Sinusitis (Personality Change, "empty head syndrom"??)

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Hello there,

I am depressed due long lasting sinusitis. since half a year i have headaches. sometimes mild and sometimes they are really aggressive. But the worst part of all that iss the personality change! I was always a kinda introverted guy but since my sinusitis got severe i cant have lasting or quality conversation. Though i was kinda shy i had always a lot of thoughts and i was a passionate college philosophy student. But not anymore i turned stupid, kinda dead inside and i have a empty head all the time. thinking doesnt feel intuitive. when i try to force myself to have a longer thought chain, it doesnt work and i get frustrated and depressed. 

People notice a change, im not sociable anymore and i dont enjoy any type of conversation. it feels impossible when you cant digest any information.

I start to freak out because i cant make sense of how sinusitis gives me this symptoms. 

Does anyone have experience with this sinusitis symptoms?

(sry for my english im from germany)

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    100% yes.

    I have been battling sinus problems for a year now and currently taking my post graduate masters and struggling.

    What you are describing sounds like what I call brain fog. It feels like you have constant pressure in your head and in a haze due to the sinus pressure.

    It's like I can't concentrate or string sentences together as clearly and my qualify of writing has dropped significantly. 100% of my effort is going into just making it through the day through feeling basically rubbish, it's been these way for so long that over time I have just isolated myself a little bit more.

    I am also suffering anxiety and depressed which can exacerbate these feeling. There is no winning.

    I have been given Sertraline for the anxiety and depression (not yet started) but really think I would be better if my head could feel just a bit clearer!

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    I can really empathise with you both, I am 68 so put all my thought processes that have declined down to my age. I have had my sinus problems 3-4 years. I have tried so many sprays for up my nose, I now just use Sterimar, this is an aerasole that just has salt water in, can be bought on a well known internet delivery site. I get free prescriptions, it will be cheaper to by online if your paying prescription charges. I use Fexofenidine antihestamine, also Montelukast too as have a bit of Asthma too. I have recently read that fresh Pineaple helps sinuses as a natural anteinfamatory, contains something called Bromelain, which can also be bought at online delivery site in tablet form. The Sterimar I spray up my nose, whilst on my knees and top of head resting on floor to make sure water gets right up nostrel. I hope 2018, is better for those with this depressing problem. 
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    Hey guys thanks for answering!

    It sucks that other people are suffering too, but on the other side your answers calmed me down, because people i tell my symptons cant relate and most of the party dont take me serious! they hypotize im just depressed, but i know for sure that this symptons induce the depression!

    Since antibiotics didn´t do anything for me, i have to rely on sinustis healing internet rumors.

    The most effective remedies for me are  organic grapefruit seed extract & Xlear (a Xylitiol containing nasal spray)

    I just poor pure GSE down my noseholes, it burns very intense but breaks down the mucus pretty effectively!

    Alongside with a very healthy, mostly plant based nutrition im eating since half a year it really helped to minimize the head pressures in the last 2 days!

    I also try Lactobacillus sakei as a probiotics since a few days. But im not sure about its effectiveness.

    Stay strong and keep your eyes open to any kind of remedy!

    I am going to document further results here.


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    Hi there! 

    I wanted to chime in too and see how you're progressing. I've been suffering from this same thing for the past 3 years. It's so frustrating feeling like your head is in a cloud and no one seems to understand. I'm so thankful to have found other people who are working through this as well, although I wouldn't wish this upon my first enemy! 

    Have any of your other treatments been helpful? 

    Guaifenesin is very helpful for me for thinning the mucus and relieving some of the pressure. I have found some relief taking organic oregano capsules and combination of bromelain and quercetin. I try to use my neti pot on a regular basis, but I found the relief is only temporary or sometimes none at all. 

    I've been on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for years now. Although I don't feel that well right now, I feel far worse when I eat those things so I know it helps a little bit. haha 

    I'm exactly the same! These symptoms quite often send me into anxiety and depression because I feel like I'm going crazy. sad  

    I hope we all can find healing this year. Happy New Year! Stay strong, my friends. 

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    Sinus issues are horrendous & they all seem to be different in their symptoms however some symptoms are identical. I have been suffering from Sinus issues for many years now! Up until the beginning of October 2017 I would have a sinus attack each month now it is every other day. I have seen three different Doctors, the first two Doctors put me on Antibiotics which didn't do anything then 7 weeks ago I had to take the day off work due to the severity of the pain & pressure in my nose, head & ears. Spending all day in complete agony I managed to get an appointment with a Doctor in the evening. This Doctor was just amazing, he looked straight up my nose & said you have a very large polyp up there! 

    I was slightly relieved as I thought I was going mad & couldn't recognise these different kind of symptoms! 

    This amazing Doctor has now referred me to an ENT consultant of which I have appointment first thing in the morning. I find now nothing relieves the pain even strong pain killers, I rinse with a NeilMed saline solution each day which I know at least is keeping the sinuses clean however the right side of my nose seems to be blocked! Like yourselves, I feel a great deal of pressure in my head & experiencing a little brain fog! I am trying to stay positive especially now at least I can get some help at long last just incredibly worried it maybe something like nasal cancer as I have quite a few symptoms however do not have any mucus running from my nose or blood!

    I have kept off all diary products & not a had a cup of tea for months now as don't like the taste! Does anyone else experience this? x

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    i would suggest the fundamentals for healing are a healthy anti inflammatory diet and plenty hydration!

    on NYE while intoxicated, i smoked a few cigarettes - that was not a good idea, my results of my remedies went away and i had severe head pressure the next day. 

    so the next days i drank a lot of water, tee with citrus juice, also i add apple cider vinegar. that slowly helped break down the mucus. but the most effective remedy remains the organic Grapefruit Seed Extract. i just poor it down my nose  pure. it burns but breaks down the mucus. i was already using it till the start of the year but it felt like it didnt reach all of the inflammation, i feel like theres something right behind my ear drums. so i used it again but laid on the side this time, so it could really reach the spots. after proper use of the GSE there should be always increased mucus flow. i use GSE over the day in exchange with a water based salin nose spray and xylitol spray, which is pretty effective too when it reaches the mainly inflammed spots. the problem is that they are mostly congested. so its really important to drain as much mucus threw hydration. like i already mentioned the GSE works wonders too for breaking up stuffed up sinuses.

    when the blocks go away i start to chew raw ginger because of its anti inflammatory effects.

    theres a guy on this forum who swears on "evening primrose oil" im gonna get some next week and see if it will help the healing. 

    all in all i guess the only way to get rid of this naturally is use every possible remedy for it continously. and try to get better every day step by step. 

    @tory00949  i never experienced something like tee doesnt taste anymore. sinusitis can impair sense of smell and taste as well i guess. i would suggest to drink it anyways.

    also thanks for your replies. 

    excuse my english again, i guess i make a lot of mistakes but im not a native speaker, i try m best

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    hey guys just found something a very powerful remedy.

    you all know sinus rinses! but you can pimp them and make them way more effective. i got the best results of this since i try getting rid of my infection.

    i just put the nasal salt in there and then i add apple cider vinegar and grapfruit seed extract.

    you got to try and see for your self but i warmly recommend this to anyone suffering of an sinus infection. if you try and it helps or not post your results here i am curious!

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    hey guys i ope you all read this,

    i found very powerful remedies to add t those i already use.

    one is adding himalayan salt to the sinus rinse. also you can add xylitol which worked wonders for me and for a lot of other people helps break up biofilm, which covers bacteria and mucus and makes it impossible to come out naturally,

    also i just bought and small chargeable body massager, i just let it vibrate my head, and if you hit the right pressure and frequency the mucus masses will start to vibrate. a lot of weird stuff came out of my sinuses since then. i call it rainbow mucus, mucus in all different colors and textures. from yellow to orange to brown and even black. its such a relief you definitely should try it for yourselfs!

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    Thank you all! I thought I was loosing my mind! I have tried to muddle through things like my job and life where I don't usually have problems forming my thoughts to really struggling!

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    Hi Olivier,

    I can understand what you are going through as I am the same. Do you have ringing in your ears too (tinnitus)? How are you feeling now?

    Thank you

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      thank you! I don't have those symptoms, the only thing is the tinnitus which drives me crazy 😦((... and i read how to treat the tinnitus but there is no cure 😦((... i am 33 years old and thinking "Am I going to have this condition forever?" ... I a very down because of this and I don't know what to do... 😦((

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      I never had them checked! I had an MRI on the 24th of march because of this tinnitus and it came clear and very strange that the doctor says that the MRI doesn't show any tinnitus, and I asked him then why is this static noise in my head? especially when is quiet it drive me crazy 😦((... everything in the MRI is it within normal study... I don't know what is causing it, but I think it's related with the sinus ... because sinuses are very hard to diagnose, it's only by symptoms

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      the ringing in you ears is caused by a anxiety disorder called depersonization. ive been down this road as well. Low gaba levels could be caused by gut issues. Is your diet good ? I am transitioning to a vegan diet and also take anxiety meds. It helps greatly with the ringing in your ears.

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      well that makes sense. I always had gut issues, my mom had her gallbladder removed and she had always issues with the digestive system, i suppose is in genetics and passed to me. I have a healthy diet but i am very anxious person, health anxiety.... everything I google it, also this static noise in my head makes me very nervous as I always think that I am going to collapse, I am thinking that my brain is going to die or I might have a stroke, all this kind of thoughts and probably that makes my tinnitus even worse 😦((

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