CT Scan Clear - Still No Diagnosis

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Hi All,

I've been having issues with constant blocked nose, pressure in my face and behind my eyes (also when I look up and move my eyes around around as far as they go I get a little pain and discomfort), it can bring on mild headaches. I also generally feel 'foggy' headed all the time, my ears feel like they are blocked a lot too. I feel my sense of smell isn't as good as it used to either.

I've been having these problems for 3-4 years now, I'm 24. When I first went to the doctor I was given Antibiotics, after several re-visits I was given nose drops, sprays and even a course of Amitriptyline. To no avail I was eventually sent to the ENT specialist, who checked with a camera, thought he seen something that made him think there was an infection, prescribed me more antibiotics.

Of course I was back complaining of the same problems as soon as my course was finished. CT Scan was next, results were completely normal, ENT specialist then told me I'd need to go and see a Neurologist next, this is so frustrating, can anyone relate??

I have found various posts on the internet describing the very same issues and it seems there are a lot of people without a diagnosis!

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    Reading your symptoms exactly the the same as mine - the pain in my face and eyes is sometimes unbearable which then lead's to headaches. I was referred to ent and had ct scan which only showed slight bulky middle turbinates. My problem seems to increase when I am in work .I have also had an allergy test -I am not allergic to anything. Feel like I am always at the doctors . I take painkillers and have Nasal drops which sometimes gives a bit of relief. Really gets me down 😯

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      hello! did u ever find out an answer to your health issue? im having the same problem 

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      i took the homeopathic route and have done pretty well. My GP doctor put me on Ipratropium Bronide Nasal Spray 0.06% 42 mcg/spray and it seems to help

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    The same thing happened to me 3-4 yrs ago with the same symptoms.April 2013 began my worst time ever....I was never prescribed antibiotics as Dr's confirmed no infection. After 6 mos of misery I finally had nasal turbinate surgery which helped some. I still don't breath fully out of my nose like I used to. Blocked ears and headaches and brain fog resolved. I moved out of an apt with a mold issue as a rsult....not sure if that was part of the problem. Look up LERD and nasal congestion...I heard about it recently and I'm wondering if that's my issue as no allergy meds helped....

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      So the surgery helped with the blocked ears headaches and brain fog r do u still experience these issue.
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      The surgery helped with the blocked ears and brain fog etc because All of that was a symptom of the congestion from the plugged nose and blocked sinuses. My nose still gets plugged but not as bad. Before I felt like I had a bad head cold or the flu at all times. I would not call the surgery a total success though. Something still causes my nose to plug up. I can deal with this tho..it's the new normal...ugghh.

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      I have am trying to stay away from the surgery. I have turbinate issues also but my ENT could not give me any assurance that the surgery would work.

      Ur time frame of April 13th is when I also had the symptoms flare up so, I did not know if I had the flu r what was going on. As of now still suffering trying the homapathic route

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      did you ever receive a diagnosis or find the cause of your issue?

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    I can relate I've done so much research and no one seems to have an answer well maybe I finally do.

    I got a cold in the middle of December which just wouldn't go away. I went to the doctor I was prescribed antibiotics.. first antibiotic, Amox-clav, 875 mg..14 pills.. symptoms did not change.

    2nd doctor trip..10 more Amox-clav, fluticasone nasal spray, and Wal-phed 12 hour capsules. Symptoms did not change..

    3rd doctor visit to ENT..30 pills of Clindamycin and 30 pills of Prednisone...symptoms did not change..

    4th visit back to ENT..nasal endoscopy, showed nothing..

    5th regular doctor visit, more antibiotics because the previous antibiotics gave me a bladder infection.

    6th ENT visit..CT Scan...showed nothing.

    May 2nd, I went to a naturopath doctor..

    After 10 days of being on natural vitamins, suppliments, and other self care duties, I am able to fully breathe out of both nostrils and the sore that had developed in one nostril was healing.

    Day 14...congestion almost gone, and I am once again starting to hear normal "inside" noises in my ears..they had been plugged up for over 4 months!

    I believe and ND doctor believes I'm fighting Chronic sinus infection.. I still have a lot of healing to do as my inner ear, lymph nodes and glands still hurt..BUT...I now believe Im on the healing path.

    Soo much more i could write ...Ive been so sick for over 5 months..

    Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer.. If interested I'll give full details of what the ND doctor has me on and all the steps Im going thru....

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      Please share what your naturopath is prescribing...I'm very interested..

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      Same please. I am in the same boat as above!

      What vitamins did you use and how long for, before you noticed a difference?

      Thank You

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      It's a pretty intense program and excessive amounts of supplements. I just need to make sure that you understand this is working for me but it may not for you. And maybe high doses are because of my height weight proportion. I am 5-10, 170 pounds. This is what I did for the first 10 days because we thought it best to try to clear up the congestion and the sore in the nostril .

      First product is rapid immune boost.. three dropperfulls, three times a day with two ounces of water on empty stomach.

      2nd..EHB..vitiamin supplement, 3 capsules three times a day.

      3rd.. Q-tip inside of nose with small amount of coconut oil twice a day.

      4th.. 3 times a day ..warm a pan of water as warm as you can stand , compress cheek area with washcloth until water cools.

      5th ...rub castor oil on neck area then prepare a bowl of ice water and compress lymph nodes in neck area with washcloth for 30 to 120 min.. don't use those freezer packs.

      6th.. Crush raw garlic clove mixed with 1 tablespoon olive oil and eat daily. I spread my on bread or toast.

      That's what I did for 10 days..

      Next I did all that is above plus the following

      1...NAC suppliment, 1800mg 3 times a day..best taken with EBH..

      2..Allimax liquid drops...add 5 drops to neti pot mixture and do that 2 times a day. I got to the point where I just put a drop or two directly in nostril..pretty intense..

      Of course during all of this stay away from any milk or cheese product.

      Feel free to ask any other questions..

      And please let me know what you choose to do and how your is coming along..

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      EHB is the vitamin supplement I am taking. I am taking 3 capsules 3 times everyday. The following is the amount of vitamins per 3 capsules..

      Vitamin A 7500 IU

      Vitamin C 750 mg

      vitamin B6 37 mg

      zinc 22 mg

      A variety of different herbs like echinacea 525 milligram

      garlic 150 mg

      licorice 150mg

      bromelain 75 mg

      Oregon grape 75mg

      Goldenseal 52 mg

      Day 7 ... I started feeling the congestion breaking up, and started to feel my energy returning.....

      Day 10 congestion 75% clear but sinus in upper cheek area, inner ear and lymph nodes in throat really hurt so I went back to the doctor that's when she added the other supplements.

      Day 14 congestion 90% clear I'm able to fully breathe through both nostrils, sore in nostril 75 % better, feeling like ears are opening as I can now hear the normal ""inside "" crackling type noises an ear makes...been 4 months since I've heard that !!... and the pain is easing up in the upper cheek sinus area, inner ear and lymph nodes in throat...

      Today is day 15 for me..

      This was so horrible for me to go through so if you have any other questions please feel free to ask..

      Wishing you your health returns quickly.

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      Thank for this information. I agree with u what works for you may not work for me or others and that's the frustrating part about this ailment. Doctors often wrongly treat everyone the same, which we know can not be done .

      I have been suffering for over 4 years and it can really mess with ur quality of life. Some of the supplements I have tried and some I have not I will add a few of ur rememdies and hopefully I can alleviate this issue once and for all or least find a way to get some consistent relief

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      Dermal I don't know how you have survived 4 years...the last 5 months have been total misery for me with my quality of life at it's lowest..

      21 day update on my health...Im 90% better..all energy is back...still have a small problem with small sore inside nose, but I would think that moist area is hard area to heal and will take time.....I have almost no inner ear pain or lymph noid pain...congrestion is 100% gone..no more vertigo, dizzyness or headaches..

      I have diligently followed every step of my ND's plan ...its time consuming but so much better than feeling like you want to cut your neck and head off to relieve the pain and misery... I will go back for follow up in a couple of days and see what steps I can stop... I'm extremely happy !!

      Best of health to all...

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      I have purchased some of the items u mentioned in ur post and have incorporated them into my regime to see if it will help. Yes for years has been a long time .
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      Omg you poor thing, I have had an infection now since December I don't think I would want to go another year.  Have you been to an ent, And  if so why don't these dr fix the problem?

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      I have been to several ENTs and they have prescribed cortisone shots into my nose they told me to continue on my meds and they have prescribed prednisone when the symptoms get really bad. One of the ENT suggested surgery which I am trying to stay away from. I really don't think the ENTs really know what is going on they r just putting bandaids on symptoms and hoping that it work. The doctors basically treat everyone the same way. One thing I have learn from years of suffering is that this ailment has to be treated different for everyone. What works for one does not always work for others which totally baffles the Doctors. So that is the reason so many people. Suffer from this ailment

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      If you have purchased the rapid immune boost , take that first thing in the morning on it empty stomach and the last thing at night before you go to bed. And be aware I was on megadoses of those vitamins and NAC... My ND made it a point to say how important it is to eat a raw garlic clove everyday.. peel the garlic, then take the handle side of regular eating knife and smash the garlic, that releases all the potency...then I put it on toast or cracker, sometimes mixed with olive oil, sometimes just raw..

      Thinking of you and sending healing energy!!

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      Thank u very much I did purchase the rapid immune booster so I will definitely take it before bed. I got the EHB also which I take in the morning and afternoon. I am also doing the coconut oil with a q-tip in the nose.I was doing raw garlic but not every night. So I will up my dosage of the garlic to an everyday rountine. And thanks for that healing energy I will take any and everything that will work😀

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      What side effects you got from prednisone??

      I am having chronic sinusitis dr prescribed me prednisone 5mg for 7 days 2 pill morning 2 night 

      After week i got serious side effects like tremors in body and upper lip

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      I did not have any side affects from the prednisone although I know that long term use is not good for u. 
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      message sent to shellsandsand for follow up, but wondering if you could also share your ND's info. Thanks!

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      Hi just i have this exact scenario playing out right now. just curious at the time did the ENT doc say anything about rhinitis ? how did you ultimately make out ? did the congestion come back ? i realize this was over 3 years ago but thought i'd check since I'm literally going through the exact same thimg.

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