Any recommendations for orthopedic surgeon for talonavicular fusion?

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I am desperately seeking recommendations for talo navicular fusion surgeons - who have done a great job with you. If you have any recommendations, I would be really super grateful! It is so bewildering to know who to choose. One was suggested who does ballet dancers, but his manner was so off putting  and terrified me by saying he would obliterate the joint with his power saws that I am put off him. So i am still seeking. Any recommndations?

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    Hey, don't know if it's too late, only just saw this post - but have you tried the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North London? I had my talo fusion by a surgeon there. He was very good!

    Good luck! X

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      Thank u CJ! How was ur experience of talonavicular fusion. Painful? And how long in boot!? Plus what were the initials of ur surgeon? And are u able to walk normally and without a limp with ur fusion? So many questions! I have been putting off this surgery for a while now but I need to do it now so need to prepare myself and get best possible person.

      Thank U

      Ariane x

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      Hey Ariane,

      So I had my talonavicular fusion about 7 years ago - it was a bit complicated, but I had an open fracture of my left ankle and it had 'fused' itself in the healing process, but I still has 'micro-movement' in the joint which was incredibly painful so a talo fusion was performed. So I'm not sure if the answers I give are the 'norm' for a talo fusion - but I'll tell you my experience anyway!

      So, the initial few days post op were sore, but they kept it at bay with analgesics. I was in hospital for about 3 days I think, and had a backslab and bandages. I went home and was told to stay on bed rest, and keep my foot elevated above my heart as much as possible to reduce swelling. The pain wasn't too bad, it was probably the worst when I had had it elevated for a few hours and then got up on my crutches to go get something and all the blood would rush to the foot, and that was really uncomfortable. But the pain wasn't unbearable. After a week I was in a plaster cast for a few weeks. Still non weight bearing. I think I finally got a boot at about week 6 (my fusion had united so it was safe to start partial weight bearing) and by week 9/10 I was walking in trainers. - obviously I'm trying to remember this from a long time ago, and may be getting it muddled with the partial fusion of my right foot, but pretty sure that was the rough timeline.

      Once the surgical wound had healed and I was able to fully weightbear I had to learn to adjust to the lack of movement in the foot (mines completely solid - can't move the ankle up or down or side to side), so going up and down hills or stairs can be a bit tricky and also uneven surfaces, like sand, can be a bit more difficult. But I didn't have a significant limp - unless you knew to look out for it I'd say you wouldn't have been able to tell.

      7 years on and I still am virtually pain free in the ankle (occasional very minor aches if I over do it). But I do get pain in the joints at the end of my foot and in my toes, where I've had to put all my weight through the ball of my foot for going up and down stairs etc. I've developed arthritis further down the foot (but this was also because I had to fully weight bear on that foot after operations on my other ankle - as I said, its a bit of a complex case!)

      Anyway, my surgeon was very good, he's a very well known foot and ankle specialist at the RNOH, MR. D. S. and he did a great job.

      I think my advice would be, hold off until the pain is impacting your life so much that you feel you no longer have the option. Its not a surgery to rush into as it is permanent and you can't 'undo' a fusion. Also do your research, and ask the surgeon any questions you have - believe me, if you've thought of it, someone else will have too so they've heard them all before smile

      If you have any other questions or just wanna chat then just message. Good luck! And I hope my answer helps a bit - sorry if its not that helpful, its probably a bit better to ask someone whose just had a 'standard' talk fusion with no complications! Ha!!

      All the best

      Charlotte x

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    Hi Ariane,

    I don't have a recommendation for a surgeon (live elsewhere) but I recently had a talonavicular fusion (07/26/16). I am happy to answer any questions I can as there doesn't seem to be a lot of information available on this topic.

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      My daughter is looking to have a fusion in a few months. This will be her 5th surgery in 6 years. I am nervous as a mother as this seems to the end of the rope. She is 15 and an active cheerleader and tennis player. I am wondering if the fusion will help in the pain that she has everyday sometimes with no activity. Will welcome any and all thoughts advice and comments. Thanks!
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      Hi Erin,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply.

      My questions for you are

      You had a talonavicular fusion 3 months ago. Why did you have it? Were you presented with any other choices X?

      3 months on, what stage are you at now? And can u move ur ankle ok and within the same range?

      I suppose the crucial questions for me are how long do you have to have your foot elevated above your head? 2 weeks? 2 months?

      And is the operation painful?

      Voila! I hope you are healing well and that things are progressing well

      Look forwards to hearing your reply

      Very best


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      Hi - I am going tomorrow for my tavonavicular fusion. I am really nervous as I've read such varying accounts of people's recovery experiences - I have to have my tavonavicular joint fused and a great deal of arthritis removed from the top of my foot/ankle. I'm in a great deal of pain with every step I take and have been so basically for 8 years - I'm only 43! I think it stems from a break in my foot when I was very young but not sure why this has happened to me. I am really getting anxious about pain and recovery, and hopeful that the related pain I've started to have (hip, knee, leg) will subside once my foot issue is fixed and I stop compensating when I walk...any thoughts would be much appreciated!!! Thank you!

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