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Anybody still go swimming?

Swimming was the first thing that my HS affected [although I didn't know that's what it was at the time], when I was 14 and stopped going because my legs and groin were a horrible, embarrassing mess.

Lots of websites giving advice to HS sufferers say that swimming is the best exercise to do, because not too much rubbing of limbs etc, and also the chlorine is supposed to be good because helps dry the skin out.

So, what I'm wondering is, does anyone here go swimming?

If they do, what do they wear to cover up the affected areas - and is it accepted by the pool or do you have to ask special permission to wear T-shirts or whatever?

I need to do some kind of exercise because I'm getting obese, and I'm trapped in the cycle of 'losing weight would lessen the pain a little' - 'need to exercise to lose weight' - 'can't exercise because of the pain'.

Can anybody else relate to this?


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    Oh god yes!

    I can relate something chronic!

    I used to love swimming untill HS happened, i even used to swim competitively, now, you cant get me anywhere near a pool! The doctors advised me to start again, but why exactly would i want to go to a public pool and let everybody see the hideous mess that is my groin and my thighs? People ive been close to/ friends with who claimed to understand my pain and what i was going through eventually stopped hanging around with me due to the fact that i was \"dirty\" and \"going to infect them\" and this was from people who id explained the disease to. And if they said things like that im definately not exposing it to the public who wont have a clue.

    Now im in the same situation as you, in the same cycle, and wishing i could find a way out of it.

    Try talkin to the lifeguard or the people at reception. They should be able to advise you on what you are allowed to wear, and you might even get the chance to educate them a little bit on HS.

    And if we all did that, the world might eventually not be so ignorant to our suffering and lack of confidence!

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    Hi, I used to swim, but these days only on holiday in a private pool! On my last holiday I was pregnant and had to get a swimming costume. I ended up getting a 2 piece maternity costume. This has a long tankini and shorts. The shorts are long enough to hide my bum and the tops of my thighs, so no one could see anything. The brand is Zog. Still use the whole costume as the tankini still fits without it having to strech out for my belly.

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    Hi there - try quick dry fabric board shorts - most pools in NZ let you wear them and they are cheap and easy to get hold of. Get in the water as much as you can - it at least allows us to be free for a while from the pain. :D Also - try going whole grain and seed (eg Poppy, pumpkin) free. When I don't eat seeds and whole grains I get no out breaks - somtimes for months at a time. As soon as they get into my diet again, the HS comes back!

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    hiyyaa my name is becka i was dignosed with hs about 2 years ago i was about 12 at the time . i am 14 know and yes i still do go swimming but i hate it when i have to do it at school coz when i wear my costume u can see sum of the boils i get really imbarassed. knowone can know wat you are going threw only we people with hs know. but yes i still go swimming in the holidays and with my dad. But it is espacilly hard for me because none of my friends have it. i waas advised to see at demoltigst about 6 months ago maybe a bit longer. they have put me on anti-botics but they dnt work so we are trying a diffrent suloution . thanxs becka xx

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    Has anyone realised that muslim women share the same concerns about covering up? Therefore no pool staff should ever stop you from wearing a muslim type swimming costume (you can even say its for religious reasons if it's easier than explaining about your health).

    There are some pretty cool islamic cossies out there (sometimes called Burquinis!!!). Google for \"islamic swimsuit\" or \"muslim swimming costume\".

    You want a 'semi cover' version, which has short sleeves and legs, and no hood. They are all made from proper swimwear fabric and keep their shape when wet.

    In my local pool women also wear a standard one piece swimming cossie with thin lycra cycling shorts underneath, and / or a technical t shirt on top (Saucony make superb thin ones that don't soak up water, which are meant for runners).

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    Hi there,

    I can completely sympathise with this experience. I don't really like going swimming because of the mess that my thighs and armpits are in but I'm tempted to try getting some shorts/muslim swimming costume as recommended by other people here.

    I too have found it hard to lose weight because it's hard to do exercise, but I've recently found some exercise that I CAN do without making it worse. These are:

    Skipping (try jumping over the rope with both feet at the same time, so your legs don't rub against each other, and also use only your lower arms to swing the rope and keep your upper arms still, so you don't cause rubbing in your underarms.

    Hula-hooping (either with a real hula hoop or if you have/know anyone with a Wii-fit there is a hula hoop game on there).

    I know these both sound like quite childish things to do but they do burn lots of calories so help to lose weight and, for me at least, they don't make my Hidradenitis feel worse.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi, i have been suffering with HS for 9 years, i am now 19, even though i dont go swimming often, when i am not in too much pain i will go swimming.

    i dont let it beat me, if people dont like the look of it then i tell them to not look at it. i dont care what anybody else thinks of what i have got because i know i am a nice kind good and strong minded person and just because i have a disease that looks ugly doesnt mean i should have to stop doing it.


  • mary 18698 mary 18698 Raef

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  • SammyB92 SammyB92 Raef

    Hey mate

    I am hopefully gonna be diagnosed tomorrow with hs even though i am 100% certain i have it along with rheumatoid arthritis. Only way i can exercise is to swim and when i do, I swim in a sports bra and a muscle singlet and shorts. Thankfully the pool i go to doesnt get many people therefore making it easier with the whole self conscious side of things. Hope this helps.

  • lady15469 lady15469 Raef

    On vacation, I snorkel. I have nasty stage 3 and I use waterproof badges and put on water diving shorts on top of my on piece to hide my thighs and buttocks . It works.

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