the HRT but now I'm not sure what to do.

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    Oestrodiol based oestrogen should not give you unpleasant side effects.  Use only the patches (MX type) or the daily gel one.  Avoid tablets, unless it is progestogen which I have not found come any other way.  Progestogen is often the problem one.  Drs often overload on that one, and go too light on the oestrogen.

    I have been using oestrodiol for 25 years now, very happy with it and not going off it.  However, my oestrogen was made ineffective by an undiagnosed prolactinoma for 6 years, thus leaving me in a state of severe menopause which was not believed because I was using oestrodiol - a vicious circle.

    I believe this episode reduced the collagen that kept my vagina walls strong, and I suffered an anterior prolapse.  My intestines found a weakened section and pushed themselves into my vagina - there was still a thin wall between them if case you are wondering!  (Had a hysterectomy early which started all this!!!).  You may be able to feel lumps inside yourself, if an anterior prolapse is now happened to you (back pain).

    Easily fixed by surgery.  Bladder tested but found to be still holding up strong otherwise I would have had that done at same time.

    No oestrogen is a problem for many health issues.


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      Thanks very much Sheryl. I will certainly try the oestrogen patches or gel.  I've got a prolactinoma too, and had no periods for a bout seven years in my twenties and early thirties. Can you believe that my doctor said it wasnt a problem and too copme back to get it sorted out if I wanted to get pregnant.  I found out later I could make an official complaint against him, but had moved, so didnt bother.


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      What symptoms did you have with your prolactinoma?  As I said, mine were menopausal, with severe head and face sweating.  The constant sweating and overheating overtook everything else.

      As you were in your twenties, it would have been cessation of periods, perhaps milk production - more obvious signs of a prolactinoma than mine were.  Theoretically you would have been in forced menopause too, with all the bad outcomes of menopause, including loss of bone, unprotected heart.  Women with a prolactinoma need extra oestrogen to prevent these problems.

      Did this dr not give you medication, e.g. carbergoline?  These ba....ds get away with destroying people's health and lives, don't they?  My health problems have been caused by incompetent and stupid drs.


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      Hi, the only symptom I got with y prolactinoma were no periods. I was referred to the hospital for a CT scan and they did find an extremely tiny adenoma after my periods had stopped for a year, and my prolactin levels were raised, but didnt offer me any treatment. So I just thought at the time - 'great' - no periods to worry about.  I didnt really think about it some years later because I didnt want to get pregnant. At some point I mentioned it to my boyfriends mum who happened to be a Dr specialising in Gyneocology. She was quite alarmed and said I should go back to my GP and ask for a referral back to a specialist right away. I did and they did an MRI scan and the tumor had grown. I was put on cabergoline, and after about a year I did get pregnant. My son is now 18. I came off the treatment and havent needed it since he was born, but funnily enough about a year ago my prolactin levels were going up pretty high again, and I had another MRI scan. I still have the tumor but its not got any bigger, so I'm just being monitored regularly.

      I had no idea about the other problems lack of periods could cause at the time. Good job somene finally gave me some good advice.

      Yes, some doctors are rubbish unfortunately. I did have a bone scan recently, - I dont know the results yet.

      I have had some sweating and flushing recently, but nothing completely unmanagable.  

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      7 years later after diagnosis, I am still taking Cabergoline.  Every time I try to reduce it, the symptoms of meno come back again.  My body needs oestrogen to function.  It may be that because I have very slim hips and thighs that I am not able to keep any stored.  Whatever, I am very sensitive to a drop in oestrogen.

      I started off using the oestrodiol implants which were fantastic but then they stopped making them.  A 12 month one would last me short of 9 months.  The patches I use twice a week.  But a patch does not last me 3.5 days.  I barely make three days, and supplement with an oestrodiol gel satchet on the 7th.

      If I forget or am late to use a new patch, I suddenly feel a wave of anxiety or depression for no reason at all.  Sweating at night quickly occurs.

      Early this year, I found a compound chemist which makes the implants so via a script from my dr, I ordered one.  It took a while before I realised it was not working for me - reason being that I have hereditary haemochromatosis and a lot of the HH symptoms are the same as menopause.  So I thought it was the HH still causing me problems, as I knew I had the oestrogen implant.

      Then the symptoms became so severe, I had been sweating considerably, loss of libido, getting angry quickly, foggy brain that I could not think, concentrate, read, watch tv, tremendous fatigue, joint and muscle pain (all connected to HH too) till it suddenly dawn on me - the implant was not working.  Ultimately it was because the dr did not implant in a fatty area - not much fat on my abdomen where I had had a dozen or more implanted previously.

      So I have bought another one but not yet implanted.  I wanted to get my oestrogen back on track with no symptoms before I go ahead.  Still some head sweats at night.

      You see with the implant, the body takes what it needs and only what it needs.  Mine needs a lot, therefore I run out quickly.  HH causes a reduction in oestrogen, so I guess I am fighting that too.

      With some women, a 12 month implant can last 18 months or so.  They are the ones with the nice big hips and thighs which retain oestrogen.

      I had 'reduced' my cabergoline to 1 every 4 days - could not go lower than that.  However, I feel I am on a razor's edge with insufficient oestrogen that recently decided to go back to 2 a week.  I think that is helping getting my oestrogen back working properly.  That is how sensitive this hormone business is.

      My pituitary gland is very tiny now but I am assured by my endocrinologist who is still monitoring me, that every pit gland hormone will still work, and it was safe to keep taking cabergoline.

      Thank goodness your boyfriend's mother was who she was, and was able to advise you.


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