CT Scan Clear - Still No Diagnosis

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Hi All,

I've been having issues with constant blocked nose, pressure in my face and behind my eyes (also when I look up and move my eyes around around as far as they go I get a little pain and discomfort), it can bring on mild headaches. I also generally feel 'foggy' headed all the time, my ears feel like they are blocked a lot too. I feel my sense of smell isn't as good as it used to either.

I've been having these problems for 3-4 years now, I'm 24. When I first went to the doctor I was given Antibiotics, after several re-visits I was given nose drops, sprays and even a course of Amitriptyline. To no avail I was eventually sent to the ENT specialist, who checked with a camera, thought he seen something that made him think there was an infection, prescribed me more antibiotics.

Of course I was back complaining of the same problems as soon as my course was finished. CT Scan was next, results were completely normal, ENT specialist then told me I'd need to go and see a Neurologist next, this is so frustrating, can anyone relate??

I have found various posts on the internet describing the very same issues and it seems there are a lot of people without a diagnosis!

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    Have same symptoms for 3 months!

    Am on new course of antibiotics for 2 weeks and if that doesn't help I guess it's MRI time . Ct scan showed nothing .

    Very frustrating ! Even my teeth hurt !

    Prednisone helps but I cannot take it .

    Best of luck !

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    100% yes to all the above. It's driving me insane and coursing bad anxiety and depression.

    I have just had a CT scan and am worrying it will be clear. I have sinus headaches and pressure behind my eyes daily. Antibiotics haven't helped at all.

    Just been given Amitriptyline and also Sertraline to see if it helps rolleyes


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      hello! i know this is a bit of an old post but did you ever find an answer to this issue? if so will you please elaborate ? im having the exact same issue 😦

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      did u ever get an answer or find a solutionto this issue?

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      Hi there,

      I know this is an old post, but have you been able to find an answer or treatment for your pain/discomfort. It sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing. MRI's and CT's show nothing. I've been struggling with this issue for 6 years and am feeling hopeless.

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      Hi there....

      I've had the same problems as described above for years. After a sinus x-ray, my ENT told me she thought I had a headache disorder. I later found out, through an MRI, for another issue that I was having silent migraines. I still have sinus issues and had a CT scan that showed nothing. I'm going back to the neurologist. I'm also going to an integrative medical doctor, which was what my ENT suggested. I do know that when I get the migraines it feels just like a sinus infection....my nose runs and I have a lot of drainage. Very frustrating! I hope this helps.

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    I can relate guys, so annoying!

    Amitriptyline was horrible, it made me really drowsy, and makes it 1000x harder to get out of the bed in the morning.

    I'm heading to the doctors today to ask for the neurologist referral, i'm also asking them if they can send me to have allergy tests for food and such, as I've read that a gluten intolerance can cause many of the symptoms I've been experiencing, worth a shot. Will report back how i get on!

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      Yeah I know, I only took 10mg and felt so hungover. It did wear off in a week though but the tirdness didn't.

      Allergy testing was rubbish for me. The ENT said it was pollen (Had a blood raster test done) - This was the middle of winter (decemeber) with a pollen count of pratically zero.. Really?!

      Have you seen a dentist by any chance? That is my next port of call, apparently it's all signs of TMJ and grinding your teeth in your sleep

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    Yes this is a very frustrating ailment. all doctors try treat everyone similarly. This particular ailment does not respond to medication the same with every person. If the Medication even works like it does not jin my case. My ENT stated I would probably feel even worst if I did not take my medications. My ENT and allergist feel that my sinus issues r caused by my allergy issues..

    I am going through the same issues you described in ur post as we speak just a day after receiving allergy shots. Another cause of action I have been trying to attempt to alleviate symptoms of this ailment. Actually the shots on occasion make me feel worst. The search continues to try and find a treatment that can give me more consistent relief which at this time I have not found.

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    Been prescribed Gabapentin, ENT/Doctors currently think it is a Nuropathic Pain issue. 

    Will take this course of medication and update you on how it's progressing.

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      hello!! did the gabapentin help at all? please let me know!!

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      i know its been a long time since you posted but i am having similar issues & Ent says its not sinus but neurologic. My neurologist says its out of his depth. so im wondering if you ever found a solution. thanks

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