Constant PVCS ruining my life!

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Hi, i have resorted to asking for some advice on the dreaded PVCS and PACS, i have been having these for about 5 years and recently they have become unbearable! I constantly think im going to drop dead, my anxiety is through the roof, i hate leaving the house and im not coping at work 😦 i have been the doctors and cardiologist several times had all the heart tests including a heart scan and exercise test and all they found was a slightly long QT interval and which he said was nothing to worry about and that my heart is healthy but its made me freak out even more after i googled long QT! My doctor says the PVCS are down to anxiety, i must have about 2000 skipped heart beats a day its so horrible it feels like my hearts doing flips! i am on bisoprolol and have been for a year but its doing nothing for me 😦 any advice would be great! Thank you

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    Hello, so sorry to hear that you're also suffering with pac's and pvc's. I have also been having them for 6 years and they are soul destroying. I have had all of my tests done including echocardiogram of my heart and everything is normal. The cardiologist told me that they would go away but I have not had one day free of them. Unless you get them, people will never understand how horrendous they are! I am constantly told that they are because of anxiety, but I am anxious because I am getting them!

    I am also so afraid of dropping dead which sounds silly to most people but when you feel that thud and sinking feeling in your chest, I instantly think the worst.

    Unfortunately I dont have any advice to subside them but I just wanted to reach out to you that you are not alone and that I can say that they do ruin my life as I am so anxious.

    Take care

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      Hi, I honestly feel your pain Georgia! im exactly the same, its like a vicious circle anxiety causes them then when i feel them i get more anxious which makes them worse. Its horrible feels like it rules my life sometimes! im on a beta blocker which helped so well at first but 2 years later they have come back. Hope you feel better soon!

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      hi everyone I came on here because I am too having the same problem with the PVCs this is so damn horrible and nobody understands in my family or my friends just like the post I just read unless you've experienced them no one knows what it's like having your heart feel like it's doing contractions and flipping and flopping and vibrating it's driving me nuts I did have it controlled on 100 mg of Zoloft... but I felt that the Zoloft after a year made me into a person that doesn't like the things that I used to like so I tried tapering without my doctor's advice which is not advisable I went down to 50 a week went by I was doing okay then there was two days that I forgot to take it and I believe that's when all hell broke loose my PVCs came back tenfold I've been back on 100 mg of my Zoloft now for a week and I'm still having really bad episodes every day and I don't want to leave the house I don't even see how some people can work with these going on I've been on social security disability since a bad accident 23 years ago but these PVCs didn't start probably until 5 years ago I have PTSD with major panic attacks it all started when I had the car accident 23 years ago I ended up having head trauma I woke up in the hospital 7 Days later and I felt like I was in somebody else's body my heart was pounding constantly back then panic attacks weren't talked about but for the most part I've dealt with it fast forward to now I feel like with these PVCs they're just so unbearable I'd rather deal with the panic attack than deal with these everyday but to anybody I know that Zoloft works for them I just got to get back to that place anyways thank you for letting me vent

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      I have a similar struggle but have only been dealing for 7months. I cannot stsnd my pvcs and they are infrequent, echo was good, TST ok, so they want me to try metaprolol, but I have low BP and HR so I sm only perscribed a half dose. I am not sure how to deal. I hope all find what works for you!

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      Omg i feel exactly how youre feeling. its making me lose my mind. i have to monitor everything i do or eat. i feel that flutter and skipped beats and i automatically feel like im going to die. it turns into anxiety and panic attacks. there has to be something they can do for us !!! my eyes water as i write this. i dont think i can live like this for the rest of my life.

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    Hello Bec,

    Your story sounds all too familiar. I have had the PVC's on and off for several years. Worse at times. I also had all the appropriate tests from my cardiologist. I take Carvedilol which is a beta blocker and I have taken that for years. The beta blocker is supposed to help regulate heart beat. My ECG, Echo cardiogram shows my heart is fine. Stress test also fine. The PVC's are nothing to worry about I am told. But, like you, when they happen so frequently they drive me crazy. I tried to figure out what I was doing that triggers them... I paid more attention to things that I ate or drank... etc. I don't drink - only on occasion, I don't drink a lot of caffeine... all seems to be attributed to anxiety - which I know I have. So in desperation, I went to my primary care physician for help. I decided that if my cardiologist keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with my heart, there must be another problem - chemical imbalance in my blood or something. I go for an annual physical ever year. I had one about 4 months ago and all the blood work showed nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing I got dinged on, was to watch my sugar and carbohydrates. So after talking to him about what I had been going through with the PVC's, he suggested a low dose anti depressant. We talked about General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). That sounded like what I was going through. Being depressed and anxiety sometimes, but over nothing in particular. He prescribed a low dose Zoloft (generic name is Sertraline) 25 mg to start. He told me the regular dose was 50 mg. He said we would start with the 25 mg and see how I did. After a couple of weeks, the PVC's were few to none. I went back for a follow up with him after 6 weeks and I was doing much better, so he upped my dose to 50 mg. I had a little trouble adjusting to the higher dose, so I cut one in half and started taking one 25 mg plus half of one... so for the past couple of weeks I've been taking 37 mg. Next week, I will increase to the 50 mg. I'm not big on taking medications, but this seems to be working and reducing the PVC's down to few to none. There are a few side effects from the Sertraline, but eliminating the PVC's is worth it. There is a forum on this website that I started following - people who are on the Sertraline for anxiety. It might be worth talking to you doctor about a low dose anti depressant (and there are many) to see if it helps you with the PVC's. The Sertraline seems to be one with few side effects.

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      Hi Charles, I have just started on 30mg Cymbalta which is an anti depressant as Im the same as you i have had all the cardio tests, blood work etc and everything was fine, so after a goof few months I have decided to try an anti depressant as my anxiety is ruining my life now, it really cant get any worse. i have cut down on caffeine and only drink every other month. Im going to pick up some supplements up tomorrow magnesium and potassium as the doctor told me this could be very helpful for PVC. Hope your medication works for you and you feel better soon!

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      Hi Bec, How are you doing on the Cymbalta? Is that helping with the PVC's? I upped my dose of Sertraline today. So I am on the 50 mg and so far so good. I kept busy today which helps.

      I hope your mum is doing well.

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    I had these and my doctor prescribed medication. I took 2 Multaq per day for 3 months and did not have symptoms at all while taking this medicine. My doctor weaned me off at 1 per day for a month and then completely off of them. At first I would still get them if they were triggered by various things like MSG, cold beverages, overeating, wine, too much caffeine, not enough sleep, cold medicine with D, even hemp CBD oil which is supposed to calm you (for me it caused my heart to react negatively - even a little thc can cause my heart to be overstimulated like heavy stimulants). So i have stayed away from these things and my heart has settled down so much and I do not have the PAC/PVCs daily but just a few times per month. One thing that may have helped is I also started taking Magnesium-Potassium Complex, 2 tablets per day. I used to have cramps in my calves at night and these have also gone away. I hope this information helps. I do understand how scary it is when my heart feels like it's flopping around in my chest and no one I know can relate. Keep educating yourself and looking for a cure! ❤

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      Which product of Magnesium-Potassium Complex do you by. Thanks.

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    Hi I have been having PVCs and PACs extra heartbeats for years the last couple years I was having PVCs PACs coming and going quick all day long every other heartbeat for six months they put me on a medicine called flecainide and remember I was having these things every day over and over and over couldn’t sleep lay down at night in the bed they were worse very aggravating my doctor said I was having them so much that it looked like a little superventricular tachycardia attack miniature ones and I had an ablation for the svt which gave me atrial fibrillation so he figured that the ablation caused my PVCs and PACs to happem more frequetly so he gave me the anti-arrhythmia drug flecainide beta blocker i have gotton my life back i have 1 occaisionly just 1 im 95 % clean of pvc ,pac,af good luck everybody also if you’re having PVCs and PACs when you lay down at night try breathing in for five seconds and exhale for five seconds if that helps at all it could be your Vegas nerve

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    I can completely relate it's a horrific condition. I take a bunch of supplements, take propananol and drink a bunch of v8 juice. The last 2 didn't help by themselves until I started the supplements. My pvcs have gone from constant to just a few a day and some lucky days none.

    I can give a list of supplements I take if anyone wants to know.

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      What supplements dis you use and how long before you noticed a difference? Thanks.

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      valerian root, Hawthorne berry, L theanine, st John's wort, asprin, fish oil, multivitamins, fiber, coq10, garlic

      I also drink a can of v8 low sodium everyday for potassium and propananol for anxiety and levothyroxin for my thyroid but these last three didn't seem to work but maybe in combination with the supplements?

      I saw a cardiologist about 7 years ago who did a thorough workup and diagnosed me with anxiety and have been taking levothyroxin for 10 years. So maybe go ahead and rule out anything medical but for me the Drs weren't much help. I did seriously consider an ablation but the horror stories I read about it making it worse turned me away.

      I tried countless things over the years I even shut off my Wi-Fi for 6 months thinking the emf was messing with my heart.

      please let me know if I can help in any other way, I could give name brands or dosages or whatever else you need.

      May God help us all with this affliction

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      forgot to add that I noticed an improvement in less than a week taking supplements.

      Also I became an alcoholic trying to suppress pvcs so don't turn to alcohol if you can help it, it was a life saver or so I thought in the beginning but quickly got out of control. I told my Dr why I was drinking so much but he didn't seem to care about pvcs just that I stop drinking because my liver enzymes were up.

      I can say that I was right because now that the pvcs have all but gone away I'm no longer drinking everyday and keep it to the weekends.

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      I also take ginseng

      Sorry for repeated posts just wanted to make sure I was accurate on all I take since I don't know what is helping and could be all the above

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      did you pvcs everyday ? mine just started a few days ago and i have them all day long every few minutes or so. went to er , EKG was fine besides the pvcs. i dont drink but am a smoker which i cut back on . all my electrolytes were normal. had a heart workup two years ago and was normal. i shoukd add im 36 years old .

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