Any natural remedies for LPR sore throat?

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Hi, I have gastritis (hpylori) and lpr. I think my gastritis has mostly healed, no more burning, pain or bloating in stomach. Now I am left with just a sore throat mostly, which doesn't come on always but comes on most days, particularly towards evening. Can it be food intolerance? Should I get tested for that? was on PPI for 4 months, it didn't help the sore throat although it might have helped the gastritis heal. I do not want to continue medication for long time as I want to have a baby soon. Can anyone suggest a natural remedy for the sore throat? Will apple cider vinegar help?i do take probiotics, ginger tea (which does seem to soothe the sore throat for a while), neem tea and triphala (Ayurvedic medicine). 

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    Aloe Vera juice or coconut juice. ORGANIC
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      Thanks nd..

      Coconut juice is the same as coconut water right? ? I tried Georges aloe vera (which tasted just like water) and it didn't make any difference..but I can try a different brand again or I can buy the leaves and eat the gel. I do use it for my face sometimes as a mask..was only worried about the bitter taste but anything can be tolerated to beat this sore throat I guess smile

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    warm saline solution with dash of turmeric.wink
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    Many people use milk thistle and slippery elm to soothe the throat and stomach.  You can use them as teas.  Also, you can open a vitamin E capsule and swallow it directly so it coats the throat.  Regards
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    Hi sirivinay,

    I don't know if ACV will help your throat nor do I think you have a food intolerance unless you had it before the HP...perhaps LPR caused?

    Some guesses:

    I don’t know the cause of your sore throat….it could be from the triple therapy’s antibiotics and PPI’s…antibiotics are known to cause thrush..keep an eye on your throat for white patches…PPI’s are also known to cause a sore throat..4 months is quite some time…someone mentioned Milk Thistle..this would be excellent but for a different reason…metabolization of any lingering medications in your system…they are all predominately metabolized by the liver.

    You are on the right track with probiotics…the Japanese use 6 to 12 months of probiotics and diets with fermented foods…vegetables and yogurts. And a major reduction of salt for post treatment of Hpylori…and follow up’s..some at 6 months if a peptic ulcer is involved, and 12 months otherwise.

    One of our favorite post hp treatments is nightly a lozenge of bismuth…several weeks, then stop.

    A lozenge of L Salivarius daily might resolve your throat issue..even if it resolves quickly continue for 30 days….….should be 30 to 60 lozenges per container..

     I am not addressing LPR, only HP induced Gastritis, and sore throat…Gastritis often seems fine but even  very small amount of inflammation isn’t helpful. Oh and I consider you wise indeed to try and keep your system in good shape pre pregnancy....Ann

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      Thank you ann and nick for such an elaborate reply smile

      Actually my LPR started in oct'14. Before that I was normal and healthy and never had stomach issues ever. Not sure what triggered it. My initial LPR symptom was globus mainly. After a month I started developing symptoms of gastritis. Endoscopy in jan'15 revealed hpylori induced gastritis and mild esophagitis. I took antibiotics then, 5 months back. I gradually reduced the ppi and stopped it one month back (no rebound thankfully).

      But this sore throat symptom is relatively new, it started 1.5 months back. Some days if I eat something it comes on suddenly and some days it doesnt. That's why I wondered if it's food intolearance.

      I do eat lot of yoghurt, it's a staple in Indian diets as well. I also avoid spicy and fatty foods, sleep on an incline etc.

      I will try the bismuth. Haven't taken that. What is L. Salivarius? I have not heard of that.

      I do have some white patches at the back of my tongue, the front and middle of my tongue is quite pink. I dont know if it is thrush. What can I do for the thrush?

      I just want to heal completely before i have a baby. My husband has been battling kidney stones since 2 weeks. He has GERD too, but much milder than mine. A year back we were fit and fine and suddenly, so many issues. Just hope to find a solution.

      I guess i just have to be careful with what i eat for the rest of my life if I want to keep the gastritis under control.

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      Hi again,

      I very much enjoy when there is clear descriptions...makes it so much more easy to digest and evaluate probable cause and treatment.

      Since the two of you went from good to digestive issues...I would "guess" a restaruant outing or similar. May have been only a first domino? I'll try and find a Researchers treatment of GERD that he used after years of following diets, meds, and dr's ppi's. will PM you with this info "if I can find'

      With white patches, most likely your sore throat is mild thrush or a candida sort...this "may" require a prescription of nystatin or micostatin.

      LSalivarius is the big player in your oral cavity...sometimes with antibiotics, ...this bacteria is depleted...putting it back, or making certian you have, is an easy non benign remedy....Much like acidophlius except LSalivarius is not acid resistant..its "active" ph range is that of the normal oral cavity of 6.5PH...and you'd like for it to stick around throughout the mouth, dentals, throat etc....I do not know "for certain"  if it will attack candida but it might...your description of intermittent seems the probiotics/yogurts might be attempting to supress it??

      Nick's friend DonClaudio's wife mirrored your sysmptoms and diagnosis..but much worse..and we followed the ups and downs during the very long treatment process. He stated that the final cure could have been the yogurts, pre and probiotics, bismuth, and L drugs other than the ones used in tripple therapy. The bismuth for HP, the L Glutamine for lining repair. She did use slippery elm and dgl initially when her gastritis was severe..and almost anything into her stomach created pain. In remission now for 7 months and is slowly putting back  lost weight.. btw..your in good hands with your intellect...I have a great deal of confidence you'll do well...if not already, use google scholar for your search for info...also plos one and or science daily, will be an excellent info source for your husbands kidney/bladder/prostate as well (its a lot of time and work since MOST abstracts  speak a different language). Ann



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      Nick mentioned to me you couldt be correct re food intolerance..."if pre antibiotics "no problem" but post...could be bacteria imbalance...and it can take some time. There are a lot of temp fixes and some are very  good in my view because irritation and inflammation reduction gives the body time to heal.  and I haven't forgotten about your husbands GERD, just haven't found the post?... Ann
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    I also have LPR everyday and feel like something (like gas) is stuck in my throat but not sore throat.

    Do you also feel sth like gas in your throat or not?

    I try to control it mostly by diet and breathing exersices. If I get acid I take some antiacid pills which helps.

    I use fresh ginger, probiotics and L-glutamine also.

    If you find sth that can help, plz let me know also smile

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