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Orthopaedic Disorders

New discussion Join group Also known as Bone Disorders, DISH (Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis), Dupuytren's Contracture, Forestier's Disease, Joint Contracture, Marfan's Syndrome, Osteochondroses, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Paget's Disease of Bone

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  • kale31521 1

    Broken femur recovery question

    I broke my femur about 4 and a half weeks ago during spring break when I got tackled on the beach by a guy about twice my size. Doctors said it was a clean break, and I had surgery the following morning. In terms of recovery I feel that I am doing well, as I no longer need pain medication and am no

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  • eva17366 1

    One of my carpal bones are maybe displaced what to do?

    I've never had any bad accidents or injuries but when i was playing this game i scratched myself on my left hand where one of my carpal bones feels like it's sticking out and then i touched my right hand it's fine any tips or help regards ~ Eva

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  • Roger2Dodger 3

    After Radiation Therapy

    After radiation therapy, How long does it take for the PSA level to drop to an acceptable level,assuming that the radiation was successful in killing the cancer cells that were targeted. The different types of radiation therapy don’t kill all of the cells in the prostate gland, so they’re not

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  • Azbella 3

    10 + yrs later

    Fell off ladder n fx L humerus & dislocated shoulder . Due to the break unable to set arm . Had surgery , had ORIF , , to make it short a week later MRSA . Another 3 surgeries to debride , wound vac to help healing .. finally healing , sent home on Vancomycin for atleast 2 more months .,,screws &...

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  • brittany41500 1

    ankle surgery

    I broke both sides of my ankle 3 weeks ago I was in a splint for 2 weeks & just last week I was put into a cast for 2 weeks before I get the boot I've been taking care of my almost 2 year old toddler as well yesterday I put pressure on my bad ankle in the cast I didn't hurt but with how much my

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  • stephie200 1

    I need more information about Dupuytren's Contracture

    Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, I am a health educator currently conducting a research project on Dupuytren’s Contracture. I would love to get a better understanding of what it is like to live with DC and how it affects your daily life. What kind of limitations, if any, do you experience? What

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  • strangytie 1

    Need help understanding my hands!

    My right hand is unable to make the ASL sign for "3", otherwise identified as the girl scouts/boy scouts sign. My ring finger and index finger won't straighten out unless I press down on my thumb and pinkie with my left hand. But once I let go, they immediately bend back and sometimes lock up. My

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  • milly28 2

    Life in a cast....How did you cope?

    Hi there, I recently broke my ankle by falling down the I ended up requiring surgery to stabilise my fracture (pins and a plate). Post of  was casted for 8 weeks in total. I found myself becoming so frustrated with the itching more than anything. I'm a nurse also and i am doing some

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  • JessicD 1

    Having tail bone pain when I sit

    Anytime I am sitting weather it's a hard surface or a soft one I can feel pressure and discomfort on my tail bone and its worst on hard It is painful when I get up and hurts worst as I take pressure off when getting up.

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  • Faye9900 1
  • Guest M

    Living with Forestier's disease

    I have finally found info on Forestier's disease!! When I was first diagnosed back in 1988 my doctor had no material on this subject. I was told to go home and find it on my computer, which I did. There was a researcher in Canada who hit the nail right on the head, Forestier's is no pick nick!

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  • jw454 3

    recurrent anterior branch

    Hello all, Has anyone ever had a recurrent anterior branch nerve entrapment? It's located about 2-3 inches below the knee in the anterior tibula muscle.

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  • Guest M

    Ankle pain for years!!! Osteochondritis Dissecans

    When I was 36 years old I had Septic Arthritis in my Lefy Ankle for no apparent reason. I had no previous pain or injury until then. My ankle was washed out in surgery and I had been pain free until about 6 months ago. Again, my ankle started to ache like a toothache and was a little swollen.

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  • ornella40642 2

    Locked Jaw

    Hi, I'm a 15 year old girl who recently has had locked jaw. I woke up one morning and my jaw was locked so I'd crack it everyday usually in the morning to allow my jaw to open wide. Then all of sudden, the cracking stopped and it became quite paintful on my right side of the jaw so I had less

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  • jw454 3

    Chronic compartment syndrome

    I'm looking for anyone that has had chronic compartment syndrome. I have constant pain in my anterior shin muscle and now I'm having pain in my calf with radiating pain to the sole of my foot when my calf is hurting. I am unable to walk and bare weight more than 10 mins and the pain is unbearable.

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  • c3ypt1c 1

    I can't lift my arm. Help.

    I'm 16, male, with no known family history of medical problems. I don't participate in any sport, run, walk etc. as I am more of a person who prefers to stay inside. For about a month, I have found myself unable to keep my arm above my shoulder. It just suddenly happened overnight. Few days prior

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  • ScaredyCake 3

    Leg length discrepancy-am I alone?

    Since birth Ive had one leg shorter than the other. Im female, 35. I've compensated for this pretty well. So much so, my partner of 7 years doesn't even know! My left Levi's the shorter, my left foot is at least a size smaller, and I only have 4 toes on that my right leg is more muscular

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  • stevenadamsee 1

    Pain in knuckle years after injury?

    Two years ago I was attacked by a large dog, having not deterred the dog with a kick I tried to punch the beast in the head at which moment he attempted to bite said punching hand and my ring finger knuckle landed squarely on his fang. It wasn't so much a puncture wound as just a powerful impact on

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  • antony47588 1

    The link to drinking alcohol - any ideas welcome

    Hi everyone, It seems to me that the disease keeps marching on despite the needle method and one lot of surgery on the right hand. My little finger is now at right angles. I personally blame alcohol. Does anyone have any ideas please?

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  • Guest M

    Dupuytren's Contracture

    My father had this condition and so did my late sister. I experienced it briefly a year or two ago but at the age of 66 I am expecting it to come back owing to my family history.

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  • nickyt123 2
  • artsunshine 2

    horrible bone pain, celiac disease or something worse?

    Hello, i am female 27 years old. after a months of terrible bone pain and muscle spasms i was finally diagnosed with celiac disease.  I am really concerned since i have terrible bone pain, i am on gluten free diet only 14 days. I know that bone pain is quite common for silent celiac disease but i

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  • sherry1954 1

    Pain after ankle hardware removed

    I had I had triple authorthdisis on both ankles several years ago, it helped but the right ankle never totally stopped hurting. After visiting several drs that said nothing was wrong I finally was sent to a ankle trauma dr. Which said immediately I had hardware pain that needed to come

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  • julia96755 2

    Lump above my elbow?

    So I was messing around with my brother a few days ago when he accidentally push my arm down and I felt a "pop" or a "click" more like sound, I was in more shock than pain, and when I felt my elbow I had a bump above it on the side closest to my body, facing my palm upwards. It was painful to

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  • AlexBoney 1

    Osteochondritis dissecans in ankle

    Hi all, Seems us folks with osteochondritis dissecans in the ankle are not too common. I have suffered with this condition since 1996, and it's been quite a lonely thing as I don't know anyone else with this in their ankle. I have had two rounds of keyhole surgery for a grade 5 lesion, although I don'

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  • Annathie 1
  • michael18810 2
  • Guest M

    Alchohol free

    I have just been Diagnosed with Dupuytren`s Contracture by my Chiropractor who is treating me for Migraine. Reading through all the info it seems this condition is linked to Alchohol. I have to stress that I dont not drink at all. I noticed just a few weeks ago a lump in my left hand and my GP said

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  • venkatch 2
  • bekki07564 1

    Coxa Valga

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I've recently found out I have a Coxa Valga in one of my hips, I'm 22, and I understand it's quite late to be diagnosed with it. I'm not seeing a specialist until January which will probably result in an MRI (I don't mind as I work in MRI!) but I didn't know if there are

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  • ihavenonickname 6
  • Necrowy 1

    Protrusion around proximal phalanx

    These stuff are showing up on my finger around 6 months ago i think. They don't have any pain yet they look wrong. Any idea what are those? it's not on all fingers,  just middle 3 ones on both hands.

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  • ariane64102 2
  • ihavenonickname 6

    DRUJ-distal radioulnar joint in the lower arm

    34 years ago my ulna began jumping on top of the radius. These are the two bones which comprise the antebrachium also known as the lower arm. Recently during a total elbow procedure, this repair let go. I am now waiting for a replacement joint to be made. It will be inserted into the lower end of

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  • navidg 1

    Swelling in the knee, 2 years post surgery

    I tried playing some light basketball two years after my ACL reconstruction. It went fairly well and I moved around with out too much pain. However, now my knee is as swollen as I've seen it since the surgery. The doctor told me that there was a lot scar tissue built up after the surgery, and I'm

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