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  • amy57522 3

    Constipated for 6 weeks.. Any advice??

    Hi I am a 24 year old female. I've had a do pain for 8 months. It started off being diarrhoea but now I have I have been constipated for 6 weeks now. I didn't pass any stool for 4 weeks and was in severe pain. I have been admitted into hospital recently when the done an X-ray and confirmed I was

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  • Picture 1
  • mcncheri 3

    Constant lack of regularity?

    Despite numerous attempts at trying to improve my diet/lifestyle, only to end up in the exact same place, the lack of 'movement' is honestly starting to be concerning. Without too much detail, the only way nowadays to trigger anything at all after days onto weeks is a dose or two of Milk of Magnesia,...

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  •  christine13951 2

    Taken too many Senna tablets

    Hello I am a bit worried as I have taken 11 senna tablets over the last 2 days after misunderstanding the dosage. I haven't been to the toilet yet but really worried about what is going to happen over the next few hours, is this dangerous? Thanks

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  • hannah 29318 1

    Constipation problems

    I am a 21 year old female. I have been suffering from very bad constipation. It seems to be on and off. I'll have periods of time where I have no issues, but then I will also have times where I suffer from constipation on a daily. My Mom suffers a little bit from IBS and is lactose intolerant. My

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  • sarah1788 3

    Toddler has had constipation for 2 years now

    My 3 year old has had constipation issues since she stopped breast feeding, I try to keep up with fiber but as I myself struggle to eat right I find it hard to remember to feed her fruits and vegetables and she ends up eating what I eat. However I'm not given up I just need to work harder on it.

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  • cazkins 2

    Constipation: Prolapse, rectocele & intussusception?

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting here after browsing a little while, so I hope it’s ok that I post. I’m feeling at my wit’s end and don’t quite know what to do, so any thoughts at all would be very much appreciated. I’ll try to keep it brief, but basically I have had constipation for

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  • Hello265 2
  • Jaylou33 2

    Senna side effects

    Hi I took two senna tablets on Saturday night before bed but still have tummy cramps and a general sore/bruised feeling in my tummy area. It has helped me to go to the toilet but my stool is now very loose. I know that senna can cause cramps but Is it usual to still be feeling like this? How long

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  • kec112992 2

    Light headed and mildly nauseous

    I have struggled with constipation most of my life, and recently an ulcer has triggered terrible episodes of it. But the thing is, I dont always realize I am constipated because I still have bowel movements every day. And then one day my stomach hurts, I take laxatives, and a couple days later I

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  • charles80265 1

    Constipation from Injury?

    I had someone push it in for me. He pulled my left arm (grabbed my hand and pulled it towards him), and then pushed on my collar bone in a snapping motion real fast, and immediately I felt rib pain on the left side, and since then I've been constipated for 17 days. I felt my hips move kind of and

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  • Anon1970 1
  • pam34048 4

    I have suffered with constipation all my life.

    well I started eating an avocado,  coconut oil 4 tbsp a day and 2 tbsp of almonds a day and now I go three times a day.  I di all this cause I wanted to eat healthier for my copd.  I am 50 I wish I had changed my diet sooner.

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  • Krug22 2

    suppository and enema not worked

    My husband has been battling with constipation for a long time now. He is 78 and his diet is not good. He is exisiting  really on Fortisips and despite having an excellent  dietician, we have not been able to get him interested in eating much solid food. The Fortisips are now the fibre ones and he

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  • kimla10 2

    constipation - Haemorrhoids

    i've been thru a breakup, lost wt, just moving into a new flat and i thought i was doing really well with my digestion. i have miralax just not taken my smoothie concoction i make. Then Sat it felt like a Haemorrhoid. i have been sitting in salt water with baking soda every evening for about

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  • Jaylou33 2

    Bisacodyl alternative

    Hi Basically I was struggling with constipation for about two weeks so I started to take som Movicol which caused loose thin stools. I went to see the nurse at the Gp's and she has said to take bisacodyl instead because she said that the movicol may be causing 'overflow' but leaving some hard

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  • Itsme0512 2

    Constipation issues

    Just had a hemorrhoidectomy this past summer followed by complications from the surgery . My issue is constipation and not getting the urge to have a bowel movement and am still having this issue . I can't use stuff like benefits as it bloats me so presently take senekot every other day with

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  • grapes1800 3


    I normally have bowel movements at least 3 times a week, maybe every other day, but sometimes even when I eat a lot I can't go for a couple days. Also when I drink alcohol then next day I might have a bowel movement, but when I stop drinking I'm constipated again. Now when I don't intake alcohol I'

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  • kaitlyn61834 1
  • Amy176 1

    Constipated - Cant pass Stool

    Ive not suffered from any constipation for years, but all of a sudden a couple of days ago it just came out of nowhere, I have a large stool that wont come out, it feels like its too big and hurts too much when I try to go to the toilet. Does anyone have any tips I can try before going to the doctor?...

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  • Katyy 2

    Not sure how to deal with this...

    Okay so I have been on here before when this happened for 2-3 weeks, but it's been 4 weeks now and I'm getting kinda scared again XD I'm 13, and I don't have regular drinking or eating habbits, I go some days where I don't eat or drink at all. I've tried lots of different things like prunes, and

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  • betty47942 3

    Just wondering if you have tried this

    Would really appreciate hearing from you are so encouraging to read. I had IBS years the diarrhea problems or a pesky things I 'suddenly' have switched to constipation and its extremely difficult for me to pass hard stools.

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  • Krug22 2

    My 77 year old husband has not defeacated for a week.

    I am worried. My husband's diet is not good and he is losing weight. He has been having Fortisips and as many as 6 a day of the fibre ones and very little else. He says he has problems chewing and swallowing and has little appetite. Dietician been good but he wont' co-operate. He won't take the

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  • Lillychiff 2

    Any advice welcome. Need laxatives,but scared to use them.

    Hi, please could anyone help? I have been constipated for a long time. I think I'm just used to it. I have fibromyalgia and I suppose that in trying to cope with that I've ignored this. Last year I developed very bad GERD. I lost about a stone in weight and the gastroenterologist I saw was worried

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  • angela192 3

    An age thing ?

    Suffered from constipation on and off since I was a toddler. Now I am in my seventies, it has got worse.  I am fairly active.  By rights I should be going through the eye of a needle.    Every morning I have wholewheat cereals or porridge.  With my cereals I have a few prunes, raspberries,

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  • Zocks 1
  • jordan39436 1

    Bowel Issues potential constipation??? Please help

    Hi, I am a 20 year old male who is normally perfectly fit and well. 2 weeks ago I started to become constipated- I was unable to go to the toilet apart from hard little balls of poo and slight discomfort in my stomach- the feeling that I wasn't quite empty. 2 weeks on and the matter seems to have

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  • marion31442 3

    Haemorrhoids The

    Due to suffering from haemorrhoids, I was prescribed cream and suppositories by my GP. Last week I had bloody mucos following a bowel movement, should I go back to my GP?  

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  • lifeofbrian 2

    constipation since endoscopy

    I've been having trouble will bowel movements for the past two weeks, I saw a Doc and as usual she blamed anxiety as they do for any symptom I get. It feels as if I can't push it out, like my muscles down there don't work properly anymore. I have to go 2 or 3 times to empty myself. I've never had

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  • jl20 1

    GoLytely for IBS-C not working

    Hi guys I have been having constipation issues for almost a year now, and for the past 4 months, my GI doc and I have agreed to put me on something that usually works really well for me. I have been using golytely as an everyday med for 4 months now, and I go through a jug about every 3-4 days.

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  • jessica 67428 2

    Constantly suffering with constipation

    I work unsociable hours switching from nights to days. There are times I don't drink enough but compared to average person friends I don't drink any less than them yet they don't suffer with poor digestion or bowel movements. I always feel bloated towards end of the night and it's become so bad I

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  • david16513 1

    Plantaben advice

    Hi, I've been using Plantaben, 1 Satchet each morning, for 12 months now, is this safe, I sometimes worry that I am taking it too regularly. Any advice would be most welcome. Thankyou, David.

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  • pooless 1

    Herbal laxative suggestions?

    Hi guys, Hopefully someone can help me with this. I am a female in my late 20’s who for as long as she can remember has had trouble when trying to go for a number 2. At the moment, if left alone I will only go every 4-5 days or so at best. As a result, I am in constant discomfort as I have not

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  • Caybee 2

    I finally found a solution to 17 years of constipation

    This isn't a question but I just wanted to share this for anybody that it might help because it truly changed my life. I've had chronic constipation since I was 3 years old. When I was 3, I was molested, and (I was told by my doctor but I'm still not sure how the two are connected) I began holding

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  • Katyy 2

    Haven't gone in 3 weeks :(

    I'm a 13 year old girl and have had issues with this basically since I was a toddler, but it has never been this bad. I have depression and recently I've just been sitting on the sofa not doing much, and just watching tv and haven't even got up to go to the toilet just held it in I'm really

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