anybody on quatipine

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hi all

my mental health team are trying to get me to take quatipine

i refuse

i am know being threatend with a section 3 so it can be forsed on me

and then placed on a comunity treatment order and be injected as they cant trust me to take it orearly and if i refuse at any time i would go back stait into hospitial

i am very scared and frightend

i do comply with all other treatments like attending apointment groups and do drawing painting lision to music write dry clay lision to music ect

they say im to ill and need meds can they really do this to me very scared and frightend

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    Hi there, I have been on Quetiapine for about 6 years, on differing amounts upto 900mg MR........Currently I am on 600mg MR. Despite maybe making me put on a little weight it really has been a wonder drug for me. I would defo recommend giving it a try.

    Good luck


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    Have you suffered a relapse, is that why they are insisting on this particular drug?

    i completely understand how terrifying it must be - this kind of fear prevented me from accessing mental health services for 20 years. Is there anybody who can intervene for you - an advocacy service, have you tried asking the Citizens Advice Bureau they have solicitors who could look up exactly what your rights are under the law?

    If must be very frustrating if you comply with everything else, but only have an issue with that partiular med. Is it th side effects? I sometimes want to stop taking my lithium because of side effects...but i am to scared of the situation you find yourself in. So I commend your courage in standing up for yourself!

    Maybe your GP could help? or you could try emailing your MP? if they knew your MP was aware, at least theyd have to make sure they were following all the rules to the letter - it might make them review the situation.

    Best of luck and all good wishes 

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      hi christine8869 

      yes i keep geting unwell despite my best efforts to keep myself as well as posable i find it very frustraiting 

      i was determmind from the very start to have a drug free recovery 

      and i will be fiting to the very end i wont give in to it 

      i have been dignosed with borderline persernality disorder ptsd and am awaiting for a formal dignosis of aspergers syndrome and have servere anxciety and depression 

      i have just such a hugge fear about tacking medication i just cant physically bring myself to take it its poison and there trying to kill me with it 

      when in a crisis i become very distreased self harm get very bad suisidul thoughts but somthink deep down inside me takes over and always end up at my mental heath garderning projject or my cmht resorse center or a and e 

      when in a crisis i get voices telling me to harm myself and i see my dead nan she was very important to me she was the only one that gave me any love and affection 

      and my dead brother who unexpectadly droped down dead in his flat due to natrul corses it will be 4 years on 2nd june he was 27 

      they come to me they try to take me to heaven with them they dont wont me on earth suffering like this they wont me with them  out of pain safe with them so they can look after me i get very disteased and upset by this iv alway gone to them in a crisis for help know im trying to hide it all from them and its making me wont to run from them instead i also shake the hole of my inside shake i cant keep still pace up and down my jow chatters i also become very paranoid and suspisures of ppl thinking everyones in this hudge plot to try and harm me i feel very scared frightend and all alone with no were to turn to for help i also have an extrodenery insite into my illnesses and i am fully aweare how unwell i am and wen i cant resist the arges of attempting suiside that is wen iv always gone and got help i think it takes a braver person to do this but kow i will run instead and i think there poting me at even more risck coz know i wont go for help and will try to hide everythink from them 


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      i am SO sorry to hear your suffering like this. And I do understand your paranoia  at taking medicines. I keep being tempted to stop taking my lithium because i miss the highs I used to get even though I know factually that they were destructive and damaging.. but at least I felt like "me". 

      However - your mental Health team are trying to help you, even if it feels like theyre not; its your illness thats 'plotting against you' if you have relapses unfortunately medicine is sometimes unavoidable.

      i do think there are a lot of very irresponsible people on the web who seem to think 'natural' means good and 'medical/chemical means bad'. But think about it: arsenic is natural. So is disease, and volcanoes, and hurricanes, and all sorts of other horrible things ... Natural doesnt mean good necessarily, and chemical and medical things do a lot of good to a lot of people. Have you ever found a drug that works? Maybe if you suggest an alternative medicine that you would be willing to take theyl back off a bit cos theyll see you being more 'reasonable'?

      I get hallucinations too, when im in a depressive psychosis. I get a lot of 'lights' sometimes like green searchlights or i think police helicopters are following me. I also get ghosts and see dead bodies everywhere or people in the street look like theyre decomposing. I also often feel like I am dead - like I died but havent noticed. Its very hard to get people to see how some hallucinations can be frightening but others can be strangely comforting. I am sorry to hear you lost your nan and your brother, but i dont think they REaLLY Do want you on their side of the great divide, its your illness tricking you again. If they were here now I think they'd be urging you to accept help, dont you think?

      I hope it doesnt come to you being sectioned and forcibly medicated - but your level of suffering cant go on indefinitely - you deserve to feel better and to have some relief from your symptoms, and if meds are the best way to achive that then maybe its for the best? although i fully know in saying that it souds like I am against you too - but im not, honestly, I know how confusing it all is from experience. Try and talk to your mental health nurse or someone else from the service that you trust. Best of luck anyway.

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     II have taken Q for 2 years and the benefits certainly outweigh the downers. I would recommend using this drug. I find the treatment very applicable to my condition, bi-polar, however I have some reservations.  If I take 150g at 9pm and go to bed I am OK the next morning I am fine, however if I take it late ie 12am I feel fuzzy the next morning, difficlt to wake, incoherent, and quite honestly sometimes am not really in control. 

    I am about to question my GP/Psych about the efficacy of taking the drug continuously, and not just when I am in crisis.

    Any thoughts?

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