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Cardiac Arrhythmias

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  • JGoodman 2

    skipped heartbeats, please can I have some help :(

    Hi I'm an 18 year old male, yesterday I suffered what felt like a series of skipped heartbeats followed by a rapid pulse. I ended up calling an ambulance, the paramedic took me to A&E and they caught quite a few 'ectopic beats'. they tested my blood and gave me a chest xray and they said that

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  • Penagonewild 2

    PVC improvement!

    Hello everyone! About 3 to 4 weeks ago I started getting horrible pvcs. I had felt one here and there before maybe once every couple months or so in the past but just out of nowhere I got them constantly!! I am a 6'2" 26 year old male and I'm very over weight, have been my whole life. Getting these

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  • ann02918 1

    Ectopic heart beats linked to indigestion.

    I am a 63 year old woman with what has now become a chronic ectopic heart problem. Like other members, I have a lot of wind and the ectopia is always eased by bringing up a good burp. Baking soda in water has the best effect.  I would like to concentrate on diet changes to minimise the problem. I

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  • billie18342 3

    Short PR interval

    Ok October I had an ECG done and it was normal then I had really bad anxiety to the point I stayed in bed for 3 weeks straight. Went to the cardiologist and they did a repeat EKG and it showed a short PR interval, I did another EKG and it didn't, however they repeated it yesterday and it

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  • samantha 60074 3

    Would like some help

    My doctors nurse called today to say my echocardiogram was normal but theres an abnormality when my heart is resting. Is this something serious? I dont see my docotr till Wednesday.

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  • mandy04 3
  • Guest M

    ectopics and hiatus hernia

    Over 15 years I've had feeling of missed beats followed by a thump, but in last few monts this is a lot more frequent. I have been lover of strong good coffeeso have cut back from about 6 cups to 1 per day. I also have quite large hiatus hernia and wonder there is a link. Noticed in other bloggs

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  • peter01729 3

    Why is my Reveal Linq still transmitting?

    I had a successful catheter ablation for my Ventricular tachycardia a couple of weeks ago. I have a Reveal Linq fitted but I am wondering why it is still transmitting, at least every five days. Does it do this automatically even if there is nothing to report, or is my heart still doing something

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  • runak6 2

    Palpitations after Catheter Ablation

    Hey all. Dec 2016 I had catherter ablation for tachycardic arthymia.  Mid-Feb 2017 I wore a 24-hour momitor with only 40 palpitations during that time period. My EP Cardio cleared me and said the procedure was a success. By end of March I noticed a stark improvement overall in my healing: fewer palpitations,...

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  • peter01729 3

    Two weeks after Ablation, my heart is starting to hurt?

    I had a successful catheter Ablation for Ventricular Tachycardia two weeks ago today. Heart still had a burning feeling for a few days but that went. Today however, I am getting frequent pains in my heart that make me wince, so not really bad but a bit worrying, feels like somebody suddenly

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  • mandy04 3
  • joel53777 1

    EKG abnormality

    I'm a tele tech, and I've run into a small anomaly over the years. Patient appears to have, sometimes rate dependent, 2 intrinsic always occurs with 've been assuming, since I've googled the crap out of it and found nothing, it's a strong accessory pathway that takes over (

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    Heart Palpitations every time I eat anything.

    This has been killing me for the last couple of months now. I've never had palpitations my entire life until just recently (last couple of months) but now I seem to get them all the time. First I thought it was just because i have a stressful job. RN working in a hospital 12hr shifts. But I started

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  • linda98654 2

    Regular recurring bouts of benign Ventricular Ectopics

    I have been having the above VE's for about 3 all the investigations etc and been seen by 2 cardiologists.  Result = no treatment necessary (apart from beta blockers  and other pills for high blood pressure) The ectopics are very frequent (Bigeminy, trigeminy)and I feel so awful,almost

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  • lily77 2

    Ectopic beats

    I have been suffering from ectobic beats for over 2,5 years and have been on differen meds starting from Concor up to Inderal but no help. My ectopic beats started when I was diagnosed with anxiety and panoc disorder. After undergoing a therapy of paychoanalysis I have no panic or anxiety disorder

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  • karen21607 2

    Palpitations, how many?

    Hi guys. Can I ask how many palpitations a day you get? I have been getting them all day now for over 2 weeks. Approximately 12 episodes a minute for hours at a time, worse in the evening. Some big thumps and sometimes just flutters. I go to sleep with them and wake up with them. Really getting me

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  • naomi83105 2

    Abnormal ECG results :(

    Hi so ive been suffering with skipped heartbeats and palpitations for almost 2 years now had a ecg and blood test done at that time and all came bk normal but had a 7 day Ecg last week and doctor called today and said the results are abnormal that a fast heart rate and eptopics where showing up he

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  • lilly55291 2

    Unexplained feeling that woke me from sleep. What could it be?

    I suffer with a few sinus arrthmyias including palpitations and tachycardia. I've been checked by two cardiologists and both agreed that I am ok. Last night, something really strange happened to me. I'm hoping for some advice. Thank you The scariest thing happened to me. I don't think I was even asleep,...

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  • kim59492 4

    Fainty irregular heartbeats.

    Had another episode of palps for about 6 seconds then a fainty feeling, everything went a bit fuzzy, ears went quiet, thumping pulse in myhead, then went all hot. My heart rights itself and apart from a few seconds of dizzyness i go back to normal. This all happens over a period of about 10 seconds

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  • peter01729 3

    Effect treated, but I still feel the cause?

    My symptoms were that it felt as if my breath was snatched away and my heart leapt into my throat, or a heavy heartbeat that caused my stomach to rise and I could feel as pressure in the groin viens and as if I were being strangled. Both these syptoms could be seen as fifferant waves on an ECG. (

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  • martin97607 1

    Cardiac arrhythmia and tall T waves

    Hi all, sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker. I am reaching out for helping to understand the condition of my father. He recently (1.5 weeks ago) had flu. My mother as well. He felt really sick and had fever (disappeared), cough, headache and felt dizzi and tired. He got better but

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  • thomas36686 2

    In search of the root cause

    Hi, I'm here as a 30 something whose been suffering from heart arrythmias for the past 5 years knowingly but probably had the odd skipped beat or two further back than this. When my arrthymias started I seeked medical help. I has ECG's, tapes, heart scans which all returned negative, the doctors I

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  • Ranger507 4


    Hi there does anyone have any non-medicinal sort of home remedies to help with anxiety induced heart palpitations? I'm already on beta blockers but was looking to see if there was any other tips people could share thanks

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  • SuzyCute 1


    Does anyone just has pounding at a normal rate? I feel it in my chest, throat, head, ears. Sometimes I can see my pulse in the artery in my wrist. I haven't been diagnosed. I can't get into see my doctor for a month. My mom had WPW. My blood pressure goes up when I'm stressed. It seems to happen

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  • Maka344 1

    Help - Palpitations

    Around 18 months ago I started experiencing palpitations - the sensation of my heart flipping/skipping a beat. I saw my GP who referred me to a cardiologist who ran: 1. 24 hour Holter monitor 2. 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor 3. Transthoracic echocardiogram All returned normal with the

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  • dollar80 2

    Heart palpitations and other symptoms :(

    Hi Just after Christmas so 8 weeks ago or so I noticed I started to get lightheadness going upstairs or getting up. I am a runner so I put it down to increasing my running mileage. The symptoms continued and I did start getting the odd occasion were I felt like my breath had been taken away. Went

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  • DH59 2

    Feeling frustrated!

    A few weeks ago I had a 'dizzy' episode, followed a few nights later by palpitations during the night, where my pulse seemed to 'disappear'. I had to cough and move about to get it beating properly again. Same thing happened the following night and I went to emergency dept. ECG was apparently normal,...

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  • Ranger507 4


    Hi I'm new to this topic on this site and was wondering if anyone gets these symptoms, I had a bad batch of chest pain ( costochondritis ) last year and have now developed health anxiety and depression because of it and one of the main problems I have had for a while now are these palpitations?

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  • je1996 2
  • michelle1015 3

    Palpitations (PVCs) EVERYDAY!!!

    Im 32 yo female, 3 kids, happily married, with wonderful job, my life is soooo good!! Soooo Why during the pregnancy of my 3rd (there was alot if stress at this time, selling house, buying a house, time frames, changing positions at work, etc) I was having these heart flutters my OB

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  • peter01729 3

    Dry cough that tastes like blood

    I have developed a slightly irritating dry cough that tastes like blood. I read that heart disease can cause this because the heart doesnt remove fluid from the lungs and ankles, I also get swollen ankles. If this was a result of a failing heart, wouldnt it be a wet cough?

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  • Ranger507 4


    Couple of things does anyone have any tips for helping with palpitations like home remedies or that kind of thing? And also does anyone take beta blockers for anxiety palpitations and know if you can train on them? Nothing major just gym exercises

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  • WORRIED42 2

    SVT seems to be back 6 years after ablation.

    I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.I had an ablation for svt in 2008 where the cardiologist found 2 extra pathways and it seemed to have done the trick until the last few months I noticed a return of my symptoms which started with the odd flutter but seems to have got quite

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  • accounting 1

    How to Prevent Supraventricular Bigeminy

    Hello, My last holter monitor demonstrated Supraventricular Bigeminy. They found 1000+ supraventricular beats at that time. I'm getting this type of arrhythmia daily for few years already. It kicks in only when the heart is at low BPM. It never happens when I'm active and goes away when I do

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  • peter01729 3

    Is it all because I was an athelete?

    When I was chatting to the fella as he did an echo-cardiogram, I told him I used to cycle race to National Championship levels, ableit maybe decades ago, "ah" he says, "that explains what I am seeing, you have atheletes heart". Is it possible I pushed my heart to hard and am now paying the price? 

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