Constipation and Bloody Mucus

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Hey all smile

So for the last 10 days, I have been dealing with a rather rare bout of constipation. I rarely have any issues or abnormalities with bowel movements so this whole situation is rather odd. So over the last 10 days, I have been relatively regular, going every day or every other day. But the stools have been very difficult to pass and have required quite a bit of straining and are larger than normal and hard. It is almost like passing meatballs, if that makes any sense.

During this time, I have experienced some pain and tearing near the opening of the anus that has lead to some minor bleeding. This shows itself as streaks of bright red blood on the stool and the paper. I have been treating it with Prep. H and it has been improving significantly.

However tonight, when I used the bathroom, I passed two pieces of stool that were seemingly covered in certain parts with bloody mucus. I have never seen anything like this before. The mucus is separate from the stool, slimy, and unquestionably red. The color is a brighter red I would say, rather than dark or maroon. And even though it seemed to be on the stool ... it was not really "mixed" with the stool.

Some time ago, my GI doctor suggested that I may have IBS and treated me with IBGard. Last month I experienced a few weeks of lower abdominal cramping and discomfort even though stools were normal. This has relatively stopped but has been replaced by this bout of constipation. I eat plenty of fiber and drink water constantly.

And I saw my primary care physician just yesterday and he prescribed the antibiotic Doxycicline for a separate issue that he believes may be due to a bacterial infection not related at all to my digestive tract. Apparently a serious side effect of Doxy is bloody stools but I have only taken two doses and really doubt it is the cause. I will call my doctor's office tomorrow and see what he wants to do.

So my question, for those who have experienced constipation ... can constipation and straining possibly lead to bloody mucus on/in stool?

I have pictures as well. My apologies for the graphic nature of the pictures. And also my sincere thanks to anyone and everyone who takes the time to read/see all this.

Cheers all!

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    You have a Anal Fissure the tare causes bleeding, you should get this checked as it can lead to a infection or inflamation, try stool softner like Colace or Miralax that bring water to stool keeping it from getting hard until this heals you don't want conspitation.  Doxcycycline does not cause you to bleed, hard stools does. sit baths 15mi twice or three times a day helps with healing it, the Doc...can give you some cream that will also help, keep it dry an clean its like a sore on your finger its gonna hurt....hope I was of some help to you...God Bless

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    Oh drink lots of water with Doxycycline  more the better it is hard on the stomach.  you need it with stool softner also. 
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      Thank you so much for your kind advice smile

      I am certainly looking into getting a stool softener today and also and awaiting a call-back from my doctor's office.

      I have not had another bowel movement yet, but this morning I had terrible cramping and pain in my lower abdomen. I have a full, pressured feeling as well, localized below the belly button but above the groin.

      Prayerfully the bloody mucus is indeed due only from the fissure.

      Thank you again, Shelia. God bless you as well.

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    So here is an update:

    My doctor got back to me and suggested I use a stool softener for the constipation and had me come off of Doxy. He put me on another antibiotic. While I insisted that I highly doubted the bleeding was due to Doxy, he said he just wanted to eliminate a possible variable. He said that I should watch if for the next few days and if there was continued bleeding, we would investigate it further.

    So I did buy some Colace and took 3 pills today. And then tonight, I used the bathroom and passed MUCH more than I have been. It started as two separate pieces but then finished with a long, well shaped piece of stool. I did have to strain at the beginning, yes. The color was perfectly medium brown. However, on the first two pieces, there was indeed bloody mucus again. It was not as much as the pictures I posted. It was less for sure. But it was still present.

    As I write this, I am experiencing extreme feelings of pressure and bloating both in the area above the belly button as well as directly below the belly button. It is so uncomfortable. It feels like I need to pass gas like a balloon.

    Here is what it looked like tonight. And I was able to easily remove some of the mucus from the stool and place it on the paper. If one were to remove the mucus from the stool, it would look completely normal. It is so strange.

    I am trying to not be anxious about all this. It is such a strange situation for a very athletic/healthy 35-yearold male. I just had a physical 3 months ago and was 100% perfect as far as my doctor could tell. At least it is on my doctor's radar now.

    Thank you all again for for you time and advice!


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    So another update:

    The last two BM's have been much easier to pass due to the stool softener I have been taking and there has been no blood and no mucus whatsoever. I know two samples is hardly enough to prove or disprove anything but at least it is heading in the right direction?

    I am still experiencing lower abdominal cramping and pressure, however. It comes and goes throughout the day. It seems terrible in the early morning when I wake up and will lessen as the day goes on. But it is back again as I sit here typing this. Oh well ... we will see smile

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      Hello. Hope you are well and healthy smile.

      I recently experiencing the same or very similar problem. Did you find out what was the case? Would be really grateful if you could help me to find out why it is happening because I am as well as you really healthy and active person. Eating probably healtier than 90% of people:D.

      Thanks in advance for your answer. Really appreciate that.


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      Hey there Roman10 smile

      Well, my GI doctor was not at all concerned because what I was experiencing was symptomatic of anal fissures, as others have commented in this discussion.

      Using Mirilax, drinking water, and maintaning 25-30g of daily fiber has helped keep the stools soft and allow for healing. However, reoccurrence of the fissure, I am finding, is soooo easy.

      I have read that it can take many weeks to properly heal and even after it has heal, one large or hard stool can cause a reoccurrence. That is currently where I am sad

      It is taking time to truly heal. My abdominal pain has cleared up significantly, however. My GI said that sounded like an IBS flare-up to him.

      Does this help at all? Cheers smile

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    I had the same thing nc10 constipated stool with bloody mucus ,,,,then after a couple of days my stool a soft yellow with blood mucus ,,,,I'm bit alarmed ,,,,what should I do

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      Hey there Farrah 😃

      • Well, if you have recently dealt with a period of constipation and have had to strain extremely hard to pass the stool, that could easily cause anal fissures or hemerrhoids which can cause bleeding. Furthermore, if the stool you were passing was large and hard and therefore difficult to pass, this will also cause fissures and hemorrhoids. When you say that you had constipation, do you mean you were passing stool infrequently or were you passing stool frequently but it was very hard/large? Are you experiencing pain during bowel movement? Let me know 😃
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      Hi there

      do you happen to have an idea of what might be causing my stool to have mucous, its been happening for atleast 2months now, i have noticed it, but paid no mind to it. i don't see any blood or have constipation.. but now am worried it might be an infection or bacterial or so. what do you suggest? should i go for culture or what might it be?

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    I have recently had the same issue, mine looks just like your picture, i haven't seen my doctor yet and i really do not know what to do about it. I have also experienced burping as well which I did not have before.

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