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Recoverandheal Recoverandheal

Head pressure, Brain fog, odd head sensation, feeling detached

Hi all, 

I decided to become a member and make a post here after reading the forums for quite a while, great site by the way. 

I am currently suffering with various symptoms and am in a bad way and just don't know where to turn any more so thought I would post here and see if anyone has any similar experiences or advice. 

So first of I am male and 26 years old. I have been suffering with the symptoms in the title pretty consistently for about 2 and a half years now. I used to have some relief from the symptoms for a day or 2 here and there or maybe a bit of relief for a few hours in the day but recently the symptoms are pretty much constant and I cannot shake them. 

I have an overall mild pressure feeling in the head, its not painful but is just very aggravating and feels really strange. I also have extreme brain fog with this and like a fuzzy head, there is a constant cloud over my brain and I never have any mental clarity or a clear head. My cognitive function is extremely poor now, my short term memory is non existent, its scarily bad. I often feel, detached from reality when the symptoms are bad and suffer from de-realisation, although I think this may be down to some anxiety and depression I experience when the symptoms run me down. I also get random sharp cramping pains in the head, they are quite painful but do not bother me so much as they only usually last a second or 2, it varies on how many I get of these each day but its usually less than 5. It often feels as though my brain is malfunctioning somehow and my cognitive function and senses are all out of whack, its hard to explain. There can sometimes be a build up of these symptoms throughout the day and by the night I can feel like I somehow how the flu without a fever? Like I have the head pressure, completely foggy headed, I feel super unwell, weak, sometimes even start feeling cold. Also have night sweats usually for about 4 or 5 days each month, there doesnt seem to be any sort of pattern to them that I can notice, so not sure if they are relevant. Another thing I have is ringing in ears which is mild but seems to have gotten worse recently if that sounds relevant at all. The main thing that gets me is the odd head pressure/sensation and the utterly life hindering brain fog, my brain feels like it is coated in a dark blanket constantly.

I do suffer from anxiety, I know many of these symptoms can be caused or made worse by these symptoms. I dont doubt that anxiety is a contributing factor and the way I think about they symptoms probably makes them worse but I have come a long long way with my anxiety, I have good control over it, I haven't had a panic attack in a couple of years, I manage to control most of my concious anxiety and stay in a positive mindset. No doubt I still have some subconscious anxiety underlying and I am working on that but I am not convinced this is the route cause of my symptoms. I am in therapy for my anxiety. I do not feel I will ever fully recover while I have these symptoms hanging over me though. 

I have been to the doctor about these symptoms, although I do think I struggle to explain them or put them across very well in the doctors office. I have have blood tests which are all normal. I saw a neurologist couple of years back when this started, had a CT scan which was normal, they put the stabbing pains down to icepick headaches and thought the other symptoms were probably made worse by my anx/depression. Since then I went away and have been on anti depressants etc with no improvement of symptoms. I have also had a few ECGs and a 24hr ECG as I have slow heart rate and low bp so thought maybe the symptoms could be down to low bp and lack of blood to the brain, doctors do not think think this is the case and all my results came back normal. I have recently been back to the neurologist who is referring me for an MRI although he said he is sure there is nothing sinister and thinks the symptoms are probably tension type headaches and made worse by and previous drug use, he only put it down to the drug use when i told him about it though so it seemed like a convenient diagnosis. I forgot to mention I used to take drugs on the weekends socially, cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy on different occasions for a couple of years, I have had periods where I have felt ok since taking these drugs and do not really think they are the cause, I was not an addict this was just one or 2 nights a month at the weekends. So I have an MRI coming up but the neuro thinks it will be clear and obviously I hope it is and I am looking for other answers. 

What could be causing these symptoms? Other than anxiety which i no can be a factor, but I have periods where my anxiety is pretty much non existent but these symptoms still build up out of nowhere and persist. I was thinking maybe some sort of allergy could be a possibility, I have tried cutting out gluten and lactose, this didn't seem to make much difference although I didn't stick to this for very long. I actually did a juice fast for 2 weeks with eating nothing other than fruit and veg juice put through a juicer to see if that would help but it didn't really give me any relief. Are there any other stomach issues that could cause this? I never have diarrhoea or constipation, my stools always float recently though, to the point of not being able to flush them, also whenever I have seen chance medicine doctors they check me out and say they think i have issues with digestion, i don't feel i have these issues but do wonder if there might be something in it. 

Could there be something going on with the blood vessels in my head? Could it be a spine/posture issue? Some sort of epilepsy or electrical activity in my brain? I just have no idea now and am desperate for some relief. If anyone has any ideas or advice I would really appreciate it. 

Oh just to add I am reasonably fit, I try go to the gym a few times a week and I do some weight lifting. I am a normal weight. I have been losing some weight recently which is a concern but I am still in a normal weight range for height and age. 

Thanks for reading

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  • daisyrose504 daisyrose504 Recoverandheal


    Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed explaination of what is going on with you. I don't feel so alone now.  Brief history on me;

    I am a 38 y/o female.  I work in law enforecment. I have been healthy my whole life, no medical history to report other than kidneys stones every few years.  I do suffer from mild anxiety and depression from time to time, I lost my family the last several years. I take ativan 0.5 mg only when needed A week ago, I woke up with what I thought was flu-like symptoms.  Muscle-aches, sensitivity to light, joint pain, mild nausea, dull headache. After I got off wok, I drove home and went straight to bed hoping some rest would help. I woke up the next morning and my symptoms were 10'xs worse, in addition to bilateral temporal pain and my brain actually felt "hot". I started feeling foggy and my short term memory was failing.  I felt like I was in a fog and nothing made much sense.  I started medicating with tylenol and ibuprofen in hopes of allieving my pain.  Nothing helped.   I had meetings the next 3 days that I could not miss, so I forced myself to go and sit through them while in extreme pain and diiscomfort. The headache would not go away.  When I returned to work on Friday morning, my co-workers urged me to go to the emergency room. They said I did not look or act like my usual self. All the tests came back normal in the ER. CT scan, blood work, ekg. I left without a real diagnoses. 

    I have no isues with migraines. Physically fit and a non smoker and drinker. This acute unexplained illness has really scared me.

    • Hollyberry Hollyberry daisyrose504

      Wonder if you had a virus? Been a really nasty one going around here. Friend of mine couldn't move for almost a week. She still sounds awful now. I had it but got over it in 3 days. It came on really quickly and I just collapsed into bed and emerged 2 days later. Be careful with ibuprofen---always take with food and don't take too frequently.

      hope you feel better soon.

    • kayla02463 kayla02463 daisyrose504

      I've been having the same exact symptoms. I'm currently using a one month heart monitor so far they haven't found anything . I do suffer from anxiety too. the docs told me the symptoms are all from anxiety and stress. but I've been feeling these symptoms for a month now, could they really last this long ?

    • billie13318 billie13318 daisyrose504

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

    • ashley826 ashley826 daisyrose504

      I see this comment was over a year ago but I hope you will somehow see this. Please please go back to your doctor and ask them to check your calcium and parathyroid hormone levels (not the same as thyroid). Do some research on Hyperparathyroidism aka Parathyroid disease. The fact that you have kidney stones is a red flag for me. I had this disease and I felt very similar. Kidney stones are also a symptom. It is curable if you see a surgeon who knows what he is talking about. 

    • andrew69519 andrew69519 daisyrose504

      I've had similar symptoms to what you have told you might of actually harmed a part of your neck your back or have been sitting in an awkward position that or may even suffer from light PTSD or blocking thoughts or emotions may be taking its toll on your cognitive mind

    • momof32016 momof32016 daisyrose504


      I know this post is over a year old, but I was wondering if you ever got a diagnosis on your symptoms? I have had the exact symptoms for 2 months now with no change. I have been to the ER on the second day of pressure in my head. My CT scan was normal. I was diagnosed with Acute Sinusitis. I went to my PCP and he did blood work which came back with a elevated Sed rate, so he diagnosed me with Temporal Artiritis. I went for a biopsy on my head and it came back normal as well. After that he sent me for a MRI on the brain and it also came back normal. Although the pressure hasn't left for two months, dizziness is stronger and blood pressure is now high. I have been taking steroids for the entire time and really am not sure why. He said it was for the Sinuitis and Temporal Artiritis, but both were ruled out. I am also now on BP meds which causes extreme dizziness on a daily basis. I have been told that it could be anxiety, and I feel like I do have some but not enough to explain my symptoms. Please anyone if you have answers I would love to hear them.

    • janeth001 janeth001 ashley826

      Ashley, i just read your text and am very curious about the symptoms you previously had. My son is having brain fog, visual disturbances, headaches 24X7 and pressure on his neck, plus fatigue and other symptoms. So, we will check his calcium level. Can you tell me how you were diagnosed and what symptoms you had? Thank you very much for sharing!!


    • mark84018 mark84018 anurag79971

      About 4 years unfortunately , I am coming to the conclusion that it is linked to my neck as I always seems to have neck ache alongside the foggy head, can't remember the last time that I had a really good nights sleep and the sensation starts the second I open my eyes on the morning, hope this helps and I will keep watching the posts in case somebody suggests a miracle cure !

    • Matenai Matenai daisyrose504

      You need to have your parathyroid checked if you have not done so already. If you do have hyperparathyroidism then make sure you go to a specialist in a major institution and any surgery is performed by someone doing dozens a month. There is a strong correlation between kidney stones and hyperparathyroidism as they both envolve calcium related issues. How much milk do you can try drinking 3 8oz glasses per day WITH meals and do not use supplements as they can make things worse. Diary calcium is best and other forms are fine but keep target at 90mg per day. This is my new diet after having these problems myself.

    • scott47448 scott47448 janeth001

      janet, hope your son is feeling better. I have had those same systems for almost three years. It was my thyroid. couldnt sleep, couldn't move a lot, no energy, irritable, which was made worse by the brain fog, issues with my memory. The list went on. The red flags were high thyroid hormone, and there was also test run on thyroid anti bodies. For the first year and a bit my thyroid was going whacky, up down up down. and now finally leveled at underactive.

    • allise47209 allise47209 daisyrose504


      i just wanted to respond to you bc i am going through the same symptoms, i am 38 female also, but i also have my vision going in and out. this has been going on for a month now and i cannot find out what is going on. ive been seen by my PCP and have gone to the emergency room and no one seems to know what is going on. i work in the medical field and cannot seem to figure out what is causing all of this....

    • jackson97300 jackson97300 andrew69519

      I have these same symptoms as well, specifically the brain fog, I cannot feel any emotions it seems what so ever. If this is caused by harming the neck can a chiropractor fix this or if it is PTSD/suppressed thoughts have you found a solution? The feeling is tormenting.

    • Ladybug719 Ladybug719 valerie20343

      Hi Valerie,

      Did the chiropractor help you with your sysmpoms and do you have your neck adjusted? My neurologist said to never let anyone adjust your neck. I don't want to go back to the chiropractor if only a neck adjustment would help.

      Thanks for any info you can give.

    • veronica20125 veronica20125 Ladybug719

      I went to see a Blair Upper cervical spin in LA. Dr Hall. I saw him for a month not long enough to feel relief.  I'm looking into a chiro in Texas now. I've read other that have had relief with upper spine. Before the chiro makes any adjustments x rays are taken first. Imagining will be able to tell the doctor if sdjusting is needed. Then you can make your decision. 

      I have several medical issues - anxiety, depression, peri menopausal and Menieres. 

      Not sure if these symptoms are from one issue or all. 

    • frank.billy frank.billy daisyrose504


      I have almost all your symptoms since 9 years now, but I have a numbness sensation only on my left side of my skull, I mean I feel totally zen on my right side so it's hard to think it's can be a mental or anxiety problem. I mean I don't think I can be sick only on a one side of my brain. I rather think it's more about a nerve stuck in my neck or my back and that's give me a tension headache with a sensation that is come from inside my head. I mean I have this wrong feeling that I have diffilculty to think by my left side of my brain because, I think, the painful numbness sensation from the scalp. By the way sorry for my limited english, I'm a french canadian lol

    • frank.billy frank.billy fifi3434

      Hi fifi,

      I have almost all your symptoms since 9 years now, but I have a numbness sensation only on my left side of my skull, I mean I feel totally zen on my right side so it's hard to think it's can be a mental or anxiety problem. I mean I don't think I can be sick only on a one side of my brain. I rather think it's more about a nerve stuck in my neck or my back and that's give me a tension headache with a sensation that is come from inside my head. I mean I have this wrong feeling that I have diffilculty to think by my left side of my brain because, I think, the painful numbness sensation from the scalp. By the way sorry for my limited english, I'm a french canadian lol

    • Missysf1 Missysf1 frank.billy

      Hi there, this is exactly what I have been feeling since 7 months ago having ACDF surgery c6,c7. Left side pressure on back bottom of my skull. I'm thinking it's nerve injury? ? I'm not sure either but I didn't have it before surgery. The fusion has done nothing for my pain, now 7 months. I also feel fatigued and have the awful brain fog. Let me know if anyone finds out something about this. I'm going back to my neurosurgeon and see what he says soon. Thank you and I hope you feel better soon. If we can figure out what is causing it.

    • todd2112 todd2112 frank.billy

      Hi Frank,

      I have something very similar to you. I chipped a front tooth about a year and a half ago and got it rebonded. This threw off my bite and I developed numbness in the left side of my face, tmj type symptoms in my left jaw and tightness in the front left of my neck(to the left of the adams apple(Whatever that muscle is). If i get jarred at all(even someone slapping me on the arm) then my left head almost has a loose feeling and I get very lightheaded where it is hard to function. Ive been to almost every doctor and homeopathic healer I can think of but am still suffering. I, like you,. believe that a nerve is being compressed somewhere causing these sensations. I wish there was a test I could have that would show what nerve is causing this and if something can be done(I think its trigeminal neuralgia but my neuro thinks its Occipital). Either way no relief yet...

    • rob 98066 rob 98066 allise47209

      Get your vitamins B12 checked. That would explain most of the symptoms. Often people can’t absorb it through digestion and need injections. Lack of B12 causes neurological problems that are serious including the degrading of the optic nerve.   

    • frank.billy frank.billy todd2112

      Hi Todd,

      After 4 months I tried everything to remove the supposedly ''nerve'' stuck in my neck and nothing happened. Now I'm thinking it's psychologic and I just must overthinking all the time, because seriously I tried everything since 9 years (scan, IRM, osteopathy, acupuncture, etc.) and I'm tired now. I just don't understand why it's only on one side on my brain (numbness). I'm scared for my life and disappointed. Never the less, 12 years ago I was suffering of terrible headaches (all the head) it's was different than now (far less worst) but still after two years of suffering, I developed a kind of meditation and that's 90% removed my symptoms. It's based on a meditation (for now I will keep the name for me), but I did it my way. My life was good when I was doing this. It's allow you to not live in the past or in the future, but just live in the moment present (in other words, that stop the constant automatic thinking). I hesitate to use it now, because I love so much my dog and I feel I will burry my emotions (somehow) if I do this meditation. I like him so much and since 9 years I did not use my meditation (I stopped it because my ex-girlfriend said consistently I was too "relax" haha). On the other hand, I'm not sure about this meditation, because my problem is different than the first one 12 years ago and normal peoples (I mean happy people living without numbness in they head) probably don't have to do this to live well. I mean since I'm born to 15 years old I did not have to do my meditation, I was just living perfectly with my conscience without headache or numbness in my head. I feel completely overwhelmed this time...

    • lance1987mccoy lance1987mccoy jackson97300

      Hey Jackson I know this post is 8 months old but I could really relate to your post in regards to not being able to feel emotions. I have told people that even when I share my insecurities with others that I dont feel vulnerable. I dont feel anything. This is tormenting and I was wondering if you had any relief?

    • Blueskii Blueskii momof32016

      You definitely need to find a naturopath MD.  Out of pocket but I'm finally biting the bullet and going.  I have so many of the same symptoms of the original post.   I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis and Sjogren's in 2013,  I was then put on infusions, steroids, you name it.  Then fell on concrete twice, sustaining two concussions.  Also had an anaphylactic reaction to Remicade infusion.   The meds never really helped my symptom anyway So, I got extremely depressed and about to give up.  My last hope was to research myself and was actually doing much better with change of diet...cutting out gmo's, organic as much as possible, "try" to stay away from gluten as much as possible...But lately I'm so bad off again with symptoms he mentioned plus severe back, neck and leg pain,  severe fatigue,  I'm now on disability for a while and had lots of labs drawn (the send outs are not in yet)  the rest look golden, Im sure because of my diet change.  So I will go see a naturopath doctor on the 13th to whom my best friend goes to.  She has been going for about 3-4 years and I've seen her life change for the better in so many ways...including drop the 10-15 extra pounds she was unable to get rid of.  She swears by these doctors and how they've helped her with thyroid/hormones etc...It's worth looking into and if you already have I'd be interested in knowing your results or if you were able to find out and treat w/out.  

  • Hollyberry Hollyberry Recoverandheal

    I think as you've tried anti depressants, had a scan , seen a neurologist with no answers of cause then maybe try something simpler. I suffered from sinusitis in my 20s, never had it before, it came on suddenly. I had some of your symptoms---headache, feeling of foggy brain, felt like my head was full of liquid cement. I can remember crouching down to puck up a tray of plants---couldn't stand up. I sed nasal drops and steam---lots and lots of steam. It lifted the symptoms. I found pollen, dust and any sort of tiny particles set it off. Even today ---40 years on--- I can't walk into a carpet shop, or even through a carpet dept in a store, without the symptoms starting again.

    also worth a dental check up and if you can run to it a chiropractor to just check you over. 

    You might want to look at EFT for anxiety. I don't know how it works but it does, and you can learn yo do it in 10 minutes so it's low/no cost.

    good luck, I hope you improve soon.

  • Recoverandheal Recoverandheal

    Thanks Hollyberry and daisyrose.

    I am looking at other things now like possible food allergies or stomach issues that are leading to my head symptoms. I have read up on Candida which sounds like a possibilty. My doctors will not do any tests on these types of things though as I do not really have any bowel issues like loose stool or constipation, so the doctor wont refer me and I dont have the money to go private. I have also lost 2 stone over the past few months which is also worrying. My bloods are normal so I dont know what to do. Im sure there are other blood tests that could be done to check for certain things but the doctors will not do these.

    I am thinking about possible doing some sort of cleanse and changing my diet, ruducing sugar etc to try and see if it makes me feel and better and improves the candida (if i have it). I eat a reasonably healthy diet anyway and dont exactly want to be cutting out a load more stuff when I have already just lost a load of weight.

  • marie63713 marie63713 Recoverandheal

    Hi, Just wanted to say I can walk into a building and sometimes my head feels really bad, odd, foggy, I can't wait to leave when I get that. I have found out its from EMF's. Just check your surroundings with a meter. High EMF's make you feel all the symptoms you are describing.

    • HelpaGirlOut HelpaGirlOut marie63713

      Yes, I get brain fog when I use the computer a lot. It's also the wi-fi I think. Someone I know said he gets it, too. He said it was worse at the library where there are multiple computers. It could be a factor among other things. I used to have issues with passing out when I was younger, it rarely happens now and when it does, I recognize it right away and sit down until it passes. Also, I used to have a bad habit of cracking my neck. Which I think has to do with some of the brain issues I have. That and the medication (anti-depressants and anti-anxiety) I used to take. Ever since then, I haven't been the same. I'm glad you brought up the EMFs. It makes a lot of sense. 

  • rashid07925 rashid07925 Recoverandheal

    I was feeling pressure feeling in head not not so severe not headache fatigue muscle pain and now diagnosed with low B12 (247) and High TSH 9.47. I am scared that there is something wrong in my head. Can't focus anything as my endocrinologist gave me medicines and told me don't worry. Still i am worried about headache/pressure, anxiety depression. please help. Will I have to visit neurologist.

    • FutureCenturian FutureCenturian rashid07925

      Hi Rasid, first I hope your doc didnt just say "here take this dont worry" without further explanation. If so, time for a new doc. I want to share... US guidelines for B12 are lower than other countries. Japan believes B12 should be at least closer to 500. (If you're a veg can supplement w very low dose daily to bring that up. Low B12 can make you feel low on energy. A B complex may even benefit you). More importantly however is your TSH. 9.5 is very high. High TSH means your level of circulating thyroid hormones (T4, T3) are likely low. Likely hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism causes symptoms of lethargy, fatigue and brain fog; and from that lethargy could be symptoms like depression (from having no energy!). Further, most is hashimotos thyroiditis. Further, if you have one autoimmune disorder, you are likely to have another one (essentially inflammation). Dietary and environmental modifications are likely a wise idea. (ie increase fruit and veg intake, reduce processed food, and eliminate allergens ie vacuum and wash bedsheets weekly). Lastly, worry is great when it motivates reflection to produce solutions. However, a saying I read recently about worrying all the time, 'worry is like a rocking chair for the mind, keeps you busy but accomplishes little'. Meditation may help reduce anxiety and give you pause for reflection.

  • eric06181 eric06181 Recoverandheal

    i have these same symptoms they really drain me and strike at night .sometimes i get brain shutdowns before sleep, they really bring fear to quick realization. ive nearly died almost and got murderd and still the sleep shutdowns are the worst thing.sometimes when i get the waves i get an odd tungue tied sensation like i know im going to saysomething wrong i have  very vivid dreams after these moments and ive found that alchol increasies these symptoms for me 100 fold in the folowing days after .. its pesky. im 21 years old strong as an ox i keep the mind set that nothing can stop me but this feeling is ambitiosly besetting and heart stopping. ive also had an icy cold like sensation down my spine when the symptoms are at there worst .ive cheched around and speculated some as to what could cause them i havnt drank in weeks eating healthy seems to help i doubt its cancer allthough the weakness and over all sickness makes me feel as such. sinuss suck my father has sever sinus problems and sister has devasting painic attacks and migrains that numb her face and tungue. my mother is a nut . i often have stomach problems and milk destroys me hahahaha. it could be stres related stomach ulcers causing dilusions or hightend senses prettaing to a simpler problems,. such as bad dreams, people around you or sinus problems. ive found that the mind and body will full on go to war with its self when one consistantly dwells and seperates the two. ive been trying to keep a journal to check back on my thoughts to try and find if i have a very bad case of anxiety ...very possible..  I am in great need of learning what this crazed phantom pain is and what its relationships are.  hopefully someone here can bring forth the nessesary insight to resolve this dilema .              P.S. sorry for my poor spelling and grammer never really been good with that and thought it not as important as other things smile


  • brittany95622 brittany95622 Recoverandheal

    Please get tested for lymes. I've been suffering for 2 1/2 years now. I found out that I had lymes in August. I have so many weird symptoms but the one that sticks around and seems to be constant is the weird feeling in my head and the brain fog. My memory has also been terrible. I'll just list all of my symptoms here.

    -Brain Fog

    -Name and word retrieval difficulty

    -numbness on Lower back left side of head

    -Numbness and tingling

    -Shooting pains

    -Difficulty following normal speed conversations

    -chest pain


    -Light sensitivity




    -Fatigue fatigue fatigue*

    -Mood swings


    -eye flashers

    • jess1022 jess1022 brittany95622

      I have had all the same symptoms for the

      Last 3 years. I have been to every specialist out there. All is good except for finding of anxiety and fibro . I have read on Lyme disease but can't find a Dr to test me.

    • harry04134 harry04134 brittany95622

      Just over a year ago I began to have anxiety attacks. Mostly in the morning. I didn't realize this is what was happening as I've never had them before. Soon after, I started having weak feelings in my legs and arms. I then started having problems swallowing. Then the brain fog set in. Tinitus followed. It's a strange sound, not really like a ringing. It seems to come from the back of my head. I can't describe it really. I can make it louder by preasing on the top of my head. My feet would be numb when awaking in the morning and my hands would go numb during the night. It would wake me up and I would start moving my fingers and the feeling would come back. Soon after the onset of symptoms I started having muscle spasms or jerks. They would be very small but would be spread out all over my body. From the top of my head to my toes. I then started having problems breathing. I couldn't take a deep breath. I then started experiencing floaters in my vision. Lots of them. When looking at bright surfaces I can see little bright lights dancing around. Brihht light from the wdge of my visuon would blurr my vision. I've always been very laid back and extremely healthy. I began to self diagnose and came to the conclusion that I had either MS or ALS. I thought I was dieing. After a year, the brain fog and short term memory issues persist. The muscle spasms or jerks are nearly non existant. No problems swallowing or breathing. Sometimes the anxiety gives me a fit but the tinitus persists. It comes and goes. It's worse after taking a shower. The brain fog isn't as bad. I've gotten a lot better. I know longer feel as though I'm dieing. Ive had all blood tests. I've had ct scans, mri's and every blood test imaginable. I've seen neurologists and they've come up with nothing. Tested negative for everything including Lymes. Does this sound anything like what you've experienced?

    • Camb Camb harry04134

      It sounds like you have Lymes Disease they love to tell you you have MS or fibromyalgia but a lot of people or Contracting Lymes Disease and have these symptoms some have different symptoms it affects people differently but you need to get to Lymese lab

    • Sean190582 Sean190582 harry04134

      Mirror image pressure in head tinitus on head loud hot cold flushes dizzy when up and walkng about i feel weak, ive been so scared of what awaits me when i have mri.... havr ypu got to the bottom of it??

    • ashley826 ashley826 harry04134

      Lyme blood tests are very unreliable. I have tested negative 3 times now and I still think I might have it rolleyes There are many different strains and it can also disguise itself in the body. The blood tests are only looking for Lyme antibodies which will be hard to find if the Lyme bacteria itself is doing a good job of hiding from your immune system. Very sneaky little thing!! I would not rule it out just yet.

    • saguarosharon saguarosharon harry04134

      I feel your pain!  It's rather interesting, how everyone on this site has experienced similar symptoms.  At the ER, if we're not "1/2 near death", then they tell us to go home.  At the drs office (insert your fav here), they are stumped too.  Puts us all in the limbo with emails lost in the space, where the sole socks roam and a place where we all relive groundhog day... Hope that you have better luck soon.... 

    • jaymckinley jaymckinley brittany95622

      I have the same exact problems you have basically listed specifically the brain fog. Business owner - 38 - 1 year ago tested negative, after months of suffering I found a LLMD and had my blood work sent into a lab for additional testing. Came back positive and now being treated. Taking antibiotics for the past 4 months, not really helping. Bactrim, Zithromycin, Pinella, Alka-Seltzer Gold, and a few other brain vitamins.

    • nikesh80599 nikesh80599 harry04134

      Harry mate look into pyroluria. I thought the condition didn't exist. It it flaming well does. I had tremors fatigue brain fog body pain for 3 years and after seeing neuros thinking I had Parkinson's or als and seeing endos thinking I had thyroid problems. I discovered pyroluria and feel 90 percent better. Yours symptoms are identical to mine and two other guys I know.

    • sara37428 sara37428 harry04134

      This is exactly what Ive been going thru. Except I had a few irregular ekgs. I haven't had any improvements as of yet. Ive been told it was possibly anxiety, candida, parasites. But no diagnosis as of yet. My grandmother died of a brain tumor. So that's a fear of mine especially since doctors seem to want to diagnose everything as anxiety. They have general diagnosis's that they use when they don't find the problem and Ive heard that doctors will avoid more in depth testing due to insurance companies. Also was told at the ER that I was going to be sent home but not to give up. Keep being my own advocate because a lot of times people are sent home and there is an underlying issue. The XRay departmemt had this talk with me after a CT. If you've figured anything out please let me know what it is and how it was diagnosed. Hope you get some answers.

    • bb14508 bb14508 harry04134

      Hi Harry. Ive had the exact same symptons. Ive had it for a while now. I would say its improved but I still have it. The eye problems have been really difficult. Ive been to the doctors numerous times about it. I had a MRI scan which came back fine and the only conclusion my Doctor came to was migraines and anxiety. Have you got a closer to a diagnoses? 

    • Blueskii Blueskii ashley826

      It may take a naturopath.  I found a ND who talks about it on the website. (Holtorf Medical Group)  A GP will do a simple Lyme test that I don't believe is that accurate.    This may be my problem and I may have contracted it when I was a kid.  So I totally agree with you ashley826

  • chris66491 chris66491 Recoverandheal

    Hi all I want to tell you of symptoms I had up to 4 yrs ago..brain fog where I would forget to do normal chores, very minor sort of sore throat but not much, very slight temperature, lots of mucus, very anxious and depressed, and emotional.... These symptoms I had for about  50 yrs... So 4 years ago I stopped milk, cheese and yogurt..... I still have milk in tea but have substituted milk in cereal with almond milk.. Soy milk eventually  gave me the same symptoms as milk....The first think I noticed was that the throat symptoms went also the negative emotions, the mucus, the thick head now for the past 4 yrs I feel a weight lifted, I'm very confident and life is good. I am 71....If I have dairy my joints ache and the mucus starts again.....So do a test run and give the milk cheese yogurt a miss and see how you go .

    hope this helps

  • Fuzzyskwerl Fuzzyskwerl Recoverandheal


    Wow, I have been experiencing exactly the same symptoms and have been through all the same tests, from multiple blood tests, STI tests, head and neck MRI, stress ECG, normal ECG... all which came back normal.

    I have been suffering with this for the last 14 months and it started off extremely bad with me not being able to remember small tasks, but getting better over time. In my case, I had high cholesterol and took Atorvostatin which I think started this all and caused the damage, but every doctor I have spoken too says this cannot be the case. It's hard as there is nothing physically wrong apart from tiredness, but it is mostly mental confusion, dizziness, brain fog, and a constant feeling of being trapped in ones own head. Eventually the GP has given me a self referral slip to a mental health clinic which I am very hesitant to do, as i know that it shouldn't be the case that I have a mental issue, but these are symptoms of a physical condition IMO.

    Thank you for the brilliant description and I hope you find out what it is. If you do, please post as this is exactly how I feel and think it may be the same thing.

    • billie13318 billie13318 Fuzzyskwerl

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

    • scott88957 scott88957 Fuzzyskwerl

      I was on atorvastatin for a while and developed "brain fog" from that. After I stopped the drun, it took six months for the symptoms to go away. Then, when I restarted it, the symptoms cameback almost immediately.

    • molzypop3 molzypop3 Fuzzyskwerl

      I am in the exact same position - I don't want to put my physical problems down to mental health. I do suffer with bad mental health, however this is beyond that. I had an MRI scan about 7 years ago and it came back fine. I've been backwards and forwards from the doctors consistently with no proper diagnosis apart from migraine and stress and it's really bugging me because it's absolutely horrific to live with the foggy headedness, the confusion, the headaches etc... I'm having an ECG on Monday because I keep getting fluttering sensations in my chest and throats and am currently on levothyroxine for under active thyroid. I just want to know what's wrong with me and what I've been suffering with for 7 years. I could go on about endless symptoms but I'm sure you know exactly what I mean from what I've said already

  • claire69804 claire69804 Recoverandheal

    Hey I know this is an older post, and I hope you still check this website, but i've recently had most of these symptoms as well.

    Brainfog, pressure inside head, terrible memory, cognitive disfuntion, anxiety... Check out Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). I know, kind of cool syndrome name haha. It basically means that you don't get enough blood to your brain. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but all of my symptoms match this disorder.

    It helps to drink more fluids, increase salt intake, and wear compression socks. Whatever you can do to increase your blood pressure (mine can get as low as 97/60). The compression socks are kind of weird, but they help so much! It's worth looking into. There are many other things you can do, but it's worth it to start out with that stuff (especially compression socks). Even if you don't find immediate relief, see a doctor and talk to them specficially about this syndrome. There are medications that can increase blood volume or help your body retain fluids. I hope you have found some relief since you posted this.

  • motodude motodude Recoverandheal

    I went down the same road as you. No answers, scans, test, etc. It was extremely frustrating not to have answers. BUT I finally got an answer. Get a thyroid peroxidase ab blood test done. It's a different test than the standard thyroid test general MDs give. If you have a high number (mine was 400), you likely have something called Hashimotos Disease. 

    In a nutshell, your brain fog, fatigue, almost feeling like you're on the brink of the flu, sometimes cold feeling, out of it, lack of motivation, and not feeling like yourself, flare-ups, irritability is all being caused by your body attacking your thyroid. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease and certain foods you eat are likely making your symptoms worse because your body reacts to certain protiens (google Hashimotos cross-reactors) with an autoimmune response. 

    For me, it seemed to be gluten, coffee, and possibly dairy.

    I wish someone had told me about this 2 years ago. I joined this forum just so I could hopefully point you all in the right direction. Trust me I know how you feel and how annoying it is to have no answers.

    • km2000 km2000 motodude

      Hi there, I just wanted to echo this -- it may not be Hashimoto's specifically but if nothing else is showing up on blood tests, it could be an autoimmune disorder.

      I have some type of autoimmune issues (blood tests suggest lupus but could also be rheumatoid arthritis according to specialists) and I have had major brain fog, sharp headaches, general warmness (but not fever)/ red in the face, and fatigue when I have 'flare ups'. There are medications that can reduce irritation and most of the symptoms.

      I also had a very difficult time explaining symptoms to my regular doctor and having them being taken seriously... hopefully you can figure out what's wrong!

    • jojo.lew jojo.lew km2000

      Hello, it's so funny/reassuring reading your response. I also have Lupus, which caused my thyroid issues (that ended up having to be removed). In addition I also have what my neurologist has called "A very complicated case of migraines". According to them I suffer from almost every type of migraine... I'm not sure of all the technical names but I get aurora's, dizzy spells, vertigo, ringing in the ears, numbness in the roof of mouth and tongue, fuzzy brained and a new symptom (going on for about a year now) that I haven't four a good way to describe. The new feeling is kinda like a slight movement in the brain, but kinda like the feeling you get when you have taken NyQuil and your about to fall asleep, however you feel it in your eyes.

      I recently found out my Lupus has spread to other areas and was told by someone in my support group that all the odd sensation I feel sound an awful lot like focal seizures. I talked with my neurologist and mentioned this... It was like a light bulb had turned on in her brain and she had ordered a EEG for me. Mind you I have done many CT scans and at least one MRI every 18 months to two years and the only thing they can find are a few cyst and some scaring from the long term migraine attacks.

      Hopefully you have found an answer, and so has the original poster.

    • dan45465 dan45465 motodude

      Thank you so so much for this! I thought the OP was me writing from a few years ago until I saw the thing about drugs.

      My doctor has just been testing TSH this entire time for 3 years straight. Time to tell them exactly what to test for! Honestly this fatigue is unbelievable. I havent had a restful night in years.

      By the way, gluten caffeine and dairy all affect me negatively. Caffeine hasn't woken me up in a very long time, it just makes me feel even more off and tired.

    • scott47448 scott47448 motodude

      was recently diagnosed with this Hashimotos disease. the symptoms people are describing are exactly what i went through, and it was not discovered until i asked a doctor to run the thyroid peroxidase test. my tsh was slightly high, but not enough to cause alarm. you could not have pointed people in a better direction. Just when i think i got this sucker under control, bam it hits me like a ton of bricks. i find gluten to be a major player here, three days of fatigue and brain fog for pizza just didnt seem worth it anymore. A regular endocrinolgist hasnt a clue how to treat this disease other than treating the thyroid. Thank you for sharing this on this forum, i hope people feeling these symptoms take a good look at hashimotos. it's commen for people to have it treated as a thyroid issue, but it's exactly opposit, you have to treat the autoimmune side of the disease to get the relief.

    • fernando02907 fernando02907 scott47448

      Hello Scott. Thank youuu for your comments. I suspect I might have Hashimoto. Can you share what were tour symptoms anos How did It all start? Im 30, practice sports, my TSH ia low however no doctor can Tell what my problem os anda o think i mau fit into the symptoms people are describing here. Kind regards

    • victoria19633 victoria19633 dan45465

      Hi I am kind of confused on how this whole thing works and who will see this message, but for whoever it helps, Lyme is the next thing that I am ruling out. I will be having testing beyond the western blot though. I will update when I find out more. Anyone else had experience with Lyme testing?

  • jake0526 jake0526 Recoverandheal

    Hi everyone! i hope this discussion is still alive. Im from philippines and ive been suffering braain fog 6 days from now. i only suggest, try organic coffee for the mean time, in here (philippines) we have organic coffee called "kapeng barako". I dring 4 cups a day when im working on office, and evening i excercise with atleast 1 hour and eat many veggies for the pre-meal. i can say that it helps because im getting fine now more often. hope this helps for all of us. and dont forget to always pray to him for strong life. thanks guys!!

  • heidi... heidi... Recoverandheal

    I am having ALL the EXACT same symptoms! Had several catscans. Waiting on my MRI. Dr just kept chalking it up to migraines and after pills and pills and pills and shots in the head...FINALLY said ok lets mri. I'm p*ssed because It's getting worse and worse.

    What did your MRI results show? I can't live like this any more! And I can't seem to find the words to explain to my dr whats happening with my stupid head! It's like a high feeling without being high. Every now and then black out spots in my vision. But mostly just this stupid feeling in my head! And I have no idea how to explain it!

    So im curious if you got your mri done and what did they say?? Maybe I can have my dr look for whatever your results were!

    Please respond.

    • saguarosharon saguarosharon openurmnd

      Sad to say, we are in the same boat.. only can offer compassion and a sense that you are not alone in your quest for the thruth!  I've taken to keeping a wet towel over my head, to keep it cool.  On the flip side, I was able to redo my hair style.  I know it's exceptionally hard to see the bright side, but if you stop looking for it, the pessimissm might creep up on you, in a downward spiral.  

      Take Care.  Am so glad that I found this form.  I know the posts are old, but symptoms are the same--and getting worse. 

      If I find anything new, I'll certainly post the info and my experience.  


    • jojo.lew jojo.lew heidi...

      Exactly the same thing here!!

      My neurologist just ordered an EEG to check for Focal/Partial seizures. I also have Lupus, which is a cause of these types of seizures.

      Good luck.

  • lella1969 lella1969 Recoverandheal

    lots of useful information on this forum. Quick question. Six years ago I fell and hit my head. Got a concussion and two days later had a seizure while behind the wheel. Lost consciousness and wrecked. Lost my dl for six months according to state law. Never had seizures before. Never had any after. This summer I felt lightheaded a couple of times. Went to the doctor and she sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed me with generalized seizures after a 12 hr eeg determined inconclusive wave activities in my brain. I don't feel the so called seizures and I ve been on meds since November , meds with horrible side effects. A pharmacist suggested me to get tested for vertigo as my symptoms (with I have stupidly failed to tell my doctor) include head pressure, brain fog, feeling underwater (especially after working out). I always have very low blood pressure and my pulse is low (I m always told it's because I m a runner, but since I ve been on these medications I no longer run at 9mph....5mph is now a struggle). I m reading from the comments above that low blood flow to the brain can cause all the symptoms the initial post described?

  • tor13 tor13 Recoverandheal

    Hey there, I had all of these same symptoms too. It was absolutely awful and persisted for about 6 months day in and day out. There was absolutely no relief. The doctors had me on antibiotics for 4 months because they didn't know what was going on. At first they had me on one kind of antibiotics but I ended up being horrifically allergic to them so I blew up like a balloon for a week on top of everything else. I can't even remember how man ct scans I had or specialists I saw; No one knows what was wrong with me.

    Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced their symptoms after having a root canal done as well?

  • amber13114 amber13114 Recoverandheal

    I will first explain my symptoms and then the tests I have had done and diagnosis I have received. 

    I am a 27 y/o caucasian female. I was diagnosed with endometriosis (women only) 10 years ago. SInce then I have had 4 surgeries for that. About a year after that diagnosis I began getting daily headaches. Then started getting frequent migraines. CT scan was done and found nothing. Over the past 9 years things began to progressively get worse... The headaches/migraines were all day every day with no relief. I started become weaker, feeling fatigued more often. Dizzy often when I stand up, which includes "greying out" for about 30 seconds. I was sick almost every time I ate anything. Often either constipation or diarrhea. My neck and back were always hurting, either pain or ache - eventually this became pretty much my whole body. Began feeling numbness and tingling in my limbs (primarily feet). TERRIBLE brain fog that effects - memory, processing, attention, concentration, vision, etc - it feels like there is pressure on my brain, and my head feels very heavy often and like there is a film over my eyes making them blurry. Jaw popping/sometimes pain. I'm sure there's more but you get the idea.

    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease (gluten allergy) 3 years ago. I had been feeling sick often but never went to the dr for it until a rash appeared. Celiac was the result. 

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year.

    Although these are true, I am still completing testing to make sure that there is nothing else going on because symptoms are bad and I am trying to complete a doctoral program rolleyes

    I recently had an MRI that was normal, but my PCP is still referring me to a neurologist. 

    I did a test for H-Pylory that came back normal.

    They checked for Rheumatoid Arthritis which was negative.

    I recently did a test for Candida - which also tested the bacteria in my gut, inflammation, digestion, etc. - I get those results in the next week or so and will update on here.

    I tried 3 Sphenocath injections for the migraines - no relief. Have also tried multiple medications. 

    I am going to talk to the neurologist about Lyme disease because that has been brought up recently a few times.

    Sinisitis is also something I will discuss.

    Also, the neurologist will be doing more tests for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (they said that if it was early stages it may not have shown on the MRI).

    I am about to start an elimination food diet because I am aware that certain foods increase the brain fog. I am going to start with eating only Quinoa and 2 different vegetables until I feel that it has cleared up even a little bit (at least one week if not two). Then I will begin to include one other food item every 3-4 days (because the brain fog effect can have a delayed reaction to the stimuli, meaning if I ate something it might be a couple days before I felt foggy from it. 

    My journey has been a long one but I am determined. I am also aware my smptoms could just be really bad Celiac and Fibromyalgia ones and I need to learn to get that under control, but I want to rule out all other possibilities as well. I will update as I hear back from tests and try new things. I see the neurologist at the end of this month. 

    • kristina86710 kristina86710 amber13114

      Hi Amber

      I'm very interested in your story as my symptoms are exactly the same.

       I am 45 years old and all of that mess started about a year ago when I started noticing some weakness in my legs after the workout as well as some balance issues after each meal. Strange enough all of it would go away as soon as I felt my stomach emptied. I would feel normal again. That was going on daily until one Friday I became very sick after eating kale salad. Ended up in er with horrible pain in ruq and my gallbladder was removed ( inflammation and there was a stone in it) and this is when the whole nightmare started happening for me. I always feel like most of the symptoms are related to eating and are happening after I eat except for the brain fog which is pretty much constant although more severe after.

      meals. Once again as soon as I feel my stomach empty I feel much better.

      My symptoms are as mentioned..... Brain fog that includes short memory prob, difficulties concentrating, accompanied by awful anxiety, sometimes something that feels like panic attacks, with a feeling of adrenals kicking in. Somehow I feel all of that comes from my upper abdomen area with slight cramps in my stomach happening at the same time. Sometimes it feels like my intestines are flipping over as strange as that sounds. Also blurry vision with lots of floaters that comes and goes several times a day. Breathing gets difficult at these times. My abdomen feels like there was inflamed tire in there sitting all the time. My legs , particularly, knees down hurt sometimes or they feel very cold and light , like there was not enough oxygen getting to them , so does the right side of my back. The left pinky and ring finger tingles ( only the outside edge.... Half of finger another words). I get very bad headaches at time , only on right side and only after I ate any kind of bread. Not celiac, had detailed testing done. Numerous blood works, vit b12 ok , vit d in the lower limit but still ok, pancreas enzymes increased but very little, couldn't be  possibly causing this according to doc. All the other blood work is perfectly fine. Also had 2 full abdomen usgs , normal. Ct scan, normal. Endoscopic ultrasound, normal. 2 ercps normal. 4 Mri s of abdomen , including Mrcp protocol, normal. Gyn  usg.....shown small 1,5 cm fabroid. Endometrial biopsy , normal. Endocrinological tests all normal. Mri of spine normal. Mri of brain shown some white matter changes but not specific to ms ( age changes due to neurologist) followed by spinal tap normal. Like yourself I'm really lost at this point. Don't know where to turn anymore ( btw I don't think your fibromyalgia diagnosis is a legitimate one.... It's like when they don't know what's going on they tell you you have ibs if you know what I mean). Anyways I'd love to hear from you about your progress and if you have found out anything new. 

      Oh almost forgot to mention that after about a month after the surgery when I had my first piece of chocolate my legs went very weak , particularly my feet. I developed something similar to foot drop and had difficulties walking for a few hours. It went away then but my big toes remain weak for another 3 months , then they picked up after I started taking massive doses of vit , iron and other supplements. I was not anemic as well should I mention.

    • sachal sachal amber13114

      What happened with the candida test? Did you find that you have an overgrowth? I have been suffering from this for years now. Candida looks like my last resort please let me know if you have found anything that helps alleviate this.

    • billie13318 billie13318 amber13114

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

    • sunshinesparkle sunshinesparkle amber13114

      Hey Amber, 

      I never join posts but did b/c of read ur post. I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago due to severe endo. & i cant get rid of it. I've had 4 more surgeries. My newest dr is having me wait a few years to recover. meanwhile, i have chrones and fibromyalgia. I suffer from severe headaches. Im a happy go lucky person but this is starting to steal my spirit b/c reciently everything got worse. It started with severe sinusitis & drainage issues went on antibiotics for 6 months. nothing. could not find anything wrong w my sinuses other than inflamation. neck pain. more stuff but moving on. my jaw started popping. headaches got worse, severe debilitating migraines cant function. followed by left eye swelling/blurry. soon diagnosed w optic nueritis. (after seeing 5 eye drs) followed by odd sensations in my sinuses, above my eyes, & in the front of my head. mostly all on the left side where i have optic Nueritis. newest thing i see is bizarre white balls around the edge of my vison. not floaters. ive had floaters forever. these are actual white balls. for a while i thought i had a parasite or something. everything gets worse at night. I can't lay flat on my back, b/c I cough.

      my eye hurts all the time now. Ice helps my eye the most. I see double in that eye now. MRI came back normal somehow. I go to see a nuerologist in 2 weeks. Most drs are overwhemled by me and basically blow me off...

      please keep in touch....maybe we can help each other....

    • havalynfoley havalynfoley sunshinesparkle

      Your symptoms sound so similar to mine. What started as what I thought was a sinus infection has progressed into headache, blurred vision in the right eye, extreme sensitivity to light, and chronic fatigue. Initially I got a very bad headache, and it has been fairly consistent for 2 weeks now. Sometimes I'm dizzy, and just feel generally blah. Labs and CT scan were unremarkable. Now I am on more antibiotics hoping to get relief. I am terrified I have MS or something serious, and I'm pretty sure my doctor thinks I'm nuts. I do have a history of hypothyroidism but it has been well-controlled on Levothyroxine. I just want answers, and I'm already dreading the medical bills that are coming my way after a recent ER visit sad

    • debi61 debi61 havalynfoley

      I'm was hyperthyroid and had my thyroid radiated so I was on Levothyroxine for years and one doc said that she had been hearing that several people on it were experiencing "brain fog" so they just switched me to synthroid (the actual drug as opposed to the generic) and I'm hoping it helps!

      This page has given me some good ideas so I am taking more vitamins and changing up my diet and exercising more - yesterday was the first day in months where I actually had some clarity!

    • sunshinesparkle sunshinesparkle

      Hi again! Just wanted 2 update. After months and months of tests and Dr's. I finally found a good neurologist. I was finally diagnosed & have begun azathioprine 4 crohns & I hope this is this answer I've been searching 4.


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