Any wisdom and/or experience on anxiety disorders and why we have them or get them???

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I know panic attacks are preventable/curable from my own experience. But do you think anxiety disorders are?

Do you think anxiety disorders are:

A medical condition, whether physiological or psychological?

Long-term habitual negative thought processes?

Directly related to OCD ?




Curable with medication only?

Curable without medication?

Caused by chemicals in food?

A result of a hypersensitive personality?

A combination of some of these?

Please! Let everyone know your experience! Knowledge is power!

         sincerely,  Ryan (James)

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    Panic attacks being curable and preventable?? I have never heard this. Please explain. Thank you!!

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      I would not have believed it either, when I was in the middle of panic attack hell.

      I will send you the link to the you tube video that cured it, if I can find it.

      The psychologist says panic attacks are the most easily curable of mental disorders.

      First thing he said was you need to realized and believe that panic attacks are "Uncomfortable, NOT DANGEROUS." When you feel it coming, start to tell yourself over and over that this is going to be "Uncomfortable, not dangerous."

      For me, for many, many years before I found this, at this point, when the attack was here, I would literally go outside at any time of day or night and start speed walking in literal fear and dread til it was gone. I was essentially running from it. I was trying to control it. I believe this is the crucial part.

      When you feel it coming, you can't stop what you will feel during it, let that come. The Dr. says to welcome it like a good friend, (I'm totally serious)talk to it, tell it you know what it is. All the while, saying out loud, or in your head "this is uncomfortable, not dangerous". AND DON'T MOVE, STAY STILL!

      I welcomed it.

      I prayed to God.

      I said hello to it

      I said I'm not scared of you anymore

      I prayed more.

      I didn't move through all of the emotions and feelings til it was gone. The guy says to pretend your feet are in concrete and you can't move.

      And I did this literally a few more times and they were gone!!! And I have not had one since. I have had like very minor feelings that one may have been coming. But I just did what I told you again, and it worked.

      I promise you it worked.

      I have to thank God for this!

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      I'm surprised in this theory... bc scientifically a panic attack is a surge of adrenaline. So I always feel like it makes more sense TO move, not to stay still. Bc your body has all this energy now and needs to use it up somehow, otherwise you feel like you're crawling in your skin sitting still. I always feel so much better if I just get up and walk around for a couple min, even if it's not a far or long walk. If I just let my body rest in sitting while the adrenaline is surging, it feels so much worse?

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    ive been waiting and hoping to have a discussion like this on here. i have learned so much about anxiety and the brain in the last year. i believe i have watched that same video on youtube and i probably didnt fully grasp the idea and practice it though. What I have found to be helpful is a thing called neuroplacticity. I guess you can say it could go along with a negative thought pattern type of reasoning. there are some videos on youtube about it but I personally like DR. Caroline Leaf and her explanation of it. i also just read recently an article that said some mental illnesses were from being self absorbed (there is even a video of the Dhali Lama saying the same thing) . At first i thought it was an unfair statement bc anxiety is something i would do anything not to have but I realize that along with negative thought patterna it is very much a me me me type of behavior. i do not like being center of attention but this makes sense. Phillipians 4:8 in the bible is a very good verse to live by and practice. you have to filter your thoughts and if it is not on that list from Phillipians 4:8 then you let that thought go. you dont fight it or try to control it. just let it come and go and not dwell on it. sorry for writing so much but i have so much to say:)

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    I've had anxiety for 8 years now. I don't take meds, except xanax rarely, but I've seen multiple therapists. I've also done a lot of online research and recently read the book, "The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook (6th edition)" - HIGHLY recommend btw.

    • First, there are 2 types of anxiety: 1. The "normal" anxiety that comes from stress of school or work, etc. And 2. Anxiety Disorder that comes for absolutely no reason, the "I was just sitting there watching TV and suddenly felt panic and like I was dying". My opinions below are based off of the 2. Anxiety Disorders....
    • I believe that anxiety is a mental disorder and can be caused by: hereditary, environment, and trauma. I first got anxiety for absolutely no reason, it came out of nowhere when I was a very happy young adult. This is why I think it's hereditary, bc both my parents suffer from anxiety, so I don't think it's a coincidence I do too. I also never knew my parents had anxiety until I had mine and talked to them about it, so it's not like it was in my head beforehand. I think trauma and environment also influence anxiety a lot bc I never had health anxiety before until I lost a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly. Since then I have had a lot of health anxiety issues, on top of my regular anxiety lol.
    • Sadly, I do not think anxiety is curable. I believe that you can learn to cope with it and not let it effect you as much, but it will always be there and it never fully goes away.
    • I believe medication may be necessary for some, but it is only a short term solution to a long term problem. I strongly believe therapy is much more helpful and long term for anxiety issues.
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      Agreed on the coping part and not letting it affect you nearly as much! This alone is huge.

      Also, do you take any type of supplements you think works??

      Thank you for your time to explain your experiences.

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      Hmm no, I tried B12 once and I didn't see any difference really. I would try St. John's Wort but I can't bc I'm on birth control and that lessens the effects of it.

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    came back to see if anyone added anything. i was sad to see that there is not much input. maybe somewhere like reddit would have better feedback?

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