head feels piercing pain from bending over sneeze cough HELP

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I need to know if anyone else has this. My husband has had these sympotms for a few months now. He has seen 2 Doctors and had CT w and w/o / MRI of brain W and W/O blood work and MRI of neck and spine and also MRA and MRV. He is not over weight and extremely active his whole life. When he sneezes it feels like a sharp piercing pain in his frontal forehead from temple to temple. He gets this with any straining and also when he tries to move around in bed such as turning from side to side. He cannot pick things up off the ground nor tie his shoes. The same pain if he tries to get in the car too. He rates this sharp apin a 9-10 everytime. Nothing takes this pain away. He can no longer do sit ups or push ups the closer the head is to the ground the instesity of the pressure pain is there. Once this has happens its a lingeirng headache for hours until he takes ibupropen. This has become dibiltating to his life. These simple tasks create pain for him daily. He doesnt smoke nor does he take any socail drugsor ever has he eats healthy and takes care of himself. He did take doxycycline in September for chest cold before the symptoms began in October. They have progressed since then. The ER doctor suggested teeth were going to a doctor..but I thought it to be comical honestly. All the testing he has had done if read correctly by the radiologist are all in the clear no tumor no blockage no stroke. So now its possibly idiopathic intrcranial pressure he has maybe and there giving him see if it works to relive symptoms..but he has not pressure behind the eyes and no vision problems.He doesnt even have headaches unless he does those few movemets. He doesnt seem to meet the criterai of the IIH diagnosis

I saw on the side effects of the doxycycline it can associated with the increased cranial pressure..I just hope someone else who has the same awful symptoms and is suffering will read this and provide some insight its so scary because after all this all these tests we no nothing........more doctors on the horizon more tests too..this is no way for somone to live without help in our modern life of science...the doctors to I feel are flooded with patience and its hard to find a doctor who will really listen and understand.

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    These symptoms sound very similar to the head pains I get. Mine are a

    common side effect of brain surgery (which I've had). However, I believe

    that my problem (diagnosed as hydrocephalus) can be caused by other

    things than this. I told my surgeon that it felt like my brain was being

    squashed, he said that, essentially, that's what was happening. Hydrocephalus

    can be relieved using a drain, I've chosen to live with the one and off pain,

    as I really don't want any more medical intervention (at least for now).

    I hope you find a workable solution, soon.

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      Wendy..thank you for your respomse..can you desrcribe to me what causes the pain for you and how intense it is..They rules out the hydrocephalus for Greg. We are assesing the possibility of the Idiopathis Intrcranial pressure with this new medicine he is on. The syptoms are strange and baffling to people when I explain them. I just cannot accept they cannot diagnose this..What type of Brain surgery did you have and did you have the pain prior to surgery??
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    Hi kelly.

    I've had these symptoms for 30 years but for me it is constant. My entire life has been ruined, 2 failed marriages and 2 job dismissals along the way.

    I have taken every preventive med there is but no scans or tests. My Doctor's seem content that i am not dying and leave me to it.

    I have recently accessed my medical records and see i have visited a GP 64 times since 1970 with the same symptoms. I have also seen 2 neurologists who have prescribed antidepressants.

    Please let me know of any progress.


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      Hello Ian, thank you for your respinse. Greg has these pains when he does certain movememnts. What brings it on for you? Have you had MRI testing ? Can you be more specific for me like what brings ont he pain what does it feel like? For Greg it is when he does certain movememnts and then resluts in the sharp poercing pain then a lingering headache. I am so sorry for your condition and what you jave went through. This just strated for my husband a few months ago and has progressed.. There has to be a medical reason and treatment to help people I just cannot accceot in this day and time we dont know so my journey begins to help him.
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    Sorry about your husbands pains....i to have the exact same...had all the MRI's and scans and scan of face of sinus' and all clear....everyone in this group has pretty much same symptoms and nobody can find out from any of their doctors what the cause is very bad sometimes and neurologist thinks maybe menopause for me and muscular from sitting at computer all day and something in my neck....i wish someone's DR would really care and try and find out what's going on....wishing your hubby luck.....the only time i can get relief is lying down going to bed as the pains subside then and start again in the morning after i get is a never ending battle it seems.

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    hi. did you ever find out what was causing your husbands pains? I've started with the same thing and can't find anything anywhere online apart from this thread which sounds exactly like this. started about 5 weeks ago each time I bend down, shout, laugh etc I get this piercing pain through my head from one side to the other which then leaves me with a pressure headache for the rest of the day. I've had ct scan and bloods and an eye test and all came back clear but the docs don't know what's causing it. it's making me completely miserable! any answers? Thank you

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      hi do you still have this issue as i have also been having it and its been around 5 weeks now . my CT was clear and am waiting for mri result but its making me so miserable

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