My Success Story: How I treat my HS

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I was diagnosed with HS 12 years ago and have gone through doctors, surgery, antiobiotics, and the whole host of dead ends that mainstream medicine provides in finding a solution to this painful condition.  However in the past five years I have had almost no breakouts, two weeks ago I had a breakout and today as I am writing this post my cyst is healed and I am left with a bit of scar tissue.  I can only write what has worked for me personally but my natural healing regime has truly given me my quality of life back.  I hope this is helpful.  

FYI: I get cysts in my under arm area.  

My treatment plan is based around applying Manuka Honey to the cyst once noticed that it has developed-ASAP.  The honey must be used 24/7 on the cyst to ensure proper healing and least development of scar tissue.  I apply it to the cyst by putting the honey on sterile gauze-as much as needed to cover the infected area and I then secure the poultice using either sterile rolled gauze or a breathable bandage (which must be cleaned between uses).  Manuka Honey has different strengths which are noted in a K-factor or a UMF rating-I have found through research it is most effective at a rating of around 15-20 (anything higher has been artifically produced)-this is an ideal natural strength for healing.  Try to have the honey on as much as possible, throughout the day and night, 24/7! Even after the cyst may appear healed continue applying the honey poultice for up to a month to ensure complete healing and scar tissue breakdown.  

It is also essential to keep the infected area clean. I use a basic Dial anti bacterial soap between Manuka Honey applications which I change out throughout day, 3-4 times depending on my comfort levels.  

I also alternate honey applications with warm compresses-this helps with healing, infection, and soothing.  I add about three drops of tea tree essential oil to two-three cups of warm water and apply using a wash cloth or sterile gauze (preferred if have an open wound) to the cyst 3-4 times daily.  This is very relieving and is a perfect addition to the Manuka poultice. 

Additionally at the end of my long day of healing-I like to take a warm bath in about 1/2-1 cup of Epsom salts with 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil. These products are very healing and have antibacterial, drawing, and relaxing properties all necessary for a speedy recovery of the pesky cyst.  

For me, the Manuka Honey is really the key in this recovery process but the cleaning, compresses, and baths all help to round out this regime to best allow for a major diminishment of cysts. 

This regime has really allowed me to be almost entirely HS free with the exception of the occasional breakout.  I hope that this may help us to win the battle over HS.  

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  

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    Hiya Rachel, mant thanks for posting this, i also like you prefer to stick to natural products to help with this condition or like many time self operating,which is wrong i know! but effective! out of sheer desperation i suppose, learnt to live with it after my first bout before 15 years old, its got worse to date and a really depressing illness, but what ive found before a bad bout is im seriously lacking in something leading up to it, feels like ive been hit with a steam train! long sleeping habits and lack of energy,not eating well as a result! lost jobs,destroyed my working life! reacurrant depression also, i personally think NOTHING helps with this disease, but hey ho the plus side is HS sufferers live longer! my Mum also had this and her side of the family lots of autoimmune diseases, so ive signed up for medical trials to help others, many thanks for your post ill try this on my burst abcesses, keep well x
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      Hi Sarah, I'm so glad you found this helpful and really do hope that you try out the honey, compresses, and soaks on those most painful areas.  All these treatments especially the manuka honey will be great at bringing the cyst to a head naturally, allowing it to heal,  and really fighting off infection-spreading and scar tissue. It is a such a depressing illness though I know.  And even though I feel I have a pretty good regimene to deal with breakouts I actually just missed a job opportunity because I was dealing with this most recent flare up.  But I really feel that we are all fighters and we can fight this condition, if not alone then together! I try to stick to a natural regime because it's an autoimmune condition and for me in the past many of the more western medicine treatments like antibiotics and surgery have just really knocked my whole body out of whack- natural treatments take much more time and patience but I really think they work in a hollistic treatment style for the cyst and scar tissue.   I love taking herbal baths-along with the essential oils I'll add chamomile, dried lavender, or coconut oil and they are so darn relaxing both for treating a lump and for my whole well being. We've got to treat ourselves like the goddesses we are! Wishing you much healing, relief, and positivity. 

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    Do you know if this regime would help with cysts in the groin area? That's where I have mine. Very painful, scarring and embarrassing.

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      Absolutely, this would be definetly be helpful in the groin area.  I did a little research before replying to you-and manuka honey is completely safe to be on or near the genital area-in fact it can similarly help with other infections such as yeast infections in those sensitive areas due to its high antibacterial/microbial properties. I would imagine what might be difficult is finding a way to wrap the manuka honey poultice to that area- it was hard for me to figure out something that worked for the armpit.  If you dont have a reaction to using medical tape I would simply suggest applying the poultice with sterile gauze and just using some medical tape/paper tape around the outdise of the gauze to the secure it to the infected area.  If not some ingenuis maneuver with rolled gauze or bandages will still definetly do the trick.  

      Warm compresses will also be great for providing relief along with antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties when used with or without the tea tree oil.  It is best with the oil but check first on a different patch of skin to ensure you don't have a reaction-if so then just so warm water will also be very helpful. 

      And the herbal soaks are great because you won't have to hold anything to the area, you can just relax in the bath, light some candles, and still get numerous healing benefits!   I love taking herbal baths-with the essential oils I'll add dried chamomile, dried lavender, frankenscence oil, or coconut oil and they are so darn relaxing both for treating a lump and for my whole well being. I would however suggest just trying one ingrediant at a time to make sure you don't have any bad reactions.  

      Also all of these treatments especially the Manuka honey are great for treating scarring and scar tissue.  Which can be very painful and can worsen spread of infections in the future-which is why I suggest to continue using these treatments even beyond when it appears that the cyst has healed.  

      Let me know if you have any further questions, wishing you much healining, relief, and positivity. 

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      Thanks so much! I've never heard of Manuka oil and I'm in the US and don't know yet how readily available it is, I simply haven't had time to research it yet, it's been very busy around here with school starting (both kids in new sm district so new schools) and a cpl crises. Just like any family, right? I'll look into it and see what I can find.

      In this instance, the location of the cyst caused it to be rubbed raw, even going commando. Has to use tripe antibiotic ointment and band aids. Fortunately I was able to shave enough to keep the band aid from being *too* painful! 😝

      Thanks again for your help!

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    hello, I'm from India i have been suffering from hs for about 6 years and I want to try this Manuka honey. so can you please suggest me the brand of manuka honey? awaiting for your early response. thankyou!

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