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Does anyone else have a bad ache with twitching in just one leg. My left leg and arm hasnt felt right for a while. My arm started to feel weird at the end of september and then my leg afterwards. I do have an als/mnd fear. And i probabky havent helped myself by googling and thunking i have allsorts of diseases ranging from brain tumours to parkinsons to als. I do focus on my arm and leg most of the time too, but could there actually be a physical problem like als? I went to a neurologist as i was refered from my doctor to reassure me about the brain tumour fear. But by the time i went that fear had already gone. She checked everything and ordered an MRI for "reassurance" however i no that it womt prove if someone had als or not. So im back to square one. 

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    Sometimes it can just be be a trapped nerve.My MRI showed 'wear and tear' on a disc in my neck.It is amazing the trouble and worry that than cause,but it might need physiotherapy.

    When is the MRI?

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    you are making yourself ill 

    ha e the mri as it will show any skeletal misalignments that could be pinching nerves causing leg pain.

    Where on your leg do you get pain etc same for arm 

    is the pain hot , burning, sharp, throbbing, dull ?what triggers it when do you get it 

    as for your comment about als if by chance you had that you would well and truly know it and have huge mobility and dexterity problem leading to all sorts of eventually problems, you don't get it and it goes !!!!if you are going to subject your mind to many illnesses then please research properly 

    als affects nerves etc these transmit signals if you had this the conduction would have been affected and you'd have no reflexes or reactions to neurological tests, and your bloods will have shown reactive markers 

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      Its not really pain i get. Its more the feeling of, my arm and leg doesnt want to work.but i get a dailey ache in my calf either at night or in the day with twitches.  However like i said, i do focus on them when using them and forever testing there strengths and if i can walk on my toes and heels etc. and also check for atrophy after seeing that my legs and arms where not the same as eachother.

      But yes, i will go for the MRI and see how that goes.

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    1st step have mri where have they ordered it for ? 

    Have you I injured yourself at all ? 

    What's your diet like do you have enough magnesium and potassium 

    eat plenty of kale and bananas they stop muscle aches etc 

    description  of pain better please where in arm etc type etc

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      great reply from aspinal 

      I asked those questions for my professional interest in my training

      you are concentrating on health anxiety and the docs etc arnt treating your anxiety 

      we all get twitches pains funny things wait till your older and see what groans and creaks!!! 

      it is impossible to test your own strength unless you are serious physical health enthusiast who eats drinks and works out for hours a day and can tell by weights and sit ups etc how strong muscles are 

      every time you oil at your left seem and think it's weak you are excercising your right so naturally the left arms not doing much etc .

      get out go for a good walk eat a sensible diet no hunk and enjoy life 

      take his advice and tell doc you are vulnerable that should move it a bit faster 


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    Emily, I think you know what I'm going to say.. It's your heakth anxiety and whilst you don't feel anxioys perhaps you are imagining that there is something wrong with your arm and leg.

    Twitches etc are normal it's just your focus is on any sensation your arm and leg experiences, if you concentrated on any sensation in any part of your body you will feel normal sensations ranging from, twitches, muscoe spasms, tingling, itching, aching, throbbing, all sorts of normal feelings.

    Given your psychological condition the weakness is imagined and you "feel" it, it's psychosomatic.

    My worry is that the health care professionals are indulging your anxiety over your health when they shoukd be concentrating on treating your health anxiety, MRI's shouldn't be done for "reassurance" when you know it won't reassure you, they are doing it to cover their backs.

    Your a young girl whose still growing and developing, and this continues up until your around 21-22 years old including growing, these pains are growing pains and part of your natural development.

    Please push for treatment and CBT for your real illness which is likely to be a combination of health anxiety and depression.

    I'm not intending to sound harsh if it comes across that way,, I'm just concerned that your not getting the real help you need and its not a batch of tests, scans and MRI scans which simply serves to indulge your anxiety issue.

    I know I'm right because you were referred to a neurologist because of brain tumour fear but like you did that "fear" had gone, this with your arm and leg is the same thing, just psychosomatic symptons and the fear you've put in your mind by googling the symptoms.

    Keep posting though Emily as we want the best for you.

    God bless Neilxx 


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      Thankyiu, i really do appreciate your replys. I had a letter from the cbt comoany saying that im still on the waiting list and there is nothing that can be done but to just wait which sucks because its just getting way out of hand now. 
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      Hi Emily, it does suck! How about visiting the library and looking to see if they have any books on health anxiety?

      You can go private but your looking at £40-£50 for an hours session.

      Other than that I could draft you a letter for your Doctor you could put your own details on and edit how you want but it basically will say that you are desperate to get help and support and your feeling vulnerable, their alarm bells should start to ring and your GP should make a call to get it quicker, not saying it will work but worth a try.

      Id be happy to do that for you.

      What sucks is an MRI scan costs about £750-£1000 to do when that would pay for your CBT treatment twice over! 

      Dont worry, just let me know how I or we can help.

      CBT is all about looking at your thought processes and looking to see if they have a rational basis, and thinking differently about it with practice, it's not a quick cure, you really have to work on it but it has long term benefits.

      Let me know if you want me to send you a private draft letter.

      Neil xx


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