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Left side head pressure, tender spot, neck issues

Hello, I am new here but I am a little concerned. I am a healthy 35yr old male however I have been dealing with left side head pressure for the last 5 weeks. I don't get a real bad headache but its mostly just pressure and its pretty much with me 24/7. I have noticed when I lay down or go to the gym with my headphones on it is not as bad but always there, I seem to feel it more when standing but again its always there even when sitting at my desk at work. I will list a few of my symptoms below in a moment but I did want to mention the last 2 years have been rough after going through a tough separation with my fiancée and only seeing my son a couple days a week instead of daily so my stress and anxiety was really bad for a while however I am dealing with that better now so I have a hard time believing this is stress related. I am a very anxious person and do not do well at the doctors, my blood pressure and heart rate go through the roof even just at a check up.

The last few months I have not felt like myself, I have had a bad stomach my whole life but it got worse around November 2015 and I was having chest pains and tightness, long story short I saw my doctor multiple times and was diagnosed with GERD and I also had an EKG and Stress Test Echo on my heart which all came out fine thank god. Now a couple months later I was finally feeling a little better, chest issues and stomach still kind of there but no where near as bad and then randomly get hit with this head pressure one Sunday night after just laying on my couch. I went to the doctor after 2 weeks of the head pressure and he tried 2 weeks of muscle relaxers thinking it was my neck, my neck is super tight especially left side where the head pressure is and he told me to stop going to the chiropractor. I was going to the chiropractor for just a couple months before all this happened because my neck and left shoulder always hurt (I work out in the gym and think part of it is from that, I used to lift very heavy but I don't as much anymore). The funny thing is a week before this head pressure started my chiropractor did his usual neck crack on both sides and I remember it almost hurting, feeling different then normal and sent pain through my head. I honestly wonder if he did something to me and if this is from my neck however almost 6 weeks and still feel the same? Advil doesn't do much, muscle relaxers didn't work. I am doing neck stretches and just bought a hand held massager this past week for my neck and head. My doctor did not think brain tumor at my visit based of my symptoms and said my reflexes were good.  Sorry for the long post but hoping for some help, my doctor is now referring me to a neurologist but I am trying to hard to push it off a little more hoping it gets better, I have enough medical bills and I am trying to tell myself this has to be from my neck or something that will heal eventually. I know brain tumors are pretty rare but of course I am having anxiety over that.


-left side head pressure 24/7.

-some pressure in left eye and ear but not terrible.

-neck issues, especially left side, recently got a massage and the massage therapist said my upper back and neck were extremely tight. Chiropractor although I haven't been in a few weeks doctors orders said my C-1 or 2 joint cant remember which one was out of place. I have been doing neck stretches and using a tennis ball.

-some lightheadedness and fatigue, nothing crazy and could be stress since I think about this and worry all day.

-just noticed this week I have a tender spot on the bone top left back side of head.

-no weight loss, no fever, appetite ok for the most part, stomach ache some days but no vomiting.

 I do get a little bit of facial tingles in the left side of my cheek and especially my chin, it is not constant and comes and goes. This did start a couple months before this and I went to the dentist because I still have 3 of my wisdom teeth. He did say they could come out and my bottom right one was coming in a little crooked and could be causing some pressure. He did I could hold off for a bit and it wasnt an emergency and that could be causing some of my chin numbness and tingles. Also I am constantly popping my ears because they feel a little blocked and my nose feels a little congested but this has been going on for a while and is not something new, maybe allergies

Hopefully some suggestions and feedback will help, I will see neurologist if this doesn't improve but again I am trying to wait just a little longer on that.

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  • lashonda98667 lashonda98667 kg81

    I have all of your symptoms I think it's something in my neck that is causing these headaches I do remember I slept wrong and I woke up the next morning with a neck pain I made it worst by trying to get it out with my neck massager it was son bad I could just turn my next I had to turn my entire body around to look around I have gone to urgent care for the headache I was given a shot it didn't help at all just like tylenol and Advil however I did get some relief by take some mucin Ex sinus pressure I am still confused by this helping and I don't have a running nose but I do feel pressure at times I have gone to a chiropractor same as you state same normal routine no relief from pain also I've had acupuncture no relief with so at this point I am very scared to see a neurologist because I know a MRI would be ordered so please keep me posted (Kg81)

    • kg81 kg81 lashonda98667

      Sorry to hear your suffering too. These last few months have been crazy for me and especially the last 6 weeks with this constant head pressure, I wake up with it and I go to bed with it. It is so frustrating and of course I am starting to think the worst even though I am sure it's not serious but u never know. It's really effects me at work, trying to enjoy my kids etc. I just pray this goes away soon and it's just muscular or my neck but if I stay this bad much longer I'll have to take the next step, some days are such a struggle. I to am nervous about the neurologist since I am sure they will have me do an mri and I'll probably freak and once again think the worst. I am such a baby with doctors and u would never know it by looking at me, 200lb bald guy in good shape with tons of tattoos but I can't handle anything to do with doctors or hospitals lol. My mother jokes if I ever have to have surgery for something what am I going to do?

    • lashonda98667 lashonda98667 kg81

      I guess you and I have so much in common I am the same way when it comes to doctors and I know my doctor is going to want me to go and see a neurologist also and of course I going freak out too and assume the worst but I have to face my fears because I want to get better today was not a good day for me at all so tomorrow I'm going to call my gp for appointment tomorrow I've been dealing with this for about 3 weeks off and on its not getting better or worse but I'm not use to this I'm praying that this is something can be fixed let me know if you get in with a neurologist and I will do the same😀

    • lilia0904 lilia0904 kg81

      I was waking up with a headache and going to bed with one, so there was no oxygen going to my brain. I think you need to go see your Doctor as soon as posible.I been using a CPAP for about 1 year now and it did help with my headaches, hope you feel better

  • smith86323 smith86323 kg81

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  • kg81 kg81

    I'm open to suggestions, not sure what was in that last post and why it was deleted? I am so frustrated, head pressure and tightness same spot all day everyday. I keep telling myself it has to be my neck and it seems like to much of a coincidence that this started a week after I had a bad neck adjustment but at this point I really don't know?? I am sure I'll end up at the neurologist but I am really trying to give it another week or two.

    • kg81 kg81

      Also forgot to mention I did have blood work around the time this started and my doctor said everything looked great with that..... I'm so confused by this and of course I keep thinking tumor but then tell myself no way! I'll sit back and hope for some responses, thanks.

    • TJ5555 TJ5555 kg81

      Did you get a MRI or ever figure out what this was?  I've had stress/anxiety the past couple months and for 2 weeks have had constant left pressure in one spot on head that sometimes pulsates.

  • tierra03336 tierra03336 kg81

    I've been dealing with the same issues for about 6 months now. I have severe pressure in the left side of my head right above my ear, left side of my neck from behind my ear and going all the way down my neck, and in my left eye. I get this about once a week sometimes twice and it usually stays for about 3 days straight. No breaks in between. I have seen a neurologist. They have scheduled me for an MRI. I've also had a CAT scan taken and nothing showed. Idk why this all of a sudden started. I was also told my a massage therapist that my neck and shoulders are EXTREMELY tight. When I try and massage it myself I can feel the tightness. It almost feels like leather it's so tight. I'm thinking it's my neck. Maybe a pinched nerve. I looked up the symptoms and found your thread. Please let me know if you find out anything and I will do the same. Thanks

    • todd2112 todd2112 tierra03336

      I have had these symptoms for 6 months now as well and there is still no end in sight for me. Symptoms all on left side of face: numb cheek going to neck and eyebrow, very tight constricting feeling of the neck, occasional pressure on the top of the head pushing down causing a lightheaded type of feeling

      I have had MRIS & Catscans of the neck and head with and without contrast and they came back fine. I have seen my primary doctor, 2 ENT specialists, a neurologist, a TMJ specialist and they all think its muscular and say its "chronic muofacial pain" which means they have no idea what it is.

      On my own I have gone for massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor and the only relief I get is from certain forms of physical therapy, but they are short term results. Besides that the acu and chiro really made the symptoms worse.

      4 days before all of this I had a front tooth bonded(it was chipped and bonded 30 years ago) and it changed my bite. I think the muscles are putting pressure on the nerve of my face.

      Know that you are not alone, but so far I cant really recommend any help with this as I am still suffering. The only thing that helps a bit at times is a good physical therapist that does alot of neck work with you.

  • paul52068 paul52068 kg81

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  • kg81 kg81

    No positive updates for me, I've tried a nerve block in neck, mess, physical therapy, stretching, massages, nothing helps. My neuro keeps saying he thinks it's in my neck and still hasn't demanded I have a cat scan but did say I can do it for peace of mind which I might need to do at some point cause I keep thinking this has to be something more serious since I am not getting better but everyone seems to think neck and muscular

  • paul52068 paul52068 kg81

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  • paul52068 paul52068 kg81

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  • terrie27149 terrie27149 kg81

    I too have had like one point local pain on my left side right on the bottom of my skull connecting to the top of my neck. It almost feels like a finger pressing hard there. Mine does come and go. About six months ago I had felt a hard knot at my upper neck and had an MRI done but it showed nothing except some arthritis. I was pushing at a few tables at work. I believe that set it off this time. I truly believe mine is caused, hate to say it, but, from arthritis. God help me if it gets worse with age. I also have tinnitis..ugh....

    • Lnodes Lnodes terrie27149

      It really is amazing that other people are feeling the same symptoms i am yet there is no definitive diagnosis. It's a straight up mystery to me and the medical world apparently. After several mri's, emergency room visits, neuros, chiros, acupuncturists still havent been able to figure it out. wake up with it, go to sleep with it. not so much pain, more like a tight sensation right above and around my right ear to the back of head (almost feels like a tight line). Doctors all say it's anxiety which i'm sure we can all agree is not the case. I can say this strange sensation has caused me to feel a great deal of anxiety but the anxiety most certainly did not come first.  Believe it or not the anxiety has died down for the most part since its been more than a year now. Ive accepted that this is something i have to live with and completely gave up on finding a diagnosis or a cure. I just hope that it doesn't get worse to the point where i can't function. Most other forums I came across kind of just died down after a few responses but this one seems very much alive still so i decided to join and follow. Wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to reading your entries. 


    • terrie27149 terrie27149 Lnodes

      Yes, I get concerned about the long term myself. I get also pains throughout my head at different places, different times. Nothing major or real painful, just head just feels weird at times. I have pressure such as you described as well..not always tho. Of course I too have acid reflux along with all this as w ell as tinnitis. So I ask, what in the crap is going on in my head???

    • Lnodes Lnodes terrie27149

      interesting as i have also developed severe acid reflux for no apparent reason since nothing in my diet or lifestyle has changed much, tinnitus i had at the start of all this. im noticing some very common symptoms here. 

      take some prilosec for the acid reflux. I thought it was unrelated but every new or suspicious symptom i have i monitor like a hawk. Can't ignore anything anymore.  I will post of a detailed list of symptoms (some of which have resolved ) and maybe we can all compare. 

    • Lnodes Lnodes

      I really hope we can monitor each other's progress and share any advice through this forum. I'm listing my symptoms in chronological order. Not sure exactly when these symptoms started but it bothered me enough to see a neuro almost exactly 1 year ago. I'm an asian male in my early 30s.   

      1) Intense pressure in my forehead area, tight sensation around my ear going to the back of my head (occipital area maybe?) , at the peak of all this i lost vision in my left eye for a few minutes but it did recover shortly after (similar to what queensgirl mentioned) 

      -pressure has subsided and resolved mostly 

      tight sensation still there 

      2) Tinnitus and sensitive hearing (hyperacusis) - a little better now but still there


      3) Painful/swollen lymph nodes - the weirdest symptoms of all 

      -the pain would move around - first my neck then armpit then groin, then navel/belly button area  

      -lymph nodes felt tiny and hard and i had my gp palpate them as well. i was concerned it may be lymphoma but it was ruled out because of the small size and no biopsy was done. eventually these symptoms resolved  on their own but to this day still scares the hell out of me and hope it never comes back. 

      4) a tight sensation under my left rib cage --  completely resolved by acupuncture (like magic) . didnt believe in acupuncture until this experience to be honest and I am still getting treatments for my head symptoms (no noticeable improvement yet though.. wink   

      5) newest symptoms include severe acid reflux with pain in my upperback (no apparent reason), lower back i can understand but why upper back? who knows.. 

      Meds I have tried include - medrol pack, prednisone, gabapentin, lexapro, sudafed, xanax once. cant say that any of these helped much. 


    • terrie27149 terrie27149 Lnodes

      I too have tight sensations abd occasional little head pains that travel. Behind my eyes aches. Neck knot, three drs, CT scan and scope, ultra sound all says muscle which aches often. A feeling as well as seeing a nodule around my epiglotis. (?) ENT says lower level tonsils..Mmmmm..Tinnitis right after CT scan. Not real bad now but still there. Left ear feels clogged sometimes. Silent acid until after taking nexium. Now seems to have come alive. Hurts terribly when I eat certain foods. Which then leads to globus which is symptom if feeling something stuck in throat. I have also got swollen lymph nodes in neck and under arm. In another forum called glibus and how I defeated globus, many of thm same symptoms. Ck that out..scary...

    • claudiacl claudiacl Lnodes

      Your symptoms are mine nearly to a T. Scary how similar, and you're one of the first with the lymph node swelling that I've experienced. I am currently seeing an ENT (sinus specialist) who has ordered a CT for my sinuses in a few weeks. I'm losing hope with all of this. The symptoms are debilitating sometimes and I will have bouts of dizziness. The swelling in my neck is concerning bevause it causes very severe occipital headaches and neuralgia.

  • terrie27149 terrie27149 kg81

    I too have had like one point local pain on my left side right on the bottom of my skull connecting to the top of my neck. It almost feels like a finger pressing hard there. Mine does come and go. About six months ago I had felt a hard knot at my upper neck and had an MRI done but it showed nothing except some arthritis. I was pushing at a few tables at work. I believe that set it off this time. I truly believe mine is caused, hate to say it, but, from arthritis. God help me if it gets worse with age. I also have tinnitis..ugh....

  • meredith16984 meredith16984 kg81

    I have this and I traced it to stress and a sensitivity to naproxen and then started researching how naproxen works to figure out why it was happening. I learned about vasopressin hormone or the anti-diuretic hormone (adh) and found out there are different weird symptoms for having too much vasopressin or too little. Do you find you retain water when this pressure happens? Do you urinate less?

    I find that a cold walk (without distractions) or a cold shower helps relax (a very good stress relieving technique as it stimulates the vagus nerve or rest and digest response). Also, stop taking NSAID (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen) and see if that helps.

  • brennydraper brennydraper kg81

    Do you have any updates I have the same thing spot on the top of my head not tender to touch but I can feel it 24/7 just wondering if you got a diagnoses

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 brennydraper

      I still have the same feeling in my neck area. When I had the catscan, it showed up swollen lymph nodes. When I was sick with head crap going around, that spot really ached. So I guess it's lymph nodes. Guess it's normal for them to swell causing that feeling of pressure. .still not's been 7 months since scan. But much longer this feeling in my neck..

    • kg81 kg81 brennydraper

      Nothing new, still dealing with the same stuff and I can't believe this nightmare is not over. I just had a massage this past week and they said my upper back and neck are so tight and "how are u walking around like this". I still have a hard time believing this is all from my neck and tight muscles but that's what I keep being told. I feel so bad some days and no improvement with the 24/7 head pressure. Maybe one of these days I'll get a cat scan just to be sure.

    • new56862 new56862 kg81

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    • bo84178 bo84178 kg81

      Stumbled upon you post because like you I'm looking for answers. Unlike you, doctors don't scare me.

      I've been in & out of check ups and seen various specialists since Thanksgiving of 2016, so far 2 ENT's have pointed at Meneir's syndrome (which I defiantly disagree with) and another has pointed moreso at either a cochlear disturbance or draining.

      Beyond that I have been on prednisone, ranitidine & triamterene for almost 2 months. The prednisone is a nightmare blessing. I have never been on steroids before in my life so 20mg/day messes me up. Yet there is no fullness in my ear or pain throughout my head or neck.

      I did pull some help from friends in the pharmaceutical field and they pointed out increasing potassium intake and watching sodium levels. Also to increase immune system support either by supplement or foods.

      With that I've written off any fast foods, sodas, pre-workout mixes. Added plenty of vitamin c rich fruits & vegtables. All cooked meats are low in fat or trimmed and drink tea & water.

      Not at 100% while these Dr's try to figure out what is wrong with me but I'm preparing for a bounce back that would embarrass Lazarus.

    • QueensGirlNYC QueensGirlNYC kg81

      I've been having similar issues which started in fall 2016 but worsened in the last few months. My experience is on the left side of the head and eye, where there is almost always always a feeling of discomfort and puffiness, feels swollen, left face feels numb. Sometimes I experience headaches in that region where it feels like someone lit a fire in my head and it's sharp shooting burning pain at the entire left side of my head and increased eye pain and pressure on that left eye. These are not migraines but I'm also a migraine sufferer. These headaches impact my ability to do daily tasks include working, I have poorer balance and coordination, mildly slurred speech, dizziness, sometimes problems walking straight, stumbling. I've burned myself twice while trying to fix simple meals during these headaches, sometimes tearing sometimes on left eye. I've seen a regular neurologist who cleared me, then a neuro ophthalmologist who cleared me (with the exception that I have to repeat an eye test to check for glaucoma ) and over the last month I'm seeing a headache specialist who is also a neurologist. My last MRI was February 2017 but I'm repeating the MRI in 2 weeks. The headache specialist has put me on Indomethocin over the last 4-5 weeks but im not sure it's helping- he's increased the dosage to 3 pills recently. I'm also on Rizatryptan as a "rescue" med which seems to lessen the intensity of the pain. The pain and sensation while it's always there , the headaches are sudden and without warning ( which is what the Rizatryptan helps with). I'm also looking for answers because I cannot live like this. I wish you all luck. Hope we all get better soon.

    • QueensGirlNYC QueensGirlNYC melanie61979

      Yes 2nd MRI done with contrast. They noticed nothing. Sometimes the nerves are too small to show up. One treatment offer made was Lidocaine injections. Some patients swear by piercings on the ear - connected to nerves so it alleviates pressure. Then there's Botox. gotta continue following up with the MDs. Not giving up and not giving in. There's an answer and someone has it so gonna keep looking until it's resolved. What helps you ? What have you tried? What tests have you got?

    • ohhayits5ean ohhayits5ean QueensGirlNYC

      Checking to see how you're feeling and if you've tried any of those pressure relieving remedies? I've been going through this for about 1.5 years, I have the same exact symptoms and I'm constantly terrified that I'm dying of something serious, or everytime I feel one of these awkward headache symptoms/sensations that its the end for me. My GP put me on effexor and I'm waiting for its effects to kick in, but like a lot of others said, my anxiety has stemmed from how I'm feeling, it isn't the cause of everything in the first place. I also see a physical therapist, and its the only time I ever feel relief. 

    • QueensGirlNYC QueensGirlNYC ohhayits5ean

      Hi. I remain on my tryptan "rescue" meds, I don't have the GERD symptoms some people on this forum have mentioned 

      I still have the headaches, and tingling, numbness.  No particular anxiety. I know something is going on and just because it hasn't been diagnosed yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist - at least I'm calm about it. Just irritating having all these appointments to go to but I look at it as a choice- I could just not go!

      My next step is following up with retina specialist and the rheumatologist due to an abnormal finding in a lab test.

      For now I keep it going - continuing to track what I eat, continue with regular exercise for mind and body, reality checks etc and my rescue meds and these appointments. Nothing else I can do.

    • Lnodes Lnodes QueensGirlNYC

      Have you guys tried acupuncture ? I've had some relief but you have to go for regular treatments maybe twice a week for a month or two ... queensgirl this guy in flushing (yelp- acumiracle)  helped me out a lot 

    • jessica96909 jessica96909 bo84178

      Hi.  This post makes me feel good, in that I'm not alone.  I have had so many odd symptoms since starting about Feb 2017.  From severe neck tension, to closed up throat feeling, and here lately I feel like there is severe pressure in my ears and back/side of head.  I was scared earlier this year, which cause more stress, tension, but I've settled down a bit.  I like that you are trying natural remedies.  This is the way I think and been keeping a diary of my foods and had blood work drawn to see my low/high levels of vitamins. 

      I have had 4 sinus infections this year...  this is a first for me to have this much sinus issues.  I just got put on prednisone and I completely understand why you say it's a nightmare blessing.  It did seem to help with the head/ear pressure, but at the same time I can't sleep!  I have been on several antibiotics in past couple of months and they wanted to put me on some more, but I declined, since they have not helped so far.

      I am curious to how you are doing... and others on this thread.  I just want to feel good and enjoy life. Hope to hear about how you are doing.

    • jessica96909 jessica96909 terrie27149

      As I sit here and type this my temples ache.  When I mention that to the doctors, they just look at me  like, um, I don't know.  They just say that's not sinuses.  Thanks doc, ha.  And it's not just pain, but an odd pressure, maybe a wave feeling...  Earlier this year, I had a shock feeling go thru my head and I thought I was going to pass out.  But that only happened once...  thank goodness.  I was really scared early part of the year.  But I'm still alive, so not sure.  What have you found out?? 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 jessica96909

      Drs look at me with Lil smile like uh of those..Iv got the weirdest things that go on in my head. I hate googling cuz it scares me. Iv got like an indention around the crown of my head. When I went to a forum for that, almost 500 ppl commented. Most have same symptoms, like a wave feeling, eye aches when my temple aches as well. Sometimes mild headaches, I do have Tinnitis as well. Acid reflux, the works..just so done with all these weird symptoms. My head feels lightheaded some days. I just wish I knew what all this is..maybe not..wink I think some days stress causes so much..seems temples hurt worse then..keep me updated please on wht u find out and I will as well..

    • jessica96909 jessica96909 terrie27149

      Have you seen a TMJ specialist??  I've got an appointment next Monday.  Seems temple aches and fullness is ears is a common symptom of TMJ, which I was diagnosed with as a teen.  I would not have thought TMJ could cause some of my symptoms, but it's worth checking out.  I do have issues with my left jaw when I eat sometimes.  I know I have sinus issues as well...  I bought that neilmed sinus rinse and used for the first time last night.  I'm trying everything possible to combat these symptoms.  My sinuses seemed to feel a little better actually after rinsing them.  I'm going to do that daily.  And yes, I believe I'm affected by stress greatly some days.  Is the indention you have something new?

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 jessica96909

      No, have had it for a few years but just never paid much attention to the indention until all these other crazy symptoms. I thought since I go to a dentist every year, and have xray that Tha would have seen if I had TMJ but maybe not. When I go back in a month, I will make mention of some of these symptoms..

    • linda24766 linda24766 jessica96909

      I was reading your post and going through the same thing! Im 34 yrs old and was very healthy until about 3 months ago I suffered from a severe panic attack I've had two ct scans done one with contrast and nothing was found, I've also had bloodwork done and came back normal, i have constant head pressure which causes shakiness and dizzy spells everyday, my neck is so painful and tense, I can feel numbness and tingling on my legs and I also have this weird numb pain on the upper back of my head. My Gp said I have vertigo but I refuse I believe that's what's causing all the other symptoms.

  • terrie27149 terrie27149 kg81

    I too have pressure in neck area along with a knot I found there which catscan showed arthritis and swollen lymph node. My ears have tinnitis that started alongg with this. I too have occasional tingling in my chin..just lately my left ear feels a little pressure as well. I'm hoping swollen lymph node is all it is. It does cause slight pain at base of left skull..nothing tho is painful. Just noticeable.

  • Kapow65 Kapow65 kg81

    Your symptons sound very familiar to me. Mine come and go - I found that my chiro helps relieve the skull pain with neck manipulation. I understand that the facial tingling is related to the nerves at the base of the skull around c1.

    Some of the tension could also be related to Anxiety. I have that as well - general anxiety disorder. This comes and goes and is usually related to how I am feeling about my health! My doc told me about cognitive behavioral therapy - this can help deal with the anxiety, so I am embarking on that to see if it helps. It could be worth your considering?

    All the best anyway. 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 Kapow65

      Sounds so much like me. I stress over health. Last week I had an ultra sound on my neck. Nothing. He could see nothing, yet I feel the knot and the aches in that area as well as the ear discomfort still there. Facial stings still Goin on. But catscan, and ultra sound shows nothing..they all say a muscle in neck is what I'm feeling. Ibalso have had tinnitis since the catscan last year. Got it the day after the catscan. Next week I'm Goin for a scope because also get a feeling like something in my throat. Globus I think they call it..after this, I'm done. I'm tired of worrying and stressing over this..

  • mj6421 mj6421 kg81


    About 4 months ago I stopped seeing my chiropractor due to wanting to try Osteopathy instead. A the chirpractic apointment they would adjust my neck most  to one side and my lumbar aswell, after a couple weeks of not seeing the chiropractor I had noticed a pain in the right side of my neck and had really tight neck muscles and always felt the need to crack my neck and stretch it. It has gradually become worse and I feel somewhat similar symptoms to you in that my right ear always feels blocked and I find it harder to hear, as well as in my right eye I feel like one of the muscles is tight and I tend to roll my eyes around to stretch them and it relieves the tightness.

    I was just wondering if you have tried an osteopath, as I have had two treatments only on soft tissue in my neck and it has seemed to really help, I didnt let them crack my neck as I didnt want to aggravate the condition but they said my C2 was slightly out, rotated and dropped. I am going to let them try adjust my neck at my next appointment and see if this helps,

    But I think in your case it could be neurological and would be interesting to see what they would have to say also


  • amy34361 amy34361 kg81

    Ok I have all the symptoms everyone is talking about, I have gone to a neurologist, I have had an MRI, I've been on the steroids, I've been on the muscle relaxers, and have had a PT work with my neck for six weeks, that worked while she was doing the therapy but as soon as she was done the pain was still there.  I have been told I have Meneires as well, as it started with loss of hearing in one ear, but that was also believed to have been caused by too many decongestants perscribed by my primary physician for a severe cold i had.  I have done the chiropractor adjusting my back and my neck, that works for a temporary relief.  I have been told it's my posture and seen a PT for working on strengthening that.  I wish someone could tell me what it is caused from the discomfort/tightness in my left side of my neck.  I've tried different pillows, I've moved my monitor at work, adjusted my chair, nothing seems to work.  ANYBODY have any clue what this is?

    • QueensGirlNYC QueensGirlNYC amy34361

      I'm still waiting on my MRI. In the meantime I saw optometrist who said severe astigmatism in Left eye (which can lead to headaches)

      My MRI is coming up( I will keep you all posted on the results)

      VERY IMPORTANT: my Vitamin D levels are low (now starting D3 ) and my Vitamin B levels are Very high (stopping my Vitamin B complex which one neurologist put me on) . The current neurologist who is also a headache specialist is the one who's Checking these levels and he says overload or deficiencies in Vitamins could cause headaches

      Last week I lost vision for several minutes in my left eye as a result of headache (like a migraine symptom) and my right eye was blurry.

  • aric4 aric4 kg81

    What's the latest?

    • QueensGirlNYC QueensGirlNYC aric4

      Well my MRI came back normal, my hemicrania nerve seems ok. The headache specialist/neurologist now addded Magnesium 500mg

      Saw ophthalmologist this week he's sending me for vascular work up. Kind of checking to see if TIA type thing could cause the vision loss which they called amarousis . In the process of doing that cardiovascular workup. They also added a baby aspirin which my cardio agreed with until we know more. I have Mitral valve prolapse and never had an incident. For the record I'm healthy and exercise eat right etc, no abnormal sugars or lipids ever. Seeing neuro-ophthalmologist in couple months . They said my presentation is atypical. My repeated field test came back with normal results. I am doing everything they tell me but nothing changes. Last visit with the headache neurologist which was last weeek, he suggested licocaine injections during the flare ups - not a fan of the idea but we'll see. He also gave Raglan for the headaches. Still struggling . I really hope others are finding answers

    • andrew61522 andrew61522 QueensGirlNYC

      Have you gotten any answers yet? I've been dealing with this for several months now and I'm getting worried. I thought it was a sinus infection because Iv'e been having this popping sensation followed by some extremely short term relief. 

    • QueensGirlNYC QueensGirlNYC andrew61522

      Hi . Wow I can't believe so many of us are suffering like this. No real updates since my last update 14 days ago. I'm due for a repeat echocardiogram in 2 weeks, seeing the neuro ophthalmologist around the same time, retina specialist in August, they said my case isn't typical so meaning they have no idea what's causing my headaches. The eye specialists are working to determine why I lost my vision (it was during a headache episode)

      The headache specialist hasn't given me any other plans except to try lidocaine.

      What have your MDs said?

  • dmmoffprof77 dmmoffprof77 kg81

    Having some of the same symptoms as all of you. But some different. Mine isn't so much a headache as it is tenderness on my right side though. Swollen lymph glands at base of skull onright. Tenderness extends up into my head on the right side under my ear kind of. My ear does also feel kind of weird inside and the pain radiates down from the lymph node into shoulder muscle. Almost a numbness there where my neck is swollen. . Noticed the discomfort slightly yesterday. But woke up this morning with it really seeming extreme.layed on an ice pack for a bit. Then in a heating pad. About to see if my tension headache relief pills will help any. Though like I said not a real headache. I'm trying not to worry about it. But it does feel really weird. I'm sure stressing doesn't help it heal. Just glad to not be totally alone in this. Even though your symptoms are a tad different. Thanks

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 dmmoffprof77

      I can so relate. Mine feels just like this. I also have a knot on my left side of neck..but catscan and ultra sound showed nothing but a muscle..3 drs told me it's a muscle from tension. Yet I get little pains at bottom.of skull, sometimes little pains in my left eye. Going for scope thurs for my throat which feels like it's swollen or like something in it..Jeesh, it never ends

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 QueensGirlNYC

      I'm aorry, catscan. I keep saying mri. Yes mri , ultra sound, nothing. 3 drs. said muscle. Next's stressed me for a couple yrs when I first found it but I'm done stressing. All you can do is get it checked out and keep going..wink

    • terrie27149 terrie27149

      Hello Queensgirl, how are you doing? Any answers yet? My symptoms seem to keep advancing. Now I'm getting headaches, crackling sounds in head, eye and temple hurts..hate 2 keep going 2 drs. Tha dnt seem 2 have any answrs. Linear morphing was discussed on another for. Not even Goin there. How did Tha test u for occipital neuralgia. I dnt want 2 think on thr either but may need 2 ck on being tested..God I hope not but I'm gettin so stressed. At nite, whn I try 2 rest, it's like waves in my head..and like "bump" sounds. Weird I know. Today my eye and temple has really been bothering me. Yet whn I relax tht seems 2 ease. Just gets harder trying 2 relax..hope u found answers

    • will27077 will27077 terrie27149

      I’ve had similar issues. Mine was from TMJ and a dislocation of my tmj joint. Caused my mestaller and Scm muscle to go crazy and caused the headaches and other symptoms  you were describing. Easy tell tale for me when my jaw is out of line is the headaches. Try finding the trigger points of the scm and massaging them out. You’ll feel the pressure in the spots where your headaches are. Behind the eye, temple and front forehead. Find a good massager for the scm is hard but can all be done by yourself. Just FYI you will feel super bruised the next day and sore. 


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