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Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18

Constipation desperately need help bad, please.

This is such a long shot here, never have done this but I am so desperate I honestly don't know what to do, I have severe anxiety which is causing major panic attacks & just crying all the time. I'm in a lot of pain & very uncomfortable. I've read a lot of these kinds of forums but wanted to make it personal. So I've been constipated off and on for a while, I'll go a few weeks sometimes even without going, or going once & when I do they are horribly huge hard & painful bowel movements. It's got me so honestly afraid to go through it again even if I know I need to. I had a baby 4 months ago & since it's just been worse. As of right now, my situation is that I have only went maybe once in about maybe 2 weeks, I'm not even sure. I want to go so bad. Sometimes I have urges but when I go sit down it's like they almost go away & I try to push so hard & barely even nudges. & when it does, it feels so huge & unbelievably hard like it'll hurt. & lately when I push really hard, only wet brown liquid type stuff comes out. Like I am honestly scared to death & I just can't do anything at all but I get so exhausted from the anxiety that I lay in bed while my husband has to do everything. Then I wake up back at it again. I've been taking Miralax for a few days now, plus these equate stool softeners but that's it. Not really wanting to eat anything either. I am so afraid right now & I almost want to go to the er. I know of enemas & laxatives but to be honest just a little afraid to take those bc of 1. The pain of passing the stool scares me so bad like thinking it could be just way too big & 2. I hear a lot of that stuff just adds a tremendous amount of stomach pains. Someone please help or maybe someone who's been in my shoes can help me?? Please I truly need relief but this is probably stupid..

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  • Lindy1234 Lindy1234 Nalyssa18

    It's not stupid at all. Its a very real concern and problem you are having.  I stay constipated, so I have to take a laxative every other day.  I started with 2 dulcolax.  Miralax didn't help me nor did stool softeners.  If the dulcolax (generic at Walmart) doesn't work after taking a couple of daily doses, you may have a blockage that will have to be dealt with.  Hang in there--there is a solution.

    • Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18 Lindy1234

      Thank you so much for replying. As gross as it sounds, I can tell in the rectum there is definitely a blockage of a very, very hard lArge stool. And I do get these urges to have to go, especially in the mornings. But when I end up giving I'm and going to sit down, a lot of times just liquid will come. I am mainly just afraid of how big and painful they've got for me before when this happens that I can basically know what to expect. I'd have to manually help it or break it apart, as much as I even can because it would be like a rock, or gross but even try to just pull it. I get so desperate for the pain to be gone that I just end up pushing as hard as I can once I feel it and try to pull it, break it, etc. I want to physically and mentally go so bad but I also don't want to take certain laxatives and have even more of an urge and stomach pains but with nothing solid coming. Plus again even with laxatives just the thought of some huge hard stool just coming out scares me to death . I honestly hate this so bad I am so desperate. I almost just want to go to the hospital and have them put me to sleep and just get it all out of me themselves but I know that's too much and probably never happen. rolleyes

      Thank you so much

  • james735 james735 Nalyssa18

    HI sorry to hear this I have been in your position. Have you felt your back passage to see if there is an impaction? Now it doesn’t sound nice but I do recommend an enema if you feel a big blockage there, but before that you can try a suppository. They are very gentle and help get things going without giving you funny pains etc. Also here in the uk I have found lactulose to be a good laxative which I use every day now and keeps me un-constipated. I had a very big impaction about 5 months ago, and after a few suppositories + large doses of lactulose it finally cleared. Enemas didn’t really work for me, I just let the liquid all come out without anything solid. Hope I have helped, good luck! 

    • Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18 james735

      Thank you so much for replying. I am so depressed about this I just want to lay down. And a lot of times, especially in the morning I will get these urges to go so bad and I can feel A large stool in the rectum, that's how I can feel it's going to hurt. I've had very, very large and hard stool come out before and as gross as it sounds, I've have to sweat, strain, and even help manually to guide it, break it out. It makes it hard to even pee now. One time, I had such a large stool but I'm not sure what it was I'd done differently but one morning, something made me just have no choicE but to run to the bathroom and bam before I even sat down it literally all came out at once, didn't need to manually help it and by the time I realized how bad it hurt it was over. Ugh do you think regular laxatives, suppositories or an enema will do that? My fear is just how big they get coming out, makes it worse when they're stuck right as they're coming out. Th is is just horrible. I also feel I'd just get liquid out too with an enema because when I do push hard, that comes out first, however I do feel like that hard lump could maybe make it's painful way out. I hate this so much.

      Thank you so much for even answering

  • Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18

    Am pretty sure I have a fecal impaction. I have literally all the systems & I been just leaking out liquid. Th is is so scary it's not even funny. Should I just go to the hospital? I just have been laying in the bed all day today. What would happen at the hospital if I go? Is it possible to resolve this at home?

  • Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18

    Am pretty sure I have a fecal impaction. I have literally all the systems & I been just leaking out liquid. Th is is so scary it's not even funny. Should I just go to the hospital? I just have been laying in the bed all day today. What would happen at the hospital if I go? Is it possible to resolve this at home?

    • james735 james735 Nalyssa18

      I’m happy to help as much as possible as I wasn’t in your position not too long ago. My GP referred me to the surgery department at my local hospital and I was seen that day. They tried an enema on me (fleet) but that didn’t work and I knew it wouldn’t as they never have worked for me weirdly. They also prescribed laxido+lactulose. Lactulose helped because it was able to dislodge the impaction in my tummy. (I had impaction in my tummy+at the other end). Then for a couple days in a row I used glycerin suppositories. These are really good and easy to use as they literally just melt inside your rectum and melt the impacted stool inside, but not to a liquid so it comes out semi solid. You can get these from your local pharmacy over the counter - glycerin 8mg i think. And they make it very comfortable to pass large amounts of stool. I highly recommend trying 1/2 of them twice in a day and seeing what results that gives before hospital. All they will do there is either give you suppository, enema or an x Ray. All an x Ray will show is the impaction really. But it could show if you have an impaction higher up and it is stuck in your bowels which could be dangerous. Are you from the UK? 

    • james735 james735

      Also from my understanding the leaking is liquid stool which is leaking round past the dislodged stool and coming out. 

      Don’t worry you will be able to fix this without hospital help!! Keep your head held high! 

    • Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18 james735

      Thank you so much, I think I am honest to god just deathly terrified right now that I'm going to the hospital. I have no idea what they will do. I can't just have them tell me to take this & that & just send me out. This has been going on for so long. I can feel like the impaction is down in the rectum especially when I start to push. It's so terrifying & I am honestly just afraid to try certain things myself. I feel so pathetic. But I hate more than anything to go through that pain. I feel like mine are so rock hard that absolutely nothing will make it easy to pass ugh.. rolleyes I'm just a nervous wreck right now. Waiting to go to the hospital.

    • james735 james735 Nalyssa18

      Ah okay no worries, let me know how you get on and what they offer you. Of course make sure to tell them everything and only leave hospital once your satisfied with the outcome they come to! 

    • Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18 james735

      Well James, I cannot believe I just went through that today but as I said, I went to the hospital. I was a nervous wreck. & in a lot of pain. They admitted me right away, gave me tons of fluids, muscle relaxers & benzos to calm me down. They had me get prepared for an xray but then told me they will try an enema first & if that doesn't work they would probably need surgery. I was so afraid But was in so much pain, long story short without sounding too gross, they did it & oh my gosh, within 10 mins I was on the toilet going through the worst pain of my . But the impaction came out, it was huge & hard & then a bunch of more hard painful ones followed & it hurt me so much but my body gave me no choicE but to push. After it was over I tried to cleanup & relax as much as I could. They referred me to a GI doctor to call on Monday & told me to continue taking Miralax twice a day. But to be honest, of course I feel tremendously better than before but my actually butt is so sore from that trauma. They gave me cream to make swelling inside go down. But I still feel I'll have to go more later. My stomach just feels a little sore which is obvious I'd assume from what it's been through? I'm sure when I go again, it'll hurt just because of what I've been through but I'll have to put my big girl pants on, lol. But I didn't leave til I went at least & I went a lot & boy it was all very hard. I'm still sore with a few stomach pains but can't complain much from the past few weeks. Again, thank you so much.

      I'd never wish this on anybody.

      Now I need to figure out what to eat everyday or do differently, any suggestions?

    • james735 james735 Nalyssa18

      Well, im very happy that the trip to the hospital was able to fix the problem then, yeah in my experience enemas are pretty powerful it is quite a dirty drug if you know what I mean by the way it works because it just clears out your entire colon, intestines and rectum and just comes out where you cant control it!! thing i hate most about them is just squirting horrible smelling liquid up your back end much prefer the easier to do supposotires, where you are able to visit the toilet just you normally would - I suggest now eating soluble fibre I think it is. Growing up i was always reccomended to eat fiber but i find fiber actually blocks me up because it is very stodgy stuff but my problem is in the rectum (no nerves in my bum lol) and fiber wouldnt help me. I do highly suggest asking your doctor about lactulose, out of all the meds i have tried (enemas, supposotires, laxido, miralax, magnesium sulphate) - it has been the most effective and i cant stress how well it has worked for me (in my case). and i highly suggest teaching your body and mind to visit the toilet at a particular time every day. for me it is night time. I drink about 5-6 pints of water per day, and i do find (probably because of the lactulose) i dont actually visit the toilet that much, as my body seems to use it and that is evident in my stool in the toilet sorry maybe bit too much information!!

      Anyway: water, fruit, soluble fibre, and lactulose has been the key for me! and supposotires when i pile up again which hasnt been for some time touch wood. Glad to see the impaction has cleared and good luck in fixing your painful bum!

    • Nalyssa18 Nalyssa18 james735

      Well thank you, not quite sure what to think now but since yesterday like I said I've been super sore down there, & my stomach all together. Probably also from all the pushing. I know it's all got to be very irritated. Well now, I'm starting to feel like I need to go again, but a little while ago I tried & it did seem maybe a little softer than before when I went yesterday @ the hospital but that it still feels big & may n hard to get out. If course it's scaring me all over again. I thought the enema was supposed to get most of the hard lArge crap? Ugh this is so annoying especially being so afraid. I've also had stomach cramps since yesterday also. I was expecting some soreness but was at least hoping for smaller, softer bowel movements now. Ugh & when I tried to push It out, once again it was starting yo hurt. I know it stretched so much yesterday because I'm serious, like so much came out. Like at first was really really big then just a bunch of really really hard ones. Like how much could of been there, & I went at the hospital as much as it let me push but now I still feel A little backed up, mainly that uncomfortable feeling in my rectum that scared me in the first place. I have no idea but I really thought an enema was supposed to to high but then again I was pretty backed up.. I took Miralax this morning & have to again later so idk now just truly terrified about yesterday that was the worst but at least it came out fast.. I don't know. I know i Wont truly know til I just go but any advice or suggestions? I do want to just keep going to get better i just absolutely hate go in through this especially if it's already soo sore.. rolleyes

    • james735 james735 Nalyssa18

      Hi sorry not been on this site in a few months. Just wondering how you got on? I like to hear/see how other people get on after I went through exactly what you went through and have come through the other end very fine and much better than my terrible physical and mental state this time last year! 

      From what I remember an enema turns everything to mush but I remember a few times using enema and it wouldn’t clear the impaction and all that would come out would be the horrible stinging smelling enema liquid but it also upset my stomach. I much preferred suppositories for things like that, I would do two, lie down shove them high up then wait about 30 mins even though they kick in in about 10. 

      So yeah how have you got on since u wrote these comments? 

  • krish5134 krish5134 Nalyssa18

    The food can be altered and it can be easily solved. Avoid spicy foods and fat rich foods. Instead go for fiber rich foods. In my own experience i got good bowel movements by altering the foods which are not suitable for me. I am health advisor not a professional though but collect information from many experiences. If you are interested do follow me with my blog. I am not money minded just to help people with their health problems in low cost remedies.

    Hope you get well


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