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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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  • paige11595 2

    Self confidence/body issues/dating with HS

    Hello everyone, my name is Paige and I'm a 22 year old female with HS along my bikini line, a little in my groin, and scars from outbreaks in my armpits from HS that went away on its own. I'm currently Stage 2, but was boarderline Stage 3 before starting rifampin and clindamycin a few months ago. I am...

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  • brown45840 3
  • alex70929 2

    Bad HS, bad experience with Humira and don't know what to do.

    I am a 28 year old man I have had HS for around 6 years. I am over weight and a smoker. Dermatologist has given me every antibiotic under the sun with no success. First appeared under the left arm at stage 1 and quickly moved to my groin. I had a deroofing surgery on my inner thighs in December of 2015...

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  • sarah42192 2

    Where to be referred

    Hi I have suffered with hs for about 14 years my doctors are going to refer me to the hospital to possibly have an operation on my left armpit. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar op and what department your referred to? Thankyou

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  • julie01285 3


    Does anyone have any experience with these & how effective are they?

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  • PossumTraveller 2

    Chinese medicine helped me

    I was of the belief that HS is incurable also.  So here’s my story of how I managed to get rid of HS.   The reason I hadn’t posted this before is that I only stumbled upon this forum a day ago. When I contracted HS in 2007, my local doctor gave me medication which temporarily removed my symptoms - the...

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  • amy61071 2

    Off medication!

    I've recently decided to go off all medication prescribed to me by my ex-dermatologist. I was on a low dosage of accuntane teamed with a contraceptive pill (which ended up giving me melasma/hyperpigmentation on my face!).  I made the decision to go off the medication for many reasons, but the main ones...

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  • paige11595 2

    Dating with HS

    Does anyone know if there is a dating site for people with HS? I have a hard time connecting with people when they don't know about my HS already, since mine is a big part of my'd be nice if there was a way to look for partners in a pool of people who can relate.

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  • chuckles27 2
  • smurfette007 2

    Has anyone tried Humira to treat HS?

    I'm in stage three of HS and my dermatologist has suggested Humira.  We've tried A LOT of other things already like diet and antibiotics but I have had no success.  From what I've read, it's a new treatment for HS.   Has anyone tried this yet?  Humira is used for other autoimmune disorders like Crohns...

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  • anne52249 2

    What to do....

    hi , my hidradenitis is in my groin  area , I have open channels which leak constantly meaning I have to wear pads all the time. It's itchy painful and awful to look at , it's really getting me down I'm on lymecycline but that's just preventing the abscesses from getting too big , I can't see any future...

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  • jessica 85378 1

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi! I'm new to this but thought I would give it a go because it's driving me insane and google has been no help at all.. just sending me into meltdown with panic! I'm 22 years old and have been diagnosed with the condition I've managed to get it under control and thankfully most of my flare ups go down...

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  • sarah42192 2

    Op referral

    Hi I have suffered with hs for about 15 years maybe longer I used to get lots of abscesses on my bottom but had an operation where they removed all the infected sinus tacks and I stopped getting them there. Now I get them in my armpit. I was wondering if anyone knows how I go about being referred to...

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  • sinead62842 1

    Newly diagnosed hs sufferer

    Hi recently diagnosed with hs. Have suffered for over 20 years. Just hoping that some of you out there might have tips on how to keep this under control

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  • brittanyw89 1

    Insight: HS/PCOS

    I have frequent boils in my groin area that vary in size from very small to huge and painful. Every doctor I've talked to just tell me it's an ingrown hair or abscess, prescribe antibiotics and move along. I really don't think it's an ingrown hair issue. The more I read the more I think it's HS. I should...

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  • stephanie15666 2

    Need support

    I have delt with HS.for about 7 years near my groin (panty line), was diagnosed about 2 years ago, I have had surgery and it was gone for a while then came back.... I am having another episode, been for about a month I finally went to doc for a prescription she gave me antibiotics, I have been on them...

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  • hazel8685 1

    HS nightmare and work

    Hey they guys so here's my story so far I've had HS for on about 10 too 11 years and now am at stage 2 worst thing ever as you all know and now my problem is I can't work cos my groin is cover over 30 surgeries and big mistakes by doctors as my last surgery my doctor told me that he might have cut too...

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  • paige11595 2

    How to explain to people

    How do you explain your HS to friends and family without grossing them out? Or employers? What is a good way to explain this terrible disease without saying cysts and absesses and stuff like that?

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  • jenni85731 1

    clindamycin rifampicin combination

    Hello, has anyone tried the above combination of antibiotics? I have had HS for 3 years now and still unsure what triggers it off, i have tried endless creams and antibiotics and have now been prescribed the above. I know there is risk with this combination (liver damage) and need to get regular blood...

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  • sus1974 2

    Lymecycline capsules , hard

    After a flare up that's lasted about 6 months I've been given all sorts of antibiotics again now my doctor has given me lymecycline capsules to try again I've had them before but made it worse unsure as to try them again anyone had them and did they work or even help thanks for looking 🙂

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  • jadeycakes88 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa Since I was 6 help!!

    Hello, I have suffered with HS in both sides of my groin from the age of 6 years old I am now 28. When I have an attack I find it hard to walk and I have months of one after the other and then healing then developing again in same area. I have been under dermatologists since I was 6 when I have a bad...

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  • lorianne371 2

    hidradenitis suppurativa surgeon needed

    I am looking for a doctor that is willing to do the surgery for hidradenitis supporativa. I have had this for over a year in my groin. It is spreading bigger. I have been on creams, washes, antibiotics with no success. I am a 45 year old lady. I live in northwest ohio but am willing to travel some. Any...

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  • sickofdocs 1

    HS & Lymphadema

    Hi All, I am new to this group, but happy to have found it...  I have suffered from HS for 37 years... saw many doctors and no one could diagnose me until 15 years ago... I am currently on Humira which keeps it more contained but never gets rid of the condition and I have had multiple surgeries.  The...

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  • babymurph 1

    Does anyone suffer HS and Mutliple Sclerosis

    Hi everyone very happy to have joined a group who will know exactly how one feels living with and managing HS. I have suffered with HS for over 25 years but have now been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis also, (RRMS) The challenge that lies ahead of me is my neurologist has very little knowledge of...

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  • iman22560 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativia stopping me from pursuiring my dreams

    Hello everyone This is my first time joining a forum for HS but I was looking for some advice on my dilemma. I've had HS since I was 15 and am currently 19and have never opened up about it till now. My doctor told me losing weight could help and after losing more than half my body weight it has but...

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  • lady5491 2

    Crazy HS flare ups during menstrual cycle

    Do any other of you ladies experience HS flare ups during or around your menstrual cycle? I do and they are terrible. I get lumps on my bikini line and in between my butt cheeks. I keep it dry as possible down there. I only use hypoallergenic soaps and no fragernces. I have HS in the groin it just gets...

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  • lauren47305 2

    HS in pregnancy

    Hi All Just looking for some advice on HS. I'm 34 years old and I got my first flare up a year ago when I was quite run down, then another single lump appeared under other armpit a month later. I was put on antibiotics to get rid of the second lump. It wasn't until the month after the second lump appeared...

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  • brown45840 3

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa in groin area

    I had a hemorrhoid and a bump in my Groin area that was diagnosed as HS.  I was itching like crazy all over my body especially my buttocks and groin. Doctor treating me with Doxycycline and Triamcinolone cream. Now my blood pressure went up and I am coughing. Doctor dont know whats causing the body itching.

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  • nishia31572 2
  • catherine435 2

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa: You Can Have your Life Back!

    Hi. My name is Catherine and I have been suffering with HS for over 23 years. They first started out as red bumps in the vaginal area. After repeated infections my doctor surgically removed the tissue. That didn't work. The lesions started appearing in the same location but on the opposite side. My physician...

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  • barbara111211 2

    Shingles and Hidradenitis Supperativa

    I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the groin area. I'm stage moderate 2 and scheduled for surgery to have glands removed sometime in July. The recovery time is about 14 weeks. The symptoms are very simular to shingles. The last week or two I had a headache non stop with no help from pain meds, extremely...

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  • sus1974 2

    Groin surgery ?

    I have had this for many years only in my groin area I want to have surgery to remove the glands once and for all at the moment I have 2 rather large abscess on either side of my groin and can't move has any one had the surgery and what was their expectations ? Did it work ? Was it worth alol the pain...

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  • tj268 3

    Drain it early?????

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you have your abscesses drained before they get red and come to a head. My current one is already large and raised but still flesh colored. I know it's gonna be a whopper probably at least golfball sized and is obviously painful and hard to have my arm in a down position....

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  • Tiadrop 2

    Offensive smell coming from boils

    Hi all, I've been suffering from HS for a few years now and my condition has progressivly got worst, theres not a day that goes by where I don't have a boil somewhere on my body.  My worst affected area is just underneath my breasts, between them I currently have three boils.  Lately though despite using...

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  • maggie03951 1
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