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Alopecia and Hair Disorders

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  • Big kath 1
  • john37942 2

    Thought I had haemorrhoids but could it be more?

    I had constipation and what I though was haemorrhoids but when applying treatment I felt inside my anus and it felt like something it totally blocking it - some BM was stuck in there. I have been having pretty regular BM's for the last week or so and of good size but I am really concerned I could have...

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  • joshino520 1
  • greene 1


    Hello! I consider taking finasteride. Can you tell me please: 1) is there any risk for offspring? 2) will it bring back hair or it will just stop hair loss? 3) do I need a prescription and monitoring or I can self medicate? 4) how much it costs? thanks!

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  • sally49275 2

    hair loss

    I discovered I have Lichen  Plannus, which is an auto immune desease. If you have itching on your scalp with hair loss, this is one possible reason. I am being treated with steroids and antibiotics.

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  • john 83366 2

    finding the right Doctor

    Hi    i Live in the Massachusetts area and looking into finding a new family doctor. does anyone now of a web site that you can do this? you can put in the doctors name and it will reviews on them if they ever been sued and they graduate from? thank you for any help on this 

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  • tom88274 2

    Unexplained hairloss

    So a bit of background. Around christmas time this year I had a pretty rough time. My grandmother died and we had to have our family dog put down all within the space of a couple of days. It was around this time that my depression and anxiety was getting worse and I was prescribed beta blockers for panic...

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  • hannah48533 1

    Hair falling out, tried everything suggested already?

    Background info first, I am a 21 year old female, have dyed my hair a fair few times in the past, although I haven't done so now for about 8 months. Also did used to use a lot of heat styling on my hair, but do less of it now due to the hair loss. It must be around 6 - 8 months now, that my hair has...

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  • sarah hart 1


    :cry: Ive got to the stage in my life now when i have to insist that someone takes my condition (+ feelings) seriously. I started having my legs waxed at 18, my beautician suggested going on a combined pill, she said it helped, so i did, but it didn't! I spent all my 'courting' years, shaving every...

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  • jac84lp 2

    Nortriptyline and hair loss

    Hello everyone. Is anyone taking Nortriptyline (anti-depressant, but I take it for chronic daily headaches) and experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. I've been on 20mg for the past month and a half and have noticed my hair has significantly thinned out to the point it's becoming very staticky and...

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  • grapes1800 3

    Hair Loss

    I've had chronic hair loss for years. I finally went to the dermatologist and he said it was because my age and because I was post menopause and suggested I try something like rogaine. I'm 59 and I have fairly long hair and I have a good amount of hair loss throughout the day and even a small chuck everytime...

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  • john09564 1

    Opinions on Pumpkin Seed Oil and Zinc?

    I am just wondering whether anyone has any professional know-how or any personal experience with taking pumpkin seed oil and zinc supplements and have seen noticeable results? I know a guy who recommended it and said that he used them in conjunction with saw palmetto supplements. However, saw palmetto...

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  • alexandraaaa 1

    seborrheic dermatitis

    Hello I have had seborrheic dermatitis since January, my scalp is very itchy and I had some on my face and hands too. I have been to my GP over this for the third time already and I feel they won't do anything about it. I have used a couple of creams for face and hands which worked but my scalp is still...

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  • Midgar 1

    What helps grow facial hair?

    Hi, not sure if i'd call it a hair disorder. But didn't know where else to post. i'm 25 and still grow facial hair like a 15 year old. Very patchy. My cheeks for example have many tiny soft hairs that look like they will become mature hairs and a few dozen individual black matured hairs spaced far between...

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  • patrice59574 1

    For a while i thought i had androgenetic alopecia...

    I'm 25 and my hair started to thin April 2016, when April rolls around'll be a year I've dealt with thinning. Because it was thinning I didn't care about my hair and just stopped caring for it bc I thought ,I'm gonna lose it anyway so what's the point. However, I took a shower, and decided...

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  • Muskoka Canada 2


    Are there other active members that have Hirsutism, what do you do for treatment?

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  • meerab612 1
  • lauren59792 2

    Hair loss continues does the sadness

    Hi all , posted a few months back and now at a wits end with this hair shedding , and the fact nobody believes this is happening ! Shed started last July losing more on wash, combing and even just gently manipulating hair ! Seen my GP , bloods all normal . A trichologist whom is lovely diagnosed exessive...

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  • jane98094 3

    Alopecia Areata

    Hi  I have two large patches with hair loss.I was diagnosed 3 years ago by NHS dermatologist.They haven't changed over the last 3 years.One patch is smooth and bald but the lager one has some hair growing in it. Luckily it's at the back of my head and my other hair covers it. I know it may come back...

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  • tt52281 2


    hello every one ive had alopeica snce i was 26  am now 50 i got alopeica after catching chicken pox of my son who was then 5 he is now 30 so it was a long time ago i had 3 bald patchs on my scalp every distressing at the time it was all due to stress i was very runned down due to a bad relationship did,nt...

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  • jodie84398 1

    I am worried my daughter has alopecia

    Hi, wanted some advice. My daughter who is 9 woke this morning with a patch of hair gone? Is long piece of skin about 1 inch long and wide? It's not smooth, there is hair growing and seams a little Spikey. There is no reason for this? I could see no hair on pillow?? It's at the front of her head just...

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  • CRK 2

    Serum Testosterone 17.7 nmol/l! Hair loss main concern

    Hey lovely people of Patient, my doctor was shocked today after we decided to check my hormones that i have Serum testosterone 17.7 (0.3-1.7 range) yes 10x normal Free androgen index 36.1 (0.30-5.62range) 7x normal apparently the highest he has ever witnessed, got to wait for an Endocronologist, I...

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  • jaydeellie91 2

    Platelet rich plasma?

    Has anyone in the UK tried prp? I've had alopecia areata for 13 years now. I've tried many treatments over the years. I've been to my gp today and she's put in a referral for prp along with endless tests. She mentioned that she isn't sure if prp is on the NHS and that I may have to go private if I wish...

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  • Alexandra31 1
  • victorvain 1
  • Tea259 1

    Weird hair growth

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but the hair on my body particularly on my legs grows as if there are 3 hairs coming out of one follicle. Im pretty sure they're not ingrown hairs because I get those too, and they're not the same. Just wondering if there's something weird going...

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  • callum92115 1

    Feeling down

    Hello, im 19 and had alopecia for a year now, very random never experienced it before anyway, it was after my first car accident and i twinged my back during this then hurt it again playing rugby and about 3 months later i noticed a bold patch on side of my head 2 really small 5p spots and i thought...

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  • john54220 2

    Im at absolute rock bottom

    Hi all Im 48 yr old male. I work as a porter in a private school and about 8 wks ago ay work i hurt my back. A week or so later a growth occured at the bottom of my spine with a swelling of my lymph nodes at the side of my groin area. At this same time my wife who is a hair dresser noticed a bald spot...

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  • Guest M

    i am 27 years old, I have had Alopicia for 3 years. It s...

    i am 27 years old, I have had Alopicia for 3 years. It started with a small patch of baldness on my stubble, the patch grew in size more patches developed, i have 50 % of facial hair missing now - eye brows are fine, so i didnt mind as shaving was easier. I have a few small patches of body hair missing,...

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  • hope4cure 6

    Platelet rich plasma therapy treatment for male pattern balding

    Anyone had this process done? Blood is taken from the patient and run it thru a centrifuge to separate the plasma . It's supposed to double the rich layers of plasma to help renew the blood in the scalp where it's injected. Then small sections of hair are removed form the sides of the head with roots...

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  • De 1
  • CRK 2

    Testosterone has made me loose my hair, HELP (not artificial)

    Hey lovely people of Patient, my doctor was shocked today after we decided to check my hormones that i have Serum testosterone 17.7 (0.3-1.7 range) yes 10x normal Free androgen index 36.1 (0.30-5.62range) 7x normal apparently the highest he has ever witnessed, got to wait for an Endocronologist, I...

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