Sinusitis or Anxiety? Or Both?

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Head and stomach issues...anxiety?

Hi everyone. Been dealing with some very odd symptoms since getting flu like symptoms in January.

  1. Vertigo (spinning from eye for 2 weeks but eventually went away)

  2. Ear Pressure and Crackling (still remains but not as constant)

  3. Facial tightness (still remains...mostly noticeable after getting up each morning)

  4. Random Swollen head pressure (not throbbing or sharp...feels like head is being squeezed)

  5. Possible “acute” nerve issues (numb hands when sleeping, trigger finger on left index finger, right hand colder than left, burning feet)

In regards to the “nerve” issues, the most constant symptom is leg and feet weakness and numbness when lying flat on my back and/or stomach. Not sure why??

  1. Heart palpitations (mostly after eating a meal, my heart pumps harder...and I get quite fatigued that I need to lay down. Never noticed this until now)

  2. Stomach issues + Shortness of breath (one of the last symptoms developed. Random bouts of bloating and getting full quickly. Food taking longer to digest.

  3. Nausea (not sure if it’s due to the heavy head pressure or stomach issues. Or maybe both? )

I also noticed I get more nauseous when I’m sitting upright, specifically in the car while I’m driving. Not sure if it’s due to posture or head pressure

  1. Mucus (only time I get mucus is after I shower, and it’s from my nose and thick and white. I’ve never had thick white mucus for 3 months straight so something is definitely going on)

  2. Excess salivation (random times where I feel like I’m over salivating and like I can taste something at the back of my throat)

I’ve seen 3 different doctors and they’ve stated everything from inner/middle ear infection to sinus issues, to migraines.

I’ve tried nasal sprays, ear drops, neilmed irrigation, etc. None seemed to help.

I used to be very active and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Ever since getting the “flu”, I’ve been unable to run without my heart pounding and feeling that heavy head pressure.

Any idea what’s going on? I have no cough or fever...

I’m Going crazy and been stressed out for the last 3 months. Every day it’s something new.


168 lbs

28 yrs old


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    No one else has commented so I'll have a go. Since it all seemed to start with the flu-like symptoms back in January it is logical to assume all these odd things now are somehow connected to that.

    My first question is did you take any kind of prescription or OTC remedy in January? If so, what?

    My second question is had you taken any prescription drugs at all in the preceeding year? If so, what?

    It sounds like the 'virus' or something else has caused a change in your body. A lot of all-over problems that seem unconnected (dizzyness, nerve pain, muscle aches and gut) can actually be because your mitochondria ("powerhouses of your cells") are under stress which then has a knock-on effect throughout the whole body (everything is made up of cells working together). It's worth looking back to see if you've been affected by any pharmaceutical or environmental toxins, or made changes for the worse to your lifestyle, or if you possibly have any genetic deficiencies in your family. These things can all be factors in mitochondrial problems.

    Another possibility is that your gut problems are the cause (rather than a symptom) as it has been shown that a problem with your microbiome affects you in very many ways. You could get tested for candida or H.Pylori as these can produce all kinds of effects.

    Make sure your diet is as clean and healthy as possible (cut out junk food, additives and chemicals) and perhaps get tested to see if you are lacking in any nutrients (most people are short of something). Perhaps go to a functional doctor since the regular ones don't seem to have a clue.

    There is definitely a problem, but you have to find out what it is before you can solve it.

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    I have had something very similar. I also had a very strange virus back in February and just never fully felt better, been on antibiotics etc. nothing worked. I had all of your exact symptoms in 2,3,4,5 and 9 that you listed. I finally got a scan from am ENT, nothing significant, I do have some abnormal structural stuff going on that makes it harder for my sinuses to drain, of course i was given the option of a balloon rhinoplasty to help but i passed. we also suspected that some of it may be TMJ. I think some of it really was stress. after my appointment i began to feel better within days, as if just the relief of getting an answer helped my anxiety. at the same time, I also do nasacourt daily, i stopped all dairy too. if my sinuses bother me I take Mucinex and also Afrin if it's really bad. however, since my appointment I feel much better, so really believe it was lingering effects of the virus plus anxiety. I think i tighten my jaw which affects facial and neck muscles leading to the pain and discomfort. Tight neck muscles can effect nerves running down your arms too.

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    Hello!! I have had the almost exact same thing as you. I've had it a little over a month now. It has been awful and I am so miserable! It will not go away!!! 😔I went to my Dr. 2 weeks ago. She diagnosed me with fluid in the estuchian tube. I was put on amoxicillin and given a predisone shot. I also had an Ekg done, because of heart palpitations. I didn't think they were heart palpitations. because I felt them on my right side. I could feel it when I took my pulse. Like you, mine seemed to get worse after eating. Ekg was fine, but I still don't feel right. I have seasonal allergies and take Claritin and Flonase every day. I have been so dizzy, my whole head feels like a water balloon. My headaches feel like someone is sticking a pencil up my nose, through my eye into my brain. Pressure in my face. Stomach issues, pretty much everything you have mentioned. I have numbness in my hands on occasion. Pain and numbness in arms on occasion. I'm going back to my Dr. this Thurs. We'll see what happens. Good luck!

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      I take loratadine and fluticasone for my hay fever I feel it dries up my sinuses and gives me sinus headache, I also feel sick. I feel I get a tightness in my throat and wonder if it is me getting anxious because I feel these things don't help. I was thinking of going dairy free to see if that helps the sinus problem. I have been to see Dr when I had a chest wheeze due to hay fever it is a horrible feeling. I have been tested for asthma which was negative, Dr didn't go any further with that, maybe it would be worth having allergy tests privately. Just feel the need to get an answer to this.

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    im having the same problem too i thought loosing my mind .my head constantly feels tight and face stuffy nose i cannot think straight brain fog , this been going on for months just feeling low .and im also having stomach problems to . i will have light sleep but not deep sleep so i will wake up feeling crappy thinking ive lost my mind.

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