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I'm 28 I've been suffering with abdominal pains on and off for a year now.ive had blood tests,stool samples,ultrasound

And all come back normal.

The pain mainly is left side just below ribs and the lower left.

My bowel movements are sometimes loose and sometimes hard normal just depends what I eat I guess that's the same for just sick and tired of worrying and I know if I go back to my gp nothing new would just worrying about the obvious cancer I'm constantly checking for blood in stool alright I sometimes see mucas.the pain goes away sometimes then comes back it's come back again about 5 days ago.

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    Hi jason37778

    What is your diet like?..try keeping a food diary and see if there are any foods that kick off the stop being anxious as anxiety and stress will make your symptoms much wishes....

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      It's not the best but also it's not terrible at the same time.i excersise quite a lot I hardly drink.

      It just seems to be random it doesn't seem to be good that sets it off 

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      Hi jason37778

      You gave me a clue in your reply..'you exercise a lot' is the exercise very intense and lengthy often do you exercise?....

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      Try to excerise 3-4 times a week it's not muscular because it doesn't hurt to touch 

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      Hi jason37778

      I wasn't thinking muscular....i was thinking overworked adrenals..this happens on occasion with too much strenuous turn it causes stomach and digestive problems. Your adrenals sit on top of your kidneys, if they are overworked they release high volumes of cortisol that cause the gut problems....just a suggestion you may want to look into..perhaps stop exercise for a while and see what happens...think back five days ago did you exercise that day? wishes..

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    Hi, I have pains similar to what you describe I was given Laxido by my doctor as he says I have constipation I take one mixed in water before bed and helps pains sometimes come back at night, could be constipation.
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    I repeat myself,

    but I can't raise enough awareness,

    that not all abdominal pain is 'just' directly gut or gall bladder related

    as we personally had a very different diagnosis after 2 years of searching and educating myself a lot, re-reading done imaging and getting proven to be right after being dismissed for years.

    I can't hear those psychologic excuses anymore either. We were put into this 'psycho' draw from 'wrong pain interpreation' to 'just have more fun in your life, try to live with pain' and actually have a severe organic issue causing all the pains.

    Please google 'nutcracker',

    concerning left renal vein.

    It can be shown in MRI (axial and sagittal plane),

    best is a doppler ultrasound for this specific indication of vascular issues

    (just 'some' ultrasound does not say what was looked at and one ultrasound or MRI never ever looks at all possibilities. Mostly they look at organs only or the obvious tumor or volvulus, that can show up. These are must-do imaging, but when they come back normal, not everything is automatically normal as it is so often wrongly assumed also by referring docs. Vascular issues are much more hidden and need specific tests).

    My child is MALS and nutcracker severely positive.

    Luckily SMAS/Wilkie not really much of an issue as the duodenum widens to 8mm at peristalsis with solids through that abdo aorta/SMA clamp, but left renal vein 100% closed off by this clamp causing a lot of flank pain and congestion of other veins due to dammed blood. It can be seen on ultrasound, very clearly. Yet there are docs who dismiss nutcracker as 'just a coincidental finding' and often 'in 50% no issue', hello, that means in 50% it is an issue. Radilogists have for my liking far too much power about conclusions, which the clinician should make.

    MALS being a ligament cutting in the coeliac artery (that supports stomach) and coeliac ganglion (causing nausea, vomiting). Different issue.

    It is good to have the common basics covered, I am sure your pancreas was checked, too (imaging, blood enzyme levels).

    You can sit back an relax,

    something chronic does not kill you tomorrow.

    You can do food diaries,

    see if it has to do with enzymes, (you can eat digestive enzymes, there are very good mixes around, can't mention here), some swear by some herbs to help them with indigestion causing pain, some have food intolerances and the likes, all not killing one.

    Yet we have done it all, from food diary, no gluten, no diary, opting vitamines up, pure fruit, FODMAP, GAPS, no grains, probiotics multiple different ones, nothing helped because our issue is a vascular related one, a vascular compression. Not food or stomach acid or anything common.

    So yes, you need to observe your habits, foods, reactions, diets,

    but please don't forget issues (as docs often forget them! been there), that have nothing to do with digestion or tumors. Like nutcracker and similar compressions.

    I encourage you, after you have trialed different diets to no success, to join specific groups to find out a knowledgable doc in your area to exclude vascular issues.

    All the best!!!

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    Keep going back to your doctor and ask about IBS which doesn’t show on any test or scan.  Try a food diary to find out if you have a food intolerance.  I have IBS and started with generalised stomach pain that moved about, back pain, nausea,  constipation and loose, urgent stools.

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