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  • x42a1 2

    Random throbbing head pain and pressure in right side

    For over a month now, I've had an infrequent throbbing pain & pressure on the right side of head. It appears randomly, and occurs much more frequently when I'm stressed. Although, when I feel fine it will still appear, just not as frequently.  It's always on the right side of my head, near the top but...

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  • jemstone49 3

    Headache for 5 weeks-HELP ME!!!!!!!

    Hello readers, I am a 12 and a half year old girl. By the way, I'm not pregnant, and haven't started my periods yet. I have many friends, don't feel too stressed and I'm a high achiever. I came home from school on the 2nd of May with a banging headache. I tend to get headaches a lot anyway so I thought...

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  • ste00355 2

    Persistent headaches

    I've been having persistent headaches over the past 2 months. Went to the doctors about a month ago now and I was told that they sounded like tension headaches. Was also told to cut hours down on the computer etc and take more breaks. As a software developer its impossible not to be on a computer all...

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  • tatix13 1

    Persistent daily headache and other symptoms

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and I've been wanting to hear opinions regarding headaches. I'm a 25 yo woman, healthy, I don't smoke or drink. I remember having headaches ever since I was a kid, ever since always taking OTC meds trying to control it. Three years ago I had a CT scan that came back clear...

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  • stephany24 1

    I'm scared! I think I have a brain tumor

    Two weeks ago I started getting a really bad headache, I've been feeling really dizzy and throwing up! When my headache started I felt my forehead really numb I was scared so I told my parents and they took me to the ER, they told me I had a sinus infection I been taking pills they gave me for the infection...

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  • Recoverandheal 2

    Head pressure, Brain fog, odd head sensation, feeling detached

    Hi all,  I decided to become a member and make a post here after reading the forums for quite a while, great site by the way.  I am currently suffering with various symptoms and am in a bad way and just don't know where to turn any more so thought I would post here and see if anyone has any similar...

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  • tidal43 1

    Bumps on Skull/Head

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in but I think for the most part it is. So a few weeks ago I started to get headaches, they don't particularly hurt me but I can feel it and to be honest, it is just an inconvenience constantly having a minor headache. Then I started to notice that...

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  • kg81 2

    Left side head pressure, tender spot, neck issues

    Hello, I am new here but I am a little concerned. I am a healthy 35yr old male however I have been dealing with left side head pressure for the last 5 weeks. I don't get a real bad headache but its mostly just pressure and its pretty much with me 24/7. I have noticed when I lay down or go to the gym...

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  • lynn72382 2

    Constant head pressure in the temples and eyes

    I have had pain and pressure in my eyes and temples for almost a year now. My face feels fuzzy and tingly and I feel woozy a lot of the time. Nothing takes the pain away when it is really bad. Tried Tylenol 3's and oxycocet with no relief. The only thing that helped with the intensity of the pain was...

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  • Pewo 2
  • aimee 35765 1

    Headache for 2 weeks!!!

    I never suffer from headaches to start with. However, 2 weeks ago i started to get a really bad headache out of no where, causing a tightness/pressure in my head, my eyes felt hot and it made me feel sick sometimes. I went to the doctors and was told to do blood tests, however, the day after this, I...

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  • amy75782 5

    Pain behind left eye, temple & top teeth?

    Hi, I have always suffered with headaches from a young age. I've tried beta-blockers and Amitriptyline which have worked on and off. I've now stopped taking them and gone back on citalopram for anxiety last week. The side effects can cause headache, but for the last 3 days I've had a pain/ache behind...

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  • laurrrrmichelle 2

    Vision issues, headaches, joint & chest pain,

    I'm a 23 year old female who has generally always been pretty healthy - I eat healthy, vegetarian, exercise pretty usually, just normal stuff.  I was traveling and living abroad for 8 months.  While backpacking I got a bacterial infection which I treated with antibiotics - they said it was strep throat....

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  • raushaan07824 1
  • greatyu 1

    Painful Stabs on either side of forehead

    I have short painful stings or stabs on both the left and right side of head. most of thetime its irritating and when i bend down it gets painful. Im a hypochondriac and im currently very scared its been a month and the anxiety itself is driving me insane and i cant concentrate.Please help

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  • julian062393 2

    Working Night Shift And Getting Headaches

    Hello All, I started working on the night shift back in November. (About 3 months now) The first few weeks were normal but then I started getting headaches. Also it would get harder and harder to sleep. I started taking melatonin 3mg and that has helped with my sleep alot thank god on the days that...

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  • henry97250 1

    Suffered from tension headache made worse now(way worse)

    I was suffering from tension headache for the last few days due to stress and anxiety. I was feeling pressure on both sides sometimes alongside tense muscles around my eyebrows. Anyway I noticed aspirin worked well and it was going well. I was doing a little better until last night. I was out playing...

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  • blairbrookes2 2

    Headaches for 8 months please help!

    Hi my name is Blair and I'm a junior in high school. At the beginning of this school year (September 11th to be exact), I started getting headaches. After about a week I told my mother and she took my to a walk in clinic. The dr told me I had a sinus infection which made sense because I also felt pressure...

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  • Annamika213 1

    Occipital neuralgia headache, easing pain?

    Hello, I apologize that this post is so long, but i wanted to give a little background for my issue. I really really appreciate any input anyone can give me!I have had horrible migraines for 10+ years which have become chronic daily headaches, manageable, but daily. A year ago I started having horrible...

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  • Daviid 1
  • alan14588 3

    Pressure in head!!!!!!!

    i have been getting pressure in head for months and it is daily and constant now. I have tried allsorts! Chiropractor, eye tests, dentist, medication.........I have just had MRI and don't think it'll show anything serious up!!! Please can anyone help......don't think it's anxiety or stress, not sinusitis......god...

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  • riclee37 1

    6 weeks of constant headaches - no relief / going crazy

    Hi everyone. I'm after some possible insight / advice on what I'm currently going through. I will go through as many symptoms as possible, although I'm aware some might be from something different entirely. I started getting a heavy pressure at the back of my head around 6/7 weeks ago, was primarily...

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  • eileen62423 2

    Head pressure

    I've had mild to moderate daily headaches for about 5 weeks along with pressure pain when bending over or coughing. My GP is treating me for tension headaches with amytriptylyne and ibruprofen. I just worry it's something more serious because of the bending over pain. Has anyone else experienced this?...

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  • Sophiekinz123 2

    Head pressure

    Ive got this pressure in the back of my head and nose, I feel dizzy and lightheaded. This has been going on for about 10 days now, been to the doctors and they have said it could be a migraine, gave me nuropen and going back next Friday if I still have it. Last year I had exactly the same symptoms...

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  • alicia 11408 1

    Anxiety, depression, headaches, left temple pain, brain fog

    I have had pretty constant headaches now for the past month. They hurt in my left temple, like a throbbing pain. And pain in back of head. Also have lots of pressure in head sometimes my forehead and around eyes will hurt. I also will feel dizzy some days and like I'm in a constant brain fog as they...

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  • ash52001 2

    Bleeding in eye with headache

    I'm not a normal 20 year old female. I am a cancer survivor who now has chronic pain and beginning stages of RA. My cancer was on my spine at 10 yrs old but, I'm not worried about that. I had chronic headaches for a while but, I haven't since 2014 after a surgery on my spine. For the last week I have...

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  • Scareddcat 2

    What's happening to my head?

    Out if the blue, I started getting sharp pains on the right side of my head, just behind and above my ear. The pains are intense, but quick, with no headache noted inbetween. This began several hours ago. Sometimes the pains are close together, sometimes there are several minutes between pain. Anybody...

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  • markresen 1

    pornography & headaches

    Hello, I have been watching porn for about 18 months and then quit around 2 years ago. I remember the very last times I watched it I used to get a slight headache lasting 1-2h. All of a sudden, 6 months ago, I started having severe chronic headaches (similar to migraines) which are triggered just by...

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  • carole27374 3

    Pain in morning

    Can someone tell me what type of headaches these are . I wake every morning for the past week around 5 with a bad headache behind one eye and along side of head it only last few hrs but leaves me with a fuzzy head all day .this morning it was 3am . Im so tired 😴

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  • Phyl17 1
  • mmusto20 1

    I feel there's something wrong with my head.

    Hello. I don't really know what to do or how to solidify a google search for my symptoms so I figured this may be my best bet.  I am 18. So I have struggled with anxiety/depression since I was young due to being molested by my neighbor. This particular incident F'd me up for a while and the only reason...

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  • rishi4702 1

    constant lightheadedness,dizziness

    heloo ppl i need help .fro last 2 months i have been having this constant dizziness over my entire head which start soon after getting up in morning ands stays through out the day.therer are no appreciable agrrevating or reliveing factors. but it comes and stays ...takes milder form by eve. but stays...

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  • amy52673 1

    Weird pressure in my head that comes and goes

    About 6 weeks ago I started getting this weird feeling right above my right eyebrow. It comes and goes but the past 2 weeks it has been happening every time I wake up. It's not pain just a tightness that comes and goes. I have anxiety so I'm really freaking myself out. I just changed insurance so it...

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  • john70345 1

    Pressure in head and ears for over month

    29 year old male. Over past month I have been suffering with pressure in both my head and ears( mainly on the right side) as well as Clicking in my ears when I swallow. This has given me anxiety and frequent panic attacks which have some what subsided after seeing a neurologist( saw no reason for a CAT...

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  • jpvn2015 1

    Strange Head/Ear Sensation and Mild Bilateral Temporal Headache

    Since last November (around Thanksgiving) I started developing pus and discharge from my eye along with eyelid swelling and excessive watering. After a week or two, I developed a persistent headache in my left temple along with brain fog. I went to my GP, and he believed it was sinusitus, so he prescribed...

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