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  • GaMo 2

    What Is This...

    Hi, so I have pressure in the forehead, behind the eyes and across the cheeks. I have no issues breathing or mucus but my nose does pop! It's like when your ears pop only inside my nose. I usually wake up with puffy eyes and have a general feeling of discomfort around my face. Does this sound like

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  • jean62175 3

    Sinus infection is dragging me down

    Hi.  Headache, thick throat (not sore), ears sore, forehead sore to touch (yes, I know, then don't touch it 😂) then every now and again I feel a bit dizzy, this in turn makes me feel like I'm going to be sick and I get really hot, bit scary.  I get sinus infections every couple of months and it's

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  • 1951grumpa 2

    Chronic sphenoid sinusitis surgery

    In March during a visit to my ENT I was told I had a blocked sphenoid sinus. He sent me to another ENT a week later who had me see a coleague of his that same day. Who specializes in this particular problem. It looked as there was bone thinning of this sinus and could be leaking brain fluid. I had

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  • ken22 1

    What could my possible diagnoses be for my chronic rhino sinusitis

    Hi I'm 16 and have been suffering from severe sinus issues. My main problems are facial pressure, complete brain fogginess, physical and mental fatigue, loss of memory, irratiblity and tiredness. Their are othes but long list. This has been going on for about year now. I have seen 2 ENT doctors, 2 allergist,...

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  • joanneb46 2

    Chronic Sinus trouble/catarrh

    Hi Guys I am new here and want to share my experience and see if anyone can offer any help? I am 46 and have had bad sinus trouble since primary school I always had a runny nose which was regularly green and thick 🤢 I remember being prescribed loads of bottles of medicine/tablets/sprays none of

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  • pam34048 4

    Cloudy sinus xray?

    hi I have had a crooked nose since birth, my nose has never given me much trouble but for eight months I have had chest pain caughing yellow, green and a few times blood.  Anyway the chest X-ray three times has come back clear but since December I have had the same stuff come out my nose.  I have

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  • DDR4321 2

    Chronic sinusitis causing anxiety & depression??

    Hello everyone, I've noticed since I've been dealing with chronic sinusitis for a long time that I've been having really bad waves of depression as well as anxiety. I didn't have these issues before I also have trouble thinking and even have unwanted negative thoughts etc. Anybody else experienced

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  • george5030 2

    Head pressure, foggy head after flu - sinusitis infection??

    I really need somebody to put my mind at ease at this point. I am a 20 years old guy in Montreal and a couple of weeks ago I went through a really bad cold/flu. I couldn't go to work one day because of how bad I felt. The symptoms I had were mild fevers, extreme fatigue, congested nose of white

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  • thomas96833 4

    Sinusitis and depression / anxiety

    Hello, So finally i have been making some headway into understanding the world of sinusitis and it's not pleasant. For the last year I have suffered badly with anxiety but my complaints were always congestion, breathing trouble, thick mucus and constant post nasal drip + dizziness and

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  • raymond24308 3

    Sinus Infection-An effective treatment

    I was a chronic sinus sufferer for 50 years, and was treated by many specialists, with limited long term improvement. Cortorised nose cavity treatment twice, gave temporary relief, but the sinus problem returned. I relied on the normal treatments, such as anti-histamines, sinutabs, Avil retards,

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  • kim59492 4

    blocked nose and deafness

    i had a bad cold at xmas and my ears didnt recover well. Then i was ok and two weeks ago developed another cold. ~It went straight to my head, not so much a cold just very blocked nose all the time and my ears are popping and i cant hear too well. My head feels all bunged up and like im in a tin

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  • thomas29769 1

    I'm young and very confused w/ what is going on with my head

    In August, I woke up randomly with this really weird dizziness and head pressure on the top of my head. When I moved my head I felt this random swoosh noise that feels like mucus or water inside my head but in like the back and all around. I don't exactly know how to describe my symptoms because

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  • diane17528 1

    Coliform sinus infection

    Hi Has any one had a coliform sinus infection and what treatment worked?  Been ill for 16 months, 3 sinus operations and 22 courses of antibiotics that haven't resolved symptoms, terrible post nasal drip and headache. They have just detected coliform infection. Losing the will to live, every day is

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  • kimberley38745 2

    Vibrations in body

    Hi guys help me !! I've been to the doctors and I'm really not getting much from them. I know my own body. I'm a PT I'm usually fit and healthy. I caught a virus and then a sinus infection I'm in my 6th week and I'm fed up i want my life back !! I'm still waiting for sinus infection to go

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  • minggio 2

    Alternatives of surgery

    I'm not urging anyone to refuse surgeries because personally I've been suffering from chronic sinusitis for over 30+ years also (I'm a 38 year-old man). I've tried a lot of different ways - antibiotics, steroids, surgeries, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic,

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  • gregorian 2

    Brain fog from sinusitis? Or something else...?

    Hi all. I'm 15 years old from the and suffering from an increasingly frustrating problem. I'm currently on vacation abroad and don't feel completely "with it"... very frustrating! The main issue I'm fighting has been dubbed as "brain fog": general cognitive sluggishness, feeling "out of

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  • lander 2

    Mucus & Breathing Problems

    hi - i've have the probem for a couple of years - i'm 70. originally doc thought it was asthma & prescribed ventollin spray - it does help a little but only for about 30/60 min. over the period my smell has been coming & going - he prescribed a nasal spray with no real effect. i'm plaqued by the

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  • DDR4321 2

    Please help me.

    Bear with me, I need help. Serious help. I believe chronic sinus disease has ruined my life. I've been nearly bed ridden for the last two years. My symptoms are as follows: Extreme fatigue Pain behind eyes One sinus blocked at all times (usually left side) Stiff/swollen back of neck Constant thick,...

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  • 1951grumpa 2

    Sphenoid sinus surgery

    I'm having a surgery to have a blocked sphenoid sinus opened. It's been blocked for over a year. In Dec of 2015 I had an MRI for an ear problem. At that time the reptsaid I had complete opacification of the rt sphenoid sinus and this February a CT scan showed the same. The both images show bone

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  • allison112692 2

    Left nostril feels slightly tingly and numb

    Sorry I didn't know where else to ask this question .. this literally happened no where out of the blue. It's a slight numb and tingly feeling inside my nostril. Some details that could help or may not help at all: I've been on my period the past couple of days, also dealt with a slight dull headache/

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  • MaggieMuffin 3


    I've had chronic sinusitis for years and up till now my ENT has only had me on Flonase spray and doing sinus rinses with the Neti Pot.  A few months ago he ordered a sinus CT scan and he reviewed them with me and pointed out how all of the areas that were supposed to be black (open) were gray and

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  • jody00896 1

    Air plane associated severe sinus pain - what to do?

    I am a 27 yr-old female. I have chronic rhinitis for several years but it got worse in 2013 since it seems to be associated with air plane travel each time. In Feb2013 I flew back from Florida and about a week later my left face was painful, coupled with blood in the mucus. It lasted for about a

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  • Guest M

    I had chronic sinusitis for about 3 mounth now. It star...

    I had chronic sinusitis for about 3 mounth now. It started with severe pain behind the eyes and exterimly dry eyes. I also had swollen eye lids. After a month of puting up with that, I was put on amoxcicilan. That didn't work. The next antibiotic was biaxan. No luck with that. Now i have pain in

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  • khalid 93907 1

    Bleeding from throat after travelling by air.

    Hi, I travelled by flight 15 days back. I faced problem of pain near my eye brow when flight was descending. I even felt the same pain for 2 days. Now for last few days when i am spitting with sputum in morning its coming with brown blood. I tried with ENT specialists and have undergone endoscopy

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  • Pheeb 2

    Maxillary sinus cyst!

    Is there anybody else on here that has a maxillary sinus cyst and symptoms? I suffer with terrible headaches and facial pain, ear pain to name a few, but my ENT doctor thinks that the cyst is most definitely not the cause of my symptoms!! It's a long story but I can't begin to tell you how

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  • JeanniE4oo6 3
  • magmag 2

    Nose move subtly during respiration

    I've gone thru Septo. + turbinate surgery on 31 Dec 2015 and so far, I'm breathing better but I'm not sure if it's optimal. Anyway, I noticed something I never noticed it before. It's that the sides of my nose literally move subtly inward (while inhale) and outward (while exhale). This movement is

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  • jennifer98326 1

    Chronic neck/headache and sinus infection?

    For the past 10 days I've had a headache that is located at the base of my skull on both sides of my neck.  If you imagine the centerline of your neck, where your spine is, and then go out about an inch, that's where the pain resides, right around what I guess to be the insertion points of the

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  • JeanniE4oo6 3

    I had nose septplasty Turbinectory Concha surgery

    The surgery went well. The first day was the worse. Blood constantly dripping into gauze. Doctor office called and asked if I could come in? I am in constant pain from this surgery. I go and get the plugs removed from my nose on Tuesday. Hopefully when he removes my plugs the bleeding will dry up.

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  • ryanmeltz 1

    Sinusitis fungal/mold. What to do/not do

    Hi all, I'm 15 days post op for a sinus infection that lasted 6 months. I took antibiotics at first, got better, but relapsed each time after 1-2 weeks off it. Finally cat scan revealed serious clogged sinuses. I was blowing out claw shaped boogers after my 2x a day hour showers to cleanse sinuses. Still,...

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  • cynthia89958 5

    Fatigue from chronic sinusitis

    Just trying to figure out whether my overwhelming fatigue is more down to the chronic sinus problems I have or something else. Not long (2 months ago) had a laparoscopic surgery followed by a chest infection, then another cold. Tests for iron etc all good. Have had this a long time since having a

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  • kayleigh70046 1

    Facial Pain - Please help!

    Hi, I have had really severe pain in the right hand side of my face since the 22nd of November last year, it comes and goes but when it's here oh my goddddd it's all I can think about. The pain is like sharp shooting pains that are in the right hand side of my head, sometimes above or behind my ear,...

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  • cazzabee101112 1
  • lisa58809 2

    Nasal drip in throat please help

    Hello everyone. I've been experiencing a wet sensation in the top of my head (not in the sinus area) but I went to my gp today who told me that it was my sinuses draining. Do they really drain from up there as well? I'm scared this is my brain leaking instead! He was in a rush so I don't know if he

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  • JeanniE4oo6 3

    No Medication a week before nose surgery?

    I can't function without my meds the week before surgery. They the ENT are no help with this extreme pain. I have so much pain on my right side of nose and face, ears hurts, throat is inflamed on the right side. My right side is raised inflamed with pain. I am having a hard time breathing with

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