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  • Dannie1989 3

    Think I've just given up....

    I had my first CBT appointment today and really talking about my Thanatophobia has made reality all too clear and prominent. I honestly feel like I've just died on the inside, like I've just given up. There's nothing there, I don't know how to feel or what to do. I can't stop my fate and I can't deal...

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  • fiona51388 5

    Recovery from nervous breakdown

    Back in March I tried out a new type of medication for my schizophrenia and it disagreed with me so strongly that I had a nervous breakdown and ended up spending six weeks in hospital.  After making my feeling about the new drug plain to the Consultant I was put back on my original medication and am...

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  • The Globus Kid 3

    What is happening to me ?

    Chronic Anxiety 6 years Depersonalzation 3 years Signed off with Anxiety and Depression Now I've started having severe panic attacks Had a bad one last Sunday that lasted 30 mins then another 40-50 mins when Ambulance arrived Today Ive just had another bad one again needing an ambulance and lasting an...

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  • sunnycms 3
  • AaronLove 2

    Astral Projection.

    Can someone please help kno whether there is any possibility that a person who practises astral projection, when he can hear some people talk to him ,be actually schizophrenic?

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  • donna198021 3

    Horrible anxiety on fluvoxamine

    Has anyone else suffered horrible anxiety taking fluvoxamine? I stopped escitalopram and started this for obsessive thinking and my anxiety has become a lot worse. I feel awful. I have tried most ssris and nothing has ever helped my anxiety. Also tried venlafaxine a few months ago and that also made...

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  • charliel29 2

    extremely distressed over appearance

    Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old male student. Firstly, I am usually pretty content with my appearance and before I say anything just know that i am not a vain person in the least. For years now, after seeing a photo of myself side on (of the right side of my face) I've always been very self concious...

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  • jacqueline32550 2


    has anybody had a leg amputation on polio leg  if you have can you let me know how it went and are you better now than with your polio leg. I was told I should have my leg amputated it might help me more but not to sure. Would be grateful if anybody can get back to me and let me know thank you 

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  • Spiritmon 2

    Link between diet/life style and heart desease

    The core this discusion is planning vs compulsive diet. It's is a conscience choice. How about eating vs stress? Looking for right foods has to be in and on your life management plan. With this many will not need hypertension meds. Let's please hear from successful med abatement. All efforts to...

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  • fluffpumpkin 1

    is this sexual assault? what should i do? *potential trigger*

    I am now a female in my late teens. I live in a very mental health positive and open household but there is one thing i have not told anyone in my family or group of friends. When I was somewhere between the age of four and eight  i used to play with a boy who was almost two years older than me. our...

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  • marco34274 2
  • zoe07 1

    My mum doesn't understand my mental health problems

    hi, so i'm 14 and i know i seem really young and all that but recently i've had some situations that have gotten me in deep s*** and i tell my mum it's my anxiety and i worry a lot and she doesn't get it. she always says "why do you have these thoughts" and "just focus your mind on happier things" "i...

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  • natalie ma69301 2

    I'm extremely tired

    After a paracetamol overdoes, I think I killed my mucus completely. I make no/ to little mucus. I do not know how to increase/repair this if possible.... I'm extremely tired, I barely eat. I can pee fine, bowel movements are alot harder to do. I do it sometimes but it extremely hurts. I was at my doctor...

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  • clare998 2

    Worries I might have a Brain Tumour.

    I've been so worried that I have. A Brain tumour. I've been having a dull achey pressure on the top left side of my head. Feels nice to press down on it. I've had ice prick headaches in the same area for about a week. I'll have these moments where it feels achey for about 2 seconds then it goes. I've...

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  • shelby58188 4

    worried i have a brain tumor

    i suffer from anxiety and worrie i have a brain tumor because i have been getting headaches recently does anyone no about if this could be a brain tumor 

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  • melissa98777 2

    very scared of brain tumor.. constant headaches

    Hi.. i am very scared i might have a brain tumor.. i get random headaches.. i suffer from panic attacks as well as bad anxiety.. i just got a physical everything came back fine but ive been getting random headaches.. i went to my dr and told her about them but she said she didnt see anythinf abnormal...

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  • nikki27791 3

    Brain feels like it has a 'mental block' / slowed thoughts

    Hi there I've been recently experiencing more frequent 'attacks' (for want of a better word), whereby I'll be thinking something and my thoughts slow down in the process. They will often slow down so much that it will feel like I am thinking and wading through treacle with the thoughts I am having,...

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  • Brainworried 2

    Sleep Deprivation Effects?

    Hello, 5 months ago I started feeling dizzy, anxious, depressed and having constant low energy. I wrote about it in details in this post. Since doctors in this country are really incompetent, they all either requested test which results turned...

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  • t92810 1
  • megan123 2

    Lump in throat? Anxiety?

    anyone with anxiety have a constant lump in there throat? like there's something lodged at the back? ive been struggling with depression and anxiety since school, I turn 21 at the end of the month and im struggling everyday with a lump in my throat constantly and it's really getting me down. It constantly...

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  • mari34228 3
  • ann55375 5


    dr wants to use this as anti depressant augmentation - need some helpful comments for my anxiety/depression

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  • rose10649 2


    W all  have stigma about various mental health disorders and issues. Because of these, we tend to have more myths and misconceptions that we don't clarify, leading to more ignorance, and more dangerously, isolation, discrimination and harm to people who need help! So let's talk about some of these doubts...

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  • kristina73093 3

    On a 72 hour hold

    After the crises I've been facing lately, yesterday I cracked. I wanted to take an entire bottle of pain pills. I was sick of the pain I'm in, the lack of respect and I help I get at home. I've had constant trouble reaching my psychiatrist, and after leaving her a message yesterday morning about...

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  • 7649 1

    Older sisters' bullying/criticisms

    For all my life, my two older sisters have always bullied me. Not in the stereotypically physical manner, but verbally. They point out each and every one of my flaws in a condescending manner that has always made me feel worthless, and even led to my attempting suicide. My parents remain blind and of...

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  • ry27528 2

    Waking up, unable to comprehend anything, number counting

    I have searched on google for years trying to find someone with the same or similar problem to no avail. So here I am. Over the past 8 or so years (20 now.) I've had this reocurring dream atleast once a year where I wake up unable to comprehend anything, comparing everything to numbers, almost as if...

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  • bts 1

    everything makes me cry

    I don't know what's wrong with me but literally everything makes me cry like everything even random words. I found myself crying at the word video in school and i don't want people to think im a weirdo or anything but i dont know what to do i feel so vulnerable and i want to know wtf is wrong with me....

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  • globuggie 2
  • sarah72572 1

    Hi I am on 30mg of mirtazapine for 7 weeks

    I am on this for post natal depression and anxiety, I was seeing slight improvement but today have felt down and anxious again all day.. is it possible it has stooped working or just a blip? I don't really want to up my does as the foggy head and tiredness is already a problem with a baby to look after...

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  • hayley38376 2

    Sertraline for anxiety. 1 pill and i feel crazy! Please help

    Hi everyone. First time ive ever done this, feeling alittle stupid. After a tough 8 months (court battle over my child, allegations and a general nasty ex) i finally broke last week and My anxiety got the better of me after yet another threat from my ex. I went to the docs and told him about how bad...

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  • ryanlenov 2

    Not sure how I feel about anything

    This isn't some story abou how I meet the checklist for every symptom of depression lately. The title means exactly what it saids. I'm never sure how I feel about anything, it's like nothing is there (and I don't mean that as in I feel empty) I mean there is absolutely nothing. No sadness, No happy,...

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  • andrewharris02 2

    I'm just lost...

    My life has been a mess more than what I was expecting. I was bullied and because of that I started to have bad feelings about me, I hated me so much... high school destroyed my life. I just hate so much going to school and not understand anything, it makes me feel stupid, even more when I realize tha...

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  • psych46033 1

    How to repair damaged dopamine receptors (caused by pornography)?

    Various sources claim that exposure to internet pornography over long periods of time leads to the same amount of damage to the brain that hard drugs do. This is due to the fact that watching pornography generates unnatural amounts of dopamine (just like hard drugs) and damage dopamine receptors. Dopamine...

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  • Dannie1989 3

    I need help!!

    Last night my panic attacks and Thanatophobia kept me awake, I've now been awake for just over 32 hours, it's made my anxiety and panic attacks so bad I've started to consider self harm and suicide. I don't want to consider these and I don't like being the way I am, I've cried so much today it's unreal,...

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  • clare87937 2


    Hi guys I started resperidone 0.5 mg once a day 7 days ago I was drowsy for 3 days and then had headaches and achy jaw (psych said was normal) well today I felt faint and like I was gonna throw up. I keep really worrying. Is it possible to have side effects pop up 7 days later ??? I have generalized...

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