Any long term users out there? Wanted some advice but also just curious

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Hi all

There is so much judgemental fearmongoring about long term ssri use on the internet that I am freaking myself out. I won't go into my full story, but I am now on citalpram for the 4th time - it always seems after coming off them I am fine for a matter of months and then everything comes flooding back. Have tried CBT and doesn't seem to work for me, I honestly feel my problem is more 'chemical' as I Can't ever seem to work out what is making me anxious or panicky.

Anyway - I keep hearing horror stories about long term effects of citalopram - heart problems, the risk of the meds 'pooping out', dependency, risk of altzheimers etc - but there never seems to be any definitive proof. 

And has anyone been on citalopram through pregnancy? I'm noq curious as to whether I might meed to be on these long term and would like to try for a family next year.

All comments welcome.


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    Hi Holly

    Dont take to heart what you read on the internet.  Most scaremongering is from people who've never taken these and have no understanding. It pees me off with do-gooders thinking they know better.

    I've taken these for 15 years, and was advised by my doctor I should take these for life.  If you had epilepsy, diabetes or heart problems, then you'd be taking lifelong medication, so these are no different.

    There is absolutely no dependency whatsoever on these - they are not addictive.  I've heard people say 'oh I wouldn't take anti depressants if I had depression, as I don't believe in pills'.  Well I always have an answer - diabetes, heart and blood pressure, epilepsy and many other illnesses require medication, and depression is an actual illness too so it also requires the same treatment.  I'd also like to see these people cope.

    Pregnancy - I don't think you can take these throughout but you would need discuss to with your GP.  I had 2 children in the 90's and was taking Anafranil throughout (not SSRI's) under my doctors supervision.  Both children perfect.  Obviously it's best not to take anything throughout, but you need to discuss this thoroughly.

    So ..... scaremongering - don't let it bother you, and if this medication does cause me to have something serious (which it won't), at least I'll go to my maker a damned happy person :-)


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      Thank you katecogs! I always really appreciate your comments and insight into things. Thanks for understanding smile also I saw an interesting comment earlier, if citalopram cuts your life down 'I would rather live to 70 feeling happy and like myself than live to 90 feeling miserable and a nervous wreck.'

      Too true x

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      Haha that's too true! confused

      We who suffer go through so much, not only with the illness, but side effects of medicines too, so when people write flippant remarks about taking anti depressants, I find it quite sad.  When I've been ill, I just want positive remarks, so one damning remark can be so taken to heart and send me spiralling back down again.  Even those in the medical profession can say the wrong thing - I've heard it many times.

      So ...... I shall pop my pills til I die laughing lol xxx

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    Hi Holly. The reason why you are probably only ok for a gap few months and then fall again is a sure sign that you didn't stay on the medication long enough. There is no rush to come off the medication and the longer you are on them for,the less likely you are to relapse.

    I always stay on them for about two years and I had 13 years of being well before this present episode.

    I have no problems what so ever with thinking that this time I'm never coming off them again. I've made a decision that even if I feel on top of the world,I am staying on medication for ever. There is no shame in medication and I am tired of keep having to fight through this. I've had 2 major breakdowns and 2 minor ones in my life and if it's ever going to happen again,I'm hoping that the medication will stop the fall being so hard.

    I feel pregnant while on Citalopram and my doctor said I was able to continue on them. I'm not to sure how correct his info was but I stayed on them and everything turned out fine.

    I wish you all the luck in the world Hun and hope your future us brighter and happier xxx

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      Thank you very much Gillian and you too - I know you have had your ups and downs with the meds and cit didn't work for you this time. What are you on now and are they helping?

      The first couple of times I'm sure I wasn't on cit long enough, but the last time (up until the beginning of this year) I was on them for 4 years!! So I thought it was long enough, by maybe only forever is long enough.

      Much love and luck to you x

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    Wondering if anyoe else has got any stories/tips? x
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    Hi holly. 

    I've been taking cit for 14 months. I started on 10mg and have gone up to 40mg for about 4 months now. Still get my up and down days, some really down days at times but I always think to myself how down would I feel if I wasn't on them. 

    I have spoke. With my gp about this and he said ty for a bit longer but may need to try a different tablet if it continues. 

    I was wondering if people who have been taking them for a while could comment on side effects. I had the common nausea when I first started takig them and whenever I increased the dose for a couple of weeks. But as I said about 4 months on 40mg and I'm not sure f the side effects would start this far in: terrible night sweats!! 

    Has anyone else had side effects after taking them for a while? 

    Any comments appreciated, thanks. 


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