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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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  • fred 11743 2


    I've been suffering from H S for over 10 years. The only answer I got from doctors is that it was a bacterial infection. About a year ago I had another break out so bad I had to go to the emergency room to have them lanced (as I had to do many times). The nurse that was on duty told me I should see

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  • Hkp 1

    Trying to hold it together

    Hi, I've had this awful disease for 5 years which by comparison to some it's not that long. Unfortunately it went from tiny lumps to it covering all my underarms and now my groin area to the point where I can barely walk and if I do I resemble john Wayne! People stare which sucks and I try and hide

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  • janem2106 1

    Help with severe itching

    I have only just been diagnosed with HS. Am using clindamycin gel and dactakort cream. Hardly any lumps but the itching is terrible (groin), I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Any recommendations welcome please?

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  • reginald98456 1

    I feel like I'm at the end of the road emotionally

    I've been looking at this discussion post for some time now but I finally made one of my own. I've been stage 3 for the last two years. Currently I am a student athlete at the university of Wisconsin and because it spreads everywhere both armpits both groins I was able to play my last season and

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  • Debbon 2
  • we-are-not-hs 2

    Hidradenitis suppertiva it's finally working

    Hi everyone I feel I have tried almost everything in the book on curing hidradenitis suppurativa. I recently started going to medical school just to figure what triggers this disease. I have been on antibiotics for the past 5 years as I have had this condition going on 16 years now. I have tried Humira,...

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  • catherine435 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa: You Can Have your Life Back!

    Hi. My name is Catherine and I have been suffering with HS for over 23 years. They first started out as red bumps in the vaginal area. After repeated infections my doctor surgically removed the tissue. That didn't work. The lesions started appearing in the same location but on the opposite side. My

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  • jadeycakes88 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa Since I was 6 help!!

    Hello, I have suffered with HS in both sides of my groin from the age of 6 years old I am now 28. When I have an attack I find it hard to walk and I have months of one after the other and then healing then developing again in same area. I have been under dermatologists since I was 6 when I have a

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  • twingirl 2

    Antibiotics and alcohol

    I've had hidradenitis for nigh on 40 years and have had several surgeries and change of antibiotics over the years. I've just been prescribed 600mg clindamycin and 600mg rifampin daily. I understand that there can be side effects, particularly with rifampin that can cause liver damage. As a social

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  • tessa77355 2

    Feeling so down 😭

    I have had a HORRIBLE ( one of the worst ) abscesses on my left arm pit for days now. All I am doing is taking OTC pain meds that don't even touch it! Nothing does, I can't move, I can't laugh, I can't even lay on the couch or bed with out excruciating pain. Days like today I am so DONE just ready

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  • shagun95 1
  • nishia31572 2

    Abscess on my left arm

    I have had hs for 4 years and in stage 3 my doctor has me booked in for surgery and a skin graft has any1 had this done

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  • jenni85731 1

    clindamycin rifampicin combination

    Hello, has anyone tried the above combination of antibiotics? I have had HS for 3 years now and still unsure what triggers it off, i have tried endless creams and antibiotics and have now been prescribed the above. I know there is risk with this combination (liver damage) and need to get regular

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  • gregory4312 2

    Lets try to help the medical community with our disease.

    After a recent flare I got reminded of how awful hydradenitis is and I've created an excel file specifically for me which contains basic variables (date, affected area, pain 1-10, if I did something out of the ordinary, temperature outside (hot/cold), any possible leakage and size of the cyst/node)

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  • roberto 98022 2

    Hidadenitis laser surgery and humira

    I had my first laser surgery on my groin area on December 22, 2016. Still healing up. looking ok. Hard area to gauze. Very sensitive but very much better than before. Before that I was in excruciating pain. Still have areas that need surgery. Right under arm, waistline, and belly button. Costs alot

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  • georgia76818 1


    I have a medical app in the DWP This week. I've been signed of work for past 9 months, had surgery under arms in October. I get my books/cysts/Abcess under arms, groin, breaststroke, thoughts stomach and bum. I cannot work, the work pain and flare ups is too much. I have had this for nearly 10

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  • Guest M

    Rifampicin and Clindamycin

    I've been reading the board and haven't seen any mention of this combination of antibiotics. I'm a dermatologist and I have found this very effective in many patients with HS and similar problems. A 3 month course tends to bring about a lasting remission and then can be repeated as necessary. One

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  • Meh1305 2

    I'm literally covered now

    I've been told I had HS many years ago. I've had anti biotics, creams, and recently need referred to have the PUVA light treatment baths. Has anyone had these? Are they any good? I'm laterally covered now, it's getting so bad! It's really getting to me.

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  • elaine34322 2


    hi had HS for many years have been put on acitretin has anyone had these tablets and if so how did it go

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  • Varydox 1

    Terrible Flare Up, Need Relief

    Like clockwork, I get far worse flareups while menstruating and ovulating, and lucky me, I actually saw huge boils appear in a matter of hours between my breasts and found that this flare up seems to be localized to my upper body. Usually, I get them in the groin area too, but everything seems normal,...

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  • Susie_London 1

    Zinc Gluconate?

    Has anyone tried zinc supplements to manage their HS? I have come across references to a trial several times when surfing the internet and I am tempted to give it a go. You can get zinc gluconate from health food shops but would not ordinarily take it in such high doses so I figure that medical

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  • matildaw 2

    Best way I found to decrease the amount of boils!

    Hey fellow hs sufferers! I have had hs since I was about ten and now I am twenty years old, mainly in the groin and buttox area. About a year and a half ago I went vegan. This was because of ethical reasons, nothing else. After about a month or two I started to notice less and less boils and

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  • Raef 1

    Anybody still go swimming?

    Swimming was the first thing that my HS affected , when I was 14 and stopped going because my legs and groin were a horrible, embarrassing mess. Lots of websites giving advice to HS sufferers say that swimming is the best exercise to do, because not too much rubbing of limbs etc, and also the

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  • twingirl 2

    New antibiotic

    I've suffered with hidradenitis for many years and have been taking a daily antibiotic for the past 8 years and have had numerous surgeries to remove the outbreaks when they are particularly bad. I've recently been prescribed Erythromycin and am experiencing side effects such as stomach cramps and

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  • stephanie 1506 1

    Please help

    Hello I've been dealing with HS for about 4 years I'm 23 and i have a very bad condition on my left and right groin and my left armpit My surgery is this Thursday My doctor will leave the scars open without filling them with anything How much do you think i need time to recover? Im really

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  • kaley69293 2

    The pain is so bad it's affecting my work. What works for you?

    I'm in so much pain I can't work. My whole right arm out is completely infected and flares up. My doctors haven't done anything but basically tell me tough luck. It's so bad I had to leave work today. I fear losing my job and it's really sending me into a depression. I just want to be able to work. I'

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  • TarUk5 1

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    Ive had HS since i can remember, but i only recently went and spoke to my doctor. I was so embarressed, and the only reason i went to speak to somebody was becauase i had an 8cm abcess on my left buttock witch had to get surgically removed, i was in so much pain, i couldnt sit down, walk, sleep, i

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  • BethGA 2

    HS Relief!!

    I saw my dermatologist yesterday.  Nothing's been working for improvement in my advanced HS in my right armpit and right groin.  I've been on clindamycin gel and minocycline oral antibiotics, with little to no improvement.  I was really in pain yesterday and could barely walk from my car to the doctor'

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  • rachel14667 2

    Does everyones HS smell bad?!

    Hi all,  I'm not being offensive, I have HS. I've just been reading back through the various threads and lots of people mention the smell. I can honestly say I have never smelt anything when one of the volcanoes has popped - never. I'm now concerned that my sense of smell has gone too lol! I feel

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  • paige11595 2

    Can't find surgeon for my HS?? Help?

    Hi, this is my first post here; I'm desparate. I'm a 21 year old female with severe HS on my "underwear line". I am overweight so my stomach rolls over the 7-8 inch wide line of cysts. I have tried topical creams, Clindamycin, oral antibiotics, Xeroform guaze, etc. all with little to no

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  • BethGA 2

    Very depressed. Severe hidradenitis. Waiting for possible surgery.

    I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with HS, though I know I've had it since I was in my 20s.  (I'm 52 now.)  I've had once successful surgery on my left armpit with a flap closure.  Scar doesn't look great, but no HS there anymore.  Saw my plastic surgeon last week who seems hesitant to do more

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  • Eddie99 1

    Hs help

    Hello I have had hs for about 6 years I got it when I was about 20 have tried humira and a lot of other things does anyone know any good meds to control them from flaring I only have them in the lower area of my body in between my legs and under my stomach

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  • Muskoka Canada 2


    Are there other active members (women) that have Hirsutism (male pattern facial hair), what do you do for treatment?

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  • chuckles27 2
  • susan63067 2

    Tanning Bed?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried a tanning bed and what your thoughts are on it?

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