Frequent PVC’s and PAC’s that are ruining my life

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Hello, I'm a 22 year old female who has unfortunately suffered with these ectopic beats every day continuously for over 4 years. I have been to my GP numerous of times over the years but seem to be shut down every time due to my age and it has been put down to stress and anxiety.

I have these pvc's/ pac's in runs of 6-10 occasionally which are worsening from the odd one or two I used to feel. I can no longer exercise as whenever I finished a game of netball and my heart rate was calming I seemed to get 10+ in a row as I could feel every pause and thud in my stomach and chest.

I had a 48 hour holter monitor 3 years ago but since then they have got far worse and a lot more frequent.

I have been told that they are due to anxiety although feel that I have anxiety because of these ectopics.

Sorry this is so long but I cannot stress how undermining it is to be shut down by a doctor so many times for something I feel is now controlling my life. I feel that due to this I am becoming very low and depressed as a person and would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you,


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    Hello dear Georgia,

    As a long-term sufferer of PAC's (45 years, actually!) and general heart rhythm abnormalities, I know exactly 100 per cent what you are going through. Give me a couple of days to get back in touch with you and I will give you my detailed ('leave-no-stone unturned') history - no unwelcome or 'constructive' suggestions nor any other bull****; but a straightforward account of my quest to deal with the ectopics, which I hope will help to lighten your spirit.

    Hang in there and I'll be back in touch.

    Donald x


    Moderator comment: I have edited this post due to the swearing. These are open forums so as per the T&Cs please do not use offensive language in posts otherwise they may be deleted.

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      Hello Donald, much appreciate your kind words!

      I cannot tell you how much these horrible things affect me. hoping for a cure and that some kind doctor somewhere will listen.

      I look forward to your reply.

      Thank you very much 😃

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    You have my sympathy, too many people get this story from the doctors.

    I had some funny beats when I was young, but my serious arrhythmias didn't start until I was well over 50, and at least when you're old, acting old because of them isn't such a problem!:)

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      Thank you for your reply. It's so frightening isnt it, and no one ever understands unless they experience them for themselves.

      Sorry to hear you now get serious arrythmias. Hope this has been managed for you. Take care!

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    Hi Georgia,

    I know what you're going through. I too, have been suffering from PVCS since high school. I'm 30 now. they come out of nowhere and sometimes they make me want to cough. feels like my heart is doing God knows what in my chest. It use to make me stop what im doing completely.

    I also suffer from anxiety and i do notice it gets worse when im anxious or stressed. i have had 2 halter monitor tests done, both came back fine. i have done extensive blood work and that too was fine. i even went the extra step to have a heart echo performed. this too came back normal. they said my heart was structurally fine, and if there was something seriously wrong they would see it.

    unfortunately, there are a large number of people that live with PVS, and PACs. after my heart echo, i got the reassurance i needed. they started happening less and less. i wasnt as worried. im not passing out, or feeling dizzy, so that means im not dangerously ill. i would highly suggest getting an echo to ease your mind. i work out hard, and my heart does skip beats, or goes fast, or feels like its doing summersaults in my chest. but i honestly dont care as much. its just doing what its doing. i hope this helps, but i know what its like to think nobody believes im sick. i was afraid of falling over dead. im trusting the tests and my echo and just living my life, and that alone has made me notice my funny little heart less and less.

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      hello, thank you so much for your reply it is much appreciated.

      Sorry to hear you also suffer with them. They are awful things and its as if i freeze when I feel them and it gives me major anxiety and like you I stop what I am doing.

      I have asked my gp numerous of times for an echo but due to my age no one seems to care unfortunately.

      If this is normal, all I want is piece of mind. I'm glad that you have noticed them less and I hope I do too.

      Thanks again. 😃

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    HI Georgia

    Really sorry to hear of your suffering! along with many others here I also suffer from PVC's, sometimes over 600 a day

    It got so bad recently that I shutdown and did nothing for a week.

    I recently started taking a supplement called Lesters Oil Gold (from About Health NZ - a reputable local supplement here in NZ) and have had the best three weeks I can remember. My PVC's have practically stopped - maybe 3 or 4 minor episodes a day and reducing

    I'm not sure whether this is coincidental or not so would be interested if anyone else would be willing to give this supplement a go?

    It took about a week before I started noticing the improvement

    Disclosure: I am not affiliated with or have any interest in the company that supplies this product, or any of its agents

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    i feel you georgia

    ive had these pvc for so long a month ok ang a month on a daily basis 24/7 eposides of pvc's.. relentless. i have a hard time sleeping. my self. esteem zero

    i have neglected my daily hygiene. routine

    my wife tends to me. on this.. its really a hassle. i cant do things because of irregular beats that are annoying me.. yes i take concore 2.5 mgs. once a day it sometimes nada.. yes ive taken coradarone/tambocor. meds that worked for a while but did rather worst than better. so my cardio. habe me. concor 2.5. my cardio is always out of the country and. i have to schedule wwhih i prssently did . but his out for vacation . bummer !.

    yes i can see another cardio. but i would have to start with test again . which i cant afford cause i dont have health care just cash basis only... . its the extra beat and misbeats thats too annoying and hard to ignore cause sometimes i have to catch my breath. and i do have meds to calm me down..... goodness. its so relieving that there are. good person like you that share the same. fate that we can relate .

    i hope we get better aad get through this dilema...

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    hello im 34 and having the same these beats are taking over my life and i dont know what to do,

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