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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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  • zoey11364 2

    HS is a depressing disease

    I first got my first boil at age 15,I went to the hospital and the doctors drained it. At age 21 it came back under my armpits. I am now 24 and still suffering from it. Its hurts not only physically but metally, im scared to date guys I cant wear bathing suits, tank tops or short sleeves. My last major...

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  • paige11595 2

    Dating with HS

    Does anyone know if there is a dating site for people with HS? I have a hard time connecting with people when they don't know about my HS already, since mine is a big part of my'd be nice if there was a way to look for partners in a pool of people who can relate.

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  • chelsea 76176 2

    Bad Day HS

    Decided to write this. Had a bad day and a bad flare. HIDDEN. Festering within me You finally come to my surface. No one knows what you are or why your here But you most certainly destroy me Every inch of privacy you control Every part of self esteem dissolved. And always trapped within myself....

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  • Jb7567 2

    Dealing with this dreadfull disease

    I've had over 13 surgeries since 2009. The surgeries help but as soon as you get operated on in one location another area gets infected. I've had both armpits done successfully, buttocks, groin, inner thighs operated on. I've been infected in most commonly known areas of this disease and...

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  • anne52249 2

    Anyone tried adalimumab ?

    ive recently been to see a dermatologist who has referred me as a good candidate for adalimumab , has anyone else tried this and if so what effect has it had on the hidradanitis and any side effects ? 

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  • rachel14667 3

    In remission

    Hi all,  Just wanted to diarise this, although I'm not sure it will be of help to anyone aside from giving a little hope.  I had HS for about a year, it started last Easter. Around Feb this year I started the Atkins diet but only stuck to it for around 2 months. Anyhow, something happened,...

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  • chelsea 76176 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa Theory.

    I've been suffering from this horrible condition since 11. I've been researching a lot in regards to this disease and am aware that unfortunately there is no cure I had a thought today as to why this may be happening to my body and was just wanting to run it by others that have the disease...

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  • chuckles27 2
  • KJ 23 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment Side effects

    I have been putting up with HS in my groin for many years and have recently been diagnosed and started treatment. I took a 3 month course of lymecycline and it did nothing so was started on clindamycin and rifampicin about 3 weeks ago which seems to be working really well. I haven't had any of the...

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  • jenni85731 2

    clindamycin rifampicin combination

    Hello, has anyone tried the above combination of antibiotics? I have had HS for 3 years now and still unsure what triggers it off, i have tried endless creams and antibiotics and have now been prescribed the above. I know there is risk with this combination (liver damage) and need to get regular...

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  • babymurph 1

    Does anyone suffer HS and Mutliple Sclerosis

    Hi everyone very happy to have joined a group who will know exactly how one feels living with and managing HS. I have suffered with HS for over 25 years but have now been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis also, (RRMS) The challenge that lies ahead of me is my neurologist has very little knowledge of...

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  • Varydox 2

    HS showing on face and how to cover?

    I usually get boils and craters under armpits, groin, panty line, and my sides, then carbuncles are common on groin too. Every now and again I get boils on my arms, which I just hide them with my long sleeve shirt at work, but in a manner of 20 minutes, I noticed the familiar feeling of irritation on...

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  • kat69149 1

    Serious about treatment

    I have never had one lanced before. They definitely don't get golf ball-sized but they really hurt intend to grow more in a long Direction. If that makes any sense. Usually around the bikini line area. Would it cause less scarring if I get it lanced? Wondering how painful this is? Would love to know...

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  • XoMonkey 3

    Armpit lumps

    Hi all, I'm 17 y/o female. 2 weeks ago I had a random armpit lump (dx as abscess) which I was antibiotics for. It's now almost gone. However, now I have a lump the same size on my other armpit. Someone in my family suggests HS. Does anyone know why I've got 2 lumps within 2 weeks? Thanks

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  • Dandycandy 1


    I was just wondering if anyone has recieved disability payments eith HS. I literally dont know if I can handle this much longer.

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  • jay 15581 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    Hey so I'm a little scared. I might be just stressing out but I have had this open cyst like thing in the crease of my groin for a few months now and it just will not heal! If I keep it dry it starts to heal but I'm a pretty big guy and it's summer so I get pretty sweaty down there and just...

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  • Libbybeans57 1

    Help please

    Hi everyone just joined this group of knowledgeable, experienced people!!!! Question!!!! I have just been recently diagnosed with HS, Lucky me!!!! MS and HS!!!! Very cool lol. Anyway, I have just gotten a cyst or abscess on my knee!!! Last year it was the hand!!!! Anyone experience this? Or am I just...

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  • shelby71868 2


    Hi I have had HS since I started puberty I'm now 24 and tried everything from anti biotics to tea tree oil and nothing works! I have read a lot of your posts and thought it's about time I put one of my own- I have recently been Using a microdermabrasion tool and a ipl laser for the past week,...

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  • Mswordnerd 1

    Repeat HS boils in same area

    Hi all, Newbie here. I have had HS since my early 20s (about 20 years). I used to get books only in the armpits and now I predominantly get them in the groin. For the last three months, I have been getting a boil in the same spot in my groin. It takes about a week to come to a head and then drains and...

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  • paige11595 2

    Self confidence/body issues/dating with HS

    Hello everyone, my name is Paige and I'm a 22 year old female with HS along my bikini line, a little in my groin, and scars from outbreaks in my armpits from HS that went away on its own. I'm currently Stage 2, but was boarderline Stage 3 before starting rifampin and clindamycin a few months...

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  • ninak1978 2

    I think I found something that helps!

    Hi everyone,  I've been battling HS for about 20 years on and off, had operations on my back (pilonidial cyst) and one underarm, but as you know, it comes back at other places (other underarm, under breast, and now all over groin area). I found that out of all antibiotics Keflex (Cefalexin)...

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  • ruth93162 2

    how do I get a boil to burst !!!! in agony

    Ive suffered with this awful and embarrassing problem for 10 yrs, i get them around my groin and it usually flares up around my period and if im stressed...  I have one on my left side at the moment the size of a golf ball, hard and deep under surface,  doctors just throw anti biotics at me.....

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  • alex70929 2

    Bad HS, bad experience with Humira and don't know what to do.

    I am a 28 year old man I have had HS for around 6 years. I am over weight and a smoker. Dermatologist has given me every antibiotic under the sun with no success. First appeared under the left arm at stage 1 and quickly moved to my groin. I had a deroofing surgery on my inner thighs in December of 2015...

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  • brown45840 3
  • sarah42192 2

    Where to be referred

    Hi I have suffered with hs for about 14 years my doctors are going to refer me to the hospital to possibly have an operation on my left armpit. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar op and what department your referred to? Thankyou

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  • julie01285 3


    Does anyone have any experience with these & how effective are they?

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  • PossumTraveller 2

    Chinese medicine helped me

    I was of the belief that HS is incurable also.  So here’s my story of how I managed to get rid of HS.   The reason I hadn’t posted this before is that I only stumbled upon this forum a day ago. When I contracted HS in 2007, my local doctor gave me medication which temporarily removed my symptoms...

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  • amy61071 2

    Off medication!

    I've recently decided to go off all medication prescribed to me by my ex-dermatologist. I was on a low dosage of accuntane teamed with a contraceptive pill (which ended up giving me melasma/hyperpigmentation on my face!).  I made the decision to go off the medication for many reasons, but the...

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  • smurfette007 2

    Has anyone tried Humira to treat HS?

    I'm in stage three of HS and my dermatologist has suggested Humira.  We've tried A LOT of other things already like diet and antibiotics but I have had no success.  From what I've read, it's a new treatment for HS.   Has anyone tried this yet?  Humira is used for other...

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  • anne52249 2

    What to do....

    hi , my hidradenitis is in my groin  area , I have open channels which leak constantly meaning I have to wear pads all the time. It's itchy painful and awful to look at , it's really getting me down I'm on lymecycline but that's just preventing the abscesses from getting too big...

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  • jessica 85378 1

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi! I'm new to this but thought I would give it a go because it's driving me insane and google has been no help at all.. just sending me into meltdown with panic! I'm 22 years old and have been diagnosed with the condition I've managed to get it under control and thankfully most of my...

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  • sarah42192 2

    Op referral

    Hi I have suffered with hs for about 15 years maybe longer I used to get lots of abscesses on my bottom but had an operation where they removed all the infected sinus tacks and I stopped getting them there. Now I get them in my armpit. I was wondering if anyone knows how I go about being referred to...

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  • sinead62842 1

    Newly diagnosed hs sufferer

    Hi recently diagnosed with hs. Have suffered for over 20 years. Just hoping that some of you out there might have tips on how to keep this under control

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  • brittanyw89 1

    Insight: HS/PCOS

    I have frequent boils in my groin area that vary in size from very small to huge and painful. Every doctor I've talked to just tell me it's an ingrown hair or abscess, prescribe antibiotics and move along. I really don't think it's an ingrown hair issue. The more I read the more I think...

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  • stephanie15666 2

    Need support

    I have delt with HS.for about 7 years near my groin (panty line), was diagnosed about 2 years ago, I have had surgery and it was gone for a while then came back.... I am having another episode, been for about a month I finally went to doc for a prescription she gave me antibiotics, I have been on them...

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