Anyone been "cured" of ectopics? Desperate!

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Hi could someone give me any advice

on ectopics I have had them for years

but over the last year have them all

day and night tried magnesium and

different meds nothing works had 2

ablations last one in May but still have

them I am now housebound cant really

walk or do stairs now, any ideas very

much appreciated.

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    Do you think the ectopics, or the ablations have made you housebound? I felt fit and healthy apart from having the occasional ventricular ectopic. Apart from a couple of near fainting experiences that is. Once they put me on beta-blockers, I turned into an old man overnight, even when I stopped taking them. My ectopic beats had now turned into 12 hour runs of Ventricualr Tachycardia. Although the Ablation I had stopped my runs of ectopic beats turning into VT, I still get many ectopics that make me gasp as if my breath is snatched away. I have completly deteriated after the ablation, I even wonder if it has given me peri carditus as I now have very large T waves on my ecg. I am worried about them offering me another ablation as the last one has left me feeling so very ill.
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    Hullo Ingrid,

                      Very depressing to know that ablation didnt work, guess thats why my cardiologist didnt offer it.  I have had frequent VEs  on and off over the past 3 years with all the investigations etc.They rendered me short of breath  and very low.  I would get them lasting for a month then they disappeared  completely for a month, then returned for another month ....on and on  so forth, however, they have now disappeared for two months (I put it in the diary) so whats it all about ?. I understand  the anatomy and physiology but not what triggers it off. The Drs dont know !!!  I'm sorry I cannot help you.....only commiserate as it were.

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      Hi Linda I am not as bad as I was before

      the ablation as I was lying down all

      the time EP said mine was complicated

      so a small improvement but he did cause

      a RBBB damage which rectified

      itself so would not want to have

      another ablation



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    I have the same previously i have has a HR recorded at 236 bpm and ive hit a bout of them. Most people talk about SVT or rather NSVT but i was told it was VT im not sure about the difference but i think NSVT is non sustained ventricular tachicardia which means it self corrects. I think SVT is different as i say i could be wrong.

     However if had these palps for 12 years now and they have wrecked my life. I usd to weightraing and exercise regularly i have tried to get back to it several times however the weaightraining seems to spark them off again.

     I hcan go for a month or 2 without them at which point i feel normal and like i could take on the world..........then they come back and redcude me to a wreck who wont go out unless absolutly necessary at that point i can do nothing but gain wait and i seem to reduce my moving around as well, as every movement can set them off.

     I hate the feeling if had counsilling and nothing helps, lots of docs say to reduce anxiety and not to think to much about them. easy for them to say as your constantly expecting them, they are like the annoying friend waiting round each corner with a balloon to burst to shock you all the time. you never know when they will start. once they do for me they totally destroy me i cant work or do anything at all.

     the feelings i get are varied the tickle in the throat, the pause and kick, the flutters (uusally with the tickle in throat) the inability to take a breath, anxiety, weakness, dizziness. I could go on but im talking to the informed here. I have paid for the top cardiologists who tell me they wont kill me which is a relief but when the docs remind me of this fact i say to them, a migraine wont kill a person either but can they do anything during a bout of a bad migraine? well thats like it is with me. It is physical and it pysically and mentally effects me.

     Ive not had an ablation but have had an angiogram as they were worried due to an inverted T wave. the angiogram was awful and sent me into VT as well but they were not looking at the electics at that point.

     The only person i can recoment to you all is Dr Sanjay Gupta of York Cardiology UK. He does telephone consultations or skype ones and is an absoulte star and all round nice guy. He has a facebook page and does load of you tube videos as well and really is on our side and possitive in his videos.

     The biggest issue for us all is how to get back a quality of life that these beats remove. 

    PS im currently trying Magnesium Taurate as recomended by Dr Gupta and they have calmed them a little. the issue for me is I think they get harder to deal with or worse as you get older. Im now 42 feeling 82.

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      Thanks Chalky it does help to know

      at 3.30 am you are not suffering alone

      I have listened to Dr Sanjay but will

      try a skype session! I am going to try

      the supplements again and am trying

      the fodmap diet as I have heard stomach

      and heart are linked by the vagal nerve

      will keep you posted if any of it works

      Kind regards Ingrid

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