Any chronic daily headaches and neck and back pain advice?

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I am a 28 year old female and I'm currently in my 20th month of chronic headaches. I am now on amitryptline, naproxen and paracetamol as I am now experiencing neck and back pain too. I never write on forums, but feel that if their is the slightest chance that anyone else is suffering like me then i'd love some words of advice or comfort. I feel that unless you deal with chronic pain, you really have no idea how hard it is to deal with and how difficult it is to speak to people about it, as nobody understands.

The pain first first came on suddenly during intercourse and it felt like I'd been hit on the back of the head- it was excruciating. I was then left with occasional headaches. After a few months, I was admitted to A and E as the dr suspected a haemorrhage as the head pain started to worsen when straining for the toilet. I was in hospital and had CT, MRI and a lumbar puncture and all sinister problems were ruled out .

Since then (19months) the head pain has increased to being constant- as in from the moment I wake till the moment I sleep, everyday. The drs have thrown the medication at me and labelled it as chronic daily headaches and their answer was always more drugs and that it is probably dietry or stress(as I am a teacher)!

I then tried everything I could to relieve the pain/find the cause. I have had lots of massage types (including deep tissue), seen the usual dentist and optician, bought a new mattress, new shoes, seen a podiatrist, bought a water pillow(great for neck ache look for mediflow on amazon) acupuncture , I have omitted all food groups from my diet (see candida diet) even reflexology!... no luck, just a poorer and more destroyed version of me.

Last week after having a nervous breakdown in the neurologists office and it seems for the first time i am being taken seriously. I think that if you're like me and you dont make a massive fuss, you dont cry lots and you just deal with it as best you can, then they will ignore you. TIP: When you see someone, explain your pain like it is your worst day, not the feeling right then and there and make a list of what you want from your appointment.

I had an urgent MRi scan of my cervical spine last week as the neurologist now wants to rule out a slipped disc. I kind of hope that it is, because at at least I will finally have answer (hopefully this week)

I don't know what I expect to come from writing here, other than for others to know that they are not alone. Constant pain is truly soul destroying. I now feel only the shadow of my former self. It's hard for others to understand and as a result you drift away from life. I am lucky to have a partner who is completely positive and supportive everyday. Surprisingly though, I have found that one of the best things for me is distraction and the 30 5-6 year olds at work are actually the best thing for me- can you believe it!

Thanks for reading. If anyone has any advice, I am all ears!

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    I think you should make an appointment with a good chiropractor. Preferably one who specializes in spinal decompression.
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    Hey vikki,

    I'm also 28 with severe pain..your situation is EXACTLY like mine.. Everything down to the lumbar puncture.. I was medevac out of iraq and the military doctors diagnosed me with thunderclap migraines... Along with the head neck and back pain I have severe knee pain... Unfortunately I became addicted to the medication the doctors prescribed me... So now pain medications are out of the question because I have since gone to rehab.. I have recently gone to a chiropractor who said I am in desperate need of help so I will be returning to him shortly..I have a question, have you ever been checked for Lyme disease?

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    Hi Vicki

    I am in a similar situation but have been like this for over 30 years now. I am on similar meds and had some nerve blocks in my cervical spine last year to no avail. I've has an MRI of my cervical spine but not one lower down. I have sciatica and several sore spots along my spine, and wonder if it could be a disc problem. How have you got on since posting?

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      You actually need MRI of your entire back.   I live in the USA and our insurance requires a scripts.  One for each of the three areas of the back.

      Never the less, you problems may be from the mid or even the low back.  Pain moves and radiates, so the Full MRI series may get you some real answers.  I was told I had Fibermialgia before the MRI.  Now that the Doctors have the true info, they can's just blow it off as no big deal..  

      Hope this helps

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      Hi truthfinder its my first time on a forum! im at my witts end!

      i live in the uk and have just come out of hospital! i have

      Numbness in my right leg and right arm ive had a headache

      since september last year! my eyes and ears feel so much

      pressure from the headache i feel my head will explode off

      My shoulders! ive haf a CT scan and lumbar

      puncture that was done whilst ive been in hospital for

      five days! they say its migraine even though my legs and arm

      go numb and continually have pins and needles in them.

      The scan and lumbar punctar came back clear! they have given me

      Topirimate to take alongside the 160mg propanalol i already am

      taking from september(more pills)) for my headache! i had disc surgery twenty years

      Ago for a trapped nerve in L5 DISC Bottom of my back and have

      some nerve damage which i take tramadol and dyhydrocodenne for!! im sure my headaches

      Are something to do with my back but they just wont listen!!! did

      you get any further with your investigations! to all those people suffering

      Pain out there i pray you find answers soon!!!take care everyone Sunnyxx

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    This is my first time writing in a forum as well. I am in dire need if an explanation. In March of this year I just experiencing a dulling feeling in the back of my head and in my neck..out of nowhere. It was so bad I had to fly home from vacation. I went straight to the ER where I was pumped with pain meds and told it was a tension headache and to go home and see my neurologist. 2 ER visits later still the same thing. My CT scan came back normal..Also I went to see a chiropractor no help, orthopedic received  a MRI of my spine that was normal and therapy. I am so frustrated that nothing has helped. It doesn't help to have nervous breakdowns either when the pain won't go away. On top of that a new symptom is jaw pain , went to the dentist nothing wrong..However today I am going to pick up a retainer that they say may help me if I am holding my mouth to tight in my sleep. I just don't understand why it has been 5 months and no change. My worst fear is that I have a brain tumor. I am terrified of that. My next neurological appointment is on Monday and I will be demanding a MRI of my brain...If that comes back clear which I pray it does ..I'm afraid this is something I will have to live with everyday for the rest of my life. 
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      Fiber Mialgia can case very similar pain issues.   If you reseach it, it shows several area of the neck and back that are the culprite.

      I use to think FibereMilagia was a BS made up thing when Docs didn't have an answer.   I now kbow, it's real and very painful

      Give the research on this a go.

      Feel better

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    Hello everyone, I have also suffered from daily headaches and this is my second year. I have done tests whether it was ct or mri scans, everything looked normal they said. I am still looking for a solution, i surely do not want to live my life like this. I wanted to ask what other symptoms do you suffer? For example I have pressure feeling behind my eyes nose and face, band like headache, sore spots on my scalp, neck and back pain. No medication have helped reduce this pain. However , i have recently read about doctors using endomethacin to solve certain types of daily chronic headaches called Hemicrania continua, do read about it. Unfortunately this medication didn't work for me but i hope it might work for some of you. If you could please answer my question and i hope you keep me updated. Good luck to all of us smile
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      I just wanted to let you know that my situation is very similar to yours; headaches for over two years, no medication works....well I've started 80mg of propranolol and that's working a bit! I'm so happy not being miserable ALL the time! Anyway if you ever need support, I'm here

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      Hello. I am sorry to hear you are going through what I am. Daily headaches. First triggered by health anxiety and now won't go away. Been 4 weeks and I'm so down and I feel I won't get a break ever. I have the back and forth migraine type then tension then tightness in forehead and aching in cheeks and neck too. I stopped taking otc bc it was like three weeks of them. Not sure if this is rebound now: I just feel awful. Did anything end up working for you? I tried some neuro drugs and they gave me bad side effects. ;(

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      A little late but ever since my health anxiety came on I've been experiencing the same thing for over a month! Did the headaches ever go away?

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      Living with very similar for 4 years now. Still in hope I will beat it. Do you het flare ups? I mean intense pain periods which can last 4 hours to 3 days?

      The only thing I have found that helps during the heavy pain flare ups is, diazepam and sometimes ice.

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       Hello I am 26 and I'm having the same problem except the back problem... its the back of my neck thst hurts...during my headaches I have hypertension(blood pressure become a lil elevated) but I believe I have hypertension bc of the painful head ached.. I was healthy few months ago working out living normal now I'm miserable headaches is trigger but perfum, light,sound, any smoking around me, or anger...

          I'm going Thur the doctors and every pill I've been giving isn't working... so yesterday a lady told me to elevate my legs w a pillow.  Now my legs hv never swell hell I'm only 26... today in months my head stop hurting.... woke up for the first time w no headache although I feel like if I over work my self or turn my head to quick there is a chance my headache will come back..but I'm on my way to sleep now and I feel my head ache coming back because im writing this on my phone with the lights out... i feel like its something to do w circulation in my head.  I pray its not a tumor... I'm n the process of getting my head checked...

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      Just to ech what I said above-I've been going through the same for 2/3 years, so any help or support
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      Sorry that message sent too early!

      I was saying--any advise or support I can give I'm here.

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