Any luck with ETD? Anyone? Has anything worked for you?

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As you can probably guess by my name I haven't had any luck with ETD. I had one of those head colds 3 or so years ago and my ears are messed up ever since. I have no health problems besides my ears. My ears started to ring maybe 5 days in to the viral infection i had and i started tilting to one side. My ears then.. tubes maybe? hurt for 3 months and i was quite dizzy at night. Now they just ring everyday all day and pop every time i swallow. Its like living in a hell you cant escape. Can i exit stage left and the ringing and clicking will stop? Has anyone had any success with any vitamins, drugs, treatments anything? I never did take steroids for it maybe that is why they are still ringing. I shouldn't have listened to the side effects and everyone's complaining and just taken them. Maybe they would have helped?? I havent tried anything i just suffered for 3 months but i was reading these forums and everyone said that steroids didnt work for them and nothing worked for them at all. I tried turmeric tea but it didnt make it stop and i eat very healthy. The ENTs pretty much just gave me steriod nasal spray and sent me on the way. I begged my ENT to look in my ears with the scope and she did probably to make money from the procedure. She couldn't find anything and wanted me to get an MRI. I didnt want to because of the expense. My symptoms have been tinnitus both ears, popping every time i swallow, fleeting tinnitus, dizziness from time to time when turning my head, and its not better with time its still there same symptoms. Its depressing and the ENTs have no clue what to do. What makes it worse is people see that you look normal and healthy and they dont understand that tinnitus and ETD can be pretty debilitating especially at night when you hear it i hate hearing my ears ringing! So has anyone had any sucess with any treatments??

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    Hi there

    Sorry to hear about your issues.

    My ENT gave me steroids (prednisone) but really they are to test if you would be a good candidate for grommets rather than a fix. If your ears get better on prednisone then grommets would work. I wasn't keen on grommets as I have other ear issues and scared to mess about with anything that could make my hearing worse.

    The best thing for tinnitus is CBT through a psychologist. I have had tinnitus for, must be about 20 years, and until I got ETD had completely habituated to it. It was still there but I ceased to hear it. Now the ETD has given me new sounds and I need to retrain my brain.

    I would love to have some proper answers to our issues but I don't think we will get them as the medical profession simply does not know enough about ETD and tinnitus. Sometimes I think I would be better with a witch doctor 😃 Know one can give me the answers I want and that is half of my problem.

    Having said that after 8 months my EDT is much much better. Still a little fizz and occasional pop. So it can happen - just don't why or how.....

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      hi Gail

      ive also been recently diagnosed with ETD, although it was by a GP coz my ENT told me that i had TMJ, but i have no joint pain or pain at all in my face, and overall i trust my GP very much. he is so good. but the condition slowly starting to drive me crazy i cant focus on anything anymore. its been with me for a week already with no signs of improvement and im just scared ill have to live like this. i already have suicidal thoughts.

      i cant find anyone on the forums with symptoms quite like mine. because although i occasionally feel pressure and ear fullness and even mild tinnitus, my main symptom is hearing my jaw hollow grinding noises every time i move my jaw or attempting to eat anything.

      its been a week like this and nothing is helping at the moment.

      im just writing in hope that someone might have experienced something similar...

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      Hi Gail

      You're so lucky! So happy for you. I was put on prednisolone and antibiotics and it's done nothing, ive had etd and tinnitus for almost 4 months. I've been told grommet is the next step and im so scared, trouble sleeping with tinnitus, im so tired, its ruining my life. Did prednisone do anything for you? Did you try CBT therapy through psych? I have been putting garlic ear oil in my ear and don't know id i should be doing it, is there anything you did that you think helped it get better? Should I do grommet? Thanks so much in advance!

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      i am sorry to hear the issues you are having its very distressing and that distress also makes it all worse its catch 22 but you can get better.

      On the question of grommets , i can't answer that . find an ENT you trust and listen to their advice.

      Garlic oil- dont see why that would work and i would avoid putting things into your ears unless you understand what it may do.

      With tinnitus i can be more helpful . i never got cbt as back in the day i didnt know it existed! i would now though for sure

      you CAN learn to manage, habituate to your tinnitus no matter how loud. i can hear mine above a vacuum cleaner! i can zone that out.

      there is lots of positive help online. Do NOT read doom and gloom stories Most people get better or habituate. it will be ok

      For me a lot of my issues came from anxiety so talk to your gp about a mental health plan, if you feel this applies to you . then you can get cbt, meds, and all the support you need.

      dont suffer, seek help and good luck

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