Anyone else concerned about as they get older..

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I get the whole live for now thing. I do. But i tend to worry about aging lately i have eye issues and a eustatian tube weird thing (retracted or it is t anymore i dont even know but how i move my head it can make what almost resembles the sound when they run a monitor over your veins) i was told its probably from inflammation, eustaian tube and tmj and that vessel is nearby and touches on it do i can hear it? Okay that whatever all i know is the sound it makes and its not dangerous. Annoying.That part is what it is i guess. Anyway im concerned. This world as nice as some are i dont know what happens if something goes awry. I shouldnt think about it but i do. Until my kids would be set up in their own lives ( they are older  but finishing up college) i cant ruin their lives with my presence  you know what i mean. They have to form their lives and marry and be set up. I get scared at times thinking about this. I never used too as i leaned on myself (anxiety or not i knew I had me) but i think cause i do have some ailments it just effects me and  that i got  me thinking, im patiently waiting for science to be able to fix my eye issues (i need that already) if they fixed that i would be okay. And who knows maybe science will actually advance already. But as is i am concerned. I dont know but this causes me anxiety. thankfully im in the last quarter of my life but i tell you i get anxious thinking about it. I See myself now and i am like what kind of elderly person am i going to be if this is me now. Scary. 

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    I am terrified of aging. Not for vanity reasons but because I am getting closer to death. I am 42 and I am obviously going to get older. My eyes are changing, I worry about cancer, skin cancer and everything else. I know something is going to kill me. What will it be? I have a 20 year old with autism and an 11 year old. I am a single mother. What will they do without me? I feel your pain! I wish I could help. Just know you are not alone.
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      Thank you for your reply. That is a frightening situation. Maybe at some point for the autistic child you can get him/her set up in a group home environment they can do wonders in helping him/her acclimate. May God bless you a thousand times over with good health. I dont what else to say that touched my heart. This is some world isnt it? Maybe one day people will care more for each other on the whole.
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    im exactly the same lisa for the first time in my life im 53 Im thinking about the aging process and my own mortality.up until eighteen months ago I was blessed with good physical health ive only been to hospital to have my kids and i was pretty good physically. I now suffer with broken vertebrae in my back causing reduced mobility I have problems with my sinuses my eye sight is going quite quick and i get every blinking virus under the sun then of course I have less years left of this earth than ive been here and I worry for my kids and grandkids its horrible its like it hits you like a sledge hammer. I am now training or trying to train my brain to make the most of every moment and enjoy life you are right its very scary but its unevitable as we are born we have to die, im not so bothered about that its leaving my family behind that worries me. I hope you can find some peace my love 
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      I Dont want to be a burden on my kids. Or a burden period.  Or worse them not stepping up to the plate. Or ruining their lives. Its my own health as i age and how will i age if im like this now. Im not afraid of death. Im afraid of suffering, im afraid of my health ailments and how they play out. And im hoping science steps up the plate with more cures or fixes. That could solve that. But it is not death i fear. 
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      When we get older we all dwell upon our future health and well being and our ability to cope without the assistance of our children.

      No mother wants to "leave" their children. As long as we are "here " we are here for them and yes, to contemplate otherwise is scary.

      Hard as it is we have to adopt a live for today policy and not frighten ourselves about tomorrow.

      And if physical ailements strike we have to deal with them calmly. I have occular retinal degeneration, ie, a blood clot on the vein behind my eye and every month have to go to the opthamologist specialist to have an injection in my eyeball to disperse it. None of this is very pleasant I can tell you, lol

      When they first told me it sounded scarey but I was more worried it would frighten my sons so I was very matter-of-fact and cheerful about it, emphasising how fortunte I was that treatment was available. It calmed then I'm happy to say.

      Then thing is, whatever comes we face and deal with it as and when as opposed to frightening ourselves with What if..........?

      As long as we are mothers, which is until we draw our last breath, we protect our children because we love them. We would do anything for them, and I mean anything....But, we forget that their love for us is much the same. They would do anything for us!

      Where there is love, Lisa, there is no burden, not ever.

      Just as our children are not a burden to us,  we likewise or not a burden to them

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      Hope. Hope is a wonderful thing Lisa! Its what keeps the light of our soul burning bright. It is the positive star in our skysmile Its the lifeline when we are drowning in our real or imagined fears.

      It is very hard to be grateful. It is hard to be thankful at times. But I have learned in my life ( I'm 68 next month but still gorgeouse and turning heads! Naturally! Lol )  that we have to concentrate upon what we do have in life as opposed to that which we do not!

      I was born in Austria and summers were spent with my grandparents, in Frohnleiten Steirmark, .the happiest time in my whole life. On my desk where my computer sits, I have a photo of my Opa, standing in the doorway of the family home, smiling It is one of those photos where the eyes look into yours, wherever you are. It is one of the most beautiful and treasured possessions I own because when I look into the face of the man I loved and respected, who made my childhood the stuff of dreams, wonderful memories unfold.

      I often smile at the photo. I often say, Ich liebe dich, Opa! And the eyes look right back into mine. He smiles right back at me.

      What Im trying to say is we have to grasp the little but  seemingly insignificant things in our lives. We concentrate and worry so much about our health, our children, our future that we forget.

      We forget to listen to birdsong

      We forget to see the beauty of nature around us.

      We forget the joy of hearing a child giggle

      We forget the wonderful memories life blessed us with

      The many, many small apparently insignificant things in reality are the most important in life, they fill our hearts with joy, they become lost because we are immersed in negativity.

      I send you many hugs!


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