Female hair loss at 23- please help :(

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Hi everyone, really hope someone can help!

I'm a 23 year old girl experiencing bad hair loss- it started in October at the temples and seems to be getting worse in the areas. They now are so thin you can see right through!

Doctor checked for anaemia and I don't have that.

He also checked for thyroid. The way I understood it, the range of 1-5 is 'normal'. In October the TSH was 4.3 and now last week it was 1.4. Does that sinking mean something.... Even if I don't have a problem according to the scale? Could it be the levels dropping and the levels getting worse? He said to come back next month for another reading.

I'm also on pill Lamuna 20- but when I asked the doctor he said this pill is designed against hair loss. Could this be a factor? I find it too much of a co-incidence that I only started this pill in September, and the symptoms started only a month or two later.

Any help will be appreciated so much... I am devastated

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    Hello,  I suffered hair loss very similar to yours but much later stage in my life.  I had all sorts of checks and given no reason for this,  but in my opinion it's because I went on HRT pills.  I wish I never did.  So I would say that hormone imbalance and hair loss is connected.  You May want to come off the pill for a while and see what happens..  All the best 
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    Hi, Sarah, I'm 21 and I have the same problem. my primary said all my cbc lab where fine no thyroid, no anemia or any liver problems. My hair in 5 months is almost gone and super thin. I have no bold spots only that my hair is disappearing by the minute. Lol... I suggest u go see an Endocrinologis that's the ones who's treating me. An endocrinologis is a hormone doctor he would run different types of blood work. what I have is severely low vitamin D. He prescribed me vitamin D 50,000 MG this amount is not sold over the counter You will need a priscription and most insurance do pay for it. This is the only vitamin that he proscribed me at a high dose because it's very low and that's what's causing my hair loss. I've changed shampoos and the way I treat my hair. I also have very curly hair it used to be thick and long and now it's short and thin. Maybe your also low in vitamin D or have Hormone issues. He checked my hormone levels and are fine, I do get my period on time monthly and all my other vitamins are perfect. call an endocrinologist in your area and have all your vitamins and hormones checked out. Always Massage Your Scalp And Avoid Hair Sprays And Any PRODUCTS IN Your Hair Until You See A doctor. Good luck!!! Hope this helps...
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    Hi Sarah, I have suffered from thin hair all of my life and when I reached 18 it started to thin even more. I am now 47 and have tried virtually EVERYTHING possible but to no avail until recently........

    Last September I was told to stop playing tennis because the cartilage was wearing away in my knees. Now I absolutely love playing tennis and so after a little research I bought some high strength glucosamine tablets which are supposed to be good for cartilage.

    Now just recently I have noticed loads of new hair growth! At first I thought that my hair had broken off it was so spiky near to my scalp but that didn't seem right because I would have surely noticed if it was coming out again and it wasn't.

    The spiky growth is now about 1 to 1.5 inches and its all over my head!

    I decided to google it to see if anyone else had found glucosamine to be good for hair and it turns out that I'm not the only one.

    Others have also recommended msm and biotin might be useful as well as vitalin d.

    Well at the same time as I started taking glucosamine I also started taking cod liver oil every day and this also has in it vitamin d ( so it could be this that has made my hair grow - I'm not really sure)

    However I just wanted to share this as it may be worth a try for you. Another thing I have started doing recently is eating more protein.

    I have always followed a healthy diet but my personal trainer said to eat more protein for developing my muscles to help my knees so this also may be a factor.

    Over the years I have learned to cope with having thin hair and have accepted that it will never be luscious and long so anything that helps even a teeny bit is worth a try.

    i hope this helps



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    Do you have a family history of Baldness?  I started thinning when I had my first baby at 23 and now that I'm 40 it's VERY thin. My Dermatologist said I had hereditary baldness. I use Shampoo/Conditioner for hair regrowth and I started taking Minoxidil and have noticed after three months that my hair does seem a bit thicker. 
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      Your story is the most similar to mine except that I don't have any babies. Today my dermatologist told me that I have andronergic alopecia and ever since I've been crying my heart out. I just want to know can my hair regrow 100% as it was before? Can you tell an estimate of how much hair did you regrow?

      Thank you

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    Join the Alopecia uk Facebook group. We are all meeting up again in April at Alton towers. There was over 100 of us last year
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    Sweetie, here is what I think...take it for what it is worth.   Any oral contraceptive pill shuts down ovulation, in doing so it shuts down progesterone production, which is normally high during the second half of your cycle.   Progesterone most definately is a hair growth hormone.  Now that pill has desogestrel which is a later generation progestin and is supposed to be not androgenic like earlier pills.  But maybe you are just more sensitive.   Progesterone also does things like make you happy and less anxious by promoting GABA functions.   It lowers allergic responses by stabilizing mast cells which estrogen alone makes more active. 

    Oral contraceptives also change binding hormones, thyroid binding hormone for one, and SHBG and glucocortoid binding hormone too.   It works on a lot of mechanisms in your body, and they don't tell women this.  

    Your TSH is OK, over 4 and you might feel a little sluggish, there is talk of what is sub-clinical hypothyroidism but no real agreement on treating below 5.  It used to be 10!   Basically a high TSH means the pituitary is having to create a higher level of TSH to stimulate (call to) they thyroid to wake up and make thyroid hormon.   A low number means the pituitary feels like there is adequate thyroid hormone.   It does fluctuate a fair amount that is normal for it to change. 

    But yes, it could be the pill.   It may stop if your body adjusts, or it might continue. 

    Read more on all the impacts oral contraceptives have on your body and decide if you can live with what is falling out.   

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    You should try another Doctor because sometimes some Doctor can't understand your problem easily. 

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