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21 year old male

It all started early summer months when I had a breast lump scare that ended up being nothing. From that day forward I had the following;

1. Testicular Cancer Scare

2. Lymphoma

3. Leukemia

4. Brain Tumour

5. ALS


Right at this moment im worried I have MS and I do have severe health anxiety ever since this summer. I have always been a worrier but the health anxiety recently has taken over my life. I have had various neurological symptoms such as twitching, crawling sensations, etc. They have pretty much went away and subsided. 2 Months ago I suffered from a headache that lasted a month that kept swtiching sides. I had a CT scan and they found nothing and I could not sleep. Once I was assured that the headaches were nothing I was able to get my sleep back on track and my headaches have not returned since. When my headaches started to go away I developed a feeling of water running down my face or cold patches on one side of the face that could happen anywhere on that side of my face and didnt follow in a line or anything like that. This can also happen on the other side just less common. Doctor didnt say much and it subsided for about a week where I was barely noticing it. Now yesterday it has come back and I dont know if it is anxiety related or MS. it comes and goes within minutes and I feel like I can make the water drop feeling come when I rub the top of my jaw close to my ear. I have no idea what is going on...any thoughts?

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    Hi Christian. You have had some stresses in your life of late heh? You could ask the doctor if you could have Fibromyalgia.  Has the doctor ever mentioned that you could have GAD, General Anxiety Disorder? This is very common today. Have you had some kind of traumatic experience to speak of in the past? Sometimes this can create the onset of an anxiety disorder. Health worries can be a significant part of this. Feeling a deep insecurity can bring these fears to the fore. We all like to feel in control of our existence and what happens around us, but we really don’t have control over other people, only over ourselves and our own decisions. Being young and not having a great deal of experience in life as yet, you can feel at a loss at times in handling challenging situations. Are you being seen by a doctor for your anxiety Christian? Have they recommended some mild sedative or a mild antidepressant? There is so much you can do now to manage these health fears. There are self help books out there that give amazing methods to help you. I know that one very successful method, is to write down all your instant thoughts and worries, which can often be irrational, and then reason with each thought as you would a dear friend or family member you are deeply connected with. A line down a page, one side write your fears and negative thinking, then on the other, your rational reasoning. If a friend said to you, ‘I am such a loser!’ And you knew that that was just not true, how could you reason with him truthfully to make him see that this is an irrational thought. Well that is the same technique you need to do with your worry Christian. If you have had all these medical tests done and they came out normal, then you need to be reassured that you are basically a healthy young man. Anxiety is known to cause many physical symptoms Christian that can feel scary but the body reacts to stress in strange ways. So I think that once you find a way to manage these scary thoughts, you will feel so much better. I know of a book that might help you. It is excellent and it helped me many years ago when I was experiencing a great deal of stress. I will mention it to you by email because they might not allow me to name the book on this site. So never despair Christian. There are so many things you can do to help yourself. And you are completely capable of managing, this one day at a time. Hugs! Maggie
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      Thank you Maggie! I have an MRI Jan 3rd to ease my mind says the doctor as he suspects its all anxiety. I never use to be like this. I was in school and my mind was dealing with school. once school ended I have had a lump come and I thought it was cancer. that kick started it all for me, then one problem went to another and here we are. Staying inside all day has made me notice every little thing and google does not help one bit.
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    Ok, so that could mainly be at the source of your problems Christian. I will send you the name of the book by email. It  helped me through a very stressful time. Fear is a powerful emotion and most of our fears are basically irrational. The thought seems sound and then the thought is followed by the strong emotion, and then as a result, we tend to believe the original fear thought. It is like a domino effect Christian and it happens in a split second, but you really can get on top of it. The book comes mainly in Paperback format but it is well worth purchasing. This lady really knows her stuff! And perhaps you may in time, consider taking a mild antidepressant which could make a great deal of difference in how you feel. Together, these two methods could help you tremendously. Medication does have it’s place Christian. It is the abuse and long term dependency that basically could create a problem. Not a short term period of adjustment. So don’t be afraid of following the doctors’ recommendations. You are in charge however, and you don’t have to take more than one specific medication. It could be a slight chemical imbalance that you have. Or You could also try natural products to calm the nervous system. But addressing your fears is the best therapy in my opinion. That method seems to work very well in removing these obsessive thoughts and often distorted beliefs. Challenging the validity of your thinking is the key! You will get on top of this Christian. I know you can! You are not alone in this state of worry and catastrophic type thinking. There is a world of people out there who struggle with the same issues Christian. Don’t ever feel alone sweetie! You are never alone. So try to have a good weekend. Get out and get some fresh air. Walking is one of the best ways to improve our mood and promote some optimism. Simple steps that dont’ take a great deal of motivation, but that can make a world of difference. Maggie xx
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