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Caybee Caybee

I finally found a solution to 17 years of constipation

This isn't a question but I just wanted to share this for anybody that it might help because it truly changed my life. I've had chronic constipation since I was 3 years old. When I was 3, I was molested, and (I was told by my doctor but I'm still not sure how the two are connected) I began holding my poop. I would only hold it for a few days when I was younger, but it became a habit, and by the time I was 10 years old, I could hold it for about 3 months. Some people say that's not physically possible, but trust me it is! My body began to work in a cycle. I would poop, then I would not poop again for 2 weeks, then I would become constipated and hold my poop in for 2 weeks, and then finally I would let one out the size of a softball. This often tore my rectum and cause hemhorroids. When I was about 15 years old, I finally began to realize how serious it was that I only pooped about once a month. So I tried to change it. But by then my body was so adapted to the cycle that nothing I did ever changed anything. I had already taken every type of stool sofener ever, and eventually even enemas stopped working for me. Constipation was literally controlling my life. I had no friends anymore because I was too uncomfortable to go out and do anything, and I often missed weeks of school at a time because I could not move or I would be in so much pain. Over my life I had been in the hospital a few times and they gave me an enema and stool softeners and discharged me. The problem always came back. I suffered with this problem all the way through my junior year of high school. I would come home at 17 years old my would be crying and searching the Internet for anything that could help me. Doctors didn't even know what to do anymore. One day, when I was 17 years old, my mom took me to the hospital because I had not pooped in about 2 months and I felt like I was dying. They gave me an x Ray and told me that I was completely impacted. No enemas or stool softener a could fix it, I was going to need surgery. I was transferred as to Neumors children's hospital as an emergency patient and placed in the icu for a surgery the next morning. Then my doctor decided that a surgery should be the last option. They gave me enemas and had me drink 2 gallons of mural ax in one night. It made me have to poop so bad but I couldn't. So here I was, a 17 year old girl in the icu on tons of pain medicine, crying and leaking poop all over the bed and floor, while my mom was in the same room. Not a pretty picture, I know. I was in so much pain and so depressed in the icu for four days before they finally did the surgery. I was put under anesthesia and when I woke up I felt great. They had manually removed all the stool from my body. I was told to take miralax twice a day and a stimulant laxative every morning. Doctors advise against taking these regularly, but in my case it was necessary. I was also put on Zoloft, for anxiety. I'm not 18 years old and I have not had any problems with constipation for almost a year. I've had this problem all my life and I honestly thought nothing would ever work for me. I thought I would never get married or have kids, I would be a virgin my whole life. But my entire life has been turned around in such an amazing way. For any moms out there desperately looking for a cure to their kid's constipation, this may not work for everybody, but it sure as hell did wonders for me. Fist you need to get ALL of the stool out so that you can completely start over. I had this done in a hospital, but you can do a simple intestinal clean out, just find one online. Then I took a cap of miralax every morning. When I got home from school, I took a stimulant laxative to give me the urge to poop. If you have done the clean out and taken the miralax, it should be almost diarrhea and it would come out easily. Continue this for a few months until your body get used to NOT holding poop anymore. And if you hold your poop, you may want to consider an antianxiety medication to relax you. The Zoloft did really help me a lot. I'm currently still taking Zoloft, but no stool softeners. And I haven't had a problem in almost a year. Sorry for all the nasty details and everything that was TMI, but it's worth it if it helps ANYBODY because nobody truly knows wheat this is like until they experience it.

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  • colleen73927 colleen73927 Caybee

    I have been constipated all my life and I am 52. % years ago I started taking Miralax and ithelped butI still could go two weeks. I was put on LInzess in April of this year but 2 weeks later I was hospitalized because I gained so much weight all in my abdomen I look like I am 8 months pregnant. I have had every test they found spots on my liver but liver function was fine. They found gallstones and Fibroids. Its been a year now and I just read that too much Miralax can cause aDistended Abdomen. Another weird problem which my Dr laughed and said most people wouldn't complain is that I can never pass gas? I am in so much pain cause now I sloweddown on the Miralax and its like I have to deliver a basketball out of my ass. I need help because I don't know if the damage I've done is reversible. ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Caybee Caybee colleen73927

      The miralax alone didn't help me because although it made my stool softer, I didn't actually feel like pooping for about two weeks. My doctor put me on 10 mg of dulcolax which is a stimulant, and it almost forces you to poop every day because it makes you have to go so bad that you can't hold it. Eventually I got used to pooping every day and even after I stopped taking it, I still go every day. And I used to not be able to pass gas either and it's actually really painful but as soon as I was pooping regularly, I was able to pass gas fine and it makes you feel a lot better.

    • Mandahugs Mandahugs colleen73927

      Hi Colleen, I'm in a similar situation although without so much distension. I used to eat masses of muesli- like cereal and although I was more regular then, I was very distended with gas and people would ask me if I was pregnant - I think it was too much of the wrong sort of fiber plus I chewed quite a lot of sugar-free gum. There are loads of different types and makes of fiber supplements, as well as laxatives. My gastro is currently prescribing Movicol (osmotic type laxative similar to Miralax) plus a special kind of Magnesium (Magnesiocard) as well as Metamucil for fiber and of course drinking lots of water. I am also taking Amitiza which helps a little with lubrication (lubiprostone) and I'm considering trying Linaclotide instead. I take Simethicone for gas which is the ingredient in almost every Brand of anti gas supplement other than Beano. This helps the gas to be expelled more easily. I'm sure if you can switch to a different type of laxative for a while and deal with the constipation, that will make it much easier for the gas to escape. Also whatever fiber you consume or are prescribed, treat it with caution and build it up slowly to allow your body to adjust and not start producing even more gas and bloat. Good luck!

    • carol27042 carol27042 colleen73927

      Hi colleen will the dr not prescribe laxido ? At the moment im on 4 sachets a day as i have an anal fissure. But because im usually constipated i take 2 every day . Which seems to be much better for me. ? X

  • fiona9688 fiona9688 Caybee

    Hi, Caybee, I have had the same problem as you, all my life i have been in and out of hospital searching for the answer for my bowel problems, after having a large baby then had problems with pelvic floor and prolapses { due to severe constipation all my life} I have searched and searched for any kind of help to get my bowels moving without taking laxitives, Even a high fibre diet which i  have recently found out that it can have the opposite effect causeing even more problems. Anyway cut a very long story short i have found the answer in Chia seeds, not only do they help me they are extremley health aswell, I soak about a desert spoonfull in a cup of water and then add them to a smoothie,  because of the gel like consistency they help my constipation amazingly. { it is really inportant to presoak otherwise the seeds will absorb fluid in the body and will make you constipated ]

  • Mandahugs Mandahugs Caybee

    Dear Caybee, I am a long-term sufferer of constipation and have had impacted stool, been given a stimulant enema in ER by a young inexperienced doctor and was in horrible pain as it was being pushed out, but was too large. I had a previous one removed under sedation - only took 5 mins, but because the second time it was the weekend, the gastroenterologist who would do that procedure "wasn't available". Well that bad experience was down to a poorly managed ER. 

    Anyway, my experiences pale into insignificance compared to what you and your mother have been through. I am so happy for you that you are on the mend at last and so sorry you had to go through all those years of suffering.

    I want to thank you for posting your story, as it is so uplifting to hear when someone finally has a big success. I think it renews hope for others still suffering and your description may be the answer for someone else with similar problems. My problems are a bit more complex, but not as serious, so for me - reading your story makes me feel happy for you, a bit more hopeful and puts my troubles in perspective. All the best to you, enjoy life and look after your body so that when you get to my age you're fit and healthy enough to deal with anything life throws at you. This is something I wish I'd done as I'm now in my late forties and don't have the stamina I would like to cope with my current difficulties. I know you will look after yourself because you already know what it feels like when things aren't working right and how much physical and mental energy it takes to deal with chronic health problems! Great post!

  • fiona9688 fiona9688 Caybee

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  • kimla10 kimla10 Caybee

    i am late at replying but i got Miralax from my dad a couple hrs ago and it is great. i use it alongside (or when needed,) a smoothie in ice tray - this is green apple, carrot, frozen spinach cube, with a hint of frozen ginger & other relief herbs if want. Put this in an ice tray and have one every evening. This is absolutely great! this is so good i use Miralax as a stand-by.

    i just wanted to say Miralax is the best!!  i just wish i could find a way of combating the middrift weight gain associated with condition!!!! Pilates okay, Zumba x1 mth but determined.......

    thank you all

    • Thejudy68 Thejudy68 kimla10

      Miramax is the Best thing that I have tried and I have tried lots of things ! It desolves good and has no taste plus keeps your stool soft ! I hope that everyone with a constipation problem will try it. I take it in a glass of room temp. water every night and no more problems. Thanks for sharing.

  • jenni32981 jenni32981 Caybee

    Thank you so much for posting this, although quite an embarrassing and tramatic event in your life, you are now so much stronger than most girls your age for your perseverance! I was in tears reading your story as you never know what you will find when you do a web search on - constipation, fever, & softball-sized stool....and I was blessed to come upon your story. My daughter has never had a regular bowel movement. Doctors do the same things every time so they are useless, but my daughter has been through so much at only 7 years of age that I shutter at the thought of her future mirroring yours if we dont fix this now. She clogs the toilet every single time she goes, and it fills the entire pipe, even having needed manual chopping with a knife to get it flushed. I can only imagine how this pains her, she is embarrassed naturally and tries to hide it, so the toilet tells us every time, and she goes back and forth between 2 households so it is hard to keep ontop of. Her stepsister has the exact same, very picky, selection of food choices that constitute her less than square meal plan and I dont think she eats at all at school, but she goes every morning like clockwork. This child is so picky, for desert, if there is no plain chocolate icecream, she goes without any sweets. But anyways, we have been trying all sorts of supplements and even the age old mineral oil solution( she says it is like eating lipstick😛wink, but your suggestions are simply a god send because it is easy for dr.s to give you meds and send you on your way, like this is common, but they dont know what to do, and nothing makes you feel more helpless than watching your child suffer and being unable to help her. Your mom knows all too well I am sure. But thank you for your courage in telling this story and pray that my Naomi can turn this around before it controls her life.

  • mayrose93 mayrose93 Caybee

    I know this post was 2 years ago and I hope that you're doing way better than before. I too have been suffering from constipation since a very young age and I am now 21. Just a few days ago I had to be hospitalized from the severe pain and nausea I had. I also suffer from anxiety which makes everything way worse. I hate going to hospitals because doctors do not take constipation seriously, but that day I couldn't take it anymore and begged my parents to take me to the closest hospital. I went, expecting to atleast get a colonoscopy done to see what is going on inside of me since no laxatives work on me. Doctors would come in and out, pressing on my stomach which kept making my pains even worse just to tell me that I was full of stool. As if I didn't already know that. Unfortunately, the only good thing that came out of that trip to the hospital was the morphine they gave me for the pain and the medication they gave me for my nausea. An inexperienced doctor who felt like she knew everything gave me an enema. I went to the bathroom and (sorry for the detail) I had very watery stool. Afterwards, I still felt pain and nausea but she thought it was okay for me to go home because atleast something came out of me right? Wrong. Two days after I came home, I felt a twisting pain again. I had been drinking 17g of Miralax and 2 Senna pills before bedtime. I tried going but nothing would come out. I eat healthily because I suffer from GERD also. I'm tired and super depressed of going through this everyday. I wish to go normally but I have no idea what to do. Even if I could get an colonoscopy, I have no insurance so I would have to pay for it which is impossible because colonoscopies are expensive.

  • Thejudy68 Thejudy68 Caybee

    Thanks for sharing. I completely understand . So many people seem to have this problem anymore ?! I wonder Why?

    I started taking the Miralax a few weeks ago but at night. Then I only take a laxative once a week but I always feel tired and nauseous the day after and usually have to stay home because of it. I was wondering what kind if laxative you take ? Maybe I am using the wrong kind ? Thanks again and I am Glad that your problem is gone !

    • Thejudy68 Thejudy68

      I do the same thing and I also feel bad the day after a laxative!? It's still 100% better then when I couldn't go at all. I have to take 3 relax pills once a week. Nothing else has worked ?! I feel sorry for everyone that has this problem. I have had upper and lower GI's and they say everything is ok ?! All my dr. said is that a lot of people have the same problem and that it will only get Worse the older I get ?! Isn't that great ? No solutions, etc., just that one comment !

  • zoe16033 zoe16033 Caybee

    I am 16 now and I am going through almost the exact same thing. I have been going through this since I was 3, went to the hospital for 11 days when I was 8 and I was totally cleaned out (I was totally impacted) they said if I came back for the same reason I would need surgery and I’m terrified that that will happen.   Every 2 months I get so constipated again that I start to hold it because I know it will hurt sooo badly when I do go.  I stay home from school so that I can try and do a miralax cleanse but I think taking too much miralax doesn’t help. I don’t know what to do now. What tips can you give me? Anything will help. 

  • mark05288 mark05288 Caybee

    Dearest Caybee,

    Let me start with thanking you for your brave story. Big virtual hug from me to you for sharing the cure too. 

    I want to run my situation with you, which is similar in terms of the health issue. I have seen 8 consultants, nothing really works. It's almost like system is not use to working properly, I feel very full all the time and feels like i am not emptying my bowl. I have tried sena(no longers works), Dulcolax(does help me to empty 60% of my borwel), movicol(makes me sick does not work).

    I have tried Dicoctyl which is Docustate sodium(again did not work). 

    I am a single parent of 1 year old, my gf left me and child as she said she does not want child and wants to give for adoption, i could not let me child go hence i am only carer and i worl full time.  Life is hard and constipation is killing me.

    Should i try mirmax? Do you think it will help? There is issues of bowels getting use to medication and becoming lazy, but if i dont take it, i cannot fucntion. Do let me know if i can take anything that might help.

    Anyone else who can help let me know. Consultant has given me linaclotide but i heard it is too strong and if i take it, i will have to take it for rest of my life.

  • LMOO LMOO Caybee

    Oh my...this sounds so familiar. My daughter is 15.5 years and has been thru all of this, except the molestation. Shehashad bio-something feedback testing, bowel retraining and all kinds of others, but refused to keep up with it all. She ends up right back at square one, extreme constipation and then a uti to follow, antibiotics, laxitives and the circle continues...i am praying she finally comes to the realization and acceptance of her own self-care as you have.

  • not saying name not saying name Caybee

    I have found the answer, I have the same problem as you too, I never really paid attention to how much I used to go to the bathroom, I believe it was about 1 time maximum or 2 times a month, then I lost 30kg, I didn't go to the bathroom for 2 months and extra fibre and even natural laxative pills didn't have an effect. I went to the doctor and they said nothing was wrong with me. So I learned green tea can help. IT DID NOT WORK. I then found a tea, that worked, it is all natural and makes you go to the bathroom, 10 hours after drinking it,  I have been using it for the past 7 months and it has never failed. The name of the tea is Oyama Slim tea. I have tried every other tea, this is the only one that works by the way

  • 2017 2017 Caybee

    Hello everyone,

    This is such a horrible situation in someone's life.

    I have been suffering of constipation since 3years old and now i am 35years old. I have tried all and even enema or colo but nothing work. I am still suffering of constipation. Fed up.

    I wonder if i can be normal one day anf be pregnant.

    Tired please help!!!

  • gary21203 gary21203 Caybee

    Me too. I had chronic constipation, which after decades, they finally call it IBS-C. I would get angry and want to scream at the doctors for not able to help. They said it was all in my mind! They did say I have a loop in my colon. Nevertheless, nothing worked until two years ago, in 2016, after having a face lift when my pharmacist told me to combine Dulcolax and Miralax. Just like you, I had been on miralax for years from my doctor, but that would not always work. Now, everything is great, and I am no longer angry from the inability to go. The great part is both combined and taken everyday are not dangerous to my health. They completely clean out my colon every morning!  It took a pharmacist rather than a PH.D. MD to help me, as usual. :-) 

  • melissa24363 melissa24363 Caybee

    I'm sorry you had to go thru this. I really know how you feel. I'm is a little different I pass gas and feel like a movement nope just gas. This is so frustrating. Have tried all kinds of laxatives that are out there. I have been on Miralax for a week now and nothing. I feel like I'm pregnant and I'm not I believe it has been a little over 2weeks since I have had a good movement. If I do pass any it is like a nickle size and that is it. Anyone know something I can try?? I already said if no relief by in morning I have to go to ER

  • kassey17252 kassey17252 Caybee

    I was actually abused off and on most of my life growing up, and I had almost the exact same thing happen to me. No one believed me that I would be constipated for MONTHS simply because I didn’t even realize how unhealthy it was for soo long. Every now and then things would work but often I would just poop out laxatives or things just wouldn’t work. I know I have anxiety but I didn’t realize how much it can actually affect things like being contipated. This is the first time of me hearing about a similar case to mine so thank you for helping me realize some steps I can take. 

  • whateveryo66957 whateveryo66957 Caybee

    This maybe off topic. I'm a guy, almost 40 and have been dealing with constipation since I was 21. Usually I would take a laxative or sometimes, 2. Usually 1 when I ate too much fast food or something I knew would back me up.

    In the past, a laxative would remove any bloating or discomfort I have had, until now. For almost 2 weeks now I have had bloating that won't go away. I have taken some laxatives and have had some ok bowl movements but the abdominal bloating is still there. It hurts. Things I can share are that I have had bright red blood in my stool, as of last week but haven't seen any since. I have had bright red blood in my stool before two years ago. Also I have felt dull pain in my left side and in my left pelvic area. I went to a Dr and they did an x-ray, they said it was constipation. I then went to a gastrointestinologist and he put me on probiotics and Linzess. I've been on them for a couple days and no change. I am thinking it could be my colon and maybe using a colon cleaner might be the way to go. Has anyone had this issue or could give advice?

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