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Lillychiff Lillychiff

Any advice welcome. Need laxatives,but scared to use them.

Hi, please could anyone help? I have been constipated for a long time. I think I'm just used to it. I have fibromyalgia and I suppose that in trying to cope with that I've ignored this. Last year I developed very bad GERD. I lost about a stone in weight and the gastroenterologist I saw was worried enough to send me for a ct scan. All tests were clear but he said he thought it all came from the constipation.He prescribed liquid Movicol. 

Thing is I am really scared of laxatives. I am so worried about the potential embarrassment,that's why I'm I'm the mess I am. I was prescribed some ages ago and didn't make it to the toilet. When I'm constipated I can handle it,when I take anything I get terrible discomfort,wind etc.

Last week I went to see a " Bowel mobility" lady. The only person I could talk poo to ! I had a rectal prolapse operation 7yrs ago, I also have a small Rectocel. I was having real problems and thought I perhaps needed surgery again. With these problems laxatives make the embarrassment issue much more likely as I have difficulty controlling things due to this. All I take is half the laxative dose of milk of magnesia.This at least produces something!

she told me that the only reason I am feeling these problems is because I'm constipated,if things flowed normally I'd be fine. Because my stomach is so unpredictable she said take it really slowly. The diet isn't good as I cut out lots due to ibs.First my objective is ,to get from " rabbit nuts" to normal stool. I was to start on half the child's dose of Movicol and work up very gradually.

As soon as I started it I bloated like a Zeppelin. For 3 days I took about 17 mg and felt bloated,vaguely sick and really uncomfortable. I upped it to 25mg and suddenly felt seriously awful. Headache, very bloated, feeling sick ,GERD. Last night I took the milk of magnesia and this morning left off the Movicol and took another cap full. 

Things have shifted but not exactly normally, larger rabbit nuts,followed by horribly sticky( sorry ,bit graphic) with all of this I feel awful. I know I have to sort this out,yet I'd love to ignore it. Fibre upsets me,as do most foods that help constipation. If I could shut myself away for a month and sort this it would be so much easier. 

Thank you for reading this,sorry it's so long.

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  • Diana Frances Diana Frances Lillychiff

    Oh dear you poor Girl, nothing worse than Bowel issues, have you taken Oats Bran, porridge, slow moving fibre, also sounds like you need more water as well.. 

    Best thing for bowels is regular Food stuffs, same time daily to get the peristalsis working regularly, eat same time, regular pattern.

    Soak a cupful of Graded oats not too soft. Add a tablespoon of Loose Bran mix.. soak overnight in milk.. Add sugar/ Honey/ Fruit as a sweetener when oats has cooked through in the Microwave for 4mins.. add more Milk/Cream for softness.

    Laxative can cause such Gas and food ferments giving rise to colic (pain) build up.

    I always use Lactulose Syrup 10-20 Mls daily.. is a faecal Softener, helps me when I have to take high levels of Painkillers.

    Movicol or similar senna tablets can be very harsh on the Gut and cause over flow, you have a rectocele this can cause anarrowing of the rectum, Hard stools can be difficult to expel do you need a softene, plus your sphincter muscles will be slow to contract..

    When you use the toilet, always relax and expect to be a while.. 

    warm baths can help, or warm bean backs to help with pain or impacted the low back area..actually like contractions when giving birth..

    I call it having a "Poo Baby" pains can be as bad!! Suffered it.. 

    Hope pe this helps.

    • Lillychiff Lillychiff Diana Frances

      Thank you very much for replying,I really appreciate it. I know I need to sort this out but its hard because everything that is suppose to help seems to make things worse. That's why I'm grateful for any advice. I was also advised to look at the fodmap diet. I suppose I'm very wary of making things worse!

      Thanks again.

    • Diana Frances Diana Frances Lillychiff

      13) Oatmeal

      You might be aware that oatmeal benefits heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels and regulating blood pressure, but it’s also great for keeping your digestive system moving smoothly. Oatmeal is yet another high-fiber food that helps prevent and relieve constipation. Steel-cut oats have risen in popularity in recent years and are a whole-grain version of oatmeal that contains about twice as much fiber as rolled oats. If you’re not a fan of oatmeal, you might consider trying steel-cut oats since you’ll have to eat half as much to get the same amount of fiber.

      The Perfect Breakfast?

      Eating a nice bowl of oatmeal is a great way to start the day. To liven up the taste a bit try adding fresh fruit. Also, have you ever heard of overnight oats? They are simple to make, extremely nutritious, and are sinfully delicious! Plus, don’t forget about granola. Homemade granola is incredibly easy to make and is way healthier than the store bought stuff.

      regulararity really helps too.. the gut is a weird untamed much processed food, high in sugar, we need Fats don't cut the fat cut the Hi carbs..good luck!

    • Lillychiff Lillychiff Diana Frances

      Thank Diana. My problem is when I had ( still have I suppose) IBS I cut out loads of foods and to a degree it worked,but long term I have made matters worse. There are lots of things now that make me bloat and generally feel awful. I'm not good with oats,but willing to try again. I have a real problem with fruit too. I think I have to be prepared to feel worse,but I dread that!

    • Diana Frances Diana Frances Lillychiff

      Fruit Ferments omit.. try honey with your Oats & Bran.. Milk/Cream which is Fat based which helps the food slide through the guts.. take regularly daily AM - keep a diary of your bowel sounds and movements Pain etc.. 

      You virtually have have to start again with a Food diary, take the softener syrup, no movicol. Let it come out of your system. Plenty of water.. light meals Fish Mash etc:

      avoid spicy and hot chilli.. at all costs and processed foods. Be in control of it

      🤔Try and measure what goes in and what comes out.. homemade soups are good too with loads of Chopped veg + Potato which is starch that thickens soup. Fresh cooked chicken or Lamb chopped this holds flavour.

      best of luck! 👍

  • deemc4950 deemc4950 Lillychiff

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