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Hi all

i am 41 years old male and i have been suffering from pvcs from 3 years now

in the begining when i discoverd them i had around 16 thousend per day

ecco was normal. my pvcs were induced my movment or sports.

dr gave me concor 2.5 and they all totally disapeared.but...they come back every 3-4 month and stay from few days to couple of weeks and continues...then they disapear .

now all this time i couldnt find reson what triggers them back and then they disapear by themselfs

...thats why i wish all who have similar experieriance pls to tell me what triggers it in their cases,

the symptoms when they come back are very bad.i in geraral have midium anxiety and over weight

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    i forgot to mention that i noticed something but cant be sure about it...i have acid reflux from maybe 10 years now..i noticed that the time when pvcs come back i have strong acidity then usual..

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      Nobody knows, they can be pretty random.

      For me stress can get them going again, even really minor events, but sometimes I can't even find any excuse, they just happen.

      There might be dietary links, try to figure out if you can find any. I used to have a really violent (but apparently harmless) arrhythmia after eating certain curries - started around 24 hours later and tapered off over about two days. I finally associated it with the Thursday lunch special that I loved!

      Mine also associate with episodes of high blood pressure - which themselves seem to happen for no reason, but can also be associated with certain foods and drug side effects. Do you track your BP?

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      thanks for reply

      well iam monitoring bp and its normal

      do u take concor. how many per day u have when they come

      for me sometimes i feel i have heart attack

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      Per day? OMG, who can tell. I'm sure I've had days where they were in the ten thousand range. With me they keep changing, varying. But I've caught some fairly intense episodes on the Holter and the doctors just shrug at them, tell me they're not worried about it. Hey thanks, docs! All I can say is, when it's bad, if a bear was chasing me, the bear would catch me easily. So I'm trying to avoid bears these days. 😃

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    I have Ectopic beats as well and have done for many years. I am caffeine free, alcohol free, which are the triggers and still I get them. I am convinced anxiety doesn't help either. Of course the more you get these the more anxious you get,it's a vicious circle. I too have bouts where they never seem to ease up and then I could have a day with nothing.It's baffling. We have to put out trust in the cardiologists who look after us.It is not easy at times. If you or anyone has any tips please let me know,



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      hi there. thanks for sharing ur experiance. how many per day do u have.did u take any medicine for them. for me just knowing their are there causes me even more stress and i keep visiting er room cz always i think this is it.. its heart attack..its so annoying and distroying my life

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    I HAVE PVC FOR YEARS THE DOCTORS TELL ME NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IY BUT NOW THEY DID A echo cardio gram and it was abnormal said that i had a severely dilated left atrium caused by high blood pressure and too many PVCs as what they say after I complained about them for years they said they would be fine they can’t kill you but I was reading last week on PVCs and I noticed something that probably can help it’s called the vagal nerve after you eat in some people if the vagal nerve is disturbed it can cause irregular heart rhythm’s eat smaller meals try not to get too full should help good luck

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      i sow 4 diffrent cardiologist who insist telling me dont worry its ok. how i can not worry and i feel when they attack like if my heart will jump out. even though iam taking concor but they still come and go and with huge ammount. how old are u and whats ur life style

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    I am also affected with the PVC's. I have had them on and off for a few years, but nothing bad. I would get one here and there - but just once in a while. Over the last couple of years however they have gotten much worse. When they first started happening, I went to the emergency room. I had been having them for several hours before I felt like there was something seriously wrong. Of course in the E.R., my EKG was perfectly normal - and I didn't have any palpitations. They kept me hooked up to the machine for about an hour and then let me go home. I made an appointment with my cardiologist to discuss the palpitations as they are very scary. He sent me home with a Holter Monitor that I wore for 30 days. I recorded many palpitations during the time I wore the thing. After the 30 days, my follow up with the cardiologist was uneventful. He told me they were PVC's and nothing at all to worry about. Of course this makes you feel better... but eventually they begin again and last for days and weeks at a time. Duing my last visit with the cardiologist, again I told him how distressing they can be. I do take a beta blocker called Coreg CR. I have taken this for about 10 years due to a mild heart attack that I had. I ended up with 2 stints in my heart. Fortunately there was no damage from the attack. I see the cardiologist once a year, and sometimes more if I am having the frequent palpitations. I have pretty much eliminated caffeine, and alcohol... only on occasion I might have a glass of wine or a beer. I've read about the Vagus nerve playing into the palpitations and I believe it does. I notice if I have had a larger than normal meal, or a very spicy one, it usually will trigger the PVC episodes. I have also noticed that if I have the bloated feeling from eating, it will trigger them. If I burp, the episodes lessen. So I really think the Vagus nerve and the esophagus plays a part in the palpitations. I also started taking a low dose of Xanax that was prescribed by my regular physician. I take one at night when I have been having the PVC's frequently. They help me sleep better anyway.

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      hi there.

      i have heard about the vegal nerve . and to tell u the truth i noticed my pvcs come back or increase when ever i over eat or have acid reflax . even though all cardiologist i sow they dont approve that theory.

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    I agree that these irregular beats can be attributed to many factors. Alcohol, caffeine, stress etc. I also think certain foods can contribute to them too. I feel that sometimes foods that may contain MSG can cause them. One specific incident I had recently was when I has having a good day with few to no PVC's. Some friends and I went to a new Asian restaurant for dinner. The food was really good. However, a few hours later, I started having the very strong and frequent PVC's. When they happen, I try to think of what I did differently that my have triggered them. I think the Asian food must have contained MSG and I have read where that may be a cause. I also think other food additives can contribute to them. Also, you mention acid reflux, I sometimes have that if I have eaten later at night that usual... and I think that may impact the PVC's as well. The good thing, is that I guess we have all been checked by our cardiologists and been told they are nothing to worry about. But they do cause anxiety. I just hate the days when they begin and last most of the day. I see my cardiologist in March, and I will again address these things. The last time I was there, the physicians assistant (and I like her very much) told me that there are various medications that can be tried... and if they become too bothersome, they may try something... but I hate taking meds, but if there would be some magic pill to get rid of them - I would welcome it.

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    Hey, my last holter showed 4000 per day average. i live in fear everyday cause they can start getting organized. i had them for 30 yrs but still bothers me. Of course had every heart test known to mankind including a nuclear medicine test and a angiography. Arteries are clear but i do have some dilation to both ventricles. Cardiologies says I'm in no danger and continue running. I with health care professional took these complaints more serious. I always feel like an idiot.

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    From what I'm hearing, PVCs are something of a mystery. My cardiologist told me that caffeine, alcohol, stress and spicy foods can all be triggers, but are not the underlying cause. The real cause is unknown, but could be scaring in the tissue which is causing disruption to the electrical signals. If they are not going away, then meds or ablation are maybe the way forward.

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