Anyone Cured Chronic Sinusitis?

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Hi All, 

Suffered with Chronic Sinusitis or Rhinitis for 9 Months now and I'm Desperate for a Cure and wondering if anyone has any advice. I have it constantly, however it flares up and is worse at some periods of the day than others. 

My Symptoms are: 

-White thick Mucus that I suck down into my throat to remove it from my sinuses. 

-A Pinch feeling on the bridge of my nose like someone is squeezing it between their fingers. 

-Pressure/headache between from eyes/eyebrows.

-Slight Ache when I look in either corner of my eyes. 

-Occasionally Gritty Eyes/Runny Nose (At least once a day) 

-Frequent Sinus infections when my Mucus Turns Green. 

-Symptoms improve but not cured when cutting dairy/carbs out of diet. (done for 1 week)

Tests done so far:

-RAST Allergy test x2 both confirmed Moderate Dust Allergy and High Grass/Tree Pollen Allergy. 

-Food Allergy Test (Gluten, Dairy etc,) Negative. 

-Blood Test to identify infection Negative x2

-Dentist Xray, Negative for Root Canal Infection.


-Multiple Steroid Sprays and Drops, No Relief. 

-Allegra/Over the counter anti-histamines No Relief 

-Antibiotics x3 courses (when infection present)

-Diflucan x6 (not 6 days in a row every now and again)

-Coconut oil, Apple cider vinegar, Garlic, Oregano oil, Probiotics, Candida prevention tablets

-Taken natural ginger/garlic on and off. 

-Probiotic nasal rinses 

-Rubbed kimchi multiple times into my nostrils (Suppose to have L.Sakei bacteria) 

-Saline rinses (I don't do these i get infections) 

-Drink lemon water everyday. 

Previous surgery

- had rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinate reduction to fix broken nose. 2 years before issue arise. Septum still seems deviated, however i can breath out of both nostrils when not congested. 

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    If you have the money to travel, you can try Phage therapy. I have a neighbor who had a sinus infection that Dr's here in US told her was literally killing her and that there was no treatment left. She flew to Eastern Europe, she went in on a stretcher and came back walking and cured. She told me they soaked gauze in some type of solution and inserted it into her nasal passage and within days she was better and after a week she was cured. The treatment is individualized for each person, apparently it does work as she is the evidence. 

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    I have the exact same problem as you have. I am having it for more than 4 years now. I take drugs known by the name 'Incid Ultra' which relieves me from this severe condition for 48 to 36 (rarely) hours. I take one every 2 days and I feel a little bit sleepy during my college hours but it does the trick. Previosly, my condition was even more severe. And moreover, I get good sleep because it is one of its side-effects. I am just worried about whether these pills are damaging my kidney or liver. They contain montelucast and levocitrizine. I searched online about its damaging effects, but nk site says that it damages the kidney or liver. I just want to be sure about it.

    Search for it 'Incid Ultra'. You might get a similar medicine for your region.

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    Danny, do you have acid reflux? Or possible 'silent' acid reflux that you aren't aware of? You mention having thick white mucus which can be a symptom of reflux. When you lay down at night the acid reflux can go up into the sinuses and cause swelling. 

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      Iv’e never been tested for it, i do have mild stomach pains in the morning... almost like hunger pains but slightly differnet. However iv’e read somewhere that its all the mucus from your sinuses sitting in your stomach. It is something ill question when i go back to ENT next week. 
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    I have posted my cure for chronic sinusitis in this forum, and I recommend it to you

    As you are apparently allergic, you are going to get this problem for the rest of your life unless you take the appropriate action to cure it. 

    I have posted “Sinus Infection-AnEffective Treatment “ in this forum, so I recommend it to you.

    It details my experience with this complaint for 50 years, and a complete and absolute cure. Evening Primrose Oil was the miracle cure for all of my allergy problems, hayfever, rhinitis, and sinusitis.

    Read my Post in this forum and see if it is the cure you are seeking.

    Kind Regards, Ray

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      I come across your post the other day, and because of it i’ve got some primrose on order from holland and barrett! In your experience how long do you have to take it before your get the effects? And what dosage are you taking?
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    Hi Danny

    Evening Primrose works in about 4 hours, and the affect lasts a further 24 hours, so one 1000mg capsule daily is normally adequate.

    In my case the affect was almost immediate, so I think you should see good results in a week. If you do not get this benefit you should try another brand of Evening Primrose Oil, as I have experienced a poor batch of capsules recently.

    I is a miracle cure for allergies, but not for infections.

    Give it a good trial, and see the results. It could be the miracle cure you require also.

    Kind Regards, Ray.

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    I too suffer 365 days a year with congestion post turbinate reduction last year.

    only thing that actually works for like 20 minutes so that i can at least fall asleep is XLEAR all natural nasal spray. it has xylitol as active ingredient.


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    Just to give you all update, I no longer struggle with the infection side of things, I only ever have thick white/clear phlegm. Last week was the best week ive had in ages i had pretty much no symptoms. This week has started terrible, face is sore, pain behind eyes/nose, fatigue, weak, excess mucus etc... best of it is im doing nothing different doing all my nasal sprays, primrose, spoon of garlic and honey, probiotics, prescription antihistamines. , coconut oil blah blah blah. Fed up now. I have a Sinus CT scan in 2 weeks. It flares up and is worse some times then others. 
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    Update for anyone following the discussion. CT scan showed nothing just low grade inflamation including the bottom of my maxiallry sinus... now going down the dental route to see if any of my molars are causing my pain. Low grade makes it sound less than it is, im really struggling with this day in day out. 
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      Welcome to my world! It’s a joy isn’t it?? 

      Same issue still not solved. Over a year of this- Had 2 teeth removed did not solve anything! Infact the recent extraction gave me problems. Still inflammation and a mucous cyst. Went to a sinus specialist and he said he could do surgery but doubts it will solve pain. 

      Suggested teeth. I now have 2 teeth left on that side and dental X-rays show fine. So it is very possible one of those teeth is infected but just not large enough to show up on scan. I don’t want to pull anymore teeth!  So now seeing a face pain dr but that’s a joke.

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    Hi Danny

    As you are an allergy sufferer you will get greatbenefit from Evening Primrose Oil.

    I was a chronic allergy sufferer for 65 years, before discovering this miraculous cure.

    I started as a child with chronic hayfever, and this developed into rhinitis and sinusitis when I became older.

    I took every known cure, but it was a continual battle with no relief. The drugs all had some beneficial affect in relieving the problem, but there was no long term cure. 

    I had my nose cortorised twice, and this did give short term relief, but the problem always returned. I had to move away from the cost to avoid high humidity, and could predict stormy weather 24 hours in advance.

    Pollens, smoke, lawn mowing, some foods like nitrates and eggs, were a constant problem. Monosium Glutimate and Kapok were particularly deadly.

    I was taking Sinutabs, Advil Retards, and strong analgesics daily, to relieve the problem. It was a continual saga, with no relief in sight.

    Then I discovered Evening Primrose Oil, and my whole world changed completely.

    Read my Post “Sinus Infection-An Effective Treatment” for full details.

    I have now been completely free of allergy problems for 20 years, but I still avoid obvious irritants where possible, and avoid cigarette smoke and long coastal holidays.

    Evening Primrose Oil works by reducing the body’s sensitivity to irritants. For that reason the problem does not occurr in the first place, so no cure is required.

    It works in about 4 hours, and is effective for a further 24 hours, so one 1000 mg capsule daily is normally adequate.

    It was a miracle cure for my chronic sinusitis, so it may just be the cure you require.

    Kind Regards, Ray.

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