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Hello new here

Anyone have any tips which help keep u calm or help stop a panic attack in its tracks? Just been getting them alot in last 2 days and I just can't stop them at all they last a good 5 mins once one stops a another starts x

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    Hi sophi, yeah im the same at the moment, I just keep telling myself that nothing is gonna happen to me, I try not to avoid doing things that I would normally do if I wasn't anxious, I forced myself to go the the gym yesterday even tho I felt like I cudnt breathe, who wants to excersise whenyou cant breathe , you have to keep goin xx be strong
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    I'm trying believe me i'm trying so hard when other people don't understand as well I do t go to gym anymore as I feel like I'm going to pass out soon as walk thru there doors good luck to u to know we're not alone really helps xx
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    sphie its hard, I sat in the car for about 40 mins before I went in, people havnt a clue how difficult normal everyday things are whe your in panic mode xx

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    Hi sophie

    I'm exact d same even now I'm thinkin stupid things tryi. not too feel heart goin fast then feels heavy. i went t shop sat as soon aa i walked in whole body went weak thought was goin t fainf ended up in casualty nurse said something concerning bput ecg but coz bloods fine dr let me home.its horrible feeling I'm sick of it now.I've hypnosis on fri type of cbt so plz god.

    but like u i understand n gud t no othrrs in same boat but stil doesn't really help wat other symptoms u ave???

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    Hi Sophie

    I find if I can try & accept my anxiety this can help to give it less control & helps to take the fear away & then the anxiety doesn't feel so bad , it takes some practicing but the more I do it works , even though sometimes it works better than others

    When having a panic attack I say come on then & do your worse , yes they are very unpleasant but if you can take deep breaths in & slowly release them till it passes that can also help

    I know how very scary they are but if you can keep focusing on they wont harm you it can also help

    I hope you are getting some support maybe from your GP ?

    Take Care


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    I agree why why its hard not to let anxiety take control, the worst time i find is in the mornings. Do you take any meds for your anxiety xx
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    Hi Claire

    I have suffered on & of with anxiety for longer than I want to remember !

    I have a meds fear which stops me taking anything but I do know that as well as some not liking meds they have benefited so many if you can stick with them while they start working

    Most people with anxiety do find certain times of the day worse , some mornings & some evenings

    Maybe try a different routine in a morning to try & distract yourself if you find that's when it seems to be worse


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    Hi Sophie, I've suffered with panic attacks for 8 years and have tried every method under the sun to keep them at bay or try to get rid of them I'll give you some examples, maybe they will work for you:

    Talking to family members

    Splashing my face with cold water to shock myself out of it

    Running around/ up and down stairs to tire myself out

    Tried to face them, didn't work for me, just made it worse

    Lots of hugs and reassurance from someone close

    Phoning an ambulance (not the best idea as they don't really do anything at all)

    sitting outside for a while if its cold (it takes your mind off it due to the temperature change)

    phoning a help line

    Watching movies

    Listening to music

    going out for very long walks

    Camomile tea

    less caffeine

    less TV

    Throwing myself into work


    Avoiding talking about it at all, ever!

    Ride it out till it stopped

    And many more on top of that, so many i cant even remember them all.

    But the best advice i can give you is go to your doctor, discuss your panic attacks with them and get help. I know some people don't like turning to medication but after 8 years it's the best thing i ever did.

    My panic attacks got so bad i was having one after the other, getting very little sleep, or in one case absolutely no sleep, just panic attacks for a full 24 hour period, now that was scary. I had to take sick leave from work for a month, which isn't feasible everytime i get them. I had to leave my boyfriend for a week because my mum seemed to be the only person who could help me. I didn't eat for a week and lost 2 stone in weight.

    Your doctor can prescribe medication to get them under control and get you leading a normal life like before, and its thanks to medication that I haven't had a panic attack in 2 weeks, sleep well, eat well, go out and socialise with no fear of having another attack.

    Your doctor can also recommend therapy to help you resolve the issues behind the panic attacks. I have attended CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and it's helped me loads.

    At this moment in time i take venlafaxine (antidepressant) which lift my mood and make the thoughts behind my panic attacks easier to push to one side. I also take propranolol (beta blocker) which stop all physical symptoms of a panic attack by blocking the initial release of adrenaline which causes the blind panic, trembling, pins and needles, hyperventilation etc, they also regulate your heart rate (slow it down) which also lowers your blood pressure which stops the anxiety. Trust me, after 6 weeks of taking both these medications i have been able to go back to work and pretty much lead a normal life, and its so nice not to be having panic attacks anymore, my family are relieved I'm finally getting better, my relationship with my boyfriend has improved so much. I just generally feel great and my appearance has improved aswel as now i have the inhibition to take care of myself as before i couldn't have given a crap what i looked like.

    Anyway, i can only give advice through personal experience. I hope it helps and you will consider going to see your doctor as soon as possible.

    Even if you don't want the meds, the therapy could help you alot aswel.

    Hope your feeling better soon.

    Danielle x

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    Hi sophie

    How are you today . life with panic is hell, in fact life with anxiety is awful, i hope you find words of comfort here as i have. Please give your GP a call -you never know . Here for you sweetie xx

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    Hi Sophie,

    Please don't think I’m making fun of you, because what I’m going to say may not make complete sense.

    I love fruits, but I don't get a lot of them to eat. I have a job which I may lose at any time, live away from family, don't have friends and am depressed most of the time. I do my best to stay away from depression by listening to music and staying away from depressing thoughts that I seem to get very easily out of nowhere. And then suddenly there is a massive panic attack when I think that I’m never going to amount to much and no one expects anything from me. I end up on the floor with my throat running dry, blurring vision and unable to breath.

    I try to conquer this by thinking of chomping down juicy fruits like an apple or an orange, but I don’t really take a fruit and neither do I look at them. I just keep my eyes closed and think of having it, with the juices running down my finger when I squeeze it. The reason I don’t actually take the fruit is, because it might not be up to my expectation,what I need and I don’t want to be disappointed when I have an attack. What I try to do is, to try, to forget the feeling that gave me the panic attack. I hold the complete freedom to imagine the flavor/smell/feel of fruit/size and every other aspect of the fruit, and finishing my fruit helps me forget everything and leaves me in a blissful feeling of happiness.

    I hope that at least someone could relate to this, and this was helpful to them.

    Take Care..

    N. x

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