Anybody been diagnosed with visceral hypersensitivity?

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I suspect, after all tests coming back negative, that I have visceral hypersensitivity. Anyone found a treatment that helps?

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    Never heard of it I will look it up but if you can let me know the short version and symptoms that you had
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      Mostly GI distress. Stomach pain, esophageal discomfort. Sometimes middle and upper back discomfort. It moves around, goes away. Sometimes made worse by eating, sometimes made better by eating. Much GI tract gurgling when I eat. All tests show nothing major. Some gastritis, some esophagitis, but nothing major. Had endoscopy, CT scan, gall bladder test. All show nothing. I am a confirmed hypochondriac and I suspect I'm dealing with a mind/gut issue here. That's pretty much what visceral hypersensitivity is. My therapist wife concurs. I asked my question to see who else may have these issues and what they did about it.
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      I wouldn't doubt that's partly my problem don't know if I have upper back or ever had you know pain that moves around like that but I do believe in the gut mind connection and of course if you actually have a Val problem it's going to affect your mind at some point which is going to mess with all your hormone levels and of course make it worse and it can also work in the opposite direction from anxiety and stress so I don't allow anybody to just chalk it up to it's all in your mind Theory. So what's the next step let them throw you on SSRIs or some anti anxiety and see if it all goes away. I just don't believe 100% of that if you take something and it makes your symptoms go away that it has cured your underlying condition just maybe put a bandaid on it and what else they could be causing while they're helping in other ways. Kind of like proton pump inhibitors they put people on them like candy and make a lot of money off them for years yes do they stop their acute symptoms for a while but yet they're causing their own problems and symptoms long term in down the road by stopping the acid production when we need it to break down bacteria and can cause other forms of cancer long term just saying look into everything first does not mean you're a hypochondriac they like to throw that term around a little too much too. An actual hypochondriac is somebody that look at somebody else with a condition or reads abt a condition and starts thinking they have it and it worries them so bad they start feeling like they are having the symptoms and maybe start treating themself. There's nothing wrong with somebody reading up on something, doing research and figuring out on your own you if you are actually feeling something and/or are actually having symptoms of something. Don't let somebody to say you're a hypochondriac if you actually are feeling something you are just researching and ruling things out more than the doctors do nowadays so don't go just jumping on some psychotic medication to make somebody else feel better if you want to try for a month and see if everything goes away fine
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      Thanks for taking the time to comment. The hypochondriac designation is my own, not pinned on me by anyone else. I've been "creating" illnesses for myself for over 50 years.

      I plan to get on a low dosage of Lexapro for a while. It has helped me with my goofiness in the past. But you DO know what it says on the hypochondriac's tombstone....See, I told you I was sick." smile

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      I actually don't remember what it said but I know I have seen it before I will look it up but I'm sure I am to a point as well as a lot of people out there but I look at it as diligence but if you know what works for you then you're halfway there so good luck
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      Looking for people who have increased Lexapro dosage slowly. I started with 5mg for 2 weeks, then went to 7.5 for 2 weeks. I just began 10 mg last night. Has anyone noticed that the side effects seem to re-appear with each increase? Fatigue, loss of appetite, stomach ache.

      Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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    Hi, My Name is Byron and I have had IBS since I was a kid. Over the last five years it has changed into visceral hypersensitivity. Over the last few months it has started e effecting my upper GI. Also I think I have developed an allergic reactions to almost anything I eat. I’m still searching for the magic medicine or treatment that will help. I’m just learning to control the pain by distracting my mind to more pleasant thoughts. Works SOME times but not totally. Just praying 🙏 a lot and researching treatments. 

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      Hi, I was just told by a prof today I have visceral hypersensitivity. (Although I’m still not sure if I have it) the medication he gave me to treat it : 

      Tranko-buscas (10 mg medazepam, 10 mg hiyosin) 

      Laroxyl 10mg

      Nexium 40 mg 

      I checked tranko-buscas with mom’s doc. He said it’s a magic. I’ll get another opinion tomorrow and will decide. 

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      I’m burping all the time , hungry or fed. I feel there is a lot of gas. In the meantime (4 months ago) I had bacteria /virus infection which led to gastroenteritis. (My blood didn’t show it because I went to the doctor late) And since then my condition worsened. I threw up for 8 weeks, then not able to eat a lot. I’m hungry but cannot eat . I feel like I cannot digest. I also have pain in my stomach as if it’s drawing inwards in circular motion. 
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      did your endoscopy show anything? it could be stomach inflammation (gastritis), or some bug. Stomach pain, if its not extreme could be because of not being able to eat and vomiting. How were you diagnosed for Visceral Sensitivity?

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