Feeling zoned out/drunk with head pressure. Please help!

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Hello everyone.

I came across this website while searching for the name of the condition I have been dealing with for close to one year now. I hope I can find someone that is dealing or has dealt with a similar condition as I am going through right now. I know that this post is very long so I thank you for your time in advance.

I am a 22 year old male and I started to develop my initial symptoms from November 2018. My vision started to feel zoned out when I wasn't zoning out. I don't exactly know how to describe it but it kind of feels like when you are tipsy without dizziness. At times things around me looked slightly blurry. I know that it wasn't to do with my eye sight because a month before I had already got it checked and my eye sight was pretty good actually. So I thought that it was to do with my neurological stuff. I ignored my symptoms for a couple of months and finally in Jan 2019 I decided to visit a local neuropsychiatrist. The doctor prescribed me some pills which I assumed that it was for my neurological stuff but later found out that they were for depression and anxiety. By this point, I developed tingly, pulsating tension between my eyebrows and in the bones behind my ears.

I was quite sure that my condition wasn't due to psychological causes so later in Jan I decided to visit a different neurologist in a bigger hospital. I got an MRI of my brain done which came out clean. The doctor told me that she sees nothing wrong with the MRI and that my symptoms are probably linked to my mental health. I took that advice and went to see a psychiatrist who prescribed me antidepressants. I was on the pills for eight months until this August. During the period of these eight months, my condition did not improve at all but in fact became gradually worse until present.

My visual perception became worse. Although I can see everything fine it just feels widened out (if that makes sense). In other words, my eyes find it difficult to focus to the point that talking to a person face to face is difficult because the face of the person I am talking appears slightly blurry. I just feel like as if I am drunk or high (that is the closest to how I can put it into words). The tingly, pulsating tension between my eyebrows is still present and when it moves to the bones behind my ears, it feels like my bones are going to break. In addition to these symptoms, recently I started to feel pins and needles on my back. Sometimes it just tingles but sometimes I get this spot on my upper back, right below my neck, where I feel concentrated feeling of pins and needles. In fact, I didn't develop this symptom recently but had it March 2019 as well on my right side right above my lower back but eventually disappeared. The feeling has returned about a week ago. Another symptom that I have been dealing with is that when I turn my head or move my eyeballs, I sometimes get this jerk feeling which runs from my left chest to my left arm.

Apart from my physical symptoms my cognitive ability has decreased significantly. I am not able to think clearly anymore. The condition I have been dealing with started to take a toll on me psychologically as well. I am not exactly sure who I am anymore and get this constant detachment between my physical self and mental self. I want to make it clear that the psychological aspect is a consequence of my physical condition.

Until date, I have seen multiple neurologists but they haven't been able to figure out the cause behind my symptom since my brain MRI looks clean and the pills I took from my psychiatrists did not help me at all. This condition has really taken its toll on me to the point that I have even lost my zeal to live anymore. I don't like to get out to public places and meeting people has become really hard. If any one of you has experienced similar conditions or has any advice for how I should proceed with it such as medical tests and etc., please let me know. Your smallest help can really make a positive change in my life. Thank you for your help and time.

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    Hi Jung97,

    so sorry to hear that you're going through all this nightmare but i can reassure you that you are not the only one going through this. I am currently dealing with these symptoms everything you mentioned, I experienced it. your pins and needles are much to do with your anxiety. But, your "zoning out" or "drunk" feeling is more likely to do with your neck and internal ear. Try to get it checked. Now I can control my symptoms and still have appointments coming up, I'm seeing a neurologist by the end of next month and I still haven't seen by ENT doctor yet. in addition to your symptoms, my eyes can't see things in a straight line any more it's either bendy or wavy but my eye checks were all fine.

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      Thank you for responding to my post. I am glad to find someone that can understand what I am going through. I am assuming that you have also suffered from the feeling of zoning out or being drunk since you said you are dealing with many of the symptoms that I am going through. You suggested checking my neck and internal ear for such symptoms and I want to ask if you got yours checked out. If yes, did you find the cause of your problem for feeling zoned our or drunk? You said you can control your symptoms now and I am curious to find out how you do that. Also, have you been experiencing any pressure in your head (especially between your eyebrows and the bones behind your ears)? I hope you get better soon and wish for your health to return.

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      for me, it all started in 2016 when i got my girl friend, at the time, pregnant. I was driving on a motorway/highway all of a sudden I felt disconnected from the reality. All my left side went weak but curiously I didn't freak out as I thought it was due to tiredness as I drove a very long distance at the time I decided not to have it checked. Then every time I drove I'd feel very light headed that I would use the headrest to support my head all the time then one day it all went back to normal. Then one day during my night shift I felt like I was going to faint then I decided to quit that night job and managed to find a daytime job. I started developing episodes of dizziness at work then went out after a couple of weeks. In May 2018 at my wedding everything went from bad to worse, light headedness, dizziness, fatigued, anxiety, panic attacks etc. And right after my wedding, I drove for long distance I felt exactly the same thing as in 2016 left side went weak, derealisation etc. One day after, went to Spain for honeymoon that's when everything took a worse turn, short of breath, I thought I was dying I freaked out proper panicked, chest pain, pins and needles on left hand and left leg, tingling on left side of rib cage, I thought I was having a heart attack. 4 days later, got on plain back to London, went Emergencies about 10 times in 3 months, they run me X-ray, ECG, ECHOCARDIOGRAM, Running machine to monitor my heart's activities. Everything came back normal. Heart attack ruled out, I started googling my symptoms, bad idea, all my symptoms matched cancer symptoms, I convinced myself that I had cancer, my doctor run tens of blood tests all came normal, he referred me for lumber scan and brain scan both MRI, came back normal, left side of my belly got swollen, i checked google it says might be kidney problem, I freaked out, went back to my doctor, he ordered Ultrasound check for all my internal organs, from lungs to bladder all showed normal plus blood tests all fine. Because I was over thinking, my brain couldn't take it anymore, thunderclap headaches, I couldnt stand still or seat down in one place, I thought I was going crazy. The top of my head was on fire and both temples. Went back to my doctor, prescribed Zopiclone but even zopiclone couln't put me to sleep I couldn't sleep for 3 weeks then things calmed a bit down with the help of my pastor, then I found a new job as a bus driver. One day as I was driving, all of a sudden my head started feeling like the back of the bus was spinning around like it was going to hit all the parked cars. It happened again about 4 times and got worse, stiff neck, headaches, chest pain etc i couldnt understand what was going on it got to the point that one day i stopped in the middle of the road and was unable to stir left or right. severe vertigo, dizziness. i called my garage, they sent a spare driver to get the bus I quit my job, 14 Feb this year, I plunged into major depression, one month of not getting out of my bed. Got a bit well but since feb till now I can't drive anymore as I get dizzy when driving and feels like the car is spinning around all the time. And around March I started having the drunk-like feelings especially if walk for couple of meters I would feel so disoriented, my head would feel so heavy like is going to fall over, my eyes couldn't see things in a straight line it's either bendy or wavy, until now. I went for eyes checks, all fine. My doctor couldn't figure out what was going on with me. I got depressed again. I felt the thunderclamp and tension headache again, I was so angry and p****d off and decided to end it my way, I overdosed on paracetamols, Ibroprofen, Diazepam and Zopiclone. called ambulance, took me to A&E, the run blood tests for liver and kidney functions, luckily, and brain CT SCAN, all came back normal. No damage. I was discharged and went home. I doctor decided to put me on antidepressant, Mirtazapine and referred me to be seen by a Neurologist which is going to be on the 29 OCT and he said if that comes normal as well then he will send me to see a ENT (EAR, NECK and THROAT) specialist. I stopped taking the antidepressant because of its side effects; hallucinations, weight gain etc. But now, I'm better. No longer depressed, i can control panic attacks by reassuring my myself that it's going to pass. Now I'm planing to see a chiropractor and I'll let you know of the final outcome. Best luck!

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      Wow you have gone through a lot of difficult times. It is so frustrating when you are feeling these symptoms but all your tests come back normal. Yes please let me know what your neurologist says and if your sessions with chiropractor help you out. Best of luck!

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      I had so much of same thing going on with me & finally after 2 yrs. I had a VNG test & they said crystals were loose in my ears. Finally got a manuver done & my head stopped the spinning, BUT since has been like drunkheaded- Thinking crystal could be stuck in a spot & want move[is wt it feels like to me] It's been 7 yrs. fr start & I can only get in a store maybe 2 times a month for few minutes.Sometimes, I wonder if my nervous system is messed up- Got appt. with a new Neuro 26th-hope & pray I can be fixed. Vertigo does cause anxeity & some has to do with it also. Praying you find help.

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      HI Lautrela007, I know that i few years has passed but i would like to know if you got an answer and if the chiropractor worked ?

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    I'm really sorry to read about what you are going through. I've had my fair share of pain and now pain free i decided to help others in pain hence why I joined this forum.

    I'd suggest you get checked for vitamin deficiency. In my case i was severely deficient in vitamin B The funny thing is I was in so much pain I didn’t think something so simple and common could be the source of all the pain. I cant write too much im in bed and typing on my phone. Please get this test done. It wont hurt to give it a try.

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      Thank you for your advice. I will try to get it done.

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      I have the same symtpoms. Swollen head, headaches that move, facial tension, ear fullness.

      And also vitamin d deficient. So far Ive been using vitamin d supplements the last two days.

      Idk if its working just yet. But I still have the same symptoms.

      All this started from a supposed "ear infection" back in January after I had flu-like symptoms.

      I never had this happen to me before but I guess theyre common?

      My mind instantly thinks neck cancer or brain tumor...but I havent passed out yet ugh

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    Any updates? My fiance feels these exact symptoms and has had every test you can think of. Shes felt this way for the last 12 years and no doctor can explain the cause. It started off happening off and on and for brief moments but now it is constant and driving her crazy. We would love some help and/or direction. Thank you!

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      Ask for VNG test fr Neuro & get a manuver done

      It will show if she has vertigo & which ear it's in.

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    Hi jung,

    just wanted to reach out and say i have the exact same symptoms for 3 months now. PRESSURE in my head, tingling hands/ arms, the feeling of being tipsy/ high. went to the Dr and they had no idea what could cause it. ran all the tests. at this point im hoping its diet related as the gut and brain have a significant connection, have you found any causes?!

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    Hello, sorry to jump on this but I've been having these issues since I was 15, I'm now 30 and have had no luck! It's getting worse, I suffer with motion sickness when driving and playing video games, however I've started getting dizzy and vomiting when sat still doing nothing. Has anyone had any luck?

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    could it be migraines? i have had many of the same symptoms for over 10 years and my doctor thinks it could be migraine-related. not all migraines cause massive headaches apparently. I'm waiting on some meds.

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