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I've been struggling with having my Nissan fundoplaction done in June 2016 to fix bad acid reflux and operation was said to be a successful but been getting bad bloating straight after eating and drinking,dizzness,bad stomach cramps under the boob area, either can't go for a poo or have the runs, sharp pains in my sides, always feeling sick can't get rid of the feeling, sometimes buring in my stomach, struggling to get gas out so I burp/hiccup and sounds terriable and have recently started throwing up but the throwing up isn't as bad as before the op so not all so bad but recent had swallow test that came back clear and today had the camera and got told my wrap isn't to tight and I don't have any slivar (liquid in the stomach) can't full rember that bit but feeling like a lost cause I really am cause none of the issues I'm having ever shows up on the tests feel like I'm going mental with it al so was wondering if anybody has any idea what could be causing this or if anybody's in the same boat as me? Any advice would be nice thank you

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    Hi Cody. My son had same procedure in 2002 at age of 13. Has had problems on and off ever since. Same as you pain, burping , hiccuping, feeling sick and bloating. Gastroscopy always comes back clear. He takes Nexium and Ranitidine twice a day. I think maybe it is just something that maybe they think you need to live with now. Gets frustrating as my son is special needs and l think half the time they dont believe his pain. I am glad to hear he is not the only one and is not making it up. Just not glad you both have to go through the pain. He iften suffers with gastritis as well. Best of luck to you.
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      Hello sorry for late reply and that's terrible and so young! I can barley cope at 20! Bless him and had a camera on Thursday just gone and I got told my wrap isn't to tight and they couldn't find anything wrong but since having it I've been throwing up worser so don't know if that has made it worse

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    Hey cody sorry to hear about your situation, I have something simular and I can give you the things that have been working for me so far. First I would definetly keep pushing for more tests to be done with your doctor if you still don't feel satisfied see a natural path, once I saw one she gave me the right supplements to get back on track, I'm not a doctor and I can't tell you what's wrong with you but I would definetly give these things a try.

    I would start a food diary where you can kind of track and see patterns in your diet that could be effecting you negatively. Try and eliminate major things slowly like dairy gluten ect. (Mind you gluten can take weeks to be fully out of your system)

    I would also try and take 2 magnesium before bed and see if that helps things pass better for you.

    I take chronic stress pills to help calm me down so that my stomach can focus more on digesting rather then anxiety not sure if you have problems with stress but that definetly could make things worse for you if you do.

    If you don't want to see a natural path cause they're stupid expensive I would just go to a health food store and talk to the most experienced person there they will suggest you the best things for proper digestive health.

    Additionally you should very much look into "instinew" also found in a health food store, this is a powder you put in water first thing in the morning for a month, this completely cured my chronic acid reflux I only get acid when drinking to much coffee ect.. I really hope this helps you out good luck!!

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      I'll mention that to my doctor and see what she says thank you for the advice

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    Sometimes surgery on the upper or lower digestive tract can cause complications like  IBS because the nerves can retain a memory of the trauma and get disturbed.  I was offered surgery to fix my acid reflux but I was frightened about complications which I often have after surgery or any medical procedure so I decided to take a short course of omeprazole instead which helped and now I just take over the counter antacids when needed.  I have learned to tolerate the reflux.

    I would go back to your doctor to complain about this and ask if there is anything they can do to reverse the side effects.  Perhaps even removal of the wrap might be better.  Even if your hearburn came back, there might be a possbility of getting rid of the current symptoms and you would only have one problem to cope with rather than several.  Even if the wrap is not too tight, you are still reacting to it which would suggest your body is treating it as a foreign body.  You only have their word for it that it is done properly.  If something has gone wrong. they will try to cover up for a mistake.

    Did your doctor warn you about the risk of these complications because this is part of the consent process?  If you were not, you should have been and this should be investigated.

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      Hi. I dont think l would have it undone. My sons could have lead to cancer if he didnt have it. I dont think they would suggest ynless necessary. My brothers reflux wasnt checked. Turned to cancer. Just had his esophagus removed and stomach pulled up to make a new one. This was after months of chemo and now more chemo. Bot a litlle op he nearly died from comications. Should have been a 1 to 2 week stay. Still in and has been for nearly a month. Its major surgery, 10 hours.
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      This is an awful situation for you.  I do hope things get better.
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      Nope didn't get warned the only thing I got told is that I'd lose weight and wouldn't be able to eat a lot and my eating habits would be different and they have said I've got Ibs which sucks cause never can sort it out and I've heard about that promblem I just don't know how you'd be able to tell if my body was doing that cause you can't run any tests I don't think and also I have complained about getting it taken out but my surgent said he won't touch me untill it's been a year so in June but thank you for your help and I'll mention it to my surgent and see what he thinks

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      June is a long time to wait if you are having these complications.  Ask if you can see someone sooner.
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    Hi Cody

    I too had Nissan Fundoplaction done last Aug 13th 2016.

    I had problems trying to be sick and terrible pain bottom ribs in middle. Dr gave me some domperidone tablets to take 20 min be for eating which did seem to help.

    I had appointment back with my surgeon he said it seems like could be a lazy / week gut muscle.

    He gave me some more the tablet but told me to only take them when

    needed rather than 3 times a day or if you are going to eat food you know may be problem.

    He also said make sure you chew everything well and all that stuff .

    He also said don't have very cold drinks especially when eating hot /

    warm stuff as can make gut go into spasms.

    He did say try Green tea but wasn't too keen.

    Also try avoid stress as make stomach make more acid.

    seams to be bit better laterly .

    Mind still only eatting small meal no fizzy drinks no alcohol.

    And just graduated trying time introduce diffrent foods.

    He said still early days give it another 3 months and should feel better

    just you body has to readjust and re program you brain how you body has changed a bit.

    I still get gass and feel need to burp from time to time and can hear my

    stomach gurgling like watter pipes with and air lock .

    Take Deflating if get windows pain can get in Tesco.

    I felt quite bad from just before Xmas till a few weeks ago as keep

    getting that bad pain and trying to be sick all time but can't be sick just

    reaching real bad for hours.

    Have a word with your Dr again. may be these tablets could help you for while to move food through system as he said the food wasn't move

    through quick enough which caused the pain like was backing up.

    I took them for 3 month till I got to see my surgeon.

    But now just a taking if need to.

    still not feel 100% but lot better than was and seams to be improved

    some what ... hope this helps you as worth a try.

    I was being to give up as was feeling so bad and was wishing didn't have done But also know what being sick with stomach cancer is like as

    nursed my dad that had stomach cancer and died, which pushed me

    towards the operation as knew what the other side would be if didn't

    have operation and run risk of getting cancer .

    Hope helps definitely worth having another word with your DR or maybe see diffrent Dr in practice as they might come up with something.

    Good luck hope you get sorted .

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      I'm sorry for your loss and thank you for the advice I'll give it ago

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