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Hello, I have been suffering from HS for 7 years now, on and off, armpits mostly.

I have a relatively active one recently, which, unlike most times, after draining outside - won't heal back to place! It is protruding pretty bad (no internal fat tissue is hanging this time - just soft pocket covered in skin, maybe has fluid inside - not sure). It's not painful/inflamed at all, just dark colored and prodtruding like a lump, but I am extremely worried - it's protruding like this, uninfected, for 2 weeks now with no sign of change or healing. Doctor doesn't seem to care but it really bothers me. Any thoughts? Anything will help.. Anyone had something like this?

Many thanks,

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    Hi BellaMo, I have one just like that but compared to you I am relatively new to all this. My first outbreak was in March, my first drainage site was at the top of my inner arm and that is where the purple area is, which is like you say, a soft pocket, the skin is very thin over it. Once a fortnight or so since, it raises up and fills with pus, and drains again within 3 days, it is only painful for that 3 days. I wonder if I'm stuck with this one now forever, because it hasn't healed properly in 4 months. 

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      Hi Rachel, thanks so much for sharing.. In my experience, since it's still active with you (flames up again and again) you have a good chance of getting rid of it - in my case they do heal pretty well if you put antibitoics cream and bandage them daily, after 2-3 weeks it should close up with getting re-filled with pus (for me at least). Once, when the antibiotics cream didn't help my doctor also gave me silver containing wound dressing to put on - that helped. 

      Good luck!

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    Hello I'm maija and I'm 10 years in and it's a lot I can tell you, but we have different skin and are affected differently. If you can go to a dermatologist a doctor where skin is their profession.

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      Thanks, wish my dermatologist had any idea how to help.. they're pretty helpless with HS (at least the ones I know). Thanks, 


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    Hey there. I've been suffering for over 15 years. Both of my armpits have lumps like you decribe. It's also soft pocket covered with thin skin. It also feels like there is fluid inside. Those lumps do not get infected anymore and they do not change or heal. My doctor told me it was more scar tissue. I also have other open wounds with internal tissue hanging out. For me those are the places that heal, get infected, open & repeat all te time. One of both my armpits have not been active for many years. In that one I also got a lump. I don't think it ever goes away. Mine do not have a different color as my skin. So I'm not sure about that.

    I hope this helps a little bit.


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      It actually helps a lot hearing your experience. Sounds very similat to mine, only mine's relatively new (it always was just the open wounds with tissue hanging that I had, never healed like this - scar tissue style as you describe it). If this location will now seize to flare up I'll take scar tissue gladly! 



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      Hi bella,

      Just wanted to give you a small update. I been on tumeric capsels since 2 months now.

      I have a feeling it's starting to clear all the puss that I have under my wounds. Sinds I have been taking them the lumps we where talking about that I had so long decreased in size and opened up a little bit. I must say the smell of the puss that came out was different then normal. ( sorry don't want to gross you out here ) I got my ear pierced when I was a little girl. Those also get infected sometimes. Not wearing earrings for over 20 years. But I also have little lumps in my ears sometime. When those open up the puss is quite old and what came out of the lumps under my arms smelled similar. so I think the lumps do contains puss. And I also believe it's older because it did not come out for a long time.

      Now I'm just hoping they completely empty somehow. I'm sticking with the tumeric and see where it gets me.


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      Hey Jay-Za, thanks for the info. Combined with another thing I read in this forum - I just bought my first tumeric capsules. Will definetly give it a go. How much mg do you take a day?

      And by the way I also have those lumps is the ears, I know what you'ret alking about. Don't worry about the gross factor, we are unfortunately all in this gross mess of a disease together... 

      I'm also trying the tea tree oil now to close off the open one that started this discussion. If it works I'll post about it. 



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      The capsules i have are 400mg each. I take one in the morning and one in the evening. I do read a lot on the forum that people are taking more mg a day. I even read a post where someone explained you need to take around 1800mg each day. But I didn't want to start with so much. And the amount i take is already a big difference with my hs. But I'm thinking of starting with 3 a day. Just to give it that little push that maybe clears out everything.

      When I started I was taking capsules that also contained black pepper. They said it was better at the store. My father in law took much cheaper ones that did not contain the black pepper. ( for arthritis ) So now I'm trying the ones that are cheaper. Since then it did not got any worse so I think I'm sticking to these. I'm still testing everything.

      Also quit nightshade vegs & pork 2 weeks ago. Wil put them back in my diet after a couple of weeks one by one. Just to see if one of them acts like a trigger.

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      I'm from the Netherlands. Not sure where to buy tee tree oil.

      I read a lot about it.

      I will google it.

      Let me know if it works for you

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    hello BellaMo, sorry to hear about your flare up, i have had hs for 13 years. i sometimes manage it better than others. bitter herbs (south asian/pakistani shops usually sell these type of things) are pretty good. its a powder consistency i have a spoon or two of that. along with cutting sugar/chocolate out for a week or so it helps. not sure what else to suggest.... have also made turmeric paste with honey and olive oil, just a small amount of it mixed into a paste and apply.

    turmeric stains everything so wear an old top.

    Good luck with that

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