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Head pressure, Brain fog, odd head sensation, feeling detached

Hi all, 

I decided to become a member and make a post here after reading the forums for quite a while, great site by the way. 

I am currently suffering with various symptoms and am in a bad way and just don't know where to turn any more so thought I would post here and see if anyone has any similar experiences or advice. 

So first of I am male and 26 years old. I have been suffering with the symptoms in the title pretty consistently for about 2 and a half years now. I used to have some relief from the symptoms for a day or 2 here and there or maybe a bit of relief for a few hours in the day but recently the symptoms are pretty much constant and I cannot shake them. 

I have an overall mild pressure feeling in the head, its not painful but is just very aggravating and feels really strange. I also have extreme brain fog with this and like a fuzzy head, there is a constant cloud over my brain and I never have any mental clarity or a clear head. My cognitive function is extremely poor now, my short term memory is non existent, its scarily bad. I often feel, detached from reality when the symptoms are bad and suffer from de-realisation, although I think this may be down to some anxiety and depression I experience when the symptoms run me down. I also get random sharp cramping pains in the head, they are quite painful but do not bother me so much as they only usually last a second or 2, it varies on how many I get of these each day but its usually less than 5. It often feels as though my brain is malfunctioning somehow and my cognitive function and senses are all out of whack, its hard to explain. There can sometimes be a build up of these symptoms throughout the day and by the night I can feel like I somehow how the flu without a fever? Like I have the head pressure, completely foggy headed, I feel super unwell, weak, sometimes even start feeling cold. Also have night sweats usually for about 4 or 5 days each month, there doesnt seem to be any sort of pattern to them that I can notice, so not sure if they are relevant. Another thing I have is ringing in ears which is mild but seems to have gotten worse recently if that sounds relevant at all. The main thing that gets me is the odd head pressure/sensation and the utterly life hindering brain fog, my brain feels like it is coated in a dark blanket constantly.

I do suffer from anxiety, I know many of these symptoms can be caused or made worse by these symptoms. I dont doubt that anxiety is a contributing factor and the way I think about they symptoms probably makes them worse but I have come a long long way with my anxiety, I have good control over it, I haven't had a panic attack in a couple of years, I manage to control most of my concious anxiety and stay in a positive mindset. No doubt I still have some subconscious anxiety underlying and I am working on that but I am not convinced this is the route cause of my symptoms. I am in therapy for my anxiety. I do not feel I will ever fully recover while I have these symptoms hanging over me though. 

I have been to the doctor about these symptoms, although I do think I struggle to explain them or put them across very well in the doctors office. I have have blood tests which are all normal. I saw a neurologist couple of years back when this started, had a CT scan which was normal, they put the stabbing pains down to icepick headaches and thought the other symptoms were probably made worse by my anx/depression. Since then I went away and have been on anti depressants etc with no improvement of symptoms. I have also had a few ECGs and a 24hr ECG as I have slow heart rate and low bp so thought maybe the symptoms could be down to low bp and lack of blood to the brain, doctors do not think think this is the case and all my results came back normal. I have recently been back to the neurologist who is referring me for an MRI although he said he is sure there is nothing sinister and thinks the symptoms are probably tension type headaches and made worse by and previous drug use, he only put it down to the drug use when i told him about it though so it seemed like a convenient diagnosis. I forgot to mention I used to take drugs on the weekends socially, cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy on different occasions for a couple of years, I have had periods where I have felt ok since taking these drugs and do not really think they are the cause, I was not an addict this was just one or 2 nights a month at the weekends. So I have an MRI coming up but the neuro thinks it will be clear and obviously I hope it is and I am looking for other answers. 

What could be causing these symptoms? Other than anxiety which i no can be a factor, but I have periods where my anxiety is pretty much non existent but these symptoms still build up out of nowhere and persist. I was thinking maybe some sort of allergy could be a possibility, I have tried cutting out gluten and lactose, this didn't seem to make much difference although I didn't stick to this for very long. I actually did a juice fast for 2 weeks with eating nothing other than fruit and veg juice put through a juicer to see if that would help but it didn't really give me any relief. Are there any other stomach issues that could cause this? I never have diarrhoea or constipation, my stools always float recently though, to the point of not being able to flush them, also whenever I have seen chance medicine doctors they check me out and say they think i have issues with digestion, i don't feel i have these issues but do wonder if there might be something in it. 

Could there be something going on with the blood vessels in my head? Could it be a spine/posture issue? Some sort of epilepsy or electrical activity in my brain? I just have no idea now and am desperate for some relief. If anyone has any ideas or advice I would really appreciate it. 

Oh just to add I am reasonably fit, I try go to the gym a few times a week and I do some weight lifting. I am a normal weight. I have been losing some weight recently which is a concern but I am still in a normal weight range for height and age. 

Thanks for reading

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  • ermiMak ermiMak Recoverandheal

    My friend, I have been suffering from exact problem..but I tried NAC ( N- acetylcysteine ) and it is helping very lot. I suggest you try this, at least your brain fog will go away. 

    • billie13318 billie13318 ermiMak

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

    • fariseh93694 fariseh93694 undiagnosedDez

      I've had these symptoms for about 2 months, and am now starting to feel quite better. I woke up one day with pins and needles on the right side of my face and extreme pressure in my head accompanied by brain fog. This also caused spotted vision and I was in absolute distress. I was told that it was tension headaches upon first visiting a doctor and was put on over the counter paracetamol which didn't help. I went to another doctor so said it was tension headaches as well, and was put on Synflex (pain killer) which as well didn't help. It was then I went to see a neurologist and requested an MRI which came clear, and was prescribed with tryptanol (antidepressant which helps migraines) and was told to continue with Synflex for the pressure. Neither of those helped and now realise they were just making it worse and the side affects were absolutely terrible. It's recently that I stopped taking the medications I was prescribed on completely and started taking Theragram H (vitamins + iron supplement), Calc C and most imporantly Cod Liver all - which has practically diminished my brain fog + memory problems symptoms. I'm feeling so much better, however yes in the evenings I do tend to get a headache for a while as well as some back and neck pain which goes away after a little while, if it's too unbearable then I take 2 tylenols as they don't give me any side affects. I feel and am genuinely hopeful that I will return back to completely normal soon and the headaches will go away. I've come to realisation that all this is from a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE in your brain and these physical symptoms are a sign of your brain trying to tell you that you have seriously poor nutrition. Build up your health. I'm currently a student studying at university and if these supplements have made it possible for me to solve physics and maths equations I know that my brain function is definitely normal and I just need to build up my health and make sure I continue taking supplements. Hope this helps!!

    • fariseh93694 fariseh93694 ethan87408

      The symtoms came up all of a sudden, which were pins and needles on the right side of my face along with extreme pressure in my head. Pressure was so bad upto the point where I was finding it difficult to understand things and took me a while to take things in, I felt my memory all of a sudden became so poor. I also initially had extreme brain dog due to the pressure as if there was a constant fuzziness in my head. I think what makes it worse is when you over-think the situation and assume you have a brain tumour etc. Those initial thoughts did make it worse and it was after I got my MRI and it came clear that I was a bit more calm about everything. Do NOT take any antidepressants that are prescribed to you, they just make all this so much worse because doctors literally just assume it's migraines. After about 3-4 weeks of eating properly and having breakfast lunch and dinner regularly with a good routine as well as sleeping well at night alongside having all these supplements the pressure diminished and the brain fog is so so much better. Try exercise as well that helps!!

    • ethan87408 ethan87408 fariseh93694

      Mine started all of the sudden one morning when I just started feeling dizzy and disoriented and has lasted for about the last 6 months with dizziness, blurred vision, tight neck and sometimes a tight feeling in my throat. Also extreme fatigue. There are decent days and there are bad days but it has been almost constant for 6 months.

  • fizzle123 fizzle123 Recoverandheal

    What a great thread! What the OP writes could have been me. I am having the same for around 5/6 years now after a very difficult period. I am pretty sure a lot of it is anxiety related although its so difficult to figure out how to fix it.

    I am currently undergoing an EEG and hopefully an MRI however the doc said they will probably look fine. I try and do a lot of sports which help - also Yoga is a good to clear your head.. 

    Let me know how it all goes!

    • billie13318 billie13318 fizzle123

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

  • Godschild Godschild Recoverandheal

    Hello there,

    while searching my symptoms, I came across your post. I know it's been several months, but I was wondering if you ever got diagnosed. I have been struggling through the exact same symptoms for almost 4 months now and no Doctor has been able to diagnose me. I am now desperate and have lost 30lbs. This is so debilitating that I've had to take time off work since I am constantly in a brain fog. I would really like to find out what your outcome was. Thank you!

    • Camb Camb Godschild

      Get tested for Lyme's disease my son is 28 and he has it he's been struggling with so many symptoms and the doctors tell him he is fine it's just anxiety and he's been put on so many different medications people do not take it serious he had to finally look up all his symptoms got tested for Lyme's and he has it but it will probably come up negative you have to get a special Lymes test and people that actually treat lymes. .Good luck

    • billie13318 billie13318 Godschild

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

  • MattPatt528 MattPatt528 Recoverandheal


    I made an account just to respond to this. This description is exactly the symptoms that I'm having. Was just in the ER today. They found nothing. Have you found out anything since?

  • belindianajones belindianajones Recoverandheal

    I know this was posted quite some time ago but felt I needed to reply to you. I have a similar medical background. Pretty good health just anxiety and depression which I medicate myself for with healthy eating and exercise ect. But I have I similar thing where my memory is poor always feeling cloudy and detached. I've also had cramping in the back of my head inline with my neck but higher up which at times can even reach around to behind my ears. It's not necessarily painful but it is very annoying and the only thing that relieves the cramping is applying pressure to certain spots. Alot of anxiety and depression has to do with gut health as there is healthy gut bacteria which helps in regulating dopamine levels, so there's that that you may want to look into, start with a probiotic and fermented foods. Now it is to my knowledge that the brain cloud and just overall feeling of the brain functioning poorly could be to do with toxic metal build up. I'd honestly give a bath with betadine (spelling on that not sure of) clay a go helps draw out the nasties that can effect brain function mainly the neurological, memory, all of it. I am yet to do it as I'm awaiting the order to arrive but I'm quite hopeful it will. Maybe this could help you too!

  • Jisalright Jisalright Recoverandheal

    Hi I was reading and I had a friend who brought a new rv and every time he would get to start it up or just sit in his new rv he would get very sick headach s and another friend had a office with a bathroom and it had a shower that he never used e would be like you some how because he wasn't useing the shower somehow there was a poison gas that was coming up from his shower they had poison control in I guess it was very deadly they told him to run the shower every now and than what do you live around any lift station ect I would chk it out black mold have your water chk gas or eletric stove gas leak pluming it not normal do you have pest control that sprays your house yard maybe not even your it could be someone else but it in you life write down what times you are worse better what u do or where you go. One young girl ate sweet peas and was as if she was drunk

  • wildsmithkj wildsmithkj Recoverandheal

    I know this is an old thread but thought I would reply anyway...I have the exact same symptoms, had lots of tests/bloods/acupuncture/osteopath/changed diet, perfume etc, ears cleared out, finally have an MRI tonight, its day and night and has been 11 months now, I just dont want to carry on like this sad

    • Camb Camb wildsmithkj

      Lymes disease it is very prevalent and it sounds like your symptoms make sure you get a specific Lymes test because it will come up false negative if you do not or get it done at a Lymes testing place good luck

    • billie13318 billie13318 wildsmithkj

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

  • jTH074 jTH074 Recoverandheal

    I cannot even begin to explain how much of a relief it is to read someone else suffering the same! My doctors did the same, full blood tests, CT head scan, they say it's my sinuses - even though scan after scan has revealed my sinuses are not blocked/impacted.

    I tested positive for dust mite allergy, quite severe, and I'm now on Dymista, a histamine/steroid spray which keeps the sinus infections and blocked nose away - but the rest of the symptoms persist.

    For the past 2 months, it has been horrendous, absolutely horrendous. I have had a few migraines in my life, and it feels like a mild, continious migraine/hangover that just won't end. Memory is awful, concentration and attention have dissappeared, I sleep for 10/12 hours a day because I'm just so exhausted, exercising and the gym are completely out of the picture.

    I've tried cutting out caffeine, no change, drinking more (2-3 cups) of coffee a day; no change. I've tried going vegan, paleo, cutting all refined and processed foods, eating 2000 calories a day, 4000 calories a day - nothing makes the slightest difference, so I'm going to rule out anything dietary.

    What really shocked me about your diagnosis above, is the night sweats and floating poops, I have exactly the same issues, the night sweats come for 5-7 nights in a row at random, then dissappear for months on end, and floating poops are really hard to flush, all these issues get worse at the same time so I'm sure they're related.

    I've tried accupunture, paracetomols, sinus rinsing, nothing will get rid of this. In the past I've found just 'waiting it out' is the best cure, but that's hard then you're working/studying and have deadlines.

    Things I've found make my symptoms feel better are being outside/with a window open, fresh air makes me feel a lot better, and also being away from artificial light - sunlight is fine but a computer screen or strip lighting seem to make everything so much worse, when it's the weekend and I'm outside in the fresh air and away from all screens my brain fogs is noticeably lesser.

    I've started taking magneisum and zinc supplements before bed, as that was something I tried which also made the morning brain fog a little lesser, which is odd but may be something you all wish to try too.

    Just out of interest, what is everyone's medical history? Would be interesting to see if we have any common history which could help link this.


    Tonsils removed age 7

    GERD (Acid Reflux) from age 11

    Laser-eye surgery age 20

    Accutane age 21

    Family History:

    Diabetes both type 1 and 2 runs in the family (yet no one is overweight)


    • Jjdoe7 Jjdoe7 jTH074

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    • Jjdoe7 Jjdoe7 jTH074

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    • Jjdoe7 Jjdoe7 jTH074

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    • billie13318 billie13318 jTH074

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

  • geny11186 geny11186 Recoverandheal

    Hello i was searching around the internet to see if anyone had any similar symptoms as i do . then i read what you had wrote because i was in shock of the symptons you feel well i feel the same i been having this horrible proeblem i feel light head as in a high feeling that never took off and sadly i still am suffering with this i also have the head cramping here and there especially when i feel stressed out or i constantly moving around cleaning or doing things for a long period of time but let me start from the beginning of how everthing started that i believe the reason this happen to me .. When i was younger back in my High School days i was a young girl being a fool didnt really think about consequences of my actions i unfortunately had an over dose on a drug that was sopposed to be just weed itvwas a home made rice crispy bar that sopposbly only had weed in it so i ate half of it and i done that before but i ate a choclate weed brownie before and was fine nothing happend to me when it was just week which is the only drug i wpuld take sothat why o didnt think much of it and btw another kid actually offered in class not just me but other kids too and i ate half of a bar and didnt feel nothing but maybe like half i hour my body started to shut down i was feeling really bad my heart was pumping and i was loosing conscious and was not abke to speak i went for help in the office and frm thr i black out when ambulance came for me ibwas gone i just remember parts of everything in the hospital and i dont remember nothing really not even when i came out i justvwoke up in my bed feeling fine like nothing happened to me i was fine just for a couple of weeks for 3 months until i staryed having wierd symptoms i felt light head as in a high feeling that never took off and have a beep sound in my ears as well and after couple days feeling that i felt worste i started to feel fluid in my head with really bad cramping headaches i ended up in the hospital couppe of time i would get send back home and ambulance had to cone for ke because i was getting the cramps in my head so bad obwould have shocks that would make me twitch it was so unreal i couldnt believe that was happening to me because nothing made sense in to what i was feeeling because i one healthy 16 year old when no health issue from one day for anotuer to have such a complete nightmare till this day o still suffer with but those fluid with bad cramping headaches symtoms took off after 2 weeks i thought i was just going to die of the pain honestly but now i just feel pressure in my head i get headaches when i am stressed out sonetimes really bad ones thatvi have to lay down and still have that high feeling that makes me feel outsode from the wierd world i am not the same girl i was because of this and honestly i blame it in the drugs i used that did not just have weed only i never really knew what i took but it ruined my life but i stau positive as much as i can that is all i can do i been like this for 4 years now i am 20 years old and still go to the doctor over this crap but i know it has to do with the drugs i had done xrays i came out fine blood test i am fine in everything possible there is no other explanation so please dont take drugs ppl it will mess you up bad unfortunately i was a lil girl at the time that didnt know no better and i cant change the pass but i can tell u is that to think positive that helps me and try not to overthink cus it will just make you feel worste

    • billie13318 billie13318 geny11186

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

  • joey99129 joey99129 Recoverandheal

    hello all,i too have been suffering with this,"phantom disease".this is a problem,and with any problem,there must be a solution or an conclusion.what we must do is figure out what it is ourselves,cause sadly,it seems doctors look at us funny,when we tell them what our symptoms consist this case we must figure it out on our own,and spit in the doctors faces..

              so heres is what we have to do.first we have to keep in touch in a multimedia style.then,we have to make sure that all of us are having the same symptoms and its the same thing that we suffer from.i see some of the blogs on here,and im not to sure that some of them are the same,we have to find all the qualitve data,meaning,what symptoms,what do we do on a daily basis,what did we do when it started,when did it start,ect.

             im willing to do this,cause i need this to stop.ive lost 2 jobs over this,and spent a ton of money tying to figure it if youre with me,reply to my blog for more details.if you suffer from what i suffer from,i am sure you will reply.

    • RaRaThaOutlaw RaRaThaOutlaw joey99129

      Hi Joey. I really agree with your sentiment here. I also have this 'phanthom disease' as you call it and I believe we must connect and move forward with finding solutions. It appears a lot of us are in the same boat with not knowing what to do, doctors not being helpful, and ultimately wanting relief badly. What did you have in mind? I just joined this forum but I am wanting to be active here to help others cope and see if we can't all start narrowing down solutions and coming up with real relief for others. 

    • Lou7792 Lou7792 joey99129

      Wanted to reply and say I am so relieved that there are supportive people here that understand what I'm going through. My family and doctors try to be but I feel like they just don't understand the severity of these symptoms and how it impacts my daily life. So I've been wanting to post my symptoms online for awhile but was not sure I would find the right website to do so. Glad to be here. So here it goes. I am a 24 year old white female. I'm going to start with my current new symptoms I've been have the past 2 months then I will go in deeper to what led up to these symptoms prior because I was having symptoms early last year that might be unrelated but not sure also I will just say my daily activities and see if anybody else has this in common too.So for the past two months I started feeling very light headed and dizzy, feel as if my heart was beating slower at night or skipping a beat/ chest pains and I would get this pain in the upper middle part of my neck which would feel like fullness and discomfort. I had health insurance issues so was unable to see a doctor. This did not really have an exact trigger it was more random through out the day. So whenever I felt the lightheaded and dizzy I would try and lay down. I felt as though I wasn't really being as active. So a couple weeks later I started feeling the same fullness in the lower middle part of my head. Accompanied with this I would get a pulsating noise in my left and right ear most of the time it would be my right ear. Sometimes the neck would start to feel pressure and then the lower middle part of my head would start feeling like this. It wasn't so much painful as it was more like a mild discomfort. Then this pressure started creeping up the back middle of my head further up same pressure and discomfort. The day this happened was actually pretty scary because I woke up with my heart racing and I had like burning tingling pins and needles all over the back of my head. Along with the fullnes and pressure.also I was getting chest pains. It was very scary and I ended up going to the ER. I told them the symptoms I was feeling. I was shaking pretty bad because I do not like hospitals also a mixture of these symptoms which were really taking its toll. The nurse asked me if I have anxiety. I have not been clinically diagnosed but I do feel like I get anxiety in certain social situations or in important situations but I have been able to control this anxiety so it doesn't affect my personal life too much. So they wanted to calm me down because my heart was racing pretty fast. They ended up putting an iv on me and injecting me with this drug, it calms you down can't remember the name. I told the doctor about my head pain and the chest pain. They ended up just doing an EKG and a chest X-Ray and said everything was pretty much normal and that I would have to see a primary doctor about the discomfort in the back of my head because they didn't offer those "services."  This was the day before my birthday which was really crappy. So I started to take migraine ibuprofen to see if this could help with the fullnes in the back of my head. By the way these are not headaches, migraines, nor tension head aches because I use to suffer from those and they are nothing like this pressure in the back of my head.

      The next couple of days I felt like I could not sleep directly on my head because I felt like it would make the pressure worst. The pressure and fullness was worst on my head and neck at night I'd say. I started getting ringing in my ears and ear pain also felt as if my ears were muffled. Then I would start to wake up and get brain fog.I did not feel myself and I felt as if I would start to forget obvious things. I then started to get nausea along with my dizziness. Since I didn't have acess to a doctor at that time I ended going to another ER and they tested my thyroid, did blood, and gave me a CT scan. The doctor told me there was no abnormalities no tumors. He actually seemed upset that he gave me a CT scan and diagnosed me with disphagia and said anxiety could be causing it and that I need to see a neurologist. I needed up fixing my insurance saw a doctor and I told her my symptoms and without any blood test or anything she just says that all my symptoms are being caused from anxiety that I'm too young to have health problems and I need to get excercise and see s therapist. This made me upset because A you are a doctor and you did not run any tests of your own and you are inferring just from one medical condition and B I am the patient and isn't it your duty to find andactually diagnose   the right thing. So basically she reffer d me to 2 doctors. An ears nose and throat doctor and neurologist. My blood work came out normal except I have a lot of excess white blood cells which could indicate  infection she said. My ent doctor said my ears nose and throat were healthy and my neurologist who is very old and I think spoke with my doctor told me it could be anxiety and I'm going to get an mri on my head and neck area to checkout the nerves I guess.

      Lately I'll have one or 2 days out of the week where my symptoms aren't as bad but most of the time it is very hard to deal with. The only time I feel relief is when I'm outside and running. But once I stop I can feel all the pressure In the back of my head. Night time is the worst because I'm actually afraid to go to sleep because my heart races pretty fast and I can feel the discomfort and fullness in my head and the pulsating noise in my ears. The brain fog comes and goes but it's not always a constant..I feel like it's getting worst and my doctor basically gave up she told me she does not know what is wrong with me. My neurologist wants me to get cognitive therapy for my anxiety. But Ive never had symptoms like this in my life and have been dealing with this basically my whole life and it doesn't get in the way. I honestly feel like there is an underlining condition that I can't seem to get diagnosed be it something obvious or not. and I feel like it might be getting worst. I've been eating better and exercising more practicing breathing excercises trying not to stress but the symptoms are still all there.

      Back in October was when I started getting the neck fullness and pressure and from then I feel like it's been slowly escalating. In February I lost my sense of taste and smell and it's been off and on since then. Also lately I was getting an over sensitive tongue and numbness in my tongue and severe dry mouth . I went to the dentist and ended up having impacted wisdom teeth so I got those removed and had a localized infection where the wisdom teeth were. But he said he would associate the head pain with that 

      I was a student and have been unemployed for awhile.

      Im more of a homebody I like to game and I use my computer iPad and phone often but I have always done that and really had no side effects except my eyesight.

      I try and excercise everyday, I get outside and do stuff

      I am like 60 pounds overweight 

      I have no known medical conditions except anxiety that hasn't been clinically diagnosed.

      i know that anxiety makes the symptoms worst but it's not solely responsible for this pressure in the back of my head.

      i can be laughing and enjoying myself and there it is lingering 

      I do whatever I can to take my mind off this but honestly nothing is making this better and it's really bringing me down and my memory seems to be getting worst. I really don't know what else to do. I feel devastated

      should I see another specialist or get a certain type of blood work done?

      sometimes I feel like this is it and it won't get better from here.

      And no doctor I see really knows an answer for this.

      i just wish there was a reasonable explanation and treatment

      anyways if anybody is still reading this feel free to email me honestly I want to help people experiencing this and vise versa. Lou

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

    • joey99129 joey99129 RaRaThaOutlaw

      ok,thanks for the reply i was thinking that we dosome kind of,"process of elimination".i learned this at a job,on hoe to narrow down,the cause and effect of anything.this is a little different,cause i am not a doctor by any means,however,doctors arent doing me any good.

              what i have in mind,is,we can do this on this site or we can do this by a multemedia text on our phones.i think our phone would be the best way,so we can get immediate responses.we can vote on this if you want.the more people the better.i feel we will get more and more people as we go,so we are gonna have to kinda play this by ear or find a way for people to catch up.

                 ok,so the,"phontom disease" has to be determined  with certain in the first part of this process,is figuring out if we all have,the PD(phantom disease).so writeout a list of the symptoms first.if we determine that we have the same problem,we will goto phase 2.ill make my list out and wait for your response.make sure to list as many,no matter how embarrasing they might be,cause im tired of this and embarrasment is not an issue.

    • joey99129 joey99129 Lou7792

      ok,thanks for the reply i was thinking that we dosome kind of,"process of elimination".i learned this at a job,on hoe to narrow down,the cause and effect of anything.this is a little different,cause i am not a doctor by any means,however,doctors arent doing me any good.

              what i have in mind,is,we can do this on this site or we can do this by a multemedia text on our phones.i think our phone would be the best way,so we can get immediate responses.we can vote on this if you want.the more people the better.i feel we will get more and more people as we go,so we are gonna have to kinda play this by ear or find a way for people to catch up.

                 ok,so the,"phontom disease" has to be determined  with certain in the first part of this process,is figuring out if we all have,the PD(phantom disease).so writeout a list of the symptoms first.if we determine that we have the same problem,we will goto phase 2.ill make my list out and wait for your response.make sure to list as many,no matter how embarrasing they might be,cause im tired of this and embarrasment is not an issue.

    • Lou7792 Lou7792 joey99129

      Ok my symptoms are as follows

      -Pulsating noise/sensation in every night

      -Mild ear pain, comes and goes

      -Pressure and discomfort in the upper back middle of head

      -Pressure and discomfort in the lower back middle of head

      - Pressure and discomfort in upper back middle of neck

      (Pressure as if something is pushing up against my head and neck, also sometimes it feels like a type of inflation of pressure if that makes sense)

      - Feeling of being detached comes randomly

      -Brain fog and forgetfulness comes randomly


      -elevated heart rate

      - chills at night

      -Nausea every now and again

      -Numbness in back of head upon waking up

      -Head tends to feel heavy

      I take no medications except for migraine ibuprofen which sometimes helps with the pressure sensation

    • joey99129 joey99129 RaRaThaOutlaw


      rapid heartbeat

      pressure in eyes and ears

      feels like something is moving around in my head,ears,face

      feels like its moving around in my body

      spasms in my face,eyes,ears ,whole body

      not very painful,but causes headaches

      makes me itch

      blurred vision


    • joey99129 joey99129

      ok,looks like rara,lou and me have the same thing,lets goto,the next phase.the next phase will be any questions we have for each other,doesnt matter what it is,for example:

      do you take any meds?

      how long have you had the symptoms?

                     im keeping a spreadsheet on this,if you want you can too,this way we may be able to pinpoint why we have this

    • joey99129 joey99129

      oh and dont answer any of the questions just yet,i will look for similar question we ask first,we will answer those and thn we will goto the ones that dont match.

    • joey99129 joey99129

      here are my questions:

      when did you first have these symptoms?

      do you take any meds,including over the counter?

      do you have any dental problems?

      have you taken any antibiotics since youve had these symptoms?

      any infections?

      exposed to any chemicals?

      any conditions,like high blood pressure or heart disease?

    • joey99129 joey99129

      here are my questions:

      when did you first have these symptoms?

      do you take any meds,including over the counter?

      do you have any dental problems?

      have you taken any antibiotics since youve had these symptoms?

      any infections?

      exposed to any chemicals?

      ​any conditions,like high blood pressure or heart disease?

    • Lou7792 Lou7792 joey99129

      I'd say I had the head pressure for 2 months but the neck pressure for 4 months

      I've had the pulsating in my ears for like 5 months

      I take vitamin b complex every other day and St John wart vitamin for stress (recently stopped taking them)

      I take ibuprofen pretty much every day now

      I try and keep the dose low.

      I recently had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out and the bottom to were infected. Dentist said I had a localized infection where the teeth were called pericoronitis and he said that will go away now. I don't know how long I had that infection but Dentist it would bring about the pressure I feel in my head and neck.

      I have a cat who tends to scratch me alot and my cuts don't heal as fast as they use too.

      I'm not as active with these symptoms lately but I'm going out every day and going for a light run or walk.

      Not working either. I tend to be on my laptop phone or iPad alot.

      Got tested for diabetes and pre diabetes, I'm fine and blood pressure is normal

      I'm also 24 years old and female 60 pounds give or take overweight but not obese

      And I'm am prone to migraines and headaches but since I've been getting this head pressure I haven't had any headaches or migraines that I usually get.

    • Lou7792 Lou7792 joey99129

      No actually I just got my wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. I do tend to get heartburn alot but I've always gotten that. How is your diet any food sensitivities or allergies? I was a vegetarian for 3 years and recently started eat meat in february

    • Lou7792 Lou7792 joey99129

      Yeah for the last couple years they were impacted and they would hurt every now and then but not sure how long they were infected. The dentist said it was a pretty bad infection too. Did you have the same thing?

    • joey99129 joey99129 Lou7792

      Yes,but what also interests me is the cat scratches.did your cat scratch you all the time,before you started feeling weird?i too was around a cat that scratched me around that same time when my wisdom teeth were know our symptoms match,"cat scratch fever",as well.

    • Lou7792 Lou7792 joey99129

      I've had two cats the past year I was watching they were my brothers. They would scratch me sometimes but never got anything unusual. Those cats left In July of last year and that's when I got my new cat. I started getting the symptoms late last October and my cat literally scratches me all the time bit he scratches the other people I live with and they don't have the symptoms I have. I did see the top things for our symptoms our cat scratch disease, lyme disease and candida. How could you go about getting tested? My doctor pretty much thinks I'm a hypochondriac so I wonder if she will even listen to me. My symptoms though are very much real. This is such a nightmare ><

    • joey99129 joey99129

      And arent you a cute woman,so sorry someone so beautiful having such a hard time.we can beat this,we need to see what rara has to say about this as well.maybe he had a similar experience with a cat or his teeth

    • RaRaThaOutlaw RaRaThaOutlaw joey99129

      Perhaps it's best to compile information from each other on a seperate medium. Less messy one, like something where we can organize and tackle the pivotal causes and effects more precicsely. Just a thought. I'm still getting used to this forum (just recently joined). 

      Lou and Joey, you guys have similar symptoms as me, some identical ones, and some very interseting and different ones. I'm thinking perhaps best to organize all the symptoms is detailing them in order of biggest issue to smallest issue. Maybe like a numbering system. That way we start by tackling the biggest most problamatic symptoms first. 

      These are my biggest issues in order: 

      1) Brain Fog (constant) 

      2) Vision Dysfunction (trouble focusing up-close, environments and objects appear vibrating ever so slightly, pressure in the eyes, can't concentrate well, hyper-focused vision like I can't focus on sounds or other senses well)

      3) Detached feeling from body (feeling very unaware and unattached from my body, my facial expression, bodily sensations)

      4) Sensistivy to light. 

      Lou, I hear you on your Doc thinking it's all in your head and all. Forget that. These symptoms are real. And if they are in our head, all you can do for that is treat it as anxiety related, which simply means living a more healthy life. I assume we have all tried that and it didn't work, that's why we are on this forum looking for further answers. So I have completely lost confidence in the Drs and their hunches about things. If they can't seem to help or give you relief, then you must look elsewhere for solutions. We'll get through this if we work at it. I believe it. 


    • Goawayalready Goawayalready joey99129

      Hey Joey, let me know what I need to do. As with anyone else here, I am also suffering from this mysterious state that is debilitating my daily life. The worst part are vision changes, which is a constant reminder of my condition and then the vicious circle continues.

    • billie13318 billie13318 Lou7792

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

    • sthompson32 sthompson32 RaRaThaOutlaw

      Hi-Not sure if you will check this but figured I'd give it a shot. I've been going through these forums all over the internet for 1.5 years now trying to find an answer, compiling lists of things to try, tests, etc. I have had tons of bloodwork done, MRI, EEG, sleep study, seen neurologists, nothing comes back abnormal. I have been put on 4 different anti-depressants/anxiety meds-no help. My symptoms are exactly as yours-they came on light a lightbulb one day last January (2015) and never went away. It is constant. "Brain fog", feeling spaced out, like I'm in a dream, "derealization". As well as the others you mentioned. Have you found any relief or anything since this post? Would like to communicate outside this forum if that would be easier. Thanks.

    • new56862 new56862 sthompson32

      I like you have had this about a year and a half. I'm pretty sure I've found the answer. Although my head scans have been normal I decided to buy them and look for myself. I have a blockage on my left sphenoid sinus cavity. Look up the symptoms for sphenoid sinusitus and let me know if they match how you feel.

    • mel 23816 mel 23816 joey99129

      Hi Joey99129

      I am suffering from the same symptoms for 2 and a half years now and I'm 100% with you to try figure this out ourselves ,cause as you said I'm sick of doctors looking at me like I'm crazy .let's do this smile

    • momof32016 momof32016 joey99129

      Hello all,

      joey99129 I am having the same symptoms as you for the past 2 months. I have had a CT, biopsy of the brain and MRI of the brain. All test were normal, but with no relief. I am awaiting to see a Neurologist, but I don't think they will be able to help based off of what I have read on here. If you have had any luck please update. Thanks

    • nico21 nico21 joey99129

      Sorry I am so late to the game, but I just saw this post. My symptoms showed up around July of last year. I was camping in Michigan, and was having trouble falling asleep. I took a sleeping pill to aid the process and then laid down on my pad. Apparently, I rolled over in my sleep because I woke up on my LEFT shoulder. I have no idea how long I had been in that position. The next 3 days my RIGHT shoulder killed me. I could barely move it from either being directly down or directly up. Then for the next few weeks I started to notice the symptoms that we have been discussing. I will list them from most to least annoying.

      1.)    Head fog that causes me to lose concentration, and makes my memory worse. It also causes me to feel my emotions less.

      2.)    Ears that pop every 15 seconds, mainly focuses in my left ear.

      3.)    Head pressure that feels like I am wearing a tight head band. Also, focusing on my left side

      4.)    Shoulder pain that causes my left shoulder to click and droop down lower than my right.

      5.)    Neck pain that shoots up the left side of the back of my neck.

      6.)    I’m developing a slight case of scoliosis that causes my back to never relax. I feel tense all the time.

      7.)    Sensitivity to light and sound has gotten significantly worse.

      8.)    The left side of my face twitches and feels strained all the time.

      9.)    My vision blurs every once in a while, especially things up close.

      I have never had depression or anxiety problems, but I have started to experience some. Whether it’s anxiety talking to friends because I can’t hold a conversation, or forgetting simple words. When I get those shivers that you get when you read something inspirational or hear a good song, I feel them for less time and they almost hurt. Music was my passion and since this started I have enjoyed it less and less because I don’t really “feel the music” anymore. Also, I get waves of depression because I’m worried that this is going to be permanent. I’ve had an MRI on my brain and neck, and nothing seems to be wrong. I went to a chiropractor for 6 months straight and nothing it helped with the back problems but made the sensitivity to light and sound worse. I have also been to a neurologist and he can’t figure out what is wrong. I have gotten x-rays and am definitely developing scoliosis and the base of my shoulder blades and have a slight twist in the neck, but my doctors say that it wouldn’t have these effects. I will do anything to try and fix this problem. It makes me feel better that there are more people going through the same thing. 

    • new56862 new56862 nico21

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    • c52622 c52622 Levi2011

      I recall a previous poster mentioned that he experienced relief when he removed the root canal teeth. He felt the root canal was the source of the matter.  Infection.  

    • Touzlaboy Touzlaboy joey99129

      Did you find out what it was? Same thing here. Email me ... or snap me ... I got horners syndrome from this head problem, one pupil got bigger than the other once I had a bad migraine and never became the same again

      Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

    • mak9555 mak9555 Lou7792

      Hi Lou,

      I too feel the same way from last 2 years, tried different medication but none works, sometime i feel like to suicide. I lost my job, my friend, everything from this disease. Consulted number of doctors but none of them have reason for this, have you find any answer for this?

    • chatty80600 chatty80600 Lou7792

      Dear Lou7792, 

      I feel your frustration. I had a very similar experience, but I am lucky enough to have relatives who are doctors and they were able to arrange for my visits to several specialists and I want to let you know what ensued. 

      I had exactly the same symptoms, only I couldn't  describe them as well as you have. The first time I had them they were part of a flu I was having, so I didn't think much of them. The cold went away and the symptoms subsided, but then in about two or three-week's time they came back and it was terrible. 

      I was traveling at the time and was in England. I went to see a doctor and asked if this could be a Lyme disease or some other infection that was affecting my brain. The doctor pretty much dismissed all of this, but did order a blood test. Turned out the test was not for Lyme but for reumatic disease. I still have no idea why. Anyway it came back negative. The symptoms persisted and in a couple more weeks I went to see another doctor. This time they checked for Lymes which came back negative. I was referred to an ENT, who said I don't seem to have issues in the outer or middle ear, but might have problems in the inner ear and that I need to further investigate once I get home. 

      I ended up seеing several specialists thanks to my connections through relatives. Namely: two different neurologists, an ENT doctor, an ophthalmologist, an orthodontist and two endocrinologists. 

      I first had an MRI of the brain which was normal. 

      Ophthalmologist did an ultrasound and said I have periorbital fluid collections, which may be due to thyroid dysfunction. This was ruled out after thyroid tests came back normal. 

      ENT ran several tests and found bilateral hydrops of labyrinth - basically again fluid collections in the inner ear, but otherwise ear structures all intact and without much obstruction.

      One neurologist (who was the one asking for thorough ENT examination) said that most probably what I am suffering from is tension headache, but instead of pain I feel the symptoms you describe. He explained that when muscle fiber contracts it holds fluid, and maybe the fluid retention I have is related to the contracted muscles around my scull. 

      The other neurologist said again everything is normal inside the brain, but that the muscles around my scull are super tense (this neurologist did not have any contact with the other one and I saw them on the same day, so for sure they couldn't have discussed my case among each other). This second neurologist palpated my head and pushed certain points which was super painful. She said this is painful because the muscles are so contracted, especially on one side. She further noted that I have an abnormal bite and asked if I had any dental work done in the past and I said, yes, I have dental implants on one side and crowns on the other side. She said that all of the problems I have point to the temporal-mandibular-joint which has been overworked due to misalignment of the bite and that I need to have an MRI of the TMJ and possibly see an orthodontist. 

      Indeed MRI of TMJ showed the joint not properly closing and now deformed somewhat. The neurologist talked to the orthodontist and decided not to treat me with a botox injection, which she hoped would relieve the muscle tension. She said that botox injection is not an appropriate option at this juncture and that I need to "fix" the bite, so as to release the stress on the TMJ to finally heal and rid of the symptoms. 

      The orthodontist did panoramic x-rays and some tests to check the bite. She said one tooth in the back upper jaw has to be removed, since it doesn't "meet a tooth on the bottom (so doesn't participate in chewing anyway), but pushes my lower jaw not allowing it to close properly. She shaved off some of the tooth to help while I wait for the removal. 

      I am currently taking a medication that helps drain excess fluid from my scull and areas around my eyes and years. I am also taking a muscle relaxant to help with the feeling of fullness and pressure on the scull.

      The plan is for me to get the back tooth out, to get night guard (because apparently I clench my jaw without even realizing I do it while I sleep) to try and see if I can fix the bite. 

      In my experience I am very happy for several reasons: first of all I now know what is wrong and even though this problem is not easy to fix, at least I am not scared for having a tumor or demyelinating disease or anything this terrible. Secondly I have a plan to hopefully get my life back. 

      I am not saying that you have what I have, but I wanted to share my story with you, so you might look into the TMJ and see if this is contributing or even causing your issues. Also I wanted to let you know that tension headaches may manifest differently and besides actual pain and migraine this weird constellation of symptoms may also be the tension-related thing. 

      Best of luck to you!

    • christophe86397 christophe86397 RaRaThaOutlaw

      Hi . ive been dealing with symtoms of being really confused and feeling as if oxygen is getting to my head n ears are muffled n it seems hard to breath thru my nose when it gets really bad but the weird thing is sometimes by moving my neck around in certain locations i get these really big rushes of what feels like blood or oxygen. My bp is normal n i feel like my mind is not in sync with my body n the feeling. N sometimes even feel as if im in a dream and it can get really scary. Im diagnosed with ptsd and am going to the docs soon to see if i have tinnitus because i also have a twitch sometimes. Very small and feel my anxiety is being caused by something and then snowballs from there n there is alot of information saying that by having ETD with your inner ear n tubes not draining can cause alot of anxiety. I do clench my haw alot n grind my teeth so it could be TMJ caising tinnitus or a problem in that area. I also get very blurry vision n this has been going on for about 11 years n is driving me insane n feel like i cant enjoy life with this problem haunting me. Do ypu have any of the same symptoms n have you found any answers for any of them. If so can you please share it with me.

    • PixiWanders PixiWanders joey99129

      I know it has been a very long time, but would you perhaps be keeping up with symptoms still? Mine really started about 6 months ago, but when I think back on incidences in my life, I feel like I can contribute it to this “phantom disease”... When I was very young (3-6) I was sick all of the time... Constantly throwing up, the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong... There are just so many times I look back and know that whatever this is caused episodes in my life... But it is literally to the point of debilitating now, and I can't get anyone to understand... I’m so lonely and so tired of feeling this way! My spine and neck have recently started hurting, but the pressure in my head is almost too much to handle now... I’ve also developed Raynaud’s phenomenon seemingly from nowhere, yet the doctors aren’t even attempting to help me find a cause... They think I’m crazy... I just told my friend that if I’m crazy, please check me into a mental ward because I want this fixed... The brain fog is terrible and I’m so depressed because I can no longer enjoy anything that I used to love... My gums and fingernails are also discolored (gums are almost white some days, fingernails are purple or white, never pink anymore)... My left side usually feels heavier than the right, but the neck pain I have is in the right side, yet the spine pain is usually on the left... I’m so afraid of what is happening to me... Blurry vision, random feelings of a hot rash on my body, extreme fatigue... And something else I’ve noticed... A low body temp with very foul smelling breath? My teeth and gums also always feel like there’s pressure on them... Hope everything is getting better... Lots of love and positive vibes 💚✌️

  • angik angik Recoverandheal

    Hey, sounds like you might have sleep apnea. You need to do sleep study asap. Sleep apnea is not a joke. The first signs are the short term memory issues and brain fogginess.

  • stb811 stb811 Recoverandheal

    Hey, not sure if you still check this or not but I know EXACTLY how you feel. Same exact symtpoms. Mine started after experiencing severe anxiety which gave me depersonalization/derealization which in itself was traumatizing. I got better quickly though because I knew what it was, however ever since that episode, I've had the same head pressure and brain fog. Just having this has given me a bit of anxiety but I really don't think this is the root cause of it all, I lost a bunch of weight, cut alcohol, work out a lot and I must note it HAS gotten a little better each month but it seems slow or non linear. I'm wondering if it's some form of anxiety but I have a hard time believing it. I have looked into candida which seams reasonable and I may get tested for that, but it's so weird that mine came after intense anxiety. I'm thinking it could also be from tight neck muscles cutting off blood supply to the brain, but I do notice when I stay busy the symptoms tend to reside a bit but that's probably because my mind is off of it. Anyway, hang in there, I have faith it'll go away, because I have seen the light a few times but it seems to come back. If anyone has found relief let us know! Until then I'll stay as positive as possible and remain mindful.

    • ecdirtdevil ecdirtdevil stb811

      Hi stb, I have similar situation. My post is here,

      Do you have a drunk feeling? Does drinking even a small amount of alchol make you super drunk right away? And I have been thinking the same thing about neck muscles blocking blood flow to the brain. I have always had neck muscle pain/issues as I have a longer than average neck. 

    • stb811 stb811 ecdirtdevil

      hey ecd,

      not exactly. i havent drank much alcohol, but i had about 5 drinks one night and honestly cant say if it made it better or worse. its been feeling much better this week, but still persists. i want to believe its just anxiety, but im not even worried about that, nothing scares me, its just...annoying.

    • thierry40000 thierry40000 stb811

      Thank you, I am always positive and do believe that anxiety has some kind of a role in it. I have been having those daily foggy brain and headaches for the past 17 years and just accept it the way it is, I have faith that one day some one will write the cause and find the way to get rid of them, 

    • thulani02360 thulani02360 ecdirtdevil

      hi ecd, i get super intoxicated with a single glass of wine, i get very dizzy and feel like im not in control of my thought and myself. did you ever get relief? oh and ive been researching multiple chemical sensitivity, i think it might be the disease i have

    • rob10979 rob10979 thierry40000

      Have you had your thyroid checked. I have the same symptoms and finally found out I have hypothyroidism. You need to go to a endocrinologist and have a full thyroid panel done. Your TSH needs to be around 1 because a Tsh level that is higher and still considered to be normal can give you these symptoms 

  • Morrty Morrty Recoverandheal

    Thank you so much, Recoverandheal, for making this thread. I thought I was the only person in the world who had these symptoms and honestly, I was so convinced I was terminally ill. I guess I should start from the beginning...

    Im a 24 year old male with the following symptoms...

    1. Brain Fog. Trouble recalling words or situations from my past. Trouble focusing on things for long periods of time. Constantly bouncing back and forth between things because I'd forget I was trying to do something else. It takes me forever to get tasks done because I feel almost like I'm ADD or ADHD, but I have no prior diagnosis and it didn't start until these other symptoms did.

    2. Feelings of dissociation, or "high" feelings without cause for being high. Feeling detached from reality, per se'.

    3. Hypertension

    4. Anxiety/Depression. Really bad depression. Anxiety attacks that literally make me think I'm dying.

    5. Trouble falling asleep, but not quite insomnia. But once I'm asleep, I sleep for like, 10-12 hours. Even then, I dont feel rested, and would continue to sleep if I didn't have to work or be a father.

    6. Random low-grade fevers.

    7. Sharp abdominal pains.

    8. Pressure inside my head.

    9. Stiff neck and back pains.

    10. Fluttering heart/tachycardia.

    11. Eyes almost feel as of they're swollen sometimes and ears ring all the time.

    12. Fatigue and irritability/mood swings.

    13. Body feels sore and chest pain sometimes occur.

    14. Headaches and sometimes odd pins and needles sensations or almost the feeling like my hair is standing on end, accompanied by chills or numbness in that area. It'll happen ony forehead or on the back of my head, increasingly more often.

    15. Dizziness and nausea sometimes. Also, I get light-headed easily from small things like standing up from squatting or bending over. Or even exercising too hard, which was never really a problem for me before.

    Now, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and hyperthyroidism. I will attribute some of these symptoms to these prior diagnosis, but I can't shake the feeling that there is something else really wrong with me. I have had CT scans done that came back clean, and I have had a few blood tests done that came back normal. My doctors keep telling me it's all in my head, and it's all anxiety or my thyroid. They tell me my thyroid can make me feel, "all sorts of weird things", which I'm not saying is wrong, but that's such a general statement and it's really frustrating and upsetting to basically get told I'm overreacting or I'm crazy.

    I swear, doctors don't take me seriously, or think I'm just nuts half the time, but if they ever had these symptoms, they'd lose their minds. It's such a crippling, awful, mess to be in, and it's ruining my life. I really need answers.

    I used to do drugs when I was younger. Probably from ages 16-19 I smoked weed everyday in copius amounts, I drank every weekend, I took a lot of dxm during the weekends (which is similar to things like Ketamine or PCP), and I smoked cigarettes. I no longer do these things. I've been clean off of everthing for like 6 years now.

    I first noticed these symptoms when I overdosed on DXM one night. Me, 19 years old, I took too much of the drug, started feeling cold/shakey/nauseous, and I thought I was going to die. I ended up being fine, but the next day I kept having "running water" sensations in my head. I thought my brain was bleeding or something. I couldn't pinpoint it. I started going crazy and checking myself into the ER constantly trying to get a diagnosis for this problem. Nothing ever came up. I was put on anti anxiety medication and anti seizure medication to try and block the sensations.

    I'll admit, it worked for awhile but honestly, the medications made me an a**h***. I didn't care about anything or anyone. Needless to say, I stopped taking the medication about 7 months ago now. At the same time, I stopped taking my thyroid medication too because my endocrinologist wanted to see how I did off of it for awhile. She claimed my hyperthyroidism was never that bad to begin with, and they put me on the medications as a way to try and make me feel better mentally about my physical well-being. Sneaky little Dr., I tell you.

    So I was on these medications for a good, 4 years or so. I stopped taking them because I started getting this pressure sensation in my head, and I also was having bad anxiety, and then the other symptoms started happening one by one. They started piling on top of each other and getting worse, and I was convinced I was dying. I thought I had a brain tumor or something, and the medications just weren't helping.

    Needless to say, after 5 months of the symptoms I finally decided to go to the ER. I broke one night and just couldn't deal with it anymore. I needed answers. I got a CT scan that came back negative for anything. I was told I was having tension headaches. I got frustrated and didn't believe them. I got referred to a neurologist. He told me that my motor skills and speech was too good for me to have a brain tumor and that I had scoliosis and bad posture and a bad habit of playing too many handheld games or using my phone too much (which I can attest to) and diagnosed me with Cervical Dystonia due to my lack of range of movement in my neck.

    Now, i looked at the symptoms of cervical dystonia, and I'm sorry, but he's wrong. I don't have it. So I have to go back to him and try again. I also have to go back to my endocrinologist about my thyroid and see if I can get an ultrasound done on that again now that my levels are in check, just to make sure everything looks good there. I've gotten some blood tests done, but they're probably just the routine, standard, check my blood cell count and enzyme function or whatever. Nothing conclusive. I had an EKG done and once again, nothing there either. My vitals always look good, except my rapid heartbeat and one time I had borderline high blood pressure (which was weird for me because I never have high blood pressure). It's just really frustrating.

    So, im going to contact all of my doctors and try to get answers based on the things people have said in this thread. Wish me luck, guys. If you have any advice, please feel free to give.

    • drew64115 drew64115 Morrty

      Morrty I made an account here because I have the exact same symptoms as you. They started after a night of heavy alcohol and have been growing and changing for over 2 years now. It started with tons of brain fog and anxiety, since I knew I had anxiety I believed doctors when they assumed that was the root cause of all my problems. Well, now that I've had anxiety so long, I've built up a tolerance to it almost and rarely have any panic anymore. With my anxiety at low levels I can feel the root cause of it very clearly. After a few doctors and ER visitts I've finally found a doctor with some IQ and we are currently searching for a cause. I suppose there are people out there who have solved what we have but don't end up searching the internet for these threads because it's out of mind. Anyways I just wanted to re-assure you that you aren't the only one, and maybe we can chat a bit about common denominators to help us find what the problem really is.

    • Morrty Morrty drew64115

      Hey there, Drew,

      Im sorry to hear that youre,suffering as well, but it's always comforting to know that you're not alone. I'm currently going waiting on a call back from some doctors about a CT I had done on my abdomen and pelvic region due to a possible hernia. I know that isn't the cause of these symptoms that we are all seeming to share, but it definitely sucks to have anything else on top of what I'm already struggling with.

      As soon as I hear back from these doctors I'm going to talk to them about some of the things I've found on this thread in hopes of getting some tests done and getting answers and or a possible cure. I know a lot of people seem to come here and drop a complaint and then leave either after they say they're gonna get tests done (which I hope we're successful and that's why they haven't returned), or aftee they've just gotten whatever off their chest and out in the open among others with the same problems, but I'm trying to do more than that. I've struggled with this for far too long and I want to offer help to anyone else who might have these issues.

      I'm going to try and keep up with this and give any information or consultation I can and keep this thread going in hopes of helping someone, anyone, possibly get better.

    • drew64115 drew64115 Morrty

      I feel the same way Morrty, its easy to see the importance of providing some guidance to others when you've seen how bad things can get with this. So, of your symptoms that you listed in your post above, ill list my common symptoms in the order of importance.

      1. Brain Fog / Pressure in head

      2. Dissasociation

      3. Anxiety (started as #1)

      4. Trouble falling asleep

      5. Depression

      6. Chills / Head falling asleep (pins)

      7. Fatigue / Irritablility

      Somedays my symptoms are worse than others. I've been talking to a psychiatrist for a couple months and have had blood drawn with decent results. I'll be getting another in the next week or so for some different things. I've been documenting my behavior, eating habits and mood the past couple weeks in an attempt to find some correlation between habits and how I feel. I'll be going with this and some internet research to my psychiatrist again soon and I'll be sure to post here with my progress afterwards. Something to note is that whenever I drink excess alcohol its much worse the next few days to weeks. Is this similar for you?

    • Morrty Morrty drew64115

      Well, I don't drink alcohol. I gave that up awhile ago as I was pretty bad with drinking in my teenage years. I also don't smoke or anything. I'm pretty clean. I will admit that one time, I did smoke a little weed with friends as a birthday thing and it made my symptoms extremely bad and caused me to panic. So I can only assume that something like alcohol that is a downer like Marijuana would probably affect me the same. Not that it's the same thing by any means, but it's just an assumption.

      I've noticed when I drink sugary drinks or have dairy products, it gets worse. Also, apple juice was another thing that seemed to make it worse. Don't know if it was just a coincidence or an actual correlation. I do know when my nerves are bad, it gets worse and my anxiety does play a role in this for sure. I don't think it's the cause, but I think contributes.

      I know if I focus on it or dwell on it, it gets worse and I try to fill my time and not think about it as much to try and avoid symptoms. It's definitely difficult though when it's an every day thing. And some days are better than others. I'm just trying my best to stay positive and get answers.

    • billie13318 billie13318 Morrty

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

    • thulani02360 thulani02360 Morrty

      hi Morty, do you still get those sensations when smoking a tiny bit of weed or drinking a small bit of alcohol? for me it feels like theres not enough oxygen in my brain, like im not able to experience the calm euphoria that i used to when i smoked weed or drank. its so frustratin because this never use to be me. i am 26 years old and have been smoking cigarettes since 2011, drinking since 2010 and smoking weed heavily since 2013. iam now going through the frustrating symptoms you have mentioned. my doctors told me its anxiety disorder, but im struggling to understand how that is the case. did you ever get relief from your symptoms?


  • dgray34293 dgray34293 Recoverandheal

    Hey RecoverandHeal,

    Did you ever find get to the root of your issue or find a cure or anything that helps? I've had a very similar case as you. I'd love to know if you've found anything that helps. Thanks.

    • drew64115 drew64115 dgray34293

      Hey dgray. I'll make sure to post on the original thread as I get updated information. But so far, the things that have helped me the most are avoiding alcohol and getting plenty of sleep. I've just given blood to my psychologist and will be meeting with him soon. Ive tried probiotics and vitamins that may have helped a little but not too much. While this has been going on for 2 years, ups and downs, I've only recently began searching for a cure. I'll be around on this website so please keep me updated with your status and feel free to ask me anything. One thing to keep in mind is that this thing is a roller coaster, so when it's bad, it will get better.

    • billie13318 billie13318 dgray34293

      Try a cervical pillow. I had all the symptoms in the original post and using the pillow eliminated my symptoms overtime. I bought the Tricore standard firm. My symptoms made my life miserable so I wanted to make this suggestion to as many people as possible. I wish you well. 

  • jaxx23 jaxx23 Recoverandheal

    Hi, i have a lot of the symptoms that you have. I have found out that they are side effects of the anti-depressant that i am on, Venlofaxine. Are you on any SSRI medications? My symptoms are far worse if i miss a dose of my medication.

  • Lymeallly Lymeallly Recoverandheal


    I know a lot about Lyme disease and pleaser get yourself checked for Lyme disease I'm not sure if you have heard of the disease before but it it very common and please become educated about it. I have Lyme disease and I experience these EXACT SYMPTOMS these are VERY common Lyme disease symptoms I'm almost 100% sure you have Lyme disease the ringing in the ears is VERY COMMON I also experience this as well from Lyme disease, brain fog memory problems you name it my symptoms are exactly as you described in the brain that is exactly what Lyme disease feels like. please get tested by a blood test and see a Lyme specialist and get tested many times because something you get false tests. Please I really want to help and this goes for MANY of you who commented in the the comments Lyme disease please get educated!! Many don't know about how terrible this disease is. The chances that you have it are very very high


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