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  • chris05340 2

    Cheek numbness?

    Hey folks Can somebody who's been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis describe for me if they get facial numbness? I currently intermittently get which feels like numbness of my cheeks. Just below the eyes. Varying degrees of how bad it is. I can feel me touching it etc. Kinda feels like the numbness you...

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  • thomas96833 4

    Constant sinus congestion - over a year!

    Hello, So for the past year I have had sinus problems. Every morning I wake up with a sinus headache, pressure around my eyes, I can't breath through my nose at all and clogged ears which causes balance issues. The pressure is so intense sometimes it literally stops me doing anything. I have a lot...

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  • needsomehelp26 2

    Eustachian tube dysfunction or sinusitis symptoms?

    Hi, I have been suffering for almost 3 months now with symptoms such as ringing in the ears, occasional ear aches and pains, popping and crackling every time I swallow or yawn, and a feeling of being off balance. Naturally I though this had to do with my ears so I went to the ENT. They did an audio test,...

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  • Sue654851 2

    Facial tingling with sinusitis

    Hi... was wondering if anyone else has experienced this... I have sinusitis but no mucus but have facial pain with tingling around my nose cheek and pain above my brow.. I thought it might be my teeth.. but my dentist took an xray and it wasn't... but she could see sinus congestion on the xray! I've...

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  • sunnycms 3

    Sinus Problems Making Me Crazy!

    For a year, after a bad cold, I have suffered terribly. My face hurts, back of head pain when lying down, nose burning, nausea, tummy troubles, crippling fatigue, foggy head, ear pain, teeth hurt. I went on antiboiotics a few months ago, and the made a difference for a while, but now it is all back with...

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  • rumana47782 2

    Waking up with left eye watering and irritated - sinus related

    Hi, so as well as constant sinus headaches and occasional teeth pain due to these, I now seem to have a painful, tearful eye most nights / early mornings. The left side, the same side as the teeth and where I have a Nasal spur. Anyone else? Dick of this condition, been om the waiting list for three...

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  • rumana47782 2
  • Sussexguy123 2


    Ok like many on here I feel like I am at the end of my tether. I have permanent sinusitis which is now making me so paranoid and miserable I am convinced it is something more sinister. It has been present for over 2 years now. Main symptoms are headaches, feeling tired and depressed, burning nose and...

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  • magic786 1

    I'm desperate and have run out of ideas.. and so have the doctors

    Over two years ago I picked up what seemed like a severe chest infection. Whistling noise when I coughed, voice changed completely lost so much weight couldn't eat or swallow. I was waking up at night choking on thick glue like mucus in my throat and running to the bathroom gagging and coughing it all...

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  • sunnycms 3

    Suffering from Sinus Infection or Insanity?

    I feel like I have a sinus infection without major congestion. I have a headache (which I rarely have) and sometimes the headache is terrible! It comes and goes. My bose feels like it's broken, face hurts, back of head hurts, and I have body pain all over.  It feels like the flu, but I don't have the...

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  • h92361 1

    Sphenoid Sinusitis?

    I'm seriously worried about my girlfriend. She's had a few very bad sinus infections in the past few years but for practically the whole year she's been in tears with pain everyday and has been house-bound for the past year (she is only 20) and has tried courses of all different types of antibiotics,...

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  • Pheeb 2

    Maxillary sinus cyst!

    Is there anybody else on here that has a maxillary sinus cyst and symptoms? I suffer with terrible headaches and facial pain, ear pain to name a few, but my ENT doctor thinks that the cyst is most definitely not the cause of my symptoms!! It's a long story but I can't begin to tell you how frustrating...

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  • kim08942 2
  • mo 69 3

    post nasal drip

    My voice tone changes mid conversation sometimes getting more frequent. Asked doc about it as have been querying thyroid worries with him. He has made an urgent appointment to have it looked into at hospital. I told him the bronchiectasis clinic in hospital told me the bronchiectasis could be caused...

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  • chris05340 2

    Cheek numbness?

    Hey folks Can somebody who's been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis describe for me if they get facial numbness? I currently intermittently get which feels like numbness of my cheeks. Just below the eyes. Varying degrees of how bad it is. I can feel me touching it etc. Kinda feels like the numbness you...

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  • DDR4321 2

    Chronic sinusitis causing anxiety & depression??

    Hello everyone, I've noticed since I've been dealing with chronic sinusitis for a long time that I've been having really bad waves of depression as well as anxiety. I didn't have these issues before I also have trouble thinking and even have unwanted negative thoughts etc. Anybody else experienced this...

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  • james16105 3

    intense head aches when I cough, sneeze, or bend down

    After a major aneurism operation 8 weeks ago i am experiencing intense head aches when I cough , sneeze or bend down, wheather there is a connection I just dont know , I've also got a problem with my nose, it's constantly filling up with mucus and seems to go hard, it does not matter how many trimes...

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  • joevaz32 2

    Chronic Sinusitis?

    About a month ago I had my second sinus infection and I haven't felt myself ever since. My ears feel clogged, neck tension, headaches, face pressure, congestion, and I just feel out of it. I've been to 2 different ENT doctors and an allergist who both said that my sinuses are inflamed but nothing else...

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  • jo91708 2
  • whyamisick2017 1

    best sinus doctor in philly/south jersey?

    hey guys, i've been having sinus problems for about a year and a half, and after going to a bunch of different doctors for a bunch of different things (my worst symptoms are fatigue and brain fog so i had been pursuing CFS). i want to see if i can find a good sinus specialist near me. does anybody know...

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  • jody00896 1

    Air plane associated severe sinus pain - what to do?

    I am a 27 yr-old female. I have chronic rhinitis for several years but it got worse in 2013 since it seems to be associated with air plane travel each time. In Feb2013 I flew back from Florida and about a week later my left face was painful, coupled with blood in the mucus. It lasted for about a week...

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  • Kimmychoo01 2

    Weird things out my nose 🤔😟

    Hi this is a bit gross " but hey noses are sposed to be gross" Had intermittent pains in BOTH ears , chronic pain / earaches/ stabbing in nature when go outside in the cold wind etc...ears always buzzing feel bunged discharge! Pains in face - I do suffer with hayfever - allergies btw. So here...

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  • thomas96833 4

    Sleep apnoea?

    Hello, So for the past 8 months or so my sleep quality has been extremely poor. I wake up horribly fatigued, congested and with headaches. I have post nasal drip almost 24/7 and I can feel thick mucus at the back of my throat constantly which is really affecting my breathing. Nothing helps with this....

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  • arctik 1

    CT Scan Clear - Still No Diagnosis

    Hi All, I've been having issues with constant blocked nose, pressure in my face and behind my eyes (also when I look up and move my eyes around around as far as they go I get a little pain and discomfort), it can bring on mild headaches. I also generally feel 'foggy' headed all the time, my ears feel...

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  • alison04672 1

    MARCoNS and Klebsiella Pneumoniae

    Hello fellow sinus sufferers.  I've been struggling with sinus pain and pressure and extreme fatigue for years.  I recently sent a nasal swab into a lab and the preliminary results are that I have two infectious agents: a large amount of staph coag negative (MARCoNS) and  Klebsiella Pneumoniae.  I'm...

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  • ahorst 2

    Chronic sinusitis (?); What Do I Do?

    Hello, all.. I am desperate for some advice or suggestions on how to feel better... Since having a baby in March of 2015, I've had severe issues with my sinuses. I had sinus headaches and received shots as a child, but everything went away until a couple of years ago. I began having gunk in my throat,...

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  • johndiggle 3

    Is it sinusitis?

    Recently i started experencing light headaches, burning sensation in my nose whenever i breathe in, and like a pressure on my head all of my head. I also have like a small lump on the roof of my mouth, its not painful unless i put my tongue on it, it can be ticklish to painful as it is swelled i guess,...

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  • thomas96833 4

    Close to losing my job :/

    I don't know what I am hoping to acheive posting this, but venting more than anything. For the past year, everyday has been the same for me. I wake up exhausted and fatigued, have headaches, sinus pain, rash on my face, my balance is off and I can't see out of my left eye properly through blurry vision...

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  • alryk 2

    Chronic Sinusitus/Inflammation

    Ever since I gave birth I have had sinus infections. I am not sure what's causing them. My daughter would get sick, then I would get sick, then it turns into a sinus infection. Been to an allergist and am fine with environmental and food skin tests. I went to my dentist to make sure I didn't have anything...

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  • raymond24308 3

    Sinus Infection-An effective treatment

    I was a chronic sinus sufferer for 50 years, and was treated by many specialists, with limited long term improvement. Cortorised nose cavity treatment twice, gave temporary relief, but the sinus problem returned. I relied on the normal treatments, such as anti-histamines, sinutabs, Avil retards, nasal...

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  • jason 03617 2

    Dentistry and Sinusitis

    I appreciate that chronic sinus disease has many potential triggers (HPV virus, Fungi, Bacteria etc).  Does anyone have poor teeth or have had lots of dental procedues in their mouth (root canals, mercury fillings etc)? I have just had two teeth extracted due to apical peridontal disease due to fraudulent...

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  • deirdre2016 3
  • Guest M

    I had chronic sinusitis for about 3 mounth now. It star...

    I had chronic sinusitis for about 3 mounth now. It started with severe pain behind the eyes and exterimly dry eyes. I also had swollen eye lids. After a month of puting up with that, I was put on amoxcicilan. That didn't work. The next antibiotic was biaxan. No luck with that. Now i have pain in the...

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  • mike38955 1

    Can this anxiety and depression be caused by bacteria infection?

    4 days afetr routine visit at the local GP I have started to feel panic I'didnt think about it mutch at the time over course of 4 weeks I have developed sinustitis infection. Over the course of those 4 weeks I started to feel depressed and had panic attacs.I'm currently on the 3sed antybiotics and been...

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  • fatamorgana 1

    Caldwell-Luc operation because descended sinus and rotting maxilla?

    My mother, 47, has been suffering from chronic sinusitis for approximately 5 years now. Over the years it has become much worse, due to the indifference of our doctors. She has had a FES-operation, extraction of two teeth, that some doctors thought were causing the problem, but the situation seemed to...

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  • me87649 2

    Swollen hard forehead from sinus infection, help please?

    The rest of my sinus infection is more under control but I still have a forehead that's bigger and hard and it's giving me some memory and concentration problems and nightmares. It goes softer/down when I put lemon juice on it and the problems also get better. But without the lemon juice for a day or...

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