Any suggestions or thoughts on what's wrong inside my urethra?

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I'm a 26 year old male.

Around November 25th I felt as if there was some obstruction in my urethra. Thinking it was a kidney stone stuck inside, I kept trying to force it out every time I urinated. Eventually something came out which looked like a stone, but could have been tissue from my urethra. 

Since then, I've experienced discomfort towards the end of my urethra, and an abnormal urine stream. Sometimes it feels as though there's something inside the last inch or so of my urethra, or that there's some tissue damage. My urine now looks like it has some small particles floating in it, and small bubbles which remain for a long time. My urine did not look like this before.

I went to the emergency room on November 30th and saw a Physicians Assistant. Urinalysis turned up no infection, and I was diagnosed with dysuria. I was told it should clear up within 3 days.

My symptoms remained constant so I saw another doctor on December, 23rd. Again, my urine showed no sign of infection. The doctor performed a prostate exam and felt around my abdomen and said everything felt normal. He diagnosed me with urethritis and prescribed me Cephalexin 500mg four times daily for seven days (even though it appears it's not an infection), and Phenazopyridine 200mg as needed for pain.  

It's now Christmas and I'm in really rough shape, psychologically speaking. I'm tormented by the thought that I've permanently damaged my urethra somehow. The Phenazopyridine did nothing for my discomfort, so I stopped taking it. It feels like there's a gash or something inside my urethra, or that my urethra is wider towards the end now. I honestly can't describe how strange and terrible it feels.

I was given a referral for a urologist and I intend to make an appointment for Monday. The doctor who gave the referral said that the next step would probably be a cystoscopy.

Until then, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey Charlie,

    Sorry you're going through such a rough patch. I've been on the same boat the last 3 months with similar urethral irritation and discomfort. Just saw my 4th urologist yesterday and according to him there is nothing wrong and I just need to relax amd just give it time to heal.

    I've been stressing like crazy the last 3 months with unusual irritarion and discomfort in my urethra. Kind of a pinching, stinging, lingering soreness. Mostly after I urinate. Been on antibiotics, have had blood and urine labs, you name it. Even a partial cystoscopy last 9 days ago.

    The cystoscopy found some inflammation in the urethra but no strictures or scarring. The scope did amplify the irritation like crazy. Which drove me crazy and stressed me even more. The last week has bee rough but today it does feel a lot better. Still some lingering itch or irritarion but not as bad as it was a few days ago.

    I did not have a stone or infection and prostate is fine. Uro just says there's some inflammation for whatever reason and it could take some time.

    If you did pass a stone it is possible the store could have irritated the urethra. See what the urologist says. Maybe ask for a low does valium and try taking 2-3 advils 3x a day. That's what's worked for me this past week especially.

    Best of luck.

    Keep us posted.

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    That would be the first thing you should have done. Maybe you have a stricture. Did you hit yourself in the groin I have a stricture in the balbar area which is just before the prostate. Sometimes when I pee I have to seat because it sprays or there 2 steams. I got it from kidney stone surgery The urologist will fine out. way. Just relax and please let me know Ken
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    Thanks for the input and support, guys. I will absolutely keep you posted.

    Mikey, I feel hopeless after experiencing a whole month of this, but to know you have been going through this for three months and now you may be showing some relief in your symptoms gives me hope. I'll deffinately try the advil and ask for a little vallium. Hopefully my cystoscopy does reveal something.

    Kenneth, Yeah, I have to sit to urinate sometimes too. Sometimes my urine stream is somewhat solid, but other times it's like a joke. I haven't had any serious groin trauma that I can recall. The only other thing that might have contributed to this is the fact that I masterbated maybe a little too vigerously right around the same time. I'll try to keep it together.

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      My primary care doctor said 2-3 advils 3x a day with food for 7-10 days. Be sure to drink plenty of water. And have food or a snack with the advils as they can overwork your kidneys.

      My uro gave me 2mg valium and said to start with half a pill 1-2 hours before bed to see how I react and then suggested I take 1 whole pill once a day in the morning. Apparently the valium helps relax the lower floor pelvic muscles.

      Best to you.


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    Ok, so I saw a urologist today. He basically said it could be any number of things. I could have passed an actual hard kidney stone, or I could have somehow forced some tissue from my urethra when I was forcably urinating, or even just sat awkwardly or twisted it the wrong way. He wasn't too keen on doing a cystoscopy, and said even though it has been about a month, I'm still within the range of healing time. He said if my symptoms persist for another 6-8 weeks I could come back and he'd do a cystoscopy. My urine came back clean as usual.

    He suggested that epsom salt baths might relieve my symptoms and decrease inflamation. I told him that the previous doctor had put me on antibiotics and pyridine. He said I did not need to be on any antibiotics and the other doctor was just covering his bases by prescribing them. I told him the pyradine didn't relieve my discomfort so he gave me some Uribel packets. This is a somewhat new medication. It turns your urine blue instead of orange, like the pyradine. I have not tried it yet.

    Aside from all of that, I've been dripping a little Vitamin E oil into the opening of my urethra. Vitamin E has healing properties and my theory is that the Vitamin E oil will work it's way town into the troubled area of my urethra and soothe it and assist in the healing process. This could be a stroke of brilliance, or a terrible idea, but so far I seem to get a little relief when I do this. 

    Anyway, that's about it for now.

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