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  • john46133 2

    Red hot Knees for 1 year + 21 year old male

    So basically for about the last year I've had this problem I've been worried about with my knees when I'm out in the sun, exercising or just hanging round the house sometime my knees get really hot and red particularly my right one but at time it has been both. It sort of went away or I noticed it

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  • callianne 65675 4

    Lost in the system?

    hi, I am on the NHS and I realize in a way I have gotten lost in the system somehow.  I have a psychiatrist, and I also have a medical phobia (can't take to medications easily) so due to that I hardly see her (understandable I suppose).  I think the thing that is upsetting me the most is that I was

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  • olivia7171 2

    My scars, my reasons, helpp mee

    I have thick, white scars all over my thighs, from self harm about 3 years ago now or less. Mainly over my stupid ex boyfriend who really messed my head up. Was abusive and agressive, controlling and evil. Im luckly out of it and happily in a relationship with a fantastic lad in the army who treats

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  • g59989 1


    Everyday i feel like somepeople are watching me somehow or following me i can hear people talking about me or what im doing right at that moment but nobody but myself can see what im doing. Other people can hear these people abuse me but they just wont go away or confront me it has been like this

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  • corta 2

    real thought-broadcasting

    I've been suffering from real thought-broadcasting for a long time.  My thougts and all five senses are transmitted to other people for real, like uncontrollable telepathy. It is not thought-broadcasting in schizophrenia nor a delusion. People really react to what I'm thinking.  Do you have any

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  • Yonig 2

    Abused as a child, scared of people, hard to communicate

    Hi everyone, my name is Jony. Im new on patient. info. I was adopted, and i was abused as a child by my adoptive father. My abuse was so 47 and i find it hard to communicate with people. I feel like i dont belong. My dad, mom and sister have passed away. Im scared of people. When i

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  • Evamore 2

    Random feelings of annoyance

    So sometimes I'll get random feelings of annoyance at stupid things. It can be when my sister over explains stuff, when I suddenly don't want to hear things, when I suddenly get annoyed at my music (that I like) or simply at a video game. In order to stop feeling annoyed, I have to avoid the cause

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  • philalexander 2
  • clay59274 1

    Constant worry

    I have a change in bowel movements, abdominal pain for two years, now I've had back pain for more than a month and urine test showed blood and some other abnormalities. I'm always so stressed I wake up with night sweats I can barely fall asleep before they occur. I must check my weight 20 times a

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  • Lydia1960 2


    Have been given this drug and the side effects are having a serious reaction in my Body. Have spoken to the health team about this but they are not taking this seriously. Can anyone suggest how to rid these toxins in my body? It has been suggested That drinking lots of water, exercising lots,

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  • olivia7171 2

    Depression eats the mind, Its happening to me now heres how.

    I'm 16 years old ive suffered depression and Anxiety for 3 years now. I've been to mental health groups, Ive talked to therapists and nothing works. They tell you to train the brain but even that doesnt help. It eats away my mind, it hurts my thoughts, i feel endangered by everyone, i feel like

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  • moaning minnie 1

    mix of menopause relationship disability.

    I've been married 24yrs together for 30. I've never had a proper hug or kiss apart when having sex then I asked him and only with a drink in me. I gave up drinking. I fell down stairs 2005 and that really changed me I was in hospital for around 3 months he hardly visited I had a long time to think

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  • hayley2000 2

    dealing with death

    it has been a little over 10 years since my father passed away from a car accident. i was only 6 at the time. i was just wondering who else has suffered a tragic death and how they are able to live their lives on a daily basis as i constantly consider death as a way to deal and have even attempted

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  • emily56985 1
  • faith74456 2

    Does anyone suffer with this kind ocd ....

    So around 2 years ago i was diagnosed with ocd, it slowly took over my mind' it started off just small thoguhts which i eventually got rid off and ignored anything was wrong then it got 10 times worse' i get thoughts that i have cheated on my partner this can happen at anytime i could be at home

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  • ashbe123 2

    24/7 Brain Fog. What Can i Do?

    I have been suffering with extreme brain fog for 6 months straight now. I woke up with an extreme migrane and suffered for 2 days before going to th hospital and getting Tylenol and feeling better from my headache but my brain fog and dizziness never went away. I have changed my diet, I have taken

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  • shelby58188 4

    worried i have a brain tumor

    i suffer from anxiety and worrie i have a brain tumor because i have been getting headaches recently does anyone no about if this could be a brain tumor 

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  • mari34228 3

    Headaches, fuzziness, feeling out of it....

    Hi, I was wondering what other people's experiences are of this. I'm having a crappy day today and yesterday was bad too.  I suffer with anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia (so pain and fatigue are a big part of my life). But I've found that I have days (like today) where I have splitting headaches,...

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  • TaylorMason 3
  • amy89030 2

    4 weeks of Bad headaches, ear fullness

    hi there all, I know i have health anxiety and i recently started worring about brain tummer because of headaches that are coming from the back, to the temples, pressure on top, forehead, behind ears, really full ears. I have seen 6 doctors they have done some test also blood test (dont know if

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  • kerry56645 2

    Anyone who has self harmed I need advice

    At a family funeral my brother disclosed to me that he had self harmed when he split with his girlfriend for 6 years, he was really upset when he told me and he was very drunk. I told him I loved him and that he could of trust me and that night dropped him home. I feel so sad tha my brother felt so

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  • alex78288 2

    I have a friend who says she hears voices?

    sit back, this is going to take a bit to explain. so I have a friend, who opened up to me about quite a bit the other day. she said not to worry, but I am. it's short sleeve season and she has a lot of scars on her arms and legs. I asked her why she would do that (she has dealt with cutting

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  • zed2000 1

    I can't stop being paranoid!

    I think that I smell. If people touch their noses or move away from me that's what automatically comes to mind. I got tests done that all came back 'normal' regarding the fact that I do not smell at all so it is bound to be a mental disorder right? I get so paranoid for no reason and it makes me

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  • raghav87109 1
  • john46133 2

    Virgin at 21 male about to be 22 in june

    So basically i have been a bit down recently about the fact i am going to be 22 in 2 months and i am still a virgin, i know i should not be bothered about this i have dated girls in the past and it has not really led to anything apart from one time in which there was intimacy but it never lead to sex,...

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  • k73119 1

    Frustrated with husband's constant illnesses and injuries

    My husband and I have been together for 10 years.  During this time, he has had numerous illnesses and injuries, and it has gotten to the point where I think he is making it up for attention.  He is still in his early 30's and it is puzzling to me how someone so young, without a diagnosed chronic illness,...

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  • Redwolf887 2

    Is this something I should be worrying about?

    I got a problem with health anxiety, but since April last year I been where I was rushed to hospital after fainting and having head pressure and chest pains. All tests, chest x-rays ECG blood tests etc. Were normal, but never had a brain scan. I been diagnosed by a doctor and therapist with anxiety,...

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  • ryanlenov 1

    Self-Evaluation of Antisocial Personality Disorder

    My findings: Something that has been brought to my attention for the past few years of my life has been my ability to lack empathy and guilt, and I've decided to look into it. I know what guilt is because as a little kid my mother used to try and guilt trip me to get me to do something, and It

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  • Brandy1997 2

    Can a person with psychosis be aware of his illness?

    Hello, I have been to a few psychiatrists and I'm now on anti-psychotic and I feel a lot better now. I don't know what my diagnosis is, but my psychiatrist told my partner that I show early symptoms of psychosis or even schizophrenia. Irrational thoughts and fears ruined my life and my social, professional,...

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  • Mrsdavis 1
  • sofr 2

    Psych meds and headaches

    I was recently hospitalized for major deppressive disorder and anxiety disorder, and part of the cocktail they gave me in the hospital is seroquel and  zoloft. They help me stay stable, and on the whole, I think they have been helping me a great deal, but I have been getting a lot of headaches lately,...

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  • monjanse 2

    hospitalizing in mental hospital -signs?

    what can this be mean? can it be a ressult of that im going to be hospitalisatitated in mental hospital 18 april when im are going to talk about this reports with my psychiatrist? (i found the reports on my journal in my hospitals healthpage, where we as patients in norway can see consult reports

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  • noodles738 2

    About to kill myself if things dont go back to normal soon.

    Ive recently and very suddenly lost any feeling of happiness or attachment and love to someone I loved deeply. I  dont know why it happened. I have BPD, depression, and ADHD and i'm terrified that i might never love this person again. She treats me so well and I dont want to live where I cant love

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  • Katyf 3

    feeling awful

    hi i have been suffering with depression and bad intrusive thoughts for 2 years thihgs have inproved but the last week the thoughts are back i feel like giving up

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  • catherine 77134 1
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