Any way possible except rogaine propecia or surgery to reverse or stop male pattern baldness im 16!

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Well i am 16 years old and have been losing my hair since im like 13... it really hurts me... but then at a time the hair managed to go back and looked normal again.. meaning it did receide but it did look normal.. nor one side is gone back even more and you can see the uneveness at my hairline PLUS at the side its gone back.. so not my head looks veryyy uneven.. can someone help me please everyone makes fun of me.. and i just feel like killing myself 

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    Hello Joshino520,

    I can understand how distressing it is to start losing your hair at a young age.  I will say that I have two sons with male pattern baldness and they are both very attractive and have never been short of girlfriends.  It is cruel that your so called friends tease you about your hair loss and I can offer nothing that will help to overcome this.  My sons simply do not care that they are bald, and began to lose their hair when young.  At 16 it is very difficult to be lighthearted about things that 16 year olds think important, but believe me these concerns are insignificant when you are an adult. I know, however, that some people continue to be very self-conscious even when there are many other distractions in life. Does male baldness run in your family?  If not then perhaps there is a medical solution and you should consult your GP.  Sorry I cannot offer a magic solution and I do hope that whatever the future holds you will be able to face it with courage and good humour.

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      Thanks for the reply brenda. There are a good set of people my age as well with receiding hairlines.. but the thing is.. their forehead is flat.. so you can't really notice it.. my forehead is pointy so it looks like my hair is climbing a mountain.. it really is bad.. rolleyes I don't know if i can even go bald.. i have some kind of fungus on my scalp I don't know what it is but when i scrub my head from dandruff after it dries they just come back.. any tips on that?
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    Definitely need to see your doctor if you have a scalp condition.  It will probably clear up easily with the right stuff.  There is that shampoo called "Head n' Shoulders" which clears up dandruff.  If that does not work then it is the doc for you my boy.  Please don't kill yourself.  Life is too precious. 
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    Hi Joshino520,

    I'm Brigitte. I am a 29 year old female living in the US and I wanted to let you know that you are not the only one who is suffering from hair loss. I was diagnosed last week by a dermatologist with angrogenetic alopecia (basically male-pattern baldness). I've been loosing my hair since I hit puberty but it has only gotten really noticable within the last 5 years or so. My hair is so thin on the top by my forehead that you can easily see my scalp, no matter how hard I try to hide it with bangs.

    My suggestion would be to go see a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss. That's what I did and he perscribed me 5mg of fenasteride (also known as propecia) which I have to take every day until I "don't care anymore". Fenasteride stops my body from turning its natually occuring testosterone into DHT (which is what tells your hair follicles on your head to shed hair). I am also under instructions to apply a 5% solution of Rogaine to my scalp once a day (and twice every other day) and he also sugested that I could try a device called a theradome laser helmet. It is a fairly new device, shaped like a helmet, that has LED lights on the inside that stimulate your hair folicles into regrowing hair. I would have to wear this twice a week for 20 minutes each session. The helmet run about $850 however, and I am not too sure that I can afford that. It's very expensive. My dermatologist told me that I should try this treatment for a year and then we will reassess. It could take that long for me to see any results.

    It could be that your hairloss is completely reversable, but I would definitely go see a doctor about it. They may want to take some blood to test your glucose and thyroid levels, but it hardly hurts at all. 

    Don't let those bullies get you down. I'm sure you are an awesome, amazing, handsome human being. :D

    Be happy you aren't a girl! You at least can shave your head without anyone looking at you funny! I don't have that luxury lol. 

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    Josh my heart breaks for you, my son start losing his hair at 17 and by 20 it was like Dr phil's. I feel like crying everytime i see him He always wears a beenie. I went to so many Dr's etc with no results. Nearly everyday I wonder how different and happier his life would have been if this hadn't happened. He turned to dope and that caused so many problems, not because he was smoking dope but it was for the reason he was. I don't know if he will ever be able to come to terms with it I hope he can rise above the sh*t people put on him and one day have a happier life and I hope the same for you Josh
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    My son is 15 & has severe alopecia aerota. It greatly affects him. Saw a dermatologist for over a year every month. Injections each month plus topical solution. Never worked. He finally has accepted it somewhat but hopefully someone knows something else I can do??

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    Yes I understand.  My nephew had implants (hair plugs) put in..   Have you tried any oils?  I'm currently applying castrol oil and egg on my scalp..   Try massaging your scalp in the shower.

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    hi, i am 21 and i have been losing my hair since i was 18 year old. i have consulted with many doctors but didn't found the best result. then some one recommend me home remedy which is very effected. mix yogurt with turmeric powder and apply on the scalp. leave for one hour  then washed it properly. use this remedy if you too much dandruf. and you should also consult with the doctor.

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      Hi there

      You dont say whether you are male or female?

      Does the yohurt and turmeric reverse the hair loss?



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    Change your routine, lifestyle and eating habits. Everything will be fine soon. At least follow this for 3 months. 
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    You can try a Yoga or practice meditation. This will relax your mind and gives strength to your scalp. 
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    Take a long breathe and just sit for a while. After this, Visit an experienced surgeon who may agree to do your surgery because this may be very serious.

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